The Human Condition - This Is Not a Drill!

The Human Condition

Each one of you has a condition you are dealing with that has caused you great difficulties throughout your entire stay on this planet. It is a challenge for every one of you to see yourselves the way you really are. That is because of a deeply embedded belief system that each and every one of you carries. It was necessary to carry from the very beginning of the connection because it was the part that activated everything for you. But you have a strong case of what we call the human condition. The human condition is a very serious ailment of the spirit.

When a spirit enters a bubble of biology and activates a veil to keep them from re-membering, they still have memories of Home. Over time, if these memories are not reinforced, the memories fade to the back of consciousness. Sometimes they are only left in the cellular memories which are your souls imprint on the physical body. It is at this point that a soul starts to actually believe that they are a human. This is a serious ailment of the soul that we call the human condition.

That is what you are dealing with everyday. Everywhere you look in your daily life there are people who all try to get you to buy into the human condition so that you can be like them. People walking around truly believing that they are the human body they inhabit has caused more difficulties for humanity in general than you could ever imagine. That is beginning to change. The Re-wire of Humanity is underway and the evolution will soon have all of humanity seeing from a different perspective. That perspective is the basis of your understanding as a Lightworker. Now you are looking at people who are beginning to see themselves the way they truly are, instead of the way they believe themselves to be. It is so hard for you to take off your wings and to put on the physical bubbles of biology and pretend to be a human. You devised a veil which is incredibly powerful and works very well.

Physical Adjustments

The physical bubble of biology is now adapting to the new you. There are several events taking place simultaneously. Firstly you are evolving the physical body much more than you know, it will start to show soon. Your physical being is starting to take on new attributes to allow more light to come through your body and that is something that was never expected on this planet. That was never expected in this game. It was never thought that the children coming in could carry the magic that would help you re-member your own and yet it is beginning to happen. It was never thought that you could stand as a human being and let all of your light through your physical body. Why? Because the first thing that happens is you start attracting attention, you go back into your human condition thinking that you are a human and everyone is looking at you. Then you shut it down in order to fit in. When the veil starts to thin you get scared and revert to your old belief systems. You revert to the energy of who you were and belief systems that supported you at that time. In effect, you revert back into the human condition.

Secondly, even the physical body is beginning to adapt to make it possible to have a new vision of yourself. For that to happen, it is going to be important for you to stop looking on the outside of yourself for your reflection. That is a natural effect of the human condition. You cannot see your own light internally. Even if you look in the mirror, you always see the negative. Have you noticed that your attention immediately goes to things you think are wrong, not what you think is right? So every time you look in the mirror, your attention goes to your imperfections. That mirror immediately attracts your problems or what you see as your challenges. That is due to the amount of light that you carry. yet it is only a slight shift in perception. It is only a slight difference in how you look to start seeing yourself from the inside out rather than the outside in. It takes practice. As you evolve you will define yourself by the amount of light that you carry. It is not easy at first for you are so accustomed to define yourself by your belief systems. It is changing.

Beliefs about Being Human

Part of your evolution as humans is to experience multidimensionality. This will eventually give you the broadest view possible as you evolve. Multidimensional vision will give you incredible options and your lives will become powerful and streamlined. You are moving into an area of multidimensionality daily. You are going to find out much more about your true existence on this planet as human beings, as spirits pretending to be human than you ever thought possible within the next 12 years. You will start understanding how the fabric of the universe is woven together and how to utilize it. Then you will understand how energy weaves together to form matter. You will understand how your thoughts create matter every moment of every day by interacting with this fabric.. You will understand more of your true, creative gifts of creation, of every thought sending out a vibration that takes the fabric of the universe and weaves it together to make something magical. In order to do that, the first thing that has to be reevaluated is your beliefs about your beliefs. As a cure, as a temporary situation, as a possibility of stepping out of the human condition, start looking at your beliefs about beliefs for that covers it all. In the days directly ahead those who are willing to release and broaden old belief systems will have a huge head start on the entire evolutionary ascension process ahead of you.

