The Crystal Energy of the New Planet Earth

From Steve

This was originally to go out last month and was preempted by the live channel that we presented from the meadow of creation. As it turns out this is even more timely now. This explains the turmoil on our planet from a higher perspective and where this energy is going. We have choices about what is ahead. The Groups message is simple.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

There is much to discuss in our brief time together. The days have passed more quickly in recent weeks. Your relationship to time itself is now changing as you are moving closer to Home. Fear this not for you are also adapting more quickly to the changes. The veil is thinning and you are seeing more of Home from where you are living. Here you find yourself in strange surroundings. Be patient dear ones, for the movement you are making has profound effects on your reality in this new world. The time lag of co-creation is also much shorter now. The New Energy vibrates at a higher rate and therefore your relationship to everything around you must change to incorporate the higher vibrations. You are reaching for higher truths and finding them. You are not alone as you will see people of all walks of life and beliefs now reaching for higher truths. This is your time. Awaken from the dream, dear ones. The illusion of polarity is moving aside.

The Feminine Energy
A Call to Light

The energy from the sun has been stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth since the infusions began a few months ago. This is the Crystal energy that you will use for the creation of Home. It has also been known as the Christed energy. Please do not misinterpret this to think that we are declaring a single religion to be held higher than another. We use the word Christed in the higher sense as the connection to all is through the Crystal (Chrystal) grid. This energy is from the Central Sun and not addressed in any of your religions. It was collected and stored first in the Sun of your solar system. Upon reaching critical mass it was sent out through what you know to be solar flares. It was then infused into your own planet and stored in the tectonic plates. Now you have reached a level of advancement that enables this energy to be released from the storage areas onto the planet and into your lives. This is the essence of the balanced male female energy. In the beginning of the Game the female energy dominated planet Earth. Lessons were learned and the swing of the pendulum has had the male energy in full dominance in your world for some time. That reign is ending as the return of the balanced Male/Female energy returns to begin the New Planet Earth. This time the energy will not be entering from above but from the depths of the Earth herself. To those of you who have chosen to lead the way vibrationaly, this will be felt as an increased sensitivity. You ask how will this affect me? We tell you that the answer to this question depends on the point from which you view these events. Ask yourself what is your own reaction when we spoke the words 'increased sensitivity'. Did these words add to you or take from you? We ask you to take stock of your perspective and change it now to one that will serve you well through the changes ahead. You have spent countless lifetimes positioning yourself to be in this exact moment in time. Please do not hide from it now that it is here.

This is the call to Light. Hear it now as it will not call again.

Mineral Kingdom

As the release of the energy begins, the level of existence referred to as the mineral kingdom will be the first to feel the effects. There are magical hot spots on the planet that have been in preparation for this energy for many years. You have known many of these to be the sacred sites. These are the energy spots on the planet where the changes will be most effectively felt. Over the last fifty years these energy spots have begun to change in preparation for this event. You have seen some of the energy hot spots begin to shift and change energy in recent years and even months. This will continue for it is the purpose of these vortexes to incorporate the Christed energy. Now that energy is beginning to incorporate. As it does, the minerals will be changing energy density. The minerals are raising their vibration at an astounding rate. This effectively raises the vibration and the rocks themselves will begin to change.

As we have spoken, the planet and animal kingdom have already begun to change their vibration. This has caused them to begin to change their relationship to humans and the roles that they have played in the Game thus far. Soon you will begin to see the mineral kingdom also changing the relationship to humans. The mineral kingdom will now become even more important in the overall evolution that is in motion. You will see this in many areas.

This is the reason that we have asked you to watch the Ring of Fire for signs of change. This is one area that will let you know when energy is being released through the mineral kingdom.

Crystal Vibration

One of the first to be seen is the changes you will see in crystals. With all the minerals at your disposal have you ever wondered why you have considered crystals to have spiritual properties? The Earth is largely crystalline in nature. Crystals have the closest of all vibrational ranges to humans. They have similar personalities and purposes. Full interaction has not been possible at your level of vibration, yet, that is now changing. For now watch as some of the physical properties change before your own eyes as this energy travels through the vibrational level known as the mineral kingdom. There will be some crystals that are opaque that will clear. Some that are clear may fog over and become opaque. As their tasks are complete they may break in half. You will also see inclusions appear and change within the crystals themselves.

