The Creation of Human Angels

The last month has given all of us some real challenges. The realigning of energy has been felt by the biology as very few of us are actually sleeping through the night. There has been more depression on the planet than there ever has been and the vibrational flu is back. Almost everyone is feeling the emotional pull of the Mother as she shifts her energy. People are feeling the need to re-align their energy and often do so in over reactive and very dramatic ways. We here at Lightworker are even re-organizing much of staff at this time. Now is a time to find our own center of Love. The pressure on the Earth is very difficult to assimilate for us humans and it has a tendency to push us further from each other. Now is also a time to share that energy with all those with whom you come in contact. Reach out and offer Love as this energy passes over. The energy infusion in May will bring an easing of this pressure.

So here we are after the August 11th energy influx of last year, and the year 2000 introduction. All of these events were supposed to bring new promises of higher living. So what happened? The Group says in fact that those events did change our reality for the better. Our limited vision keeps us from seeing the way it really is. All of us can readily see that we've advanced tremendously in even the last three months. We really do not often take a look behind us and try to imagine what our lives would be like had we not moved forward. The truth is that we asked to have an opportunity to realigning our energies and we asked to move into new biology, which will not sleep as much. And as much as we dislike the interim effects, we keep asking for vibrational shifting to higher levels. So where is all of this going? Good question. . . now they offer some answers.

Greetings from Home.

We are so very honored to be with you here in this wonderful time of your forward thrust. There is much change on the Gameboard due to your choices to move fully into the empowerment of Light. Much is in motion at this time for you as you set the energy for your own evolutionary steps. It is our greatest honor to spread our wings to reflect the magnificence of those that have chosen to play the Grand Game behind the veils. We are in a time of re-union in both Heaven and Earth. As you re-member your power by re-membering your original spiritual family, you have opened the door for the re-union to take place in our realm as well. The Circles of Light are connecting once again and it is a joyous time for all. We are filled with love for you. This re-union, that we are also now enjoying, was only made possible through your choices. We bow in honor of you for the work you have done, and thank you for this opportunity to bring you these brief re-minders from Home.

Holding on in Difficult Times

During this time it will be easy for you to lose balance. As the pressure on the Earth builds, many will find themselves in despair and hopelessness. This pressure is actually in the form of a wave encircling the Earth, that can be charted and measured with your existing technology. Most of humanity will simply feel the pressure as a very difficult vibrational shift. What you have termed as the vibrational flu will be felt by many and those extra sensitive to emotional energy will feel the stretch of the Mother as she incorporates this wave of energy. We ask you to keep your own balance by reaching out to hold on to one another as you assimilate this energy. This will be a time of re-alignments. This wave will bring the completion of the greatest infusion of energy to your Gameboard yet. Envision the nine month gestation period between August 11th of last year and May 5th of this year, as the first complete "day" of the New Light.

The New Guru's

As a result of this pressure and the depressed state of humanity, there will be many who come forward as the new spiritual leaders attempting to lead you into the ascension you seek. This will be a time for all of you to apply your powers of discernment to everything that enters your field. There will be some who use names that are familiar, in order to gain your confidence. This will be a time for all of you to apply your powers of discernment to everything that enters your field. Be compassionate, for these people are acting out of love even though their energy is misdirected. The principals of facilitating in the higher vibrations clearly show that now is a time of facilitators and those that empower. As with all that enter your field, they leave you either stronger or weaker after crossing your path. This is their choice and your choice is in choosing who will remain in your field. Please understand that we would never ask you to push yourselves into actions that do not resonate with your own spirit-self. Our true purpose is to help you connect with that higher part of yourself that is God. Once that is accomplished, it is easy to see that you will never need to ask for answers outside of yourself.

Re-alignment of Energy

It was in 1945 that the overall vibration of humanity made a course correction. This was a shift of human consciousness from a desire to follow the leader to trusting and following your own hearts. This was the very beginning of the Second Wave of Empowerment and opened the door for the ascension of humanity into higher vibrational levels. This was the event that set the stage for the higher vibrational measurement of the Harmonic Convergence.

At this time the energy of the planet is going through a major transition. This energy is being felt by humanity as despair and self-doubt. As in the past, during these times you will see many new potential leaders who will offer to lead you. Use discernment and take from these leaders that which empowers you, while still holding your own power of free choice ever at the forefront of your being. We tell you that this is only a warm up for what lies ahead of you. Take your time and re-align your energy where it best suits you. Take the Quill and purposely script your next contract. Discern carefully where you allow your energy to flow and where you apply your power. Place yourself in the energy of those who would empower you, for to do otherwise, even in the name of sacrifice, is a clear misdirection of energy.

Mystery - - - Anticipation of Possibilities

As we watch your awakening unfold, we find great humor in your attraction to the mysterious. In your current state of vibration it is not possible to see the simplicity of all that lies before you. As you begin to perceive higher truths, it is your natural tendency to mystify that which you do not yet understand. In the early days of human form, the element of fire was introduced. It was not long before it was incorporated into daily life and used to create a lifestyle that enabled all to utilize more power and potential. From our perspective, in those times it was considered a higher vibrational tool. Yet we also tell you that when it first appeared in your field, it was first feared and then worshipped. As knowledge was added the mystery dissipated. This is not to imply that the mystery did not have purpose, for it provided the motivation for humans to reach for higher truths and therefore attract them. Mystery is actually the wondrous anticipation of possibilities. We often find it amusing that in order for humans to awaken to higher truths, they must first surround it with mystique. Even though this is as it should be, please understand that this is not the way we perceive these higher truths. From our perspective these truths are as natural as the fire that now warms each of your homes.

