The Lemurian Energy Reservoir

This message from the Group was originally presented the day of the Web of Love experiment on September 18, 2004. The Web of Love activation had well over 200,000 participants representing many parts of the globe. It was a true heart connection to open a new grid of love for all of us to use. What follows was the message from the Group that shows some of the practical uses of this new connection. It also marks the first in a new series of messages they have called “The Practical Magic Series.”

The scientific results of the global experiment will be available soon. Please watch the Web of Love section at for details.

Happy creating!

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

You have created Home this day. You are now connecting to each and every one of you. You are beginning to see things you have not seen before. It is a new time. It is a new age. The energy of love now connects each and every one of you. You have created a miracle in the space that is now before you.

What we will offer you this day are only a few new games to play within that new miracle that you have created. We offer you some ideas of how you can activate it further and use it on a practical basis. All the information that we have given over the years is nothing more than words on paper. The truth of the matter is, none of it has any magic whatsoever until you use it in your life in a practical manner. What we offer you this day is a view of how to use the Web of Love and the connections that you have made for practical magic. These are practical applications of how you use this new connection.

Much of our focus from this day forward will be speaking to a higher form of humanity. You will notice it, as have we. We will make adjustments to reach you on a higher level from this day forward because of your actions, your willingness, and your intention to set about your own connections of your hearts. You are the new humanity. You are the chosen ones, for you have chosen to be here at exactly this moment in time. You are the ones who did everything you could to make sure that you came at exactly this moment so that you could be here to help the miracle happen. And here you are. The miracle is unfolding now.

Practical Magic

So the practical magic that we will show you this day has to do with strengthening that energy that forms the Web of Love, for it has begun. But like any creation, any great painting, any music that you play or books that you write, if the creation loses the connection to other people, at that point it dissipates and fades away. It goes into the annals of time as “the big flash that was not.” Although we make very few predictions, we predict that this new connection will grow and not fade. Now it is up to each and every one of you to use it in some practical way, for that is the only way to ground this new energy on planet Earth. By the very nature of the Web of Love, using this new energy in your lives will ensure that the connection is strengthened. Thus, we will share with you some of the opportunities to utilize that energy on a practical basis. This will begin a new series of messages we will call The Practical Magic Series .

The Distribution of Water-Energy

In order to see this from a different perspective, let us take you back to a time when many of your communities on Earth were beginning. There were times when you would gather in high-energy spots. These were the early settlers of planet Earth, being drawn to these energy hot spots. In fact, by doing this they determined the location of most of the big cities that exist even today. Many people would come together living in the same area, sometimes because the hunting was good or the terrain was providing security or shielding you from the elements. You inhabited caves in some locations, and in others you formed small cities simply on the flat land. All of these settlements began because they were energy hot spots that connected people together. In fact, they were the first origins of what you know today to be the Web of Love.

Still, there has always been a challenge when groups settle in this fashion. The distribution of energy that you call “water” is critical for a group of people to bond and grow. It is necessary for water to circulate evenly throughout the entire community. If that was achieved, then the foundation was in place for a city to grow. The same is true with the Web of Love, although it is a different type of energy. Water is a base energy that must circulate for humans to flourish. We will show this in comparison to what you have done this day. The Web of Love is an aqueduct that will allow the water to circulate.

Man no longer searches for a central location to gain strength in numbers. It is now about finding ways to connect wherever you are. That is the advancement that you have accomplished in your evolutionary cycle to place you here at this time. That is what is happening. So as you do this, it all becomes magic. It all becomes “practical magic.”

You learned something in the early days of humanity in your early existence as infinite beings in finite form, for you ended up doing some very magical things. One of the things you learned to do with water was to create a reservoir to ensure constant supply to all. Here you created great reservoirs to collect the water for the community so that it could be distributed equally to all of you. This helped your cities grow. This helped the foundation of communities, connecting hearts together on a very practical level, to grow to the next level and to evolve into human form.

