Sexual Energy Infusion

From Steve: The latest outcome of "The Rewire" is that our bodies have the capability to hold a lot more energy. In this message the groups says that an infusion of energy we know to be sexual energy is on its way to earth to accommodate and help facilitate this change. It will be felt by everyone in one way or another. The group has said several times that our beliefs about sexuality is an area that we will be reevaluating as we move forward. Perhaps this is the beginning of that movement. On thing they ask us to keep in mind.. .

It's just energy!

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, you have played a Game behind a veil that has been very stressful for you.  You are working with a new energy on this planet that is absolutely incredible.  You have brought it here. It is by your own design that you would bring this energy into your own physical being to rework your own wiring.  An entire rewire of your energetic structure has been underway and has caused many challenges for you. It has caused many difficulties for you over the years, over the time you have been in this process of rewiring.  We tell you that much of that is changing including your energy structure to help enable you to move to the next level, but also arranging everything around you.

Shockwaves from the Re-Wire

We have spoken before of the crystal energy that had to change with the reboot and activate the crystalline structure on the planet. These transitions were necessary in order to help support you -- from the mineral kingdom up -- and to allow that part of the Earth’s vibration to shift beforehand.  This is what has affected your computers.  It is because the crystalline energy is activating all levels of the mineral kingdom including the crystal diodes that run your computers.  At the same time, you are starting to stretch out and rearrange entire structures around you to help you evolve.  As you move forward, you have something to step into; you will not be alone.  Much of that has confused you and you see it as difficulties.  You think you are up against brick walls that make no sense.  We tell you, it is happening by your own design and exactly on schedule. Be patient and try not to think the process through too much.  Many times you doubt whether you are on the path. You question every single step you make and just before your foot hits the ground, you wonder if you are going to make the right move, or the most effective move, or even wonder if it is the place you wish to end your journey. 

New Ways to Create – Zero Time Lag

It is so important now, as you evolve, that you move out of destination consciousness.  You have been so fixated on where you are going that it now controls your entire guidance process.  As you move forward into a higher vibration, being rewired will allow you to find new forms of creation; new ways of creating that do not fit the old paradigms.  You have been so focused on reaching a goal, for that is always the way you achieved things until now. You have always set your specifics so clearly as to what you wanted to gain. However, instead it is like reading a book.  You find a book and the characters become part of your life and you are in so much joy when you are reading this book. You cannot wait until you have more time to read what is going to happen in their lives. It becomes a part of you.  You then become sad when you are reaching the end of your book.  What about the book that never ends?  What about the book that continues to go forward and these people – the characters -- become part of your life and become part of all this?  That is the new form of creation and it is moving away from destination consciousness into journey consciousness.  It is about enjoying the ride.  It is about enjoying the step and wondering with excitement what is going to happen just before your foot hits the ground, rather than doubting whether you are on the right path.  The moment you put in that little doubt it happens, for the time lag is now gone.  There is no more time lag with your creations and even though you are not yet masters of your thoughts, there is nothing there to protect you from your own negative thoughts. Even as you have any doubt, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As you step forward, what you believe will happen does, and happens fast.  So we ask you, do not fixate on what is going to happen.  Do not fixate whether or not you are on the path.  Enjoy where you are in the moment.  Step into the journey consciousness of finding that even though you may be off the path, you are going to enjoy what is here. You will see what is off the path only to find that you are exactly on the path you wish to be.

As you evolve further into the new energy, you will see these things starting to change for you.  Actually, mastering life is now on a different level. It is about allowing the flow to come through you like a dolphin.  Dolphins have such a sleek design that they can swim through the murkiest waters because they are always in motion.  Nothing sticks to them.. . they are not attached to anything.  They are not swimming to find the best place or the highest path for them to be on. Instead, they are swimming to enjoy where they are at that moment.  Take that journey and move from destination consciousness into journey consciousness.  Watch.  Even though you may take a step off the path, you may enjoy that even more. You may find yourself wandering in a woods where there is no path, only to discover your own spirit visiting you for that is what has been calling you all this time. 

Direct Connection to Home

You are much more guided than you can possibly know.  Each and every one of you has a direct connection to heaven, a direct connection Home.  You cannot feel it.  You put on a veil intentionally to stop yourself from feeling it. We tell you that even though you spend much of your time trying to thin the veil, the veil is actually your friend. When you pull that veil aside, you feel sadness.  There is a deep sadness that embraces you from that point forward, because you are not Home and remembering that is difficult.  Yet if you enjoy the veil and know there is a part of you that is outside of that, it will offer you guidance when you are in your joy, in your passion and not attached to an outcome.  That is when you can flow freely with your own guidance of your higher self.  That is when you strengthen the connection that you are now moving. 