Crystals store vibration. We re-mind you also that there is a relationship between the word Crystal and Christ. You have discovered that by applying a small amount of electric energy to Quartz crystals they release a vibration so exact that you can easily keep time in your watches. You will now begin to see vibrations released and even changing, as the role of this part of what you call God is redefining the role it plays. Crystals play a much more important role in your daily lives than you may imagine.

Crystals retain vibration and therefore specific properties that you have learned to use as switches that make up the heart of your own computers. The changes now in motion may cause stress of your computer systems. We tell you that now that you are at the brink of making computers that will have the capabilities to reason. From your perspective you think this to be science fiction that challenges your very security as humans. From our perspective this is quite humorous for we have told you all along that the Earth and all of her parts are actually living, sentient beings. Can you imagine our joy as we now see you crossing the dimensional lines that have separated humans from minerals for so long? The cosmic joke is that you are not separate from one another but actually one. We watch with great humor, the times when you run from your own shadows in fear.

The nature of crystals as an energy source and reflector has been hidden from you by yourselves. You chose to play the Game in this fashion to see if you could overcome the temptations that you experienced in the days of Atlantis. That Game is now complete and you will see more of the two primary uses of crystals in the coming times. Atlantis is at hand.

Dimensional Realities Intersecting

The Christed energies that are now assimilating on Earth will open the door to dimensional realities that you have yet to experience. Some of these will provide you with the answers you ask when you look out into the night sky and wonder if there is life on other planets. We tell you that there are many inter-dimensional realities that exist within your own time and space. This is the reason you are seeing changes in your relationship to linear time. Stay tuned, there is much more to come of this. For now we ask you to understand that it is possible to begin to intermingle with some of the other dimensions of time and space because of the Christed energy returning to Earth.

We have asked you to begin working with vortexes. These spinning energy forms create an anchor for the Christed energy to incorporate onto the planet. This energy infusion was originally to be used to disrupt the core energy field and send Planet Earth into the final spin. Because you are awakening from the dream and taking your power, you have changed the course and the use of this energy. Now it will settle onto your planet and help raise the vibrations of all.

Resistance from the Old Guard

The events on your Gameboard of recent times is simply a resistance to the new energies coming in. There are those who will cling desperately to the old ways. Please note that it is the unbalanced male energy that has caused all the resistance. To the old guard this energy feels threatening and typical of the male energy they take a stand in opposition to things they do not understand. As this energy is felt more and more they will grasp to the old ways with more determination than has been seen on your planet. The balanced male/female energy is returning in route from the Central Sun. This is what has been spoken of as the return of the feminine and what we have spoken of as the return of the Merlin energy in balance of Merlia. Yet even as it arrives upon the first Planet of Free Choice there is no predetermined way in which this energy will be assimilated. You, as a collective of humanity have choice.

Dear ones now the importance of balance will come to the forefront of your game. You have choice on what will happen next. Many of you do not believe that you have say about what happens. We are not ones to give rules as that is not the way of empowerment, yet there is one simple guideline that you can use to determine if you can make a difference on global events. If you are currently a resident of planet Earth you can make a difference. We ask you not to take responsibility for all of the beings of Earth. Take responsibility for your own happiness and thought process and all will fall into divine order. The balance is now up to each of you to decide. On one end of the balance beam it is important that you not allow others to create your reality. If the old guard does not take responsibility they will attempt to place responsibility of their reality on others. This has taken place many times on your planet. Giving your power away by not taking responsibility for your reality is what causes the events that you now see on the planet. The old guard resists and pulls back as they feel the blending process upon the Earth at this time. The Universal Energy is being activated by the crystal energy infiltrating into the Earth. The motion of the Universal Energy is blending. To some this blending feels like a threat. Those that resist the increase in Unity consciousness will now resist with great determination. It is not appropriate to simply tolerate actions like you have seen on the Gameboard in recent days. Much like a parent scolding their child for misdirection of energy we ask that you adopt the same attitude. Do so with love and respect, and by not treating them as separate from you. These children are also a part of your family. We ask you to simply see this for what it is and not segregate yourselves further from each other by overreacting to these overreactions. Now is a time to pull together globally, first as individuals then as parts of the whole.