The Lemurian Ascension

Now we ask you to consider applying this same concept to the Web of Love. In reality it is a concept that has been used since the days of Lemuria. Lemuria was an advanced civilization. It was so far advanced that the Lemurians did not need many of the things that you believe you need even today. Many of you are here from the days of Lemuria and from Atlantis. Many of you have concepts about what that was like and remembrances of why you are here and what you are here doing. We wish to correct some of the concepts because it is widely written that Lemuria sank into the ocean. We tell you that did not happen in quite that fashion, for the souls of Lemuria were so far advanced in understanding that they became childlike.

When humans become so advanced that they become childlike, the Earth becomes a very difficult place to inhabit. The continent of Lemuria did not sink. Instead, Lemuria ascended into a higher state of vibration. Even today Lemuria exists in the same physical location as it has always been. It is simply in a higher vibrational state that places it into an altered dimension of time and space that will support the advanced beings of Lemuria. It was done so by intent of all, by the connection of each one, for it was understood that all of humanity at that point was reaching a level where it was possible to move to the next vibrational state.

Those of you who were there in those magical days of Lemuria decided to go ahead and hold the door open. You went ahead and created the space, but what you did not understand was that the Universal Energy will never support segregation. Even though you did so from the heart, it was a segregation that was set into motion that eventually led to the sinking of Atlantis.

In those days, there were some magical things that you used, as advanced souls working from the heart energy. We will share these tools with you over time, for you are now ready to listen. You are now ready to put these tools back into practical use.

Secret of the Lemurian Energy Reservoir

One of these tools we will share with you this day. It is now possible, since you have activated the Web of Love. It is the Lemurian Energy Reservoir. It has been in use for a very long time. Much the way that you have found ways to collect and distribute the energy of water in your cities, you will now use that same concept to collect and distribute life force energy.

We think it is very interesting that the Keeper and the Keeper's keeper now are living in Las Vegas, where there is a five-year drought in progress. The residents here are being motivated to find ways to distribute the water more efficiently. It is that distribution that will determine the future growth of this area. And as you move into this, you now have the same choices with the Web of Love. Creating and re-creating the Lemurian Reservoir of Energy is now available to each and every one of you because of the Web of Love. That connection—that heart energy that allows each and every one of you to connect to the other hearts—is now strengthened 177 times over what it was just a few hours ago.

With that increase, allowing the energy to move through you without being overwhelming is your next task at hand. That is the energy that you are to incorporate as you move forward, for it is the practical use of this energy that will determine its relevance in your own evolutionary cycle and your place in universal history. We tell you this: the Lemurians, those who ascended, are with you this day. They are watching every move you make, for you now have the opportunity to take that energy—that love, that heart connection—and put it into practical use in your daily life. This was their intent in the beginning. Perhaps you can now see the magnitude of the cycle that is completing this day. All eyes are upon you.

For those of you who have incarnated lifetime after lifetime in order to bring that Lemurian energy back, what we will say next will be something that you already know deep within your being. There is a place of storage that exists and crosses into all dimensions of reality. This is the Lemurian Energy Reservoir. Like any reservoir, the more energy that you place into this storage facility, the more there is for all. Increasing the distribution capabilities of this energy leads to faster advancement of the whole. This one factor will help the collective vibration of humanity rise more than you may know.

Energy Knows No Lack

Please know that lack is only an illusion of duality. Energy is the expression of abundance; therefore, it is not possible to have a lack of energy. It is only possible to have a restriction of the distribution of energy. So now we ask you to consider strengthening your distribution of the Web of Love energy. Use those hearts to connect with everyone else on that Web of Love. Know that there is a special place called the Lemurian Energy Reservoir and your job, if you so choose, is to add to that reservoir.

Take time every day, when you feel good, when you feel energetic, when you feel the love pulsing through you, and send energy toward that reservoir. You will find the true meaning of “energy knows no lack,” for even as you give energy, you will find yourself filling at the same time. In those times when you are feeling the love energy from whatever source, for whatever reason, take just a moment and store a piece of that beautiful energy intentionally. No, you do not have to do three hours of meditation to get there. You can simply close your eyes and make it so. You are magical beyond belief!