We have spoken about the timeline and the illusion of the timeline. You see everything as past, present and future. The left part of your brain does nothing more than to mark time and put everything you experience into little boxes. This is what it has been bread to do within a field of duality. It was quite useful in duality as it categorized and equated everything. It thinks. Of course now you are moving out of duality and that is one of the reasons for the re-wire of the physical body. All of these changes will lead you eventually to a more fluid way of categorizing and studying yourself. Rigid boxes will no longer work as the way you see life and yourself

When you let that part of your life rule who you are and what you are doing, you start to carry belief systems about what that is. Humans are creatures of habit. Even your souls are creatures of habit as you have a tendency to choose the same things over and over again even between lifetimes. In reality, many of the belief systems you carry today may have been with you for several lifetimes.

When you start to understand how it works, you can see right from the beginning what your beliefs are. Eventually your true motivations are ever present in every decision. When you can see that clearly and remember your motivations you can make a conscious choice. If you have forgotten you true motivation you are likely running on a belief system that may get very small in the near future. When you walk consciously on your path you begin to carry more light within. These are the times in life when you are on purpose and feel it. Many of your life decisions now are made out of habit or belief systems. The key to evolution is not in eliminating belief systems but in expanding the box to a more fluid and much larger container in which you can see yourself.

Many of you are finding your beliefs beginning to change. You are starting to shift the energy of what you are truly working with and how it works. When you start to really evaluate that process, when you start to truly evaluate who you are on the inside, everything starts to change on the outside. Now, more than ever before, you will see people change in very big ways.

Universal Energy Field

The first of three tools we will offer you is the Universal Energy Field. You have a magnetic field around your body that connects you to the Universal Energy. The Universal Energy is based in love but it is a connection that goes in between one heart and another and stitches all the hearts together. In other words, everything that you have felt in your lifetime, others have felt. Every emotion that you have ever felt is felt by several others at the same moment. It goes between everybody as a huge ripple of energy goes out from the source of creation. When you have a belief system, it is a predetermination of the way that energy will return. With belief systems the energy you send out is predetermined to return in a certain manner. In effect you are limiting your own spirit in your creations.

Even some of your most used methods about using the laws of creation as they have used within duality will change as humans move into a field of Triality. Then you will have a much wider view and be able to see how the energy is stitched together and how to use it much more effectively. Your conscious use of the Universal Energy Field will become second nature to each of you. Upon mastery of it you will manifest as you sleep and it may seem at first that the wind is magically at your back all of the time. This is a part of Home that you have missed the most, so you create it first. At first this will seem like a new sense that humans will suddenly develop. Like the other senses you will use it to interact with the world around you and reflect your light. When you use this new sense in your life you can see the miscommunications that belief systems can create. It is a part of you that is totally automatic and goes without thinking. It becomes an automatic reaction to an external stimuli setting up a vibration within the Universal Field that precedes you before you walk into a room, start a project, begin a relationship or pick up the phone. You could say that it creates your world just before you get there. Learning how to use it will be the subject of many books to come but it will very quickly become integrated into the new humanity.

Who do You Think You Are?

The first belief that most humans have who are dealing with the human condition is that they need their belief systems. Belief Systems are ways of defining life by finding connecting threads that run through a set of truths that you have collected. In the early days, belief systems helped you define God. They helped to define who you were and to find your energy as a creator. Here your reality was built with the blueprint of what you thought of yourself. It worked very well in duality but as you are moving into Triality this is beginning to be restrictive. Things react differently because you are different. Your field is different and the energy around you and everything you interact with is different because you have moved. With that move have come opportunities for you to look at the very core belief systems of who you are.

Tool number one in dealing with the human condition is to look on the inside about which belief systems serve you, which ones limit you. Then reevaluate each one as you become more flexible in all of your belief systems. You will easily grasp higher truths when your belief systems no longer limit you. Humans are under the impression there is only one central truth everywhere. We tell you there is not one truth because it is not about any destination. Finding truth is a journey not a destination and that is one core belief system that will need to stretch greatly in the near future. Experiencing the journey of finding your own spirit reflected in the world around you is why you are here.

