The Sacred Room - Creating Space in a New World

From Steve:

The following was a live channel at the Week to Re-member presented in Ardeche, France, October 23rd 2001. This is a message is a call to action. As we step into the new year and into the fifth dimension, we invite you to join in the action as we now create the Sacred Room.

From the Group:

Greetings from Home.

Did you feel the energy change in the room? Do you feel the love that we have for you? We ask you to breathe it in and let it become part of yourselves for we are connecting you with yourselves. It is our highest purpose to be with you during these special times, to reflect your magnificence. For as we speak through the Keeper on the stage in this wonderful room, we tell you there are many entities here watching with great expectation, for you are not just changing your own world, you are not just changing and shifting your own paradigms, you are shifting All That Is. We thank you for doing it. You have built your Gameboard so well. You have placed in front of you the veil of forgetfulness. Your whole intent to be here on the Gameboard was to wake up confused, and you have done well. You are constantly asking, "What is the meaning of life? What did I come here to do? Where is my passion?" Oh dear ones, if you could see it as we do, if you could see yourselves the way we do, you would understand that you are the masters that are hiding behind the veils unable to re-member your true magnificence for that is the nature of the Game that you have made. That is the essence of what you have done, and now that you are taking even the next step, you find the veil thinning yet not moving away. It is still important to carry the attributes of the veil. Why? Very simply, if you were to raise your veils today, you would look around the room and say, "Ahh, I know you. I re-member you, so that is who you are." And you would have a grand re-union in this very room. And you would hug, and you would have a wonderful time re-membering, and then each and every one of you would go Home. There is still much to do. So we suggest that instead of removing the veil that you follow your hearts and you have that re-union anyway. Even though you may not have full re-collection, embrace the people around you as the brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and lovers that they have been to you. Re-member them from the heart and your head will follow.

77 excited onlookers

For you are in a special state as the veil thins you are beginning to become the Human Angels. Can you hear the reverence in our voice as we speak those words? Can you hear us as we tell you, you are taking the place of what we have been to you? We are so very honored to be in the presence of the masters of the Universe. You have done something in your own worlds that all the might in Heaven could not accomplish. You are awakening from the dream. You have taken the reflection of God within yourselves and hidden it from your own view. Now you are starting to re-member. Can you see our excitement? Can you see all the energies in the room? Can you see what is happening from a global standpoint? It is much larger than your single planet. It is much larger than what you call the Universe. There are no words that describe All That Is and yet you are the masters that are beginning to make the changes that will change the paradigm of All That Is. For that very reason each of you here in this room have no less than seventy-seven entities behind you, watching over your shoulder, here to watch your every step. Some of them are from your own planetary systems as you know them. Some are not. Some of them are from your own families for there are grandfathers and grandmothers and husbands and wives and others looking over your shoulder with great joy for you are changing each and every one of those.

The Challenge

We ask you as the family of light, to do something that is very difficult for you. In this moment we are going to ask you to intentionally lower the walls you have built around you. Many of those walls have been built with purpose. Many of those walls protect you from leaking out, or so you think. Many of those walls protect you from energy invading your space, or so you think. Those walls have helped you define who are and helped you understand where your energy field stops and another energy field starts, or so you thought. Now we ask you in this safe time, in this safe space, in the energy of pure love of Home, that you release those walls. Take a deep breath dear ones, and as you exhale that air just for a moment let the walls down completely. As you dismantle the wall, stack the stones neatly, blessing each one for a job well done. Feel the energy of Home as it enters your heart. That is the only way we can show you who you are.

Welcome to the 5th dimension

The times are special dear ones and there is work to do. We are so honored to be with you during the times that you have together. For each time that you look, not only in each other's eyes, but in the eyes of others, you will be offering the seeds of Light in the form of the sign of the angels. And in that offering there is much to do. For the work is just beginning on the Planet Earth. You are moving well out of the third dimension of vibration. We have told you prior to watch for the fifth dimension, as this has been unfolding. That which you call the fourth, has been before you for a very long time. You have been on the bridge of the fourth dimension for as you travel across it, it is not a place to rest, it is only a place to travel through. And much like the second dimension, it was necessary for you to travel through and receive the attributes of the fourth dimension for you to exist in the fifth dimension. Now we tell you, you have arrived. The very first of you are now stepping off the bridge. As you do we greet you with a heartfelt Welcome Home.

