The Magic Second - Expect a Miracle!

From Steve

One onethousand two. . . About three hours after this channel was made scientists globally made a one second adjustment to the atomic clocks to start the year 2006.  It may only be a second but according to the Group this is the beginning of our new relationship to time.  Yes they have made adjustments to the atomic clock before but the previous ones were expected.  This one was not.  The miracle of this shift in time marks the beginning of possibilities for conscious creation never before seen in the human experience.  2006 will be an important year in the evolution of mankind.  Hang on, enjoy the ride and expect a miracle!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

We sit with you this day in the magic that you have created. The magic is within your hearts wherever you are. You have created something very unique. You have created a juncture of time and space that was not originally planned. As a result there are adjustments happening to your Earth, even today, that were originally not even imagined. Before we get into all the details of what is before you now, we wish to give you a look at reality as seen from our perspective. For as we have always told you humans have difficulty with reality—you keep thinking it is real.

Mirrors of Reality

You live in what we call the ‘illusion'. You live in the illusion of a Gameboard of humans, pretending to be separate from one another when they are not. You are actually one heart with many minds. It is one web of love that you share and that connects all of you. We tell you that as you move into the next six years, it will be imperative that you honor the one heart of humanity. Magic happens when you see yourself in the eyes of another human being, for this allows you to reflect the unique beauty that only you carry. In reality you are looking in the eyes of God. As you see yourself in the eyes of others you can see yourself reflected in the true mirrors that you have placed on your path, and that is beautiful beyond description. Everything else that you perceive in your world is an illusion. It is an illusion that you have created so that you could play the Game of Hide and Seek: God looking for Himself, trying to find Herself. You are doing a tremendous job with that task, yet, we also tell you that the veil is confusing to you. You want to look at something and think that it is real and tangible. It is something that you can feel and touch, so you believe the item must be real. But we tell you that part of the item that you can touch and feel in your physical world is, in fact, the illusion. That is the part that is not real. When you hold a crystal in your hand, that crystal can actually be in several places at one time. The natural state of the cosmos is one of multidimensionality, yet the veil was designed to hide that aspect from you. Only one of the places that crystal exists is in your hand. It is your perception and expectation of holding it and making it real in your experience that makes it appear to be solid in your hand. You are the creators. You are creating every step before your foot hits the ground and over the next six years that will become more evident. As you move forward in the evolution spiral, you will learn to use the gifts of multidimensional existence.

Expectations and Perception Create Reality 

You will find that your own expectations are creating your reality more than you have ever experienced before. Imagine for a moment that everything in your world exists in many dimensions simultaneously. Then your experience, and therefore your reality, will be determined by which dimension, and which point of perception, you view it from. In an unconscious world that choice has been hidden from you. That is now changing rapidly, for more possibilities are before you now than you could ever imagine. As an exercise we ask you to look at the crystal with two conscious thoughts: (1) What is the highest point of perception from which I can view this item? and (2) What are my expectations in viewing it? With this understanding we suggest that instead of seeing the crystal that is real and tangible in your hand, that you begin to look at that crystal, and the world around you, as simply a possibility rather than as reality.

Once you become accustomed to this way of thinking, you take on more of the multidimensional qualities that the veil has kept hidden from you thus far. You will find yourself drawn to places that alter your own perception, and then watch for that reflection of your unique beauty in those around you. Those possibilities will become greater than ever before. You are becoming conscious creators. You are now taking responsibility for your own lives, for it is no longer appropriate to give away responsibility for your lives — in effect giving away your own power—to world leaders. It is no longer appropriate to give responsibility for creating your own reality to your spouse, to your children, to an authority figure or to anyone else. Although these people may play a significant role in your life, re-member that you are the only one who can take responsibility for your perceptions and expectations. That is first and foremost in your world as conscious creators, for our perceptions and expectations are what creates our reality. Therefore, if at any time you are unhappy with the reality that you have created, we ask you to have the courage to choose again, to close your eyes really tightly and as you open them again to see a new world of possibilities before you. See possibilities rather than realities, for that will ignite your spirit, especially in the days ahead.

Rise of the New Lemuria

The year 2006 is opening possibilities like never before as a result of your creations. We will tell you a few of the things to watch, for you live in exciting times. We have told you many times that Lemuria did not sink; it shifted dimensions in what you call ascension. What we have not said before is that Lemuria still exists today. Lemuria will re-turn to you and you will begin to see the Lemurians come back into your life. As your vibration now begins to reach that level that they ascended to when they disappeared from the Earth. In actuality, you are now reaching their expectations and therefore your realities will soon intersect. The New Lemuria will become a part of the game. This is not to say that a new continent will rise from the ocean, for that is not the consensus of the general perception or expectation. What will happen first is that the Lemurian will be reflected and awakened within each of you. You will run into the people that you were with in the days of Lemuria. You will begin meeting new people that have great meaning in your life, who reflect the God in you as you have not seen for a very long time. You will meet the Lemurians who have been waiting for you in the other dimensions of time and space. You will receive help from them, but not as ascended masters who come to lead you. Instead, they will walk by your side helping you to increase your expectations in every moment. They are there to ascend with you. They are there both to help you, and to be helped by you. Follow the leader will no longer work the way it once did for humans. Now you are in the Second Wave of Empowerment learning to lead yourself, to follow yourself. It is now about following yourself and walking side-by-side with those who are powerful enough to stand next to you and to support your energy without taking it away from you or anyone else. The Lemurians have been waiting patiently with great anticipation in the hopes that you would one day reach this level . . . and here you are. Dear ones, our greatest hope is that you walk proudly in your game, knowing your true magnificence. Look proudly in the eyes of those around you expecting to see the beautiful reflection of God that you are.

