The Crystal Portals

This message from the Group takes the Walking Backwards concept from last months message and puts it into practical use. Barbara and myself are pleased to present this on the eighth anniversary of the Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home. We hope you find it as useful as we did.

Greetings from Home.

Welcome, dear ones. We are so joyous to be with you this day. The energy of Home is surrounding all that you do and spreading to every place that you are at this time. You have gathered together as original spiritual family of light and we tell you, welcome Home. You are creating Earth in a new fashion. You are creating the energy of Home right where you sit, now. As each one of you reaches out and holds the hand of the one next to you, your energy changes. It works in a fashion that you are not accustomed to up to this point. It does not go one to the other adding one, two, three. It goes one, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand. It becomes exponential as one adds to the other and your energy grows. That is the magic of Home. That is the magic that you carry within each and every one of you. You have set something into motion this day, for even by gathering in your own pure focused intent, you are creating something beyond your understanding. For now the crystal portals are opening. It has created an energy around Earth itself, that goes far beyond the understanding of most of you. So we wish to take our time at this point and explain to you a little bit of what is happening with the crystal portals.

You know we use the word crystal quite often for it describes very clearly the vibration of Home. The vibration of ‘All That Is’ is crystalline in form. It is not until it actually passes through the central sun itself and becomes a focal point and branches out into what you call light. The crystal energy has now been coming in through your sun in the solar flares and has been storing in the tectonic plates of Earth, helping to magnify the vibrational capabilities of Earth so that she, too, can make the shift with you to the next vibrational levels. That is well underway. But now, even more is happening. Through your own focused intent, many of you have created vortices of energy that reach into the very depths of the Earth herself. Many of you have been drawn to certain areas where you knew that you have had to be there for one reason or another. Those of you who have experienced this are the guardians of the vortex. For it simply means there is a vortex of energy which you, personally, were guarding. You, personally, were responsible for keeping the vortex open and in motion. Sometimes just being in that physical location can create the desired result and help you to fulfill that contract. Many of you have been pulled to certain areas of the Earth for that specific reason and now that is changing, for the vortices themselves are changing. The energy around Earth itself, is now shifting dimension for your collective vibration of humanity is leading the way as each one of you sets your intent to move to higher vibrational status. It not only moves you and those that also set their intent, but it raises the Gameboard on which all of the Game is being played. That vibrational rate of the higher Gameboard of the New Planet Earth is now setting the stage for things that have never before taken place.

The New Divine Plan

We tell you, dear ones, there is no grand plan in place. The divine plan is being scripted by you every second of every day. You are literally creating the ground that you walk upon before your foot hits the ground, and that is magic beyond comprehension, for you are now holding the power of creators while you are still in physical bubbles of biology. That is what the Game was set up to see; to see if you could hold or re-member your true magnificence even though you came in and put on the veil of forgetfulness. No, dear ones, you quite often think of yourselves as human beings trying to figure out a way to have a spiritual awakening, when in fact, you know in your hearts you are spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening. That is a big difference. And as each one of you find some of the keys, all we ask is that, like us, you pass it on to the next. You open the doors not through preaching, not through being evangelical, but sometimes just by smiling. Sometimes just by holding the energy and knowing your true connection to Spirit. That is the gift of the new healers on the New Planet Earth, for each one of you, especially those of you who have been holding the energy of the vortex, your Game is now changing.

Many of you are feeling drawn to move to new places and different opportunities. That is because the many vortices that have started are now turning into portals. These portals are dimensional holes between time and space. That is the reason you have begun walking backwards in time. That energy has allowed you to create a new relationship to time and space. Ahh, yes, we know. Many of you think that time continually shrinks as there are now only eighteen hours in the day. That is because you have not learned to control it yet. The reality is, you have more control over time and space than you ever have had before as human beings yet you are simply unaccustomed to using that at this point. Give yourself some slack, as the Keeper says. Allow yourself to acclimate to this energy comfortably. And when you learn a key that works for you, share it with someone else. Offer it freely and openly as often as possible.

Crystal Portal - Either All of You Go, or No One Goes.

