The Perfect Imperfection

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Join us on August 26th for the VirtualLight Broadcast where we will create a reverse crop circle interdimensionally.  See the front page of for details.

The group has been talking a lot about all of us becomming multi-dimensional beings.  Isn't it interesting that recent photos began circulating on the internet showing fighter jets breaking the sound barrier?  Talk about interdimensional!  See the videos of these incredible pictures here.

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Greetings from Home

Dear ones, when you gather in these spaces, you create miracles that we honor. You open doors to spaces and dimensional realities, yet you have no clue how important you really are. We will share something with you this day that may help you to gain perspective of who you really are and what you look like from our perspective. We share with you our perspective so that you can see yourselves as the human angels that you are. Helping to work with each other and helping to connect your individual heartstrings as one are what the human experience is all about. You are not really separate from each another. Although you have learned to speak different languages and you have grown up in different areas with different belief systems, you are one heart. To play this game of being human you place yourself in a bubble of biology, and then you think that the biology is who you are. There is a misnomer here, because not all of you — your body and soul — can fit in a bubble of biology. As you enter the Game Board, part of you must remain Home in order to fully use and maintain that connection which is uniquely yours. That is the part of yourself that you call the higher self. Now more than ever before that part of yourself is coming into action.

The Reflection of Perfection

As you step from a field of duality into a field of triality, it simply means that you not only honor your light and your dark side, but you balance it with the higher self so you form a triangle of the three. Now you start understanding there really is no black or white, no up or down, no right or wrong, and no love or fear. Instead, these elements that we think of as separate are actually part of one another, together forming a large circle. Therefore, when you honor your light self, you also honor your dark side. Many of you have beautiful dark sides. When you balance that with the higher self, you become a whole being once again. Yet even with the new view of triality, there is still a part that seems--in your eyes--to be missing. To us, you are the most incredibly beautiful beings for you are angels who have stepped away from heaven long enough to take one of these physical bubbles of biology and create magic on Planet Earth. To yourselves, however, you do not look that way because when you look in the mirror you see only flaws. Is it not interesting? No matter how beautiful you are, no matter perfect you believe and feel yourself to be, the moment you look into a mirror, you immediately find only flaws. Only the flaws and imperfections of your reflection come to your attention, so let us speak this day of those imperfections.

Let us tell you that you are the most perfect imperfections of god that you can be. Your game on this earth is to see and define god. God is the perfection of all things, and so in order for one to see perfection it must be seen from a point of perception of imperfection. It is necessary to step into a field of imperfection in order to do that, so right away you look at yourself and see only the imperfections. Is it not interesting that all humans want to become godlike and perfect so that they never make mistakes? You are constantly in a search to become a higher vibration, to become better human beings, to become higher and carry all the god energy within you. Yet, you are stumped by the things you see in the mirror as imperfections. Perhaps you think that you carry too much weight, or that you have too many flaws in your face. Perhaps your wrinkle lines are too deep or the color of your hair is not to your liking. Whatever the case is, your imperfections are what make you the most beautiful reflection of perfection. What you think of as your flaws are instead the most incredible beauty of god reflected in human form that you have ever been. We tell you now, that these are the things that you will re-member when you re-turn Home. These beautiful imperfections are the pieces that you will carry with you as you come Home. These are the imperfect reflections of the perfection of god.

Perfect Crystals

Let us take you for a moment to your technological developments, because your sciences are at a very interesting point on Earth. Recent technological developments of Earth have all been about recreating the perfection of nature. It is a natural human endeavor to reach perfection. We tell you, however, it is not about the perfection of nature. This is about to become evident as your advances in technology are on the verge of being able to produce man made crystals that you call diamonds. You have already developed a process to create man-made diamonds that are nearly perfect. Although these diamonds will have most of their greatest applications in the fields of electronics and technology, it will not be long before they find uses as ornamental stones. Here is the interesting point: the people who are invested in mining and selling diamonds have now become very fearful of the process of creating nearly perfect, man-made diamonds. Even the experts cannot tell the difference between the man-made diamonds and the highest quality crystals found in nature. Therefore, much of their energy has been spent in recent years inscribing serial numbers on natural diamonds so that they can tell the difference. Up to this point the general rule was the more perfect the diamond, the higher the price it sold for. We tell you that in the near future there will be people searching for ways to put random imperfections into man-made diamonds to allow them to better compete with natural stones. It is easy to understand that if diamonds were manufactured cheaply in a near perfect state that people would no longer value them or wear them as they do now. Therefore, you can see that there are those right now who are looking for ways to create the perfect random imperfections. Those who promote the natural diamonds say that each one has a special signature, depending on the way it reflects light. What they are really saying is that each one has unique flaws that make it uniquely beautiful.

