The Fabric of God

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, do you know the magnificence that you reflect? Do you know the energy that you are placing into the Universe at this time? If we could offer you only a brief glimpse of your reflection, it would astound you. You are the bright lights of the universe. You are the ones who have chosen to place the veils over your face so that you could re-member God, so that you could experience and define ‘All That Is.’ And we tell you that, because of your experiment, not only are all paradigms being re-written, but you, yourselves, are changing once again.

“What is the Meaning of Life?”

Your connection to ‘All That Is’ is now becoming stronger, for there has been a marriage to the higher self that has begun anew. The connection point between the higher and lower self is where the veil resides. It was important that you come to this planet not re-membering any of who you were, not re-membering your magnificence or your abilities of creation. Instead, you played the game and eventually came up with a favorite question that we love to hear you ask: “What is the meaning of life?” Oh, you have no idea how much we laugh when we hear that one. You do not have a clue as to who you are. You are God hiding behind a veil, not seeing your own reflection. From our perspective, this is as if God is asking what God looks like.

Universal Energy ~ The Fabric of God

Now your veil is beginning to thin, and we wish to address this, for your own connection to ‘All That Is’ is becoming stronger and more direct. To help you understand this connection, let us first speak of the energy that connects everything together as one. It is something that we have referred to in the past as the ‘Universal Energy.’ In fact, it is the fabric of God, for God is made of threads of Universal Energy which weave between all things and beings that exist everywhere. Yes, it connects each of you together in full Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness is something to be aware of now, for it is the first step to moving into higher vibrational existence of the fifth dimension. It is much more than the connection between you and the person sitting next to you. It is Unity Consciousness with the grass beneath your feet, with the trees that exist in your back yard, with the gravel and the stones that compose your streets. Those things that the veil has you see as separate from yourself are yearning to be fully connected to their higher selves much the way that you are. They are yearning for a connection with you.

Dear ones, do you know who you are? We do. And it is our job to re-mind you. That is the purpose of the angelic realm. That is the angelic purpose of the Family of Michael. For as we step forward, we proclaim the highest truth be known to all, for now, more than ever before, you can accept that truth.

Crystal Portals, Crystal Energy, Crystal Children

Up to this point, your connection to the Universal Energy was hidden from your view, as you were not able to see your own creations. But now we tell you that your interactions with the crystal portals have opened new potentials to interact in “now time” or “circular time,” where past, present and future are all one. As you pull aside the veil of forgetfulness even further, you will experience your true nature as infinite beings in circular time.

Currently you have a beginning and an end as finite beings; therefore, it is not possible to even conceive of what true infinity is. That is the veil in action; yet, with your new relationship to time and space, you will begin seeing a new connection to what we call ‘circular time.’ The energy emanating from the Central Sun, filtering through your own sun, is the crystal energy that has made this possible. These are the solar flares that have charged and activated Earth with the energy that is needed to take you to the next level. And, in fact, you will see more of these activations in the near future.

Watch the sun. It has died down a bit of late, but we tell you it is not done, for there are new infusions of the crystal energy which you will need for what is to come in the latter part of this year. As this crystal energy enters Earth, it changes your potential, as it connects you more directly to the Universal Energy. This stronger connection makes it possible for you to draw your creations to you. That is why we have asked you to experiment with the Crystal Portals, which will connect you with your own future and past selves.

In the next three years you will see an influx of Crystal children as never before seen. The Children of Crystal Vibration are poised and ready to enter. Although some have been coming in with partial attributes up to this point, it will not be long now before they come in with all the attributes. As this happens, you will see evolved humans walking as children. They will need your attention and your understanding, for their attributes are quite often misunderstood. Their incredible sensitivity is directly related to their integral connection to the Universal Energy. Because of this intense connection, they will bring you a new understanding of circular time and how the portals really work.