The days ahead can be full of joy or darkness. There are opportunities ahead to point fingers, lay blame and overreact. There are also opportunities ahead to come closer together in heart on your planet than you ever have before. We tell you that your governments and their leaders will not determine the direction you are about to take. You will determine that direction as individuals hearts. There is no grand plan laid out for you to find meaning and direction. As always, it is your choice. The events that have unfolded in your Game have gifted you with the opportunity to see your spirit revived. Re-build first your spirits and the buildings will magically appear once again.

As this energy increases you may see more resistance from the old guard. Look at this with the loving understanding of a parent who loves their child yet understands that they must hold them responsible for their actions in order to advance. Be firm with responsibility yet leave room for growth and compassion. Know that this is your child and very much a part of each of you. Make space for the balance of male and female and the New Earth will quickly form where devastation now resides.

Falling through Time

You may also find another interesting unfolding as a result of the dimensional realities intersecting. For a time it will be possible for you to fall into a time portal. These portals are forming for future use. In the interim it may be possible for you to find yourself entering a time portal without your full knowledge. These are not harmful in any way. You may be driving down the road and suddenly find yourself twenty miles further than you thought. You may find that time has reset and it is actually several hours earlier than you thought it was. This is a temporary situation because you will soon know these portals and it will not be possible to fall into them. In the mean time, enjoy the ride.

Tools for Dimensional Doorways

Through your own power of choice you have begun to awaken from the dream and take your power. We are here to help remind you of your own magnificence and to hold the space for you to return to power. To that end we will offer three simple tools to begin working with as new realities begin to emerge into your daily lives:

1. Personal Vortex
Understand that energy is always in motion. The infinite energy known as God is energy in a circular motion, having no beginning and no end. Your expression of this energy is to place it in finite form and see if you can hold your power in that form. We therefore ask you to begin to spin in a circular motion to set up your own personal energy vortex. Experience this in any fashion that works for you. A most difficult concept for humans in a field of polarity is that there is no right or wrong. We tell you to go inside and discover the manner in which to facilitate these personal energy fields. If turning left does not feel correct then turn right. Find a way to create circular energy fields around yourselves. This will facilitate the changes that you now face.

2. Collective Intentional Vortices
Creating a vortex within a group also makes space for them in your lives as you interact with the Earth on a collective basis. In a large or small group you can create a vortex of energy moving in a circle. Decide which direction to make these as a collective connection to the Earth and work with her to create a vortex. Unlike personal vortices, once a collective vortex is placed into motion, it remains in that spot. These funnels will be used by the Earth to anchor and distribute the Christed energy onto the planet. Later, some of these same energy fields will turn into the portals that will be used to travel between dimensional realities.

3. Turn Right.
We tell you that the door between realities is one of a right angle. One dimensional reality is separated from another by ninety degrees. Begin to use this intentionally to change the course of your own life experience. In those instances when you find your reality not to your liking, stop and turn ninety degrees from where you are. Again you must discern which direction to turn. Trust yourselves to know these answers and if ever it does not feel correct, have the courage to change your direction. Do this at first as a use of symbolic gesture and soon you will understand the true use of this Universal truth.

The days that are now upon Earth have been prophesized for thousands of years. You are doing very well dear ones for you are now holding more of your own power than ever before. Stay focused on your highest reality and it will be yours. You are creating Home on the New Planet Earth. We are truly honored to be in the presence of the masters of the Gameboard. The work you are doing now has earned you the colors of honor that you will carry forever more. Trust yourselves and hold the power of choice dear ones. Hold your own truth highest of all for that is the true nature of your power. Hold your truth high and there will be no space for shadows on the New Planet Earth. It is with the greatest love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

the Group


Last week I lost two hard drives and our network went down without explanation. I have noticed strange events on the internet as well. Here we go! Interesting times eh?

We are very proud to announce that we are opening the Circles of Light global database. Here you will be able to get assistance at creating and facilitating gatherings of Lightworkers world wide. The database will allow people from every walk of LIGHT to enter their Circle of Light, state the time it meets, where and the focus of the meeting. If you have an existing meeting that you wish to publish so that others can find you or if you are interested in starting one this resource can help. Those wishing to connect will only need to go to the Circles of Light page and enter their interests to connect with family.

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