When each one of you moves up the ladder of vibrational advancement, you make space for one to come up behind you. Please understand it is not the idea to go to the top of the ladder and then ascend. It is only when each one of you takes your place on the ladder that the whole ladder moves forward. That is the vibrational advancement of Earth in the new energy. For we tell you, no longer will it be that one moves forward without the other. Either you all go, or no one goes. You were not expecting that, but that is by your own design, for you have set the energy to move forward together and it will happen now, beginning through the crystal portals. For as these portals continue to form, they begin connecting. Many of you have the idea of creating your own portal and actually begun by focusing your intent and by taking something from one portal and planting it purposely to create another portal. Many of you have done that in the energy vortex we call Mt. Shasta. You have specifically taken a piece from one portal to purposely plant it in another hot spot of energy. As you do that, you create an intentional vortex of energy which will turn into a portal. Those portals will be used for many things as time goes forward, but rather than get too far ahead of ourselves, let us show you some of the practical uses of the portals that you will be experiencing right now.

Now Time in Crystal Portals

A portal is a dimensional hole through time and space and we tell you that inside the portal you are in ‘Now’ time. Inside the portal, it is entirely possible to walk backward in time. In the beginning, as these portals started forming, they were few and far between. And even though many of you fell into them quite by mistake, you did not know what to do with them. You did not know what was happening to you. But as more of this crystal energy comes into the Earth and prepares the Earth for the connection of its shift along with yours, you are seeing a vibrational advancement at this time that has never before played out throughout ‘All That Is’. Yes, we know that some of you are waiting for the magical day when all of a sudden you will wake up and be in the fifth dimension. Guess what? You are already there. You just do not know how to use it. We speak of the vibrational change, we speak of the shift of Planet Earth and we speak of the shift of humanity. Please understand as we speak those terms, it is looking two to three hundred years from now back at this exact time, you will see that humanity has taken a right turn and all that was important before is not important any longer. Everything takes on a new meaning at that specific point. As that happens, you redefine new roles as Lightworkers. This redefinition is one of the things that we will ask you to do as you purposely start crystal portals. You, as creators, have the opportunity to take a crystal and create a portal in your own back yard. Those of you who feel drawn to this, we ask you to play with that right now. As you create these portals they will connect up with all the other portals that have been started. An intricate network of crystal portals will now form on Earth connecting all dimensional realities of Earth. Those of you who have been doing this over the last three or four months have made a huge connection already through time and space which has allowed the Earth to pull the collective vibration even higher. Ahh, but there is more, for now there are the practical uses for these portals. Inside these portals one is actually in the ‘Now’ time where past present and future all share the same space. Although it is not always possible to live inside the portal, it is possible for you to place your intent inside the portal at this time. Since the portals are all connected, the intent must also be for the highest good. Please understand that sometimes you do things so easily and yet you do not understand how powerful it is. Creating a simple portal of your own design with a crystal and purposely sending your intent into that portal will now have astounding results.

Walking Backwards in Time – Meeting your Future Self

One of the most joyous things that we have seen is that many of you have created crystal portals in your own sacred space. There are no less than twelve of you listening or reading this message right now that have found crystals magically appearing in your space. That is because they have come through the portals. They are the result of ‘you’ in another timeframe trying to give yourself a signal, trying to say, “I am here. Just take a look. I am right here.” How would you like to meet yourself in an interdimensional reality? How would you like to meet your future self? That is what the crystal portals will do if you know what to look for. Can you imagine what it would be like to walk backwards in time and actually see your present from a perspective of your future? Can you imagine what it would be like to walk forward, knowing that you are walking into your past? Knowing what you now know, what would you do differently? Now is the time to ponder these questions as your definition of time will stretch father than ever before. That is walking backward in time.

Ahh yes now we have started something. . . your brains are functioning at such a pace at this moment, we can see them and we will answer some of the technical questions because so many are asking. Understand that walking backwards in time has to do with vibrational light. It has to do with the relationship of time and space and light to what you know as the golden mean. The golden mean is the mathematical equation that places the energy known as light in a linear time frame so it can appear to be expressed in finite form. We tell you that these are relationships that go throughout all of nature. Due to the activation over the last three years of the Crystal Energy entering from your Sun, there is a new relationship to light. Therefore it is this new light that will show you the openings of the portals themselves. Please let that simply sink in, for as you play more and more with this, you will understand. These doors will open in their proper time. But understand now that it is entirely possible for you to walk backwards in time, seeing your future, seeing where you are going and you can do so through the crystal portals.

