The Gift of Tragedy

From Steve

With all that has been happening the last few months with the Earth we all find ourselves asking is this the Earth changes that we have all been expecting?  Many people we have encountered have felt strangely disconnected when it came to these tragic events.  Here the Group offers us a different view that can allow us all of more easily accept this gift of the reality in all of our lives.

Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

You have traveled a very long way as souls so that each one of you could be here at this perfect juncture of time and space. Your greatest purpose as souls before coming into this lifetime was to find an opportunity to be here, reading this at this time. Your greatest dream was to come in and place a veil on your face so you could not remember that you scripted it yourself. Your greatest hope was to come in at this time and pretend to be totally confused. You have been wildly successful!

Why Do We Have So Much Tragedy on Earth?

So now you ask: What is happening to the Earth? Why are all these changes taking place? And how can I help? We wish to share with you this day some of the answers to those questions, for change is taking place on such a global scale that literally the entire world is being affected by these beautiful events that are unfolding.

Yes, you see these events as tragedies. You see many things as a tragedy, but we also tell you that your reality is created by the perception from which you view it. If you wish to find and release the difficulties of any tragedy, the first thing that we ask you to do is to find the gift in that event. The moment you find the gift, your perception changes and you have no longer have need for the difficulties. You have no need for the loss of life or suffering. You have no need for the difficulties that you experience in your heart when you see this on your television sets. We tell you, there is a greater purpose in these events. The illusion that you attempt to keep from yourselves is that you are one. You have been one from the very beginning. You have come in to play the Game of pretending to be separate individuals inhabiting bubbles of biology, but you are one heart. You are connected in ways you will never see. Many of the seemingly tragic events that happen serve to shake that carpet that is beneath your feet. As you watch the ripple that then spreads throughout the carpet, and into your world, it serves to send everything on the carpet flying into the air. This you see as tragedy, for you do not believe that you had a hand in the creation of these events, yet you did. But it is during these times that you easily remember that you are one heart. This is one of the gifts that these tragedies offer. Every time you look at the news and you see the once healthy cities now filled with water and places that are reduced to piles of rubble, your heart opens along with all the other hearts watching these events unfold. In that instant the one heart re-unites.

Accepting the Gift

In those times when you feel great sadness watching the trauma taking place throughout the world, when you see the people that seem to have lost everything and cannot even find their own children, take a moment and send them thanks. Send them thanks for connecting hearts all over the world. Find that little bit of a gift, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem at the time and you will shift the reality along with your own perception. You know, being human is not easy. You are on one of the most difficult Game Boards that exists throughout All That Is. The challenge of pretending to be separate is that you cannot even remember your own heritage. You cannot remember what you had in mind by coming here. You cannot even remember that you have been here before.

The Third Perspective

We love to observe the way you play within the field of duality. You always look for either good news or bad news. Today we have both for you. The bad news is that you are dying. The good news is that for most of you, it will not be today. This is an important truth that every one of you shares. All of you will experience death as finite beings. Due to the very nature of your Game, no one gets out of Earth alive. Now we ask you an important question. With that knowledge, what would happen if each of you spent every day of your life as if you were dying? What would happen if each one of you had to examine your every choice as if it may be your last choice? We tell you that there is no tragedy in death. The only tragedy is living a life unfulfilled. Many of you think of yourselves as being in a body that you must preserve so that it lasts your entire lifetime. When you finally do leave that body we hope you leave it well used, carrying the marks and scars of an exciting life. Ask yourself, “How much passion can I experience today?” And bring that passion forward into today, into each and every moment. How would the world change if everyone did exactly that? We tell you, you would have no need for the traumas and events that you call tragedies now.

You are in a field of polarity. You are moving from the unity consciousness of being one as God, into a Game of separatism played in a field of polarity. Here you have been for a very long time, in this field of polarity duality that exists. You live in a land of light and shadow, but you believe in either the light or the shadow. It makes no difference. The reality is, they are both part of the same. Your cycles of light and shadow have created your reality, but you see things as up/down, good/bad, right/wrong, and love/fear because you live in the reality of duality. That is changing, for you are now moving into a field of Triality. Now not only will you have both the light and dark sides, but you will balance that with the third perspective of your own higher self. As you make further connections with that spirit part of yourself you will have a different view of the light and the dark. You see, they are both part of each other, part of a big circle. It is not that one is good and the other is bad, because each is actually part of the whole and one cannot exist without the other. Light does not exist unless there is a stage of darkness for it to play upon. So what you have examined in your world of calling one good and the other bad is starting to fade, and creating the balance of the third perspective. The third perspective of your spirit and what you call the higher self will now walk you into living within a field of Triality. Here you can watch these events and be part of the collective as a conscious creator, instead of stepping back and becoming a victim. Now your scope of vision becomes much larger and you no longer see success as having 3.2 children, a white picket fence, a cat and a dog. All of your game is made up of threes and now your own perspective will be widened to include vision from the full field of Triality.