The Coming Wave of Sexual Energy

We tell you that there are many things that are going to happen in the months ahead with humans, in general.  One, in particular, has begun already and will continue over the next two years.  There is an increased energy that will be felt in the physical body.  You feel Universal Energy all the time in your body.  Although you see yourselves as separate, you will now realize that you feel that you are connected. You are part of one another.  Your energy fields blend together. Even though you think you are an individual completely separate from everyone else, you are not and your energy cannot exist without others around you.  It is not possible to be alone in terms of energy; it  is only possible to be part of an energy flow.  That has been hidden from you by your own design of the veil. Now, we tell you are going to start feeling that more often.  You will feel it in your physical body.  As life force energy enters the physical body, you call it sexual energy yet, there are so many misunderstandings about sexual energy.  So much fear and confusion surround the belief systems you have connected to sexual energy. In a very short time this rug called Earth is going to experience a big carpet ripple; everyone will feel an increase of what you call sexual energy.  We ask you to release your belief systems about it and simply enjoy the ride. Forget about all the details of where you think you are going, what you need to do, what is right, and what is wrong.  Simply feel the energy.  It is energy.  That is all it is. It is an increase in life force energy and when it enters the physical body, you feel it as Kundalini or sexual energy. 

It can be and has been used in many, many different ways, including as a creation tool.  There are however two major misdirections of sexual energy, or life force energy.  One is to use it for control and the other is repression. What you resist, persists. So as you repress or deny this energy, it builds a force behind it which gives it more force and more energy than it would normally have. You are finding that out in many of your own structures on Earth. Let it simply flow through you.  It is not going to hurt you.  It cannot hurt you. It is actually your life force energy and it feels good.  It is running through you because that is the energy that makes up Home. 

There is much more here at Home than you could possibly understand, for the energy that we live in all the time is the energy that you feel as sexual energy in your being.  You only experience it for very short, brief periods.  We live in this all the time.  The Keeper is saying, “I want to go Home. I want to go Home.” We tell you, you are experiencing this on a daily basis now.  It is starting to change because this is what you are doing.  Instead of going Home to experience this, you are bringing it to Earth.  You are creating heaven in your new incarnation in the new energy of Earth and that is what is what you are here for.  That was your highest hope and you have already surpassed it.

Sexual Energy Infusion Over the Next Two Years

There is no grand plan in place any more, dear ones.  There is no path for you to follow.  You are making it up with every step of every day and what a joy it is to watch you.  You do not understand that you are magical.  You do not understand that there is a part of you that is going to feel everything, and as you do everyone everywhere feels that energy.  Let it flow through you freely.  Become the dolphin.  Swim through the murkiest waters not afraid of anything sticking to you.  Feel the energy of life force, of sexuality.  Feel the joy of being a spirit pretending to be a human. What a wonderful time that is.  You talk about wanting to come Home.  We tell you there are times that we envy you for with all the might in heaven there is one thing we cannot do, and that is to touch each other. Do it often. Know that there is actually an energy force that runs between every heart and bonds every heart together magically.  It is yours and it is connected with life force sexual energy.  Let it flow through.  Let it flow through your smile.  Let it flow through your every movement.  Just feel it when you touch another being, because that is what it is meant for.  That is actually the highest use of the life force energy.  It is to be passed along on a daily basis as you pass each other on the street, not restricted to an act of sex in a bedroom hidden behind closed doors for that is only one form of the sexual energy.  Sexual physical connections are only one way to let this energy flow through you.   When you do express it in this fashion, do it with the wide-eyed abandonment of a child exploring something for the first time.  Do it openly without the cloak of shame, repression or guilt.  Some of you entered this game with the main intent of feeling this life force energy flow through your being during physical sex.  This can only be accomplished in a human body.  You are a spirit pretending to be a human being.  Allowing the life force energy from Home to come Home to you helps you to re-member Home.  Over the next two years you will see an increase of that energy flowing through everything including your own body.  Imagine what it will be like to suddenly have a major increase in sexual energy.  Some will fall into fear.  Some will attempt to use it for control and some will try to suppress it, especially if they have unresolved issues associated with it.  The transition ahead will be much easier for each of you if you get comfortable with this energy now.  Many of you reading these words will be helping others to awaken and clear this energy, as the healers and teachers that you are.

