From Steve:

When the group talks about a reboot they mean it literally.  As many of you know, the web site went down just before this message was given.  It was a hard drive failure so bizarre that it was difficult to describe to even the people involved. Only the site was erased, even though we have many sites in the Lightworker family and on our server.  Over 60,000 html pages were deleted along with all the databases and all of the back ups.  It took days to even find out that it was caused by a hard drive failure.  We are very much aware that many spiritual sites have had similar problems in recent times.  This channel addresses why that is happening and what we can do about it.  

This message was given live on the VirtualLight broadcast four days after our web site went down.  The following day I started to work with the archive file to make it available on the VirtualLight Broadcast web site.  I found the file that recorded the broadcast and this channel was mysteriously gone from the broadcast computer.  I retraced my steps to see if I could have deleted the file by mistake.  I spent the day loading and using different hard drive recovery software in an attempt to recover the data from the broadcast.  Recovering a deleted file is a fairly simple process if you catch it early as I had done.  The file that is produced from a three-hour broadcast is very large, usually between 35 and 50 gigabytes and should have been easy to find even if it were deleted.  After several hours with no results I gave up and pulled out the digital audio recorder we use to make a back up of the audio just in case anything like this were to happen.  You won’t be surprised that what I found on that recorder was barely audible and could not be used.  We experienced a full reboot.

I stopped what I was doing and immediately began working with the crystals in all of our computers at the Lightworker offices as the group suggested.  Then I sat to write this channel from the weak recording that I had. 

If you were signed up to receive the Beacons of Light you will need to do so again as all the database was lost in tour reboot.  You will see a special note with instructions on the front page of 

We now have the Lightworker,com site at full speed and I am pleased to say that all of the crystals at Lightworker are now pulling together once again.   We just went through a reboot and now we are running better than ever!

Big hugs and gentle nudges  

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

The space you have created here on this beautiful planet is growing more like home every day.  When seen from our side of the veil, your game of spirits pretending to be human is creating quite a commotion.  All eyes are upon you as you walk through your daily life.  The love and energy of Home is the wind at your back and it is with you every day.

The Rewire of Humanity

We have spoken about the rewire that all of humanity is now experiencing.  This event is much larger than you may at first imagine.  The human animal is evolving and that evolution will allow you to carry more of your spirit within the framework of your physical bubble of biology.  This day we will elaborate a bit more on this so you will be able to see where this is going.

The bubble of biology that you inhabit for the game that you play is a chemical-electrical base. You are in fact infinite beings playing a game in a finite container that we call the bubble of biology.  The finite and infinite are represented in the two halves of your brain.   The electrical impulses traveling between them are what allow you to play the game in the way that you do.  That is the physical representation of the veil.   Now that you are changing the game your own bubble of biology must change to help you hold the higher vibrational status that you have earned.  The first of these changes have begun with the re-wire that is changing that will allow the two halves of your brain to communicate in ways that it has never been able to do prior.   This is not just a lightworker phenomenon; it will change every human being on the planet.

The Chemical – Electrical Body

The electrical pathways that allow your body to function are chemical and electrical; the pathways are the electrical circuitry of the human biology.  You usually think of an electrical circuit as a loop of an electrical conductor.  However, the electrical circuits in your biology are chemical and they not only conduct electricity but also generate currents within the body.  Your body changes the chemical structure--and therefore this circuitry--every time you feel an emotion or have a thought.   Every time you challenge yourself you create new synaptic pathways.  It is the creation of new pathways that opens you to receive communication through your own higher self.  Now that the body is being rewired, creating new pathways will be a much easier process. 

The Reboot - Critical Mass

All of humanity is raising the collective vibration and as that happens the magnetic structure of Earth changes.  This began several years ago with the introduction of crystal energy into your planet from the sun.  There are devices that were built on the lower levels that will have a difficult time adjusting to the higher levels of vibration.  Some of these are your own computers.  You are experiencing this now as computer difficulties across the entire planet.  You are evolving the crystalline structure of Earth and as a result all crystals must adjust to the higher vibration.  The re-wiring of human biology has now reached a critical mass at which all the crystalline structure around you must also rewire.  To accomplish that it is almost as if someone hit the reboot button of planet Earth.   There will be five such reboots that will come to make this shift complete.  Each time the reboot will be less difficult; this is the first and most difficult one.  We tell you that there are more hard drive crashes on this planet than ever before, especially in the area of computers used for spiritual purposes.

Please understand that computers are crystalline based and that is why you are seeing so many difficulties with them at this time. The crystals in computers are what make up the very heart of the computer.  Silicone (crystal) diodes are the foundation of all computers.  You call these semiconductors.  We tell you that they are no different than the crystals you love to keep around your house and carry with you to spiritual events.  Crystal is the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom and it is just as alive as each of you.  Crystals are living breathing entities that hold vibration and since they make up the very heart of your computers it could easily be said that your computers are alive.  They too are going through an evolutionary process as a result of your advancement. 