From this perspective you will easily see how important passion is in your life. Where is the dance of life that you know has always been within you? Where is that spark that has been hiding? What do you see in other people that you would love to see in yourself? Begin that search today using the vision of Triality. From this new perspective you within each time of darkness upon Earth lies a unique opportunity for Light to shine .

Every time you look and you see tragedy, difficulty, or suffering of any kind all around, you receive the gift of that opportunity for the spirit to shine Light. As you watch tragic events on your televisions, you know that this could easily be you. And even though those people sometimes have lost everything, their spirit is always intact. As long as the spirit is intact they will rebuild. You watch and say to yourself “Thank God, it did not happen to me.” We tell you that it did happen to you. The moment you watched the events on television, it happened to you. Even as they stand in the rubble of what used to be their homes and speak into the microphone, they are telling of what they are thankful for and not what they have lost. In those special times the spirit and the Light of Home can be seen clearly. That is the gift they give to each of you who watch. They will rebuild with a new, fresh, unique perspective because of the clearing that has gone on and because of the connection they have with all the other humans that have watched this event. As long as you receive the gift, everyone wins and there is purpose in tragedy. That is that piece of sadness that is in the back of your heart that you have not been able to bring forward.

Earth Changes the Relationship to Man 

There is no secret in being able to understand the higher meanings of tragic events. It is no secret to tell you that there is more to come in the days ahead. With this knowledge you try to figure out why Mother Earth is changing and becoming so seemingly drastic in Her changes. What if we told you that She is not changing that much? It is really your relationship to Her that is changing. If you can imagine that there are 40-year cycles to these things you call hurricanes and that 40 years ago, the land masses were not covered with nearly as many people as they are now. Even though there were huge hurricanes in those cycles 40 years ago, there was less impact on humanity because of the decrease in population. The fact that it is a new relationship to the way you use the Earth is creating much of what you see as an increase in tragic events. In many ways, She is creating her normal cycles and you are becoming adjusted to them. What we tell you is that there is an evolution in process and your connection to this has to do with your own evolution that is going on every day. For you are not the same humans that came here to inhabit Planet Earth. You are not the same beings who found expression in physical bubbles of biology by pretending to be human for a few decades. You have evolved well past that point. You are now incorporating part of your own higher self and creating a new reality, moving from unity to duality to Triality. As you evolve in this way, we watch you from this side of the veil with the greatest of awe and with the greatest applause, because you have stepped together as one. You hold the heart energy of Planet Earth in your heart, and you also have an effect on Her the same way that She has an effect on you. So even though the first hurricane (Katrina) came and filled some of your cities with water, devastating and killing and creating challenges throughout all of your systems of dealing with Earth, the second one (Rita) was diffused by your heart energy. You have changed much of that already and you have the capacity to change it every day by shifting your expectations. Remember, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You are God wearing a blindfold, and we love it when you bump into each other trying to figure out who you are, asking what you are doing here and what is the meaning to life? That last one is our favorite question. And now we ask you the same question that you often ask of us. What is your meaning to life? How are you going to perceive the gift of these tragedies? How are you going to live your life in a way you can utilize your connection and bless yourself every time you see something happen? For remember it happens to all of you, not to just a few.

You will be assimilating this energy over the coming months to come. Not only will it affect your economics on a global scale, but it affects your hearts the same way. It was just a few days ago that the Keeper was in the gym and someone was watching the news standing next to him. The news talked about Hurricane Rita coming. This man turned to him and said, “Wow! If ever there was going to be a time for China to attack, it would be now.” What is he creating, dear ones? What fear can you manifest in these places? In these times of evolution your creative abilities have increased as well. So, in those times you have the opportunity to create love or to create fear. Balance what you create with the perspective of your higher self. Balance it with that part of you. Before you speak words of that nature, understand that this is happening to China and nobody is an enemy to any of you, for you are all one. You are part of each other and that connection will go forward more now more than ever before. You may choose to view events through the perspective of duality and separation, or you may now decide to view them in terms of Triality and how you are all alike. How well you connect the ways that you are alike rather than focusing on the ways you are different will tell you how much of the gift you can receive from all the events that lie before you.