The Re-Wire

The physical re-wire of all humanity has already begun. It will stretch out over several years, but the new synaptic pathways and the new ways that your brain will be communicating will start to close the gap between the two sides of the brain that have created the veil. There is one side of the brain that is infinite and one side of the brain that is finite, and one side of the brain has the human condition and one side of the brain deals only with your spirit that knows its identity. We can tell you that there has been a purposeful division that is now beginning to integrate.

That was done through the two halves of the brain. The two halves are now starting to grow back together via the new synaptic pathways that are now forming. This will be noticed by your medical scientists in only ten to twenty years and that is huge for the advancement of humanity because it began only recently. This entire re-wire is starting to go throughout all humanity which is starting to see things differently. That ignites part of the spirit in the physical body and that ignites what we call the sexual energy in the physical body because the life-force energy that can now come through you and let you carry more of the light energy in your physical being. It lets you exude more light, connect to your own Universal Field and be on purpose.

This lifestyle must begin as a daily choice, for if you leave it up to the default, you will go back to your old belief systems and those things that are entrenched in your experience. So choose, every day, to be on purpose. Choose, every day, to evaluate your belief systems and your true motivations for doing things. Especially examine your reactions to things that oppose your belief systems. There are many times when you do not wish to look at your motivations because you have judgments about yourself or you think this motivation is not good enough. I should be saving the world instead of making myself happy. I should be doing something to end world hunger rather than buy myself chocolate. We tell you that you are looking at this from within duality. The entire word "should" will have a new meaning as you experience Triality. In order to give joy to all of humanity, the first thing you must experience is joy within you. The first thing you must do is start to choose things that feed you completely because that is when you set up your energy field outside of you. That is when your whole world starts to change. That is when people come into your life that are full of energy, full of life, full of expression and full of light. As you start to see your light reflected off that, you get excited about the possibilities and a whole new part of your life starts. That is the awakening that is taking place on this planet right now. That is the answer to the human condition that you are starting to relieve yourselves from.

This is Not a Drill

We must tell you something very important. This, dear ones, is not a drill. The time for practice is over. You have some very important decisions you will be making collectively about your advancement over the next two years. You are evolving at an astounding rate. You are moving so fast that it has caused revisions of your own ‘divine plan.' That is incredibly beautiful and yet, it is time for your actions to match your new vibration. Do not let this pass you by for it is an opportunity of great magnitude. Do not wait for the collective vibration to hit a trigger point where you see it in everybody. Lightworkers have chosen to be here to shine light where it is needed are being called to action today. Your light is needed now more than ever before. But the first part is getting comfortable with your own light as it shines through your physical being, as it exudes from you. We hope you experience it and allow it to ignite your field full of life.

You ask, "How can I do that? I have been in my job for years and they do not understand me there and they do not want me to talk about light or energy. I'm just going to work and do my job." We tell you that you will see people around you raising vibration soon, and if they do not then your time there is limited. You are no longer able to tolerate some of the things you used to tolerate. When you are a low vibration, there is a wide variance of vibration you can go through. It is huge. As you raise your vibration, it narrows and tightens. This is where many of your belief systems come in.

So you are asking, "What is the greatest thing I can do? What is the one thing I can do that will set this all in motion?" We would love to tell you some fancy thing about a ceremony you can go through and how it can work, but it is simply that your intent that says it all. We can give you ceremonies. We can give you meditations. We can give you ways of going inside as they are only tools that reflect your magic, not ours. The tools do not hold the magic. You do. That is the answer to the human condition.

Time of Truth

Please understand that there is a time coming on this planet when each and every one of you will want to stand up and be counted for your truth. Many of you are wondering right now what it is. You do not know, but your heart does. You know who you are and where you are going although you may not know it on a conscious basis. Your connection to your higher self is growing stronger every day partly because of the connection between the new synaptic pathways and partly because of the sexual energy infusion which is entering your body. Your entire physical body is raising vibration. You are coming closer to Home with every breath you take. That will not stop but how you experience this change as a collective of humanity is still unset. It has not been decided because you have not decided how that is going to happen.