Being human, there may come the days when you are tired and do not feel like adding to the reservoir. There may come the times when you are not feeling well, when you fall into reversed polarity and try the things that you have done successfully time and again and you just miss. Those are the days that we ask you to tap into that same reservoir, allowing yourself to fill from it completely. Know that it is not possible to deplete the reservoir, for energy knows no lack. It is the movement of energy that makes it grow stronger. Practice this, and soon you will find your energy can be re-set in a heartbeat. Your energy can change, and you have new capabilities of working with your energetic structure inside a physical bubble of biology that you have not had before. That is practical magic, and it is available for you on levels that you have never seen before because of the miracle you have set into motion this day.

Humans Have a Problem with Reality

Humans have a problem with reality. You think it is real. It is not. You are not separate from each other. You are part of each other. The veil of forgetfulness that you wear allows you to play the Game in a human bubble of biology. It is what keeps you from seeing that you all share a stream of consciousness which connects all of you as a whole. That stream is now more accessible because of your intent in activating the Web of Love. Understanding the concept of the Lemurian Energy Reservoir will allow you to put it into practical use on a daily basis.

As in all things, there are no rules as to how to access the Lemurian Energy Reservoir. We do not tell you: take three steps forward, touch one knee to the floor, move to your right, turn the doorknob, and walk in, for that is not the way to get there. You have to determine the path for yourself. That is the second wave of empowerment. What works for you? Your intent, your practical application of these useful tools will depend entirely on your own choosing. Play with it. Dare to make mistakes as the children of Lemuria would. Make lots of good mistakes, and find what works for you.

Just knowing the concept of the Lemurian Energy Reservoir—that there is a place in the midst of the entire Web of Love where you can store energy for your own personal use and to share with other people over the world—is your first step toward being a Human Angel. That is the step in your own evolutionary process, which allows you to put something out there for everyone else. In so doing, you feed yourself beyond your understanding. That is what makes you shine. That is what makes you glow. That is what makes you Lightworkers.

Scripting the Grand Plan

It is in motion this day. We are so very excited at your movement. We are so very thrilled and so very proud of you. You have no idea, for you think you are sitting somewhere in a small group of people or in a room alone. You are not. All eyes of the Universe are upon you as you connect your hearts together. Your intent to do so has elevated you. Know that there is no grand plan in place but you have dipped the quill in the ink and you hold it over the parchment, and we cannot wait to see what you write. Your game is in overtime. Now there is no limit as to what you can do, for you are moving from one step of becoming the humans to becoming the Human Angels. It will not be long after that you move into the angelic realm, and you will become the angels to the second planet of free choice. That is what is happening. You are in training, and we cannot wait to see the frustrations that you will experience that we experience now. And when you hear that enigmatic laughter over your shoulder, know that it is we, for we will be there with the greatest of love.

Do You Believe?

We have offered you the practical magic of the Lemurian Energy Reservoir. It is up to you, as all things are. It is simply one of the tools that you may use that we consider to be practical magic. We will use those words a lot in the days ahead, for recently we asked you, “Do you believe?” And then we asked you, “Do you believe in magic?” And then we asked you the important question, “Do you believe in the magic in you?” And you all shook your heads “Yes.” You have set the stage for the practical magic that now lies ahead. Our highest intent is to be here as the angels, spreading our wings so that we may reflect your magnificence.

It is with the greatest of honor that we have joined you this day and watched the miracle that you created. You have done something beyond the understanding of your own level of vibration. All eyes in all levels of vibration have watched what you have done this day. Be proud. Stand proudly in the love of Home. Stand in your own truth. Hold the energy of who you are, and share it openly, lovingly, with all who will take it. Set that energy on the Web of Love, and when you have more than your heart can hold, send it to the Lemurian Energy Reservoir and know that it will be safe there and well-distributed.

It is with the greatest love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, re-member the E-factor, and nurture one another at every opportunity. Keep in mind that it is a game you are playing and you are supposed to be having fun. Play well together.


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