Some of you will feel a strange disconnection to these events. Even as you watch these events on television you will feel distant and not reactive, as if everything was really alright. Those around you may even see you as cold and heartless for not feeling badly for these people. Let us put this into perspective for you. Your new perspective from the higher self in Triality will help you to see the course unfolding. Watch for the gifts in these events and the times that the human spirit rises above the circumstances. That is the gift.

What Lies Ahead?

More is coming. There is at least one more difficult hurricane that you will have the opportunity to diffuse in the near future. The truth of the matter is, it is up to you because you are creating these opportunities. If you have received ample gifts from the other events, this one will pass you by. For a very long time it was global wars that you created that gave you opportunities to see difficulties, trauma and harshness in the form of darkness. You wondered, “Will there would ever be life on Earth without war?” We tell you that in much that way, war has provided the opportunity for you to shake up your world to gain a higher perspective. War is a man-made creation that does not exist in heaven. Much like your man-made creation called economics, it is based on perception of perception of perception. If there is any point where you do not like your reality, have the courage to change your perception, to find a way to look at it differently. If even only for a moment to shift your perspective for a second and to look at yourself from a different angle, even if you come back in and try to figure out if it fits into your perception of 3.2 children, a white picket fence, a dog and a cat. That time will provide you with the opportunity to look beyond what appears to be and to find that little spark of passion that makes a difference in your life. That is the unique beauty which is you, individually. That is your spark of God for which you are responsible. Do not let it die. Feed it. Find that passion. Find that way of giving the gift of everything that has happened to any human on Planet Earth. When you see suffering, when you see tragedy, know that it is you that it is happening to. That is you waiting in that bus, waiting to be stuck on the highway, waiting to get out of town. Know that is you whose house has just been flooded. But also look for the possibilities, for there will be a rebuilding of energy in a higher vibration which will include more of your own spark of passion. Find the gift up front and you will release the need for the tragedy.

The New Family of Light

Finding the gift and releasing the need for tragedy is what has begun even this day. You are coming together to form new families of Light. You are finding new connections. You are reaching for higher truth as humanity evolves. Each one of you, individually, is raising your vibration. You are becoming new people and new expressions of who you really are, seeing new possibilities, realizing new passions, and evolving into new ways of expressing yourself. But as a collective— as one— your vibration is also rising. Even though you see people who are in need andyou see people of lower economic stance who do not have the same privileges and opportunities that you do, why does that make it okay for you to move forward into rebuilding your abundance when all of this suffering is going on, on this planet? Understand that that is a part of you as well and that yours is a chosen position, so when you honor that you make that an opportunity to be part of you. Not that you are going out to physically rebuild the city yourself, but in the tragedy you may find a calling, a need to fill, or a place where you can discover your purpose and your passion. You may find that in those tremendous times of stress and trauma there lies an opportunity for you to beof service as a human angel on this planet. If that is the case, then the suffering has been successful because it has pulled you into your passion. It has created a darkness for you to shine your light upon, and it has created an opportunity for you to be a spirit in a physical bubble of biology and to express your gift. Do so now with great pride.

These are exciting times. The evolution of humankind and the evolution of Earth is evolving faster than you may know. You have created it. You have stepped forward to allow this to take place. Watch carefully for those sparks of Light. Look for that part that connects your heart to the hearts of others. For dear ones, you have opportunities this time—today—to be the healers of Planet Earth. Master healers, awaken now. There will be no more closet Lightworkers. You are being called into action. We thank you for listening. You are not only changing Planet Earth and your own physical beings, but your interdimensional beings are opening doors in heaven and through all dimensional levels for a depth of evolution that has never been accessible before now. Dare to ask what you can do. Dare to ask how you can hold the energy of peace. Dare to ask how you can find your passion even in all this tragedy, and you will find the gift of tragedy and you will find that you are creating Home, here, right now.

Questions and Answers

We will take a moment, dear ones, for we have been a bit intense for the Keeper today. We will take a moment to answer any questions or for comments you wish to make, for we love the interactions whenever possible.