Now, it can be difficult. It can be through war with force. It can be through great global disasters and weather changes. It can also be comfortable and smooth. Those choices are yours and there are no right or wrong choices. The evolution of humanity is underway and it will happen. It is just a question of what you have to go through in the meantime. Do you understand how hard it is for us to look at you sometimes and see the pain that you experience because you cannot re-member who you are? Do you know how difficult it is for us to look at you feeling lost and to know the spirit and greatness inside of you and for you not to feel it?

This will become a common condition as you begin to move away from the human condition because the first thing you do when you start to release your belief systems, is to release a bit of your identity that kept you in these belief systems. A very common situation will be for each and every one of you to feel alone and to wonder if you are on this path. There is only one answer to it. There is only one way out of this and that is to reach out and grab somebody's hand. The destination is unimportant. Reach out and honor the others on the path with you and those on any path that breathes light into them. Reach out and touch somebody's heart-to put yourself outside of yourself so you are not out there looking in. So start shining the light from within and you start moving from a field of me to a field of we. That starts changing the human condition to the Human Angel condition. That illusion is going on every day. Each one of you has an opportunity to do more today than you have ever done before and it is difficult, we grant you that.

Removing your Experience from the Timeline

In the beginning there was a long line that formed for souls to enter Earth. Then it became not so popular not to come to Earth followed by "this Earth Game will never make it." Now the line is back, dear ones. You have created an opportunity to carry your power of creation while in the physical body. That has caused quite a stir throughout All That Is. It was never expected. Many are in line to come to Earth to take any physical body they can get their hands on to only be here five minutes, if needed, to try to make an imprint and a difference. They want to be here for the miracle that is unfolding. They want to be a part of that energy in any way they can. It is so difficult when you are inside of yourself like that, trying to find your way out. The only way to do it is to start letting the light out and start releasing yourself of that human condition. That is done with the second most important tool of removing your experience from the timeline.

Let us give you an example because there are many tools that will follow showing you how to remove things from the timeline. This is designed to help you experience full dimensionality of now, the full point of where you are. Start with every problem you have in life, you have to ask yourself, "What is my experience right now?" Develop the habit of asking this question at stressful times in your life and watch what happens. Most of your hopes are in the future and most of your fears are in the past. This is a product of magnetism. Do you know what happens when you carry a negative energy or a doubt or fear about the future? It sets up exactly what you are fearing. Rather than just a thought it becomes a manifestation and you create exactly the opposite of what you think you wanted. Removing it from the timeline becomes the second part that is going to help tremendously.

Spectrum Viewing

The third tool we will offer you this day is Spectrum Viewing. Many of you are starting to see things from multiple angles. As you are aware, it is almost as if you are a camera which is experiencing life. That is what you came to do, to search for god. You are now finding that it is possible to use a very wide angle lens on your camera of life bring in much more of the overall picture that life has to offer. You are not accustomed to that but as you master it you are going to start seeing into multiple dimensions of your own experience. This is the gift of Spectrum Viewing. Spectrum Viewing is simply choosing the largest view from which to see any point in your life. It is a way to start focusing on the large perspective of life.

Number one: you are going to find that most of your problems are not problems. We know that is going to disappoint many of you, but when you start really looking at the largest picture, you are going to find that many of the challenges you thought were insurmountable are not worth tackling because they are simply belief systems that are held over from a lower vibrational existence. They are simply old energy patterns that you are trying to take into new parts. It does not work. It means releasing. It means letting new things into your field. You are going to find there are more capabilities within your physical being. Your physical bubbles of biology will be going through several changes as you move through this. The one all of you are accustomed to is weight. You humans are so preoccupied with your weight. Because of your preoccupation, you draw more to it. We never though of that one. You humans are so inventive sometimes. The more that you can help yourself experience this as a spirit pretending to be a human the more light you will carry.

We will leave you with 3 simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are part of each other. Nurture one another and make the path more comfortable at every opportunity you can because that makes your own path more comfortable.Human Angel Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


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such wonderful guidance, thank you.


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