You are creating Heaven on Earth in the 5th dimension. Please do not confuse yourselves with questions forming in your minds; "Why does this look the same as before?" Please know that what you see is a direct relationship of what you expect to see. In the 5th dimension, point of perception determines reality. The time lag of creation in the 5th dimension is very short. All that is necessary for you to hold your power is to hold the responsibility of your own power. Understand that in the 5th dimension, if you do not like what you see in your reality, that you have the power and the responsibility to change it. Here it is your task to create the highest and the best for yourselves and dare to place yourself first in the energy flow. That is your rightful place. And that is the only way that you can take your power as Human Angels.

There is a special time on the planet at this moment for you have felt the stress. As you are some of the first ones to cross upon the bridge into the fifth dimension, we ask that you take your role as the 'chosen ones' for there is work to do. You have chosen yourselves to be the first ones across the bridge, and as difficult as that has been sometimes, we tell you that you have done well. Even though you have been very successful at waking up confused, you are beginning to re-member.

The Sacred Room

There is a task that we ask of you. All of you who hear this in voice, or read this message in word, we ask of you a great task. And if you choose, it may be your first task in the fifth dimension. There is need for a sacred space in the 5th dimension. This is a space of healing and a sacred space for those who will cross the bridge confused and feeling lost. This room will be used for acclimation for those who arrive scared and angry that their world has changed. This room will be for the Old Guard to acclimate to the New Energy. You have chosen to lower your personal protective walls to be the Human Angels. You now have the option of picking those stones up and taking them back with you re-building those walls. We ask you to consider another possibility. If it feels right for you, if you so choose, combine your stones with the others, not only within this room, but of those of you who are stepping off first into the fifth dimension. The stones that lie at your feet from your own walls being dismantled will now rise again to create the magical space of the sacred room. In that sacred space, those who find themselves coming across the 4th dimension and falling into the 5th dimension, who are not prepared, may find a safe haven. This is for those who do not know the love that is possible on the New Planet Earth. It is for those that get scared at being overwhelmed at the heart chakra. For to live in this energy it is necessary for you to stretch your heart chakras so far open that you can let it all in. That has been and will be the source of many tears.

If after today you leave here and you go back to your daily lives and wonder, "Where is my passion? What do I do to find what I came here to do?" Just re-member this night, and re-member that you took part in building the Sacred Room in the 5th dimension. For some of you that may have been your first act as a Human Angel. A Human Angel is a person who makes a commitment to be there at exactly the right time when you are called. It is not for a Human Angel to be evangelical or to reach out and touch someone who has not asked to be touched. It is not for a Human Angel to create or fix something that is not broken. Ahh, but you love to do that, do you not? As a Human Angel, you will reach through your own higher self and touch those who are ready to accept. Those were the rules that you set about yourselves, and now it is activating.

Integration of Higher Self

There are many of you here that have said, "Where have my guides gone? How come I cannot hear the voices the way I could only last week?" We tell you that you cannot hear the voices the same because in the 5th dimension that which has been external has now fully integrating into you. They are now a part of your own being. As you step off the bridge into the 5th dimension, you will begin to see little glimpses of it only. But the more you lean against it, the more you trust it, the more you practice with it, the more you will understand your connection to Source. For that is the essence of who you are. That is the Godself that is within each one of you that was hidden behind the walls you so carefully guarded. With your walls down, you not only can let it in, but you can let it shine, and allow others to see it. And it is not to say, "Look at me, I am a Human Angel." Rather it is to simply hold the energy in quiet dignity, for it will not be long before someone comes to you and says, "What is the smile on your face all about? As you take a deep breath, you know that you have just heard the call into action of the Human Angels.

So many things are happening on your own planet that you see as setbacks to the energy. We tell you, please do not fear this. Please do not put more power into this than is necessary. For it is simply a re-shuffling of the energy. And if you make this sacred space, this sacred room of healing of the 5th dimension, those who do not feel safe in the fourth dimension will react here rather than overreact on Earth. You are building this room not only with the stones that have served you well, but build it back with the mortar of the pure love of who you are. Oh dear ones, you have touched more people than you will ever know. You have made a difference already on your planet, and here you sit asking, "How can I help? How can I do more?" Do you understand the love we have for you? Do you understand the gratitude we have? Feel what we are sending you right now in this moment. We ask you to breathe in the energy and claim it as your own. You are the Human Angels of the New Planet Earth.