       Question: I have just discovered a passion. I make soup and I have discovered that my soup is soul soup. How can I take it where it needs to go?

       Answer: You are not the first person who has discovered they can channel through cooking. There are even those who make cookies. There are those who make soup. There are those who make paintings. There are those who channel through healing abilities, there are those who channel through words. There are those who channel just to be there at the right time when a person asks a question. Your biggest challenge has been in finding that first expression. It is only the first for we cannot tell you exactly the perfect channels to take this—how to get it canned, how to get it distributed—for that is not really the important part. The important part is that this is an expression of yours and this is your way of bringing in and incorporating that higher aspect of you that lights those eyes, that makes that smile pass onto someone else. It is your way of being in service. We tell you that even if nobody ever smells your soup or eats any of it, it makes no difference. That spark behind your eyes in this very moment is going out into the collective consciousness in helping you touch and spread your light.

So follow the steps. Take what little pieces you can and watch for the side doors for many times when you are moving down the hallway thinking you are going to this end, there are other doors off to the side which are going to lead you to greater expressions of your own spirit than you could have even imagined. So watch for those opportunities. But understand that it is not about getting to the end of the hall anyway. What happens when humans understand that they have achieved a goal is that they get bored, for it is not about reaching a goal, but enjoying the journey. Move from destination consciousness to journey consciousness and enjoy the ride. You are on a beautiful ride, for your spirit is now creating through your soup. What a wonderful joy. Share it.

       Question: Since I am recovering with a clean slate to write on, what do I find to write on it?

       Answer: What happens as you clear the path? You have so many possibilities, you get overwhelmed. You start thinking in terms of, “Where am I going? What am I going to do? What is new? What is now important to me?” Rather than focusing on what is the best step that I can make at this moment and what will return me the highest gain in this moment toward my eventual goal?” To gain that perspective we ask you where is your passion? Where is that spark in you that you have been waiting to create since you were 17 years old and had a vision and your father helped you to find that vision. Find that piece in you that is important with you and move in that direction even the slightest and as you focus there, you will find that all the pieces come together very magically and the resources to create what you have in rebuilding your life and starting over. It will make a huge difference where you are going and will gather the energy around you. The other piece that we would ask you to consider is that no person is an island and reaching out and allowing other people to be part of your new creation not only helps you, but gives the gift to everyone you touch. We thank you for having the courage to say that.

       Question: You spoke a lot about the humanitarian and suffering consequences of the hurricanes. On a larger scale there is a petrochemical issue in our energy consumption issue. Does the Group have anything to say about that? We are going to be challenged for a long time….

       Answer: Yes, is it not wonderful? The truth of the matter is that humanity is evolving. The way you work with the Earth must evolve to keep up with that for you have seen that there are changes in the way you deal with Earth. You believe you are responsible for much of what you call the ozone thinning. You are not. It is a natural progression of the planet of Earth. Have humans had a part in that? Yes, of course they have but it is much less than you think. There is nothing out of the ordinary here. The truth of the matter is that as you adjust and as more humans take their spot in physical bubbles of biology and you populate the Earth, you must make your adjustments to work in harmony with Her rather than in opposition to Her. We tell you that it is very simple to see that you are being motivated to explore other energy sources. That is happening through your own pocketbooks which is really the only way to motivate you sometimes. It is your own creation for many parts of the world already pay much more for these petrochemical fossil fuels. So as you are now being motivated to look into research to use more of the connection of Earth even in your cars, even in your solar and heating of your swimming pools, even in everything you do, you will find new ways to do this because it is important for you to find a more efficient way of inhabiting Earth. We have told you that you are energy. One of the four attributes of energy is that energy always seeks the path of least resistance. You have not done that in relationship to the Earth thus far but now you are being motivated to do exactly that.

You are creators yet you are also creatures of habit and we tell you that as you get into those forms of being a creature of habit, it takes seven full attempts to move you out of what you call a rut—a way of thinking. There are seven times you must purposefully move yourself over here to create a new pattern in your life before it takes effect and it becomes the natural and becomes the normal. Once the critical mass adopts that new pattern, everybody everywhere instantly adjusts to the same new pattern. That is what is happening. You are being motivated to a new pattern. You are being motivated by your own request. It is happening through the difficulties and the shortages of petrochemicals, it is happening largely because you have not put energy into investing in your own refinery plants, nor should you. Instead, place the energy into moving, into working in concert, in harmony with the Earth rather than simply taking those things and using them for your ends. Move together with the Earth and you will find harmony even as more people enter the planet. That is the reason and the gift of what is happening on your planet right now. Necessity is the mother of invention and you are being motivated by your own request. We thank you for doing that.