Their magical abilities are a direct result of their ability to connect with the fabric of God that connects all things as one. Once humans get past the fear of seeing something different, the Crystal children will show you all the possibilities of holding the power of God while still in physical form. This power is inherent in each one of you. It is the fabric of God because it is much like many threads connecting hearts, woven into a tapestry of interlacing time and space.

Your new relationship to that Universal Energy is what is causing the increase in spiritual contact at this time. We have told you that now that this has begun to activate, and these portals have become open, many more will begin to channel. Many more will hear the directness of Spirit through their own higher selves and be able to interpret it within. In fact, we ask you all to listen carefully, to lean against it and find opportunities to express it. That increased connection, facilitated by a stronger connection to the Universal Energy, is all that is necessary for you to reach the next level.

The Blending Motion of Universal Energy

So as you increase your connection to the Universal Energy, it might be helpful to know more about it. The Universal Energy itself is like a sheet hanging on the line. When you push on one side of that sheet, a bulge comes out the other side. This fabric is the holder of the Akashic records, the engine of karma, and the cause of cause and effect. The larger truth about the Universal Energy is that it contains a very big bulge that was created when this game of free choice began; therefore, the natural action of the Universal Energy is to blend back together that which was seemingly separated to create the illusion of duality in which you have played the game. The understanding of the action of blending can be very helpful for you as you walk forward as intentional creators. If you understand that to place yourself in harmony with the Universal Energy will be to place the wind at your back, it will seem as though the fabric of God itself is now supporting your creations and actions.

Dear ones, you will see the opportunities to use this information. Everything that you do as individuals--every decision, every choice that you make--we simply ask you to compare to the natural motion of the Universal Energy. Are you blending or are you segregating? Here you will find a direct correlation to the amount of support you feel, especially now as the new connections are being made.

Your connection to the Universal Energy is stronger and more important to understand than ever before. Ahh, but it does not stop there, for you not only act as individuals but you act as collectives. There will come a time when every one of your businesses has a person whose only job is to look at the overall direction of a company and to compare it to the natural motion of the Universal Energy. Is that business going now in a direction of blending things together or is it segregating? Of course, it does not stop there, for it will also go into your world leaders and the politics of all levels of all worlds everywhere.

Kundalini, Love and Fear, and Politics

Now we wish to speak about the Universal Energy as it connects to you individually. As you connect through your higher self, it is felt as emotions. The strongest emotion from which all things are built is the Universal Energy. You feel that in your being as the emotion of love. So love is the “flavor” of Universal Energy as it traverses through your own being and connects your heart with all hearts everywhere. Love is the true life-force energy.

Many times this energy stirs a reaction in your physical being, as it activates the Kundalini energy. Kundalini is actually the base energy of life-force energy in physical form. So, as the Universal Energy pulses through your body, you feel it as love; and when there are restrictions, when there are belief systems, when there are other blockages which restrict or cut off the flow of Universal Energy, you feel it as the opposite of love, which is fear. Here is yet another measure of your harmony with the Universal Energy. Are you coming from love or are you coming from fear? That will help you determine your position in relationship to the Universal Energy and the fabric of God. That relationship will determine whether you have the wind at your back or whether every step forward will be met by resistance.

Please, dear ones, no one is in judgment of you--ever. Your choices are simply your choices, and there is no right or wrong. There is, however, cause and effect, and that has a direct relationship to your position in regard to the Universal Energy. So in order to find your happiness, your passion, your full expression of joy on this planet while visiting these wonderful bubbles of biology which you inhabit, we ask you only to take your place and simply note your relationship to the Universal Energy.

Once again, it does not stop there. Examine your political and business leaders, and ask yourself, “Is theirs a message of love and a position of blending, or is it a message of segregation and fear?” The difficult part here is that your natural human attraction to drama will draw people into fear more quickly than it will draw them into love. It is simply easier to fear than it is to love. Now, more than ever, it is important to understand that all forward advancement will have a direct relationship to the Universal Energy; so watch for it. As you appoint political leaders to represent you, and as you choose businesses to interact with, make sure they are coming from a place of blending and not of segregation, of love rather than fear. When you hear those fearful messages, make a note. Is this in relationship to the Universal Energy, or is it in opposition? And understand that from that point forward, you create your own reality in every moment of every day. Your days of wanting powerful world “leaders” are drawing to a close as each one of you carries more of your own power.