Take a crystal that is special to you. Place within this crystal your energy and your intent as if you were going to send a message back in time to yourself. Then place that crystal within this sacred space of a portal. At some point this crystal carrying the highest intent will magically appear somewhere else in your time line. In fact, what is happening now, is that many of you are finding crystals that you yourselves have not yet placed in the portal. This is the beginning of learning to walk backwards in time.

Opening the Door for the Crystal Children

Besides activating these crystal portals and intentionally working with them for yourself, you are also opening the door for the Children of Crystal Vibration who are coming soon. We tell you there are many Crystal children on the Earth at this time. Crystal children have been entering the Earth experience for almost eight years and yet none of them hold all the vibration of the crystal energy at this point. Those are still yet to come as the collective vibration must be high enough to support them. Even so, the scouts that are coming in at this time that are carrying much of this crystal energy have interdimensional capabilities where they will understand and utilize the portals you are planting this day. They will be able to use them as they understand the concept of meeting your future self. They understand the concept of directing your intent through a portal. They understand more of the magic of spirit in humankind than has ever been held within the bubble of biology. That is your task now. Exercise it. Play with it. Stretch the limits and the boundaries that you have known, that you have set for yourself and you will find the magic, for it works every single time.

Infinite to Finite and Now Back Again

Watch for the signs of the crystal portals. You will be meeting yourself through synchronicities that cannot be explained in any other manner. We call these ‘Cosmic Winks.’ Here you will be dropping hints for yourself as to what is ahead. Dear ones, past, present and future is an illusion that you have lived in within the third dimension. It is a linear timeframe of ‘All That Is’ that was necessary to create the veil. The veil of forgetfulness can only exist within a linear timeframe. Everything and every energy that has ever existed in your world, and within your Game of Free Choice, had to be placed in the linear timeframe so it could be seen as finite. You are so imaginative! Yet all forms of energy by their very definition are truly infinite. You create by taking infinite energy and making it finite. Now, the transition of taking something finite and going back into the infinite is what the crystal portals will accomplish. This completes the cycle and will begin to thin the veil as you begin walking backwards in time. The first connection you make when you go through these portals is to the Universal Energy itself. Here you tap into the energy which ties all things together. Yes, you look at yourself and the one next to you. You think that you are separate beings. But as we point to the person over there, we tell you that every thought they have ever had in their life was felt by this one over here, even though you were on different parts of the globe. And every emotion that this one has had over here has been felt by these three sitting together over there, for it travels throughout the Universal Energy. That is the energy that connects all of life together. That is the first experience that you run into inside the crystal portals. We see that some of you are not fully grasping the concept of the portals. “Does that mean a hole in my back yard? Does that mean a circle? What does that mean, exactly?” We wish it were possible to clearly spell out for you what that means yet to do so would only take your power from you. Simply understand that there is physical space that can be openings through time and space. Sometimes they are laying flat on the ground. Sometimes they are up against a mountain. Sometimes they are through a wall in your own living room. Wherever it is, you will be able to sense this in the days ahead. Watch for the refraction of light to help guide you. You will not only be able to sense where these portals are forming, but you will be able to plant seeds to create and grow the portals yourself. That is why we ask you to take responsibility for creating a vortex of energy which can plant the seed of the portals within your own time and space. It is a practical tool that can be used in your daily life right now. It is a fifth dimensional practical tool that will open the doorway between the third and the fifth dimension. These we call crystal portals because crystal is the energy of Home.

Experiencing Multidimensional Time.

Is time travel possible? Of course it is. But it is much simpler than you think. But in order to see that, one must step away from the concept of linear time. You have always believed that time travel was going back or forward in linear time. We ask you now to start understanding that you actually exist in more than one point in time. Existing in multiple time frames would be the closest concept we can give you. The Crystal Children instinctively know how to do that. All of humanity will soon learn this, as all of your crystal attributes are being activated. This is being done as the collective vibration of humanity, along with the Earth herself, and all vibrational levels raise to a point where you can accept that in your reality.