      Question: Greetings. I was reading in one of the books that a long time ago a species of extraterrestrials came to this planet and modified our genetics, which resulted in the current bubbles of biology. What were we like before we were genetically modified?

       Answer: You simply had more of a connection with your own higher self at that point. You had more of your own creation abilities that you could see. The veil was much thinner at those points in this game. This was the only Game of Free Choice that was ever meant to be. In the very beginning, that meant free choice on all levels and all beings everywhere—not just on Planet Earth. So one of the first things that happened is, one of the other races of beings came here and said, “Oh, this is a nice little setup. We will take this over for our own purposes. And we will help these humans who do not see their own abilities. We will be their leaders and honestly help them. And yes, we will also gain from that ourselves. Keep in mind that they were actually doing it from the heart, not from a position of greed. As they came to the planet of free choice and set up shop as your leaders, they formed structures, they formed belief systems that they used. You were easily impressed, quite honestly and to you they seemed as Gods with great powers of creation. The challenge was that you gave them your power. We tell you that many of the stories that still exist in your Old Testament about the early times were not about God, Itself, being here and teaching these things, but about what you were told by your captors.

One of the belief systems that they set for you was to prevent you from discovering your creative abilities. They were attempting to make the perfect environment for you to live, but to do so meant that you must stay within the boundaries of their creation. Your own creative abilities would have broken the illusions they were making for you. This is the point that you agreed to have them permanently alter your DNA. It was here that you were told not to procreate and to have guilt around your own physical connections and your own sexuality. Procreation is a form of creation that would have led you to break those bonds of captivity. Even today you carry guilt around the sexual acts for that very reason for those stamps are still with you. Even today you still have stamps that play out in your history about captives and slavery and about being able to have charge of other beings. It is fascinating how this repeats itself generation after generation. You are changing those energy stamps one heart at a time. That is what is going on.

You are now at the evolutionary level that you were before that disconnection. As a collective vibration of humanity, you are about to surpass what you originally came in with. So what was it like? That is what we will ask you today, for that is what you feel like this day. You know, for even if beings showed up on your planet proclaiming to be God with great displays of magic that you had never seen before, you would hesitate before giving your power to them. And even though you might be amazed and want to learn how that is done, you would not turn your power over to them completely for that has not happened since the days of Adolf Hitler. That is the movement from the first wave of power to the second wave. The first wave being follow the leader and the second being follow your heart. That is soul evolution. And we thank you for that question.

      Question: With Foundation for Insight, we are looking at taking, in addition to what we are doing now, going into an educational area of offering educational workshops and seminars to people in all areas—especially in the health area. Is that a movement of moving everyone forward with the right energy and the modality…

       Answer: When you put something into a label no matter what that is, the label helps define who you are, helps you define a connection. But it also helps to define a motion and a movement, and a goal and a path of least resistance. The more that you can focus on the path of least resistance and the adaptation, the easier your travels will be for you have known where you are going, you simply have not figured out the fastest way to get there. So as you search for these opportunities to do it, look for the small pieces. Look for the doors to open not necessarily for the biggest picture, but what feels right to you. What feels right to give you a smile on your face so that you sleep well at night rather than trying to dream about reaching millions and millions of people? Some work will go very big and some work needs to remain small and you will determine that yourselves as to where your comfort needs to be. But both of them are very effective. You are on a marvelous path with possibilities. Your biggest challenge at this point with where you believe you are going. You have too many possibilities to fit in the time frame that you have deal with it. You will find it. Espavo.

Dear ones, you have come together to see your own reflection. You have come together to be in a room where there is the energy of Home. You have come together to help connect your hearts and to feel good about who you are and where you are going. Hug each other. Know that even as you leave here this day, there is a part of us that leaves with you and travels with you always for you are our reflection of Home on Earth. Each of you carries a piece of the God energy that you have agreed to hold and to express in some fashion. You have our power at your back every moment of every day for you are part of a wondrous family. The new family of light is gathering now. You are creating it. You have set it into motion through your own desires and we applaud you.

Reach out to everyone at every opportunity. Share your heart energy, for you are not many, you are one. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to simply treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Remember that it is a Game and play well together.


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