The Time and Space of Universal Energy

Ahh, but there is even more, for we tell you that what you know as linear time only exists in direct relationship to the Universal Energy. Universal Energy, as the fabric of God, is also expressed in your world as a time/space continuum. The illustration of the sheet hanging on the line now changes to a blanket lying flat on the ground. From this perspective it can be seen that many times there are events that put a ripple in the fabric of time and space. Everything everywhere feels that ripple at some time. There are small and large ripples that affect everyone and everything. Many times there are world events that cause tremendous ripples in this energy. And as difficult as some of these can be, they do serve quite well to cause an effective ripple in the Universal Energy that creates great change of perception.

The biggest challenge about this is that humans wish to know exactly where things come from and exactly where things are going. You wish to have everything explained, for you are the inquisitive ones in the universe; you are the ones trying to define God, not being able to see yourselves. And yet, we tell you that your connection to time and space has a lot to do with this. It is very easy for you to look back at your own history and see when many of these ripples were placed into motion and what they accomplished. Many times it is almost as if someone were taking the rug and pulling it out from under you to intentionally shaken up everything in your world.

However, the Universal Energy does not only exist within your dimensional reality. It connects all things in all dimensions of time and space. Recently you have felt a ripple that did not come from any events in your dimensional time line. Although this ripple has shaken your world, you are not able to trace it back to an origin. This actually originated in another dimension of time and space, and placed a strong ripple in this energy, a ripple that was felt by many hearing and reading these words. In this situation, it is a bit different for you look around, and you are not able to find the cause. You know something is different. You know something is unusual. You know there is an opportunity here, and you can feel it, but you do not know why.

Here your brain starts moving, trying to figure out what you are feeling and why. It is very frustrating for humans to try and put all the pieces together. So, therefore, dear ones, as your relationship to the Universal Energy becomes stronger, success is now about getting comfortable with change. It becomes about letting the energy flow through you and taking all that it has to offer in place of trying to figure out how it fits into what you know as ‘normal.’ We tell you that all change leads to something better. Allow these ripples in the fabric of time and space to lead you to something that you did not even expect. Allow this energy to take you to entirely new levels that now bring you the possibility of a stronger connection with your own spirit. That is in place now. That is why the Crystal portals have opened and why the Crystal energy is coming to Earth through the solar flares at this time. And that is why the Crystal children are all lining up on the other side of the veil, saying, “When can I come in?

The Three Sisters: Mars, Earth, and Venus

There is one other event that we wish to clarify in relationship to the Universal Energy. All re-connections and new connections to the Universal Energy will have you re-evaluate and re-examine all past connections. Much of what you are experiencing, even now with the new attributes of the Crystal portals, will make you re-think much of your own connection to time and space and what this really is. But even on a larger scale we tell you that you are about to discover some things from a scientific standpoint that you will not quite be able to put into classifications at this point. We tell you that the life force energy that exists on Mars will soon be discovered. You will uncover life on Mars. You will not only uncover forms of life on Mars held within microscopic particles, but you will uncover a history of life on Mars. Scientists will soon make a discovery that will clearly show that at one point, Mars did sustain life as you know it on Earth.

Dear ones, it does not stop there, for in the beginning there were three sisters, not two. The three sisters--Venus, Mars, and Earth--all supported life at one point. There was communication back and forth between the three sisters which was instantaneous. Evidence of the instantaneous communication is just now being uncovered. There was energy transferred back and forth that you still have not found today.