Much of the transition of humanity will fall into the area of normal occurrences in your daily life. We tell you here that every experience in your field will relate to you in whatever way you need for it to appear. There will be those who await the ascension at the stroke of midnight on top of a mountain in deep ceremony, and there will also be those who quietly apply the principles of living in the higher vibrations in their daily lives. We tell you that all of your games are honored, and there is no right or wrong in this area. Both will find the higher vibrational state that they seek and help all of humanity to move forward. Ceremony itself is only a tool to help you re-member your true power. The misdirection of energy comes from those who place the magic in the ceremony, for the true source of power is held only within each of you. We re-mind you that the most effective ceremony is that which you discern for yourself. You hold the power, and if ceremony helps you to connect with that power, then it is highly appropriate that you use it.

The Construction of Heaven on Earth

In our time together in this session we wish to prepare you for your next step. In recent times we have been carefully explaining our own Angelic realm and the attributes we carry. The time has been right for this information, as now you will be taking on many of these attributes as you step into the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. In fact, this is the creation of Home on your side of the veil, and was the highest potential outcome of the Grand Game of Hide and Seek. You are now beginning to use the power that has been hidden from your view by the veil of forgetfulness. That power will allow you to create Home on your side of the veil or Heaven on Earth.

It is no co-incidence that we have chosen a building contractor to carry these messages. Now is an important time to study the blueprints and lay the foundation for the most important construction project ever. We find it humorous that he says he is no longer a building contractor, for in fact, the Keeper of the Sword of Michael has now begun his largest construction contract ever. The contracts with which he is now dealing are simply at a much higher level. The same is true with all of you reading these words, for as you purposely step into Plan B, you begin to create Heaven on Earth.

The Blueprints of Home

The messages we bring through the Keeper are entitled "Re-minders from Home," for that is exactly what we are attempting to show you. During these times we will touch you in many ways with the re-minders of home. The music which touches your heart, the beauty of what you read, or the meaningful glance into a stranger's eyes, will all help you to re-member the beauty and truth of Home. The more you re-member about your origins and your true Home, the easier it will be to intentionally create it where you currently reside.

The detailed plans now lay before you as you begin to take stock of the task at hand. One attribute of this design that we wish to point out is the important presence of Angels. It simply would not be Heaven if Angels were not a part of the grand plan. Although there are many Angels who walk the Earth now in service to humanity, their high vibration does not allow them to interact fully and be a part of the new design. Therefore it is necessary to elevate a new form of Angel to take their place in the building of the New Heaven.

The Creation of Human Angels

From the very beginning of our communication with you through the Keeper, we have told you of our excitement and the wonderful potential of what your choices on the Gameboard have now laid before you. Even so, it was not yet time to fully reveal the highest potential that we now present. The Grand Master of Time has lowered his finger once again as humanity takes another leap forward. We have recently presented much information about the Angelic realm because you now have the opportunity to become Angels that walk the Earth. We will now begin a series of communications to present to humanity; information on the intentional creation of Human Angels. This will be presented over time to allow for the assimilation of the New Light. We ask that you take these suggestions and find direct uses for them in your daily life wherever possible. The grounding of this information will open potentials never before realized. Please do not misdirect this information by mystifying it beyond recognition. Understand that as powerful as this information is, we do not tell you anything that you do not already know. This is a powerful opportunity to once again - - - re-member.

We re-mind you that the information we offer is nothing more than words on paper until you breathe magic into them by applying them in your daily life. You have done well with your choices and the love we feel for you is beyond description in your terms. We now begin the Creation of Human Angels on the New Planet Earth with these three important re-minders, for these are at the base of this information: Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.- - - The Group.

They never cease to amaze me. I thought I knew where this was going, but this caught me by surprise. As I was writing this message, I could feel an excitement from the Group that I've never felt before. The door is open and we are about to receive more than we thought possible.

Barbara and I just returned from a Family Gathering in Denver at the Quill of Re-membrance. It was a very special gathering of family there, and the Group gave a channel that had some powerful information on creating Human Angels. The moment I finished I knew we would be sharing it as the next Beacons but I did not realize it would begin a series. We will have it transcribed and available next month as the first in the new series on Creating Human Angels. Next month we offer you Part One: "The Empowerment Factor."

Soon we leave for Europe for 4 weeks and the second address to a gathering at the United Nations V.I.C. in Vienna, Austria. Besides the live channel from the Group, we will teach a class on channeling and removing the mystery from spirit communication. We also will present a corporate seminar while we are in Vienna, with this same information from the Group. Barbara and I have learned that when we speak to others, we often need to hold our excitement or it sounds like we are boasting about how great we are. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our excitement is almost our disbelief that it has happened to us. We are very much aware that we are here at this time only because so many of you have held the door open for us.

We are deeply honored to be playing the great parts we get to play in this Grand Game of Hide and Seek. Barbara and I are very much aware that we are living the dream. But there is more… It is one thing for us to be living our passion, but that is not enough. Our work is about helping others to find their passion and create their reality. We have made contacts all over the world and even as we speak, the book "Re-member" promises to open even more doors. Our intent is to co-create the Lightworker organization as a body of Lightworkers and resources available to help others realize and live their dreams. Our greatest dream is to provide a base that will catapult others far beyond what we are able to accomplish. Barbara and I are making a difference, but if we hold hands together we can change the world in the simple beat of our hearts. The Group began the Monthly Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home back in 1996 with a simple message. They said, "When you hold hands together, you will create miracles." We are now honored to offer you our hands in the New Light. It's an exciting time to be here and we are so very proud to be here with all of you.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve & Barbara Rother



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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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