Everything that you have created on what you call the Gameboard, started first as a hologram, an illusion of light traveling at right angles, intersecting one another. The orthogonal relationship to light intersecting itself has created the hologram that you call the Gameboard of Planet Earth. It began first as a thought form even in your own writings. It is written; “God created Heaven and Earth.” Please understand that all things first started as what you know to be a thought form. It started in the ethers and came through and created what you call a physical reality in which to play the Game. We tell you, this is the illusion that you play your Game on. Oh yes, we know that sometimes it does not feel like illusion. Sometimes it feels like a brick wall that you have hit. Be patient with yourselves. Give yourselves the same unconditional love that we offer you every time we speak to you. It is our highest purpose to re-mind you of your own magnificence. If you understand that you are highly honored for being here and playing the Game of Free Choice, you will understand your rightful place in the Universe. It is not easy. But if it were easy, everyone would do it. As it is, only the highest of the high are able to come down and play the Game of Free Choice. Now you are taking the game to entirely new levels and that will happen next through the crystal portals. These crystal portals also open the door for those of crystal vibration to be activated. Therefore even many of the scouts that have come in with partial crystal attributes will be activating even more of their own crystalline attributes.

Responsibility – the Balance to Power

Much of what you call intuition in your world has become commonplace. You know that every one of you does it. These messages that the Keeper brings through, he calls channeling, we allow him to do that for we honor his free choice and yet, we simply say that the title is way too mysterious of a word to use because it is a practical communication and each and every one of you has these connections. This you will be developing. The hard part for you is learning to trust. Yet, as these portals continue to open and connect with one another, the interdimensional time relationships will become apparent to all of you. You will start to see the connections and learn how to consciously make those connections for yourself. That is true empowerment. Responsibility is the balance to empowerment. So the equation is simple. If you wish to increase your personal power, figure out ways to increase your personal responsibility. Do not look to the portals to be some magical thing that is going to change your life. Instead, change your life first and plant those seeds for your future self in the portal. That will be walking backwards in time. That will show you some of the interdimensional relationships that you have with yourself. These responsible actions will stretch the linear hallway of time to include much more of the overall circle of circular time than you have ever before seen. You will now start seeing glimpses of these things. As you do, you will begin to see some of the relationship changes within your own field. Not only will those around you start shifting and changing, but your own concepts of what is important to you will change even more than it has in the past. There truly is an evolution in progress as most of you have changed more in the last five years than you have in the last five lifetimes. And we tell you, you are only at the beginning of the door. You are evolving at a rate that has never been seen before. It is totally unprecedented throughout ‘All That Is’. You hold the quill in your hand. You have dipped it in the ink and you hold it over the parchment. You are writing your future as you go. Many times all that us angels need do is to stand back and applaud. Yes, we know your sensitivity levels have been increased while your tolerance levels have greatly decreased. We know it is very difficult for many of you, but we tell you, it can only be done in that fashion. With all growth, there is some pain. Misery, however, is totally an optional part of the experience.

Activating Your Crystal Energy

We have spoken of the interrelationship of Crystal children and the crystal portals, but what we have not spoken of to this point is the relationship it will have with you. For although many of you do carry some crystalline attributes, those crystalline attributes will be activated within each and every one of you. All of Planet Earth, all of the Gameboard and all of its inhabitants are becoming crystalline. Even your scientists are starting to see that biology and plant life are now taking on more of a crystalline form. Yes, many of you have thought that this is a new discovery. It is not a new discovery. It is a new level of evolution. It is what you are becoming and it allows you to tap more effectively into the Universal Energy. You may have noticed that we use the word ‘crystal’ to describe higher energies. That is because the crystalline structure is a perfect conductor of the Universal Energy. If you understand that all creativity comes through that Universal Energy, and if you can increase your own connection to that, it becomes magical. We ask that you understand that you have been the ones taking from the ethereal realm and bringing it through your own energy tubes into the Earth for creation. That is the process through which you have created until now. And now you are starting to go the other direction. It is possible to meet your future self in these portals. It is possible to plant seeds for yourself that you will harvest. You may suddenly see a crystal laying on a table and you know it has deep meaning. You do not know what it is, but you just know it is there. And you ask those around you, “Did you put that crystal on my table?” “No, but it is a beautiful crystal.” You will see the energy that you will plant for yourself. Imagine the highest possibilities. Dare to dream. Dare to reach for that passion for that is the exercise that you have been playing all this time. Find those things that stimulate your own heart and find ways of sharing them with other people. Find ways of getting the information out and connecting through the Universal Energy through your own portals of time and space that you have created.