What we suggest is that you treat your computers with the same love and affection that you would a child going through a difficult phase of growth.  Take time to connect to the crystals in your computers and be at one with them.  Give them your strength and love.  Lay your hands on the keyboard and let the crystals in your computers draw the love energy from your hands.  That will keep them from harm during these times.  Computers that are regularly used to spread love and high vibrational messages are especially vulnerable during these times.  Simple ceremonies with your computer to allow it to carry the highest energy will be enough to make the transformation effortless.  (See Steve’s note above)     

New Technology is Directly Ahead.

You think of technology as faster processors and more memory. However, technology is about to move in a multidimensional manner and will produce advances not even imagined in your greatest dreams. Instead of thinking of these advances in a linear manner, consider that they will now advance sideways. There are always those who will fear technology and see it as evil.  Do not let your own shadow scare you, dear ones.  You are about to go through a technological advancement that is unrivaled on this planet and it will help you tremendously as it will help you communicate more effectively than ever before. 

We speak of the electrical pathways in the body for a specific reason.  You have only to look back at mankind’s recent history to see the role that technology has played to empower humans.  There were times when major advances in technology made it difficult for many to keep up you are now at another of those special crossroads.  Mankind is about to make major advances in technology; it will begin with computers but will quickly spread.  The advances are being unveiled because developers are finding ways to use the same chemical-electrical system that your biology uses.  This will produce biological computer chips that will have the ability to learn and evolve. Many of the ideas that were introduced years ago by a crystal child named of Nikola Tesla will now be developed for commerce.  In fact, the same entities that were giving him information are now sending the same information through many separate channels to ensure that it will not be lost  

The developments in technology are now ready to unfold and will change the face of the human game forever.  We remind you that technology is a direct reflection of spiritual advancement and one cannot exist without the other.  If humans did not maintain a high enough collective spiritual vibration, this new technology would not work and would soon fade away.  Yet we tell you that it will hold, and humans will again experience a huge shift in technology that will aid you in living a more empowered lifestyle.

The ways in which this technology can empower you are beyond description. Empowerment is directly related to communication.  Imagine what a wonderful time it was when back in the ancient days of Greece a runner was assigned to carry messages from one village to another.  That advancement in communication was more empowering to all humans than was originally realized.  That message system soon evolved to riders who traveled and even carried packages between villages.  Even the pony express made huge evolutionary steps in humanity as it increased communication between humans.  Later, telegraph lines were developed and communication was available to everyone.  Of course, that turned into a grid of telegraph lines that evolved into telephone lines that drastically increased communications more than ever before. Then came the internet, through which two humans could talk to each other from far away lands as if they were sitting right next to each other.  The next step is in light technology; that has already begun and soon you will be able to communicate within a beam of light.  All of this is enhancing your empowerment as humans.  The technological changes ahead will greatly increase communication and that is very exciting.  When such communication becomes available, there will be no more secrets on planet earth.  That is directly ahead of you right now.

Exit Point for Many - Indigo and Crystal Children

Dear ones, there will be many at this time that will choose to leave rather than to make the next shift.  Honor them, as they have done the work needed to get humanity to the point where this miracle can happen.  There are many who are now being called home to take a very important place in heaven.  We tell you that there is much to do on this side of the veil as you move forward.  Many will find themselves quickly back in physical form as Indigo and Crystal Children.   Now more than ever before you will see a larger percentage of children entering with the higher attributes of the Indigo and Crystal Children.  The new humanity is now taking hold and will usher in a new paradigm for humanity.

Crystal Children have a natural challenge with a form of electricity known as alternating current.  It is for this reason that most Crystal Children burn out electrical devices in normal usage.  Alternating current is a man-made form of electricity and does not exist in nature; therefore, it is not fully understood by those of Crystal vibration.  When Crystal Children have no reference for a form of energy they naturally reflect it back, amplifying it as they do.  If electricity is amplified and sent back to the device it came from, you can easily understand why electrical devices tend to blow up a lot around these magical humans.  It is interesting here to note that alternating current that is in use today was developed by the same Crystal Child of which we just spoke, Nikola Tesla.  Be assured that he is smiling now.  There are several incarnations of his spirit all on Earth at this time to help with this shift.  Many will feel his guidance and presence over their shoulder.

Dear ones, you have made changes on planet Earth that will bring heaven to Earth.  Although it is a simple process, no one said it would be easy.  As difficult as this task is, we are certain that the right people are in the perfect place to make this happen.  You are the greatest angels that have ever lived.  You are the human angels that will participate in the new reality with a new empowerment never before seen on planet Earth.  Walk proudly as you take each step.  Know that you are being cheered on with all the might in Heaven for the work you are doing.

As you walk through this reboot of planet Earth, do so with a smile on your face and love in your heart for you are the masters of the gameboard.  It is with the greatest honor that we remind you of three simple points: to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.


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