There is no secret that such a development will start changing your world soon. Is it not interesting that the imperfect diamonds of nature will still carry the most value? The same is true of you.

The Perfect Imperfection

We ask you to see yourself in that same light, for you are what the creator has made as the perfect imperfection and as a result you are a unique beauty unmatched throughout All That Is. You have a unique signature that is unmatched due to your imperfections. Allow your uniqueness to come through as a reflection of god, for that is where your true strength is. That is what you came to Planet Earth to do in the first place. As you step forward into the perfect imperfections that you are, you claim the power of your true heritage. You claim the right to be completely who you are, to be completely happy, to simply be rather than trying to be anything. That is what makes you the most beautiful imperfect angels of all. Your constant striving for perfection is somewhat of a cosmic joke, for your beauty from our perspective is beyond description.

Your physical bubbles of biology are very special for they allow god to take a finite form for a short time, allowing you to express the nature of Home right where you are on this day in beautiful imperfections. These bodies allow you to interact in beautiful ways that even the angels in heaven cannot. You can touch one other. You can have the human experience of feeling sadness, joy, passion, and pain. These are carried in what you see as imperfections. That is the human experience of god's perfect imperfections. That is the greatest gift you can give not only to yourselves, but also to each other and to us. As you see this, you can own your individual power of who you are. We can tell you that you have come in with a great blindfold on and no matter what, you are not going to be able to peer completely through that veil. Your greatest desire when you designed the Game of Planet Earth was to come in and put this veil on and become completely lost. You have done a tremendous job of that.

A Beautiful Human Experience

What if we told you that you could not fail if you tried? What if we told you that even if you were to manage to pull off the veil, you would laugh at how simple it all is. You try to rationalize and put everything into a neat, tidy little box. Instead, we simply ask you to experience, to feel. When you are in a field of duality, you will try to push something that you feel into a good feeling, a mediocre feeling or a bad feeling. Now we are asking you to balance that with the triality of the higher self and simply experience a human feeling. Simply have a human expression of who you are and dare to touch each other. Dare to share that with each other. Dare to share your essence with one another, and enjoy the ride. That is really what you came to do more than anything else. You came to be here not to ascend off of the Earth by becoming a higher vibration, but instead to bring a high vibration into a physical bubble of biology so that you could have a beautiful human experience. You think of yourselves so often as human beings searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are actually spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening. You woke up one day in a physical bubble of biology. On some level you knew you were here by contract; you signed it, dated it, and stamped it with your own energy. Many of you spend an entire lifetime saying, “I want to read the bottom line. I do not believe I signed up for this.” Own it.

The next time you look into a mirror, we challenge you to take a different look at yourself. It is naturally human to be drawn to what you consider to be your imperfections , this time when your eyes go straight to the imperfections, we ask you to look for beauty in each of those imperfections. We ask you to find something beautiful about that reflection in the mirror. Bless the imperfections and find beauty in them as we do, and you will reflect the perfect imperfections of who you are. Humanity on this Earth is the perfect imperfection of god. You carry the energy Home, and then reflect it back, giving it meaning and beauty. You give it life with every breath that you bring into your body. Even the sign of the human angel is intentionally imperfect for it illustrates the reflection of god within humans.

We tell you that you are so loved from this side of the veil. You have no idea how many angels are around you, watching your every move. Even in those times when you think you are totally alone and cannot find yourself, you are hugged by angels. You are hugged by beings, you are hugged by your guides, you are helped along the way. Own it. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself own it as you stand in your light to be the perfect imperfections of god, for you are the human expression of the greatest that ever was. And so it is that you would also carry that energy.

We leave you this day with a simple reminder for the next time you look in the mirror, look a little deeper and bless those imperfections for that is where your strength will come from at this point. We leave you with three simple reminders. Treat each other with respect. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. Nurture one another at every possibility for you are nurturing yourselves. Know that it is a grand Game of Hide and Seek. God is looking for himself, looking for herself. Do not take it too seriously. Play well together.


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