Creating a Crystal Portal

There is one form of energy that is a network upon your planet that currently connects many of you called the Internet. It is a man-made grid that is a form of communication that was never dreamt of in the beginning. As time goes forward, that grid will continue to evolve, much as all of humanity continues to evolve. When a certain vibrational level is reached, the physical wires that make up that grid will turn to light and it will become a light grid that will connect all of you and emulate the Universal Energy on the physical realm of the fifth dimension. Over a period of time, the actual light itself will be integrated into thought patterns. The funny part is that you still may have a problem with Spam even then, but you will figure it out. We tell you that your heart energy, shared over this man-made grid has more of an effect than you can possibly understand. That is the energy of Home creating magic on Planet Earth. We flap our wings in applause of your every action. You have no idea of your magnificence. Try as we might, we cannot tell you who you really are for it is part of the veil and you have intentionally forgotten. But the veil is thinning. You are doing that now through your own creation. Walking through these portals in time and space and creating intentional portals, taking that energy and setting it into motion is your duty now. So let us speak to those of you who have not intentionally created a portal and give you some suggestions on how you can do that.

There are magical spots throughout all of Planet Earth, hotspots as they are called by Tyberonn. They are magical energies that are in specific locations. You have known them as many of you take spiritual journeys to these places. But one thing we wish for you to know about portals is that they move. They are not always defined by the singular time and space that you know. So understand that new ones are popping up all the time and old ones are starting to move to new locations. It is not important that you define exactly where that is, only that you feel it when it is there. If you find yourself in a really magical space even if it is your own back yard and you look up to the sky and you feel the presence of all that you are in that moment, know that you are in a portal. Even though that portal may not be there two hours from now, you are in a portal at that moment. Take something magical from that portal. Take a stone or a crystal. Take a blade of grass or a flower. Anything that you choose can be taken from this space to intentionally create a portal in a space of your own choosing. Plant the seeds for your own portals of crystal energy and do so with your own ritual. We will not give you tools to say, take three steps right and then take three steps left, bow to the sun and you have created a portal. You know intuitively how to do that on your own. For it is not about the mysticism, it is about your intent. That is how you create.

Set your intent to connect your portal to all those starting at this time. And then visit it and strengthen it each day. Go there to rejuvenate and connect and honor that space. Then when you are ready, place your own crystals of intent in that sacred space. It will go into ‘Now’ time and whatever you place in there will meet your future or past self. You will be activating your own interdimensional capabilities by doing this. Do so from the heart energy. Take all the love that you have in you and place it into something, a crystal, a blade of grass or a pebble that you have picked up and place it into that portal honoring your future and past self as you do. That will be one of the first practical uses that you will see for the crystal portals to become real. You see, humans do have this problem with reality. You still think it is real. It is not. For all that you see before you is the illusion of the Gameboard. It has existed in only three dimensions up to this point and now it is moving into five. As you move, you expand your relationship to time and space. That is what is changing now and it is your responsibility to do so with your highest intent, passion and joy. If you take that responsibility to find those things within yourself, you will create your own empowerment for that is the responsibility and the balances of power. Start first with you. Place self first. Then you can help others.

The Second Wave of Empowerment

We will tell you that as these portals start connecting to one another, you will create an entirely new energy form. Set it into motion this day. Do something to make it practical in your life for even these words that you are hearing or reading now are nothing more than words. There is nothing magical about them. Do not look to us to create your future for you. You have done that far beyond any imagining. Take responsibility for creating your own life and finding your own happiness for that is where the magic is. There are no more leaders. You must now learn to lead yourselves. That is the magic of the second wave of empowerment. Move from follow the leader to follow yourself. Take only the pieces of what we say that resonate within your own heart and find a practical use for them in your life. That is the magic of the creators.

As the Gameboard continues, you will find things changing. You will find evidence of this evolutionary process of which we have spoken. Share it with each other. Write about it. Paint the paintings. Take the pictures. Play the music. Write the books. Share it with one another in any form that you can because when you tap into that Universal Energy, you will find new things come into your own hearts for you have activated the crystal portals. It has begun and we are so very proud of you. We can only tell you that the energy of Home and all those in the place you intentionally left behind are watching your every move with great pride. For all beings in all dimensions are affected by what you do now. You already won the Game and now you are choosing to take it to new levels. In words that mean something very deep to the Keeper, we share those with you now. God bless you. God bless you every one.

Know that the wind is at your back. Practice the art of graceful acceptance and let it in for you have chosen to be the ones to carry the energy forward. Welcome Home. We leave you now with only three suggestions:

Treat each other with respect of the greatest magnitude. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are playing a wondrous Game and the whole idea is to have fun, and play well together.


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