Fifth Dimensional Adjustments

There is much happening. We have told you before that there are many evolutionary stages that the human biology is making. Many of you started waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning, joining the 3am club. Yes, you can put your hands down. We know who you are. We visit you quite often at 3am , and 4am , and 5am . That is part of a triad of sleep that will be more common with humans. This triad will help you sleep for three hours, wake for two and then sleep for three more. This will become your normal sleep pattern as you evolve. We have also told you that heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats are quite common. As you raise vibration very quickly, the physical body must sometimes skip a beat, or beat irregularly in order to catch up to the higher vibration that you are becoming. You are not alone in your changes. Something is happening as you step into the fifth dimension. The easiest way to understand the fifth dimension is by understanding the first three. We will put it in very simple terms. The first three will simply be height, width and depth. The two dimensions that you are now forming new relationships with are time and space. Therefore, time and space must also make adjustments much the same way that your vibration has to make adjustments to move into the higher stages of the New Planet Earth. It could be said that the Earth herself is skipping a heartbeat this year. You will have an extra second that you must deal with in this year in your timekeeping. You are being given time, dear ones. It is but a moment, but it is a magical moment.

The Magic Second

It is an adjustment not of just the way you evolve or mark time, but an adjustment of the Earth herself. Your perception of a second is that you count from one-one thousand to two. We tell you it is much, much more, for there are entire worlds that live within that magical second. You will have the beginnings of an intersection of realities, where two realities cross each another and leave permanent imprints. It begins this year. One of the markings and preparations for that is the extra second that your scientists will put into your calendars and timepieces. This is an unexpected adjustment that has to be made due to the evolution at hand. Yes. The Earth is changing. The Earth is shifting. The rotation of the Earth is changing in relationship to all the other planets. Even though her rotation is slowing she is raising her vibratory pattern. Those adjustments will be very similar to your own heart experiencing heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats, for those adjustments are happening. Be aware of it consciously. What you are going to do with your gift of an extra second?

Expect a Miracle 

We offer you a suggestion. Since all of life is simply a perception, a possibility of potential—not a reality—we ask you to take that magical second and create something very special. Expect a miracle of the grandest proportions. Do you know what happens when a large number of people expect a miracle? It not only happens, but it happens to everyone and even to the people who are not expecting it. The Hundredth Monkey Theory is more than a theory. The vibration of expectation builds one to another, until a critical mass of vibration is reached. At that exact instant everyone everywhere feels the shift. When enough people hold the same thought, a thought of God is reflected in the Universal Energy and distributed instantly throughout the entire game. At that moment all beings within that vibrational range, known as Earth, feel and adopt the new vibration. When a thought pattern hits that Universal Energy, it is reflected back into your reality. It is the perfect manifestation of that thought pattern. So what are you going to wish for? Are you going to wish for something material? Are you going to wish for a situation or relationship, or are you going to wish for the highest potential and the most excitement that your physical body can hold? Are you going to wish for the greatest possibilities in that magical moment of your extra second?

We tell you dear ones, it is exciting to watch. Never was it dreamt in all realities anywhere. Never once was it dreamt that humans would get this far with the Game. You are about to come full circle. Even though there was great celebration when you passed the end times, and there was even further celebration when you caught up to the vibrational levels that you used to be in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, you will now actually exceed those levels and go beyond them. That is a miracle of the grandest proportion. All eyes are upon you like never before, for you are the greatest angels that have ever lived. You are the hope of heaven, manifest in physical bodies. You have the potential of creating the greatest of all realities of Heaven on Earth, if only you will expect a miracle. Hold that thought. Hold that expectation. Hold that energy of thankfulness for the miracle that you are about to create and watch the magic. You are the magicians of the Gameboard and the extra second is a second of miracles.

2006 - Halfway in the Countdown to Ascension

In the countdown to ascension, you are at the halfway mark. Now you are looking around for new things to create, for when that magical junction of time and space happens in the year 2012, you will become aware that everything that was predicted has moved forward. You have already experienced most of it. Now you are creating new possibilities. What would you like to fill that vacuum with? What is the highest potential that would feed you? Go for the passion, dear ones. Create the miracle. Expect it and enjoy it when it comes.

Dear ones, you have no idea how you are viewed throughout All That Is. It is not until you actually return Home that you will finally understand. As they celebrate your homecoming, you wonder what the fuss is about. You wonder why all the excitement, and you wonder what it is that you did that was any more special than anyone else. But you played the Game. You had the courage to put on the veil and forget who you were. You had the courage to come down here and to bump into walls not re-membering that you are the sons and the daughters of the King; that you are God manifest in human form. We honor you with the greatest of love. It has been our honor to spread our wings for you to help you re-member who you are. Re-member that it is us looking in your eyes, expecting to see God.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity that you have, and re-member that it is a joyous Game. And play well together.


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