Hold your power firmly dear ones, for in the 5th dimension your powers of creativity are substantially increased. And as many step off the bridge from the 4th dimension into the 5th, they will receive these powers of creation. We ask you to re-member the words of the Universe for all requests are answered with the words "and so it is." So as they step off the bridge from the 4th dimension into the 5th, they look around and they say, "I do not see anything any different. This looks the same to me." And the Universe answers: "and so it is." Hence, they play the Game in a 3rd dimensional reality even as they sit in the 5th dimension. That too is the purpose of this special room. We ask you to place in this room your love and your education and your knowledge for all those that choose to go into it and to find themselves and to claim their creator selves. Espavo, dear ones, Espavo.

The Second Planet of Free Choice

We have news this night. Because of your movement, we tell you there is movement in 'All That Is'. Another milestone has been reached which we wish to divulge to you. For you continually think this is all about you. You have looked at your planet and the many dimensional realities that exist within that time and space, the mineral kingdom, and the plant kingdom, and the biological kingdom, and now technological kingdom. Oh, you humans are so imaginative. We tell you there are so many more that you have not yet discovered, but they all move together as one. That is the magic that you have created, for you are here re-turned from the days of Atlantis. You are the magicians who decided to come back and try it again to see if you can do it different this time. We call you the chosen ones because you have chosen of your own accord to cash in all of your karma chips to be here at exactly this moment on the wildest hope that you would be sitting in this room, on this evening, and here you are. Oh dear ones, you have done so well. And now you take the entire Game to next level.

The Second Planet of Free Choice is alive and well. Your movement into the 5th dimension will now facilitate the movement of the Second Planet of Free Choice to take its place in the 3rd dimension which you will be vacating. You have heard many stories, dear ones, of how some will be left behind and those who are not enlightened will be left behind as you ascend into the 5th dimension. We tell you that is not what will happen. For it is no longer possible for you to leave another part of yourselves behind. All is connected within a unity consciousness. As two enemies battle on the battlefields, they do not see that they are one, for if they did, they would not be in battle. You can help them see that dear ones. And that is what you came here to do. Those are the attributes of a Human Angel. Since you have learned to deal with the confusion so well, you may now help others with their confusion. Do not take responsibility for changing the world. Rather, take responsibility for your life and your joy, holding the essence of that in your own heart. That is how you will make a difference. The collective consciousness will rise as each one of you takes your power. Hold that power firm, hold it high, hold it proud. You, dear ones, are the family of Light. You are those at the very tip of the arrowhead that is piercing and changing the paradigms of All That Is. Treat yourselves well. We need you now.

You will be assuming new roles as you move into the 5th dimension. First you will become the Human Angels that will work with other humans, that will help you assimilate the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, for you are building Heaven on Earth and we are so very proud. You will soon know all the questions you have asked of us. And we tell you something else, as you begin to move further into this, you will receive more of your own answers through your higher source. Although there will be many new sources of information, your discernment will become very acute. That is where the magic is dear ones. We ask you not to take every word that we say and hold it as your own truth for in doing so you would be giving your power to us and that is not appropriate in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension. Take only the pieces that resonate with you. That is your power. Hold it firm and stand with it. Home will be created where you now sit. There is much at hand dear ones and soon you will find more. You will be writing the books and lessons that will help the others to transform. You will help others to raise their vibration and in doing so, the call of the Human Angel will be heard. Build the sacred room, dear ones, with the stones of your own walls mixed with the mortar of the love of Home. We tell you that the sadness that you have had deep within is nothing more than the longing for Home. Imagine a day when that longing will be fulfilled right where you are and you will miss it no longer. That day is at hand.

The Gift

There are magical times ahead on Planet Earth. You look at your story books and you think of all the fairy tales that have happened and how the wondrous magic of time and you look to the tales of Merlin, the only person who has ever been able to walk backwards in time. We tell you that he is actually the only person who has ever walked forward in time for it is all of you who walk backwards. Ahh, but that will now be changing for in the 5th dimension of reality, it is possible to see your direction. Play with it dear ones. Take your power. Stretch the limits. Infuse all and watch for the changes right now on the mineral level of your planet. Work with the crystals in all forms. Hold your power and know that we are watching