But we tell you that much of the reason that the Crystal energy is coming in today from the Central Sun, through your solar sun and being stored in the tectonic plates, is the fact that these tectonic plates exist on all three planets. In fact, the fact that some of the tectonic plates stopped moving on Venus is the reason it today does not support life of any kind that you are aware of; the planetary lifeblood you know to be carbon dioxide went out of balance at that point. But the energy connections of each one changed, and therefore, all energy was focused on the center sister in the middle, Earth, for the energy was focused entirely to be able to bring all the energy and the life-force energy to build a matrix around Earth. All life-force energy was focused there from that point on.

You will soon see some of the scientific evidence that will point in that direction. Watch for it. Yes, it will be interpreted in many different ways, but if you look at the larger picture of creation in the universe, you will see how everything was focused in one direction. The connection to the Earth herself, and the life-force energy within the supporting grid, are what caused all the energy to be focused upon Earth, and both of the other sisters to willingly go into a state of hibernation. The interesting part is that it will not be long before intentional life is planted on one of those sisters again. Again, even in the smallest form, a seed that sprouts will start a whole chain of re-action over thousands of years that will set into motion one of the greatest creations of human intention ever witnessed.

To Keep It. . . Give it Away

From the higher perspective, dear ones, all eyes are upon you, watching as you create the next step of your path just before your foot hits it. You are creating your future every moment of every day, and we are so incredibly proud of you. The veil has been lifted ever so slightly. Yes, to some of you, it feels quite burdensome because it is not easy to understand your connection to ‘All That Is,’ for the energy of the Universal Energy is felt in your body as love, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. There is only one way for the love energy to become yours. Know that it is energy and, therefore, cannot exist in a vacuum; it has to move in order to exist. Therefore, the only way to keep it is to give it away. Pass it on. Touch another person. Let them see the spark of life force in your eyes. Let them see your hope. Let them see your dreams. Let them see your passion. And as you pass this from one to another, you will once again re-weave the fabric of God into an even greater creation.

You are blending it into a new energy and into a new fabric, which will carry the Universal Energy to the next level. That is what you have already begun doing this day, and we watch with the greatest of pride. Our greatest intent was simply to spread our wings and to help reflect the magnificence of the human heart. You do not know who you are. . . but we do. And it is our intent to re-mind you of your own magnificence. Once you feel it, we ask you to spread that energy on to each other. Some of the greatest gifts that you can give are the gifts of the human angel. You can now take responsibility for helping others to see their own magnificence. That is the task that now lies before you.

Many of you look around at the stars, at the alignments, to try and figure out why things are so emotional right now, why things are so difficult or why things are so easy. But we tell you, many times it has to do with your interdimensional relationship to time and space and the Universal Energy; so you may not always see those ripples coming, but if you take each one of those and ride them to the best, if you take responsibility for making the very best out of everything that comes your way--you will dance in your passion and play in your joy. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. That is when you take your place as the creators on Planet Earth.

You are entering opportunities to create that life within yourself. Step purposely, step boldly out there, and set into motion your highest intent for yourself, and watch the magic happen. Watch as you set into motion your own ripples throughout the Universal Energy, for your vibrational pattern is being felt by all those around you. Place it into motion through your highest intent, that same way in which you have used the Crystal portals. Allow yourself to be felt, to be heard, to be loved, and it will happen this day.

It is our greatest honor to be with you. It is our greatest honor for you to allow us to tap into that part of you which runs right through your heart; for in doing so, you allow us to connect that Universal Energy to each one of you, and in doing so, we ignite your heart. If you wish to keep it, and to keep that fire burning, take it out and share it with another. Let them see your heart, and it will be in motion.

It is with the greatest of honor that we have sat with you this day, that we have placed our energy into the Universal Energy of all things everywhere. You have given us this opportunity, and for that we are eternally grateful. We leave you with only three brief re-minders: Please treat each other with the greatest of respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, re-member that you are a part of the fabric of God, as you play well together.


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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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