Some of you will have natural physical reactions.  Sometimes your bodies will change or shift.  Sometimes your bodies will resist the energy at first, then only to yearn for the same energy after it adjusts.  It all depends on your energy stamps, your own histories, your belief systems. The infusion of sexual energy will awaken and motivate each of you to reevaluate your own belief systems and look at everything from a higher perspective.  Take that opportunity and as you start feeling things in your own physical being that you have never felt before. Just enjoy the feeling of what and where that is. It is not that you need to take anything to an outcome or reach to a conclusion.  You are simply going to feel more life force energy coming through the new physical body that you are building as you rewire that is part of the rewiring process.

We will speak much more of the sexual energy as time moves forward because many things are changing and you will soon look at the importance of sexual energy with new eyes.  Many of your own belief systems and structures will change around this as well.  There is nothing you need to do except to know that it is coming and to work on releasing fears and restrictions in this area, for they will soon stand in your way.  Know that this is part of a natural change facing all of humanity.  Step into it. Own it. Feel it. Share it.  Many times the sexual energy comes stronger through a smile rather than the act of making love.  Feel that energy from Home and spread it around.

The Chosen Ones

Know that we watch you with the greatest of love for you understand that you are the special chosen ones.  You are the ones that have chosen to put on a veil and forget where you are from. You are the ones that have chosen to place a veil on your face that allows you to see the magnificence of others, but does not allow you to see your own light. That is our job.  We are not here to tell you which way to turn. We are not here to give you answers to your own questions.  We are here to help you re-member your questions.  Many times you will walk away from these sessions with more questions than you have answers and we know we have done our job, for that is what we are here for.  You have the answers.  For us to give you answers is the old fashioned way in the lower vibrations of Follow the Leader. Now you into the Second Wave of Empowerment: Follow Yourself.  Step into it.  Own it. Share it with each other and when you discover a truth, pass it on. Pass on something that works for you, because all of you are teachers.

You are here with a very specific mission. Now that the physical body and the energetic body are changing and evolving to handle the higher vibration, the activations are in place; the Earth is changing.  The animal and plant kingdoms are changing. There are many more elements that you do not even know about, that are vibrational levels of other dimensions of time and space that fit within the realms of which we have just spoken.  All of it is evolving because it is just not humans -- it is everything including the angelic realms, including what you call Home.  It is all stepping up because of your choices. You are the ones that set this into motion.  Understand that when you read these books, listen to these messages or attend these seminars, the feelings that you experience are only uncovering the feelings in your own heart. We are not giving them to you, we are only reflecting your energy.  That is the magic.  We do not hold the magic; we reflect the magic.  As the Human Angels that you are stepping into being, you will learn to do that with one another.  When that happens, you have Heaven on Earth. That is what the process is.  As you step out there, find ways of empowering each one around you.  Find ways to help each one around you to release their attachment to a destination, to enjoy the journey, to breathe and feel the energy go through your body for only a short time.  Play with it. Let the love come through you.  Breathe the air into that body and feel all the life force of Home and know that we are sitting on your shoulder applauding every move.  You, dear ones, are the greatest angels that have ever lived.  You know not who you are, but we do. We tell you that you have already set about an evolutionary change that cannot and will not be stopped. You have already surpassed the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, and we are so very proud of you. 

Take it from here. Touch each other. Touch each other with your heart. Touch each other with a smile. Touch each other with healthy sexual energy.  Bring the energy of Home through everything you do freely and openly, and watch as you change and rebirth planet Earth.

We thank you for being with us and letting us play the parts that we get to play.  Our greatest desire is to simply spread our wings not to fly, but to reflect the magnificence of humans. It is very hard sometimes.  Many times we shout with all the might in heaven to turn right and we watch in agony as you turn left.  You will experience the same frustration that we get to experience sometimes, for you are becoming the Human Angels. You will handle it differently because like a proud parent whose greatest desire is only that their children would learn something better than they learned it, you, too, will be the greatest angels that ever lived.  We are so very proud of you and we applaud your every step. We applaud you creating a path for yourself in every moment.  Enjoy the ride.

There are three simple re-minders that we leave with you: treat each other with the greatest of respect.  Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member that it is a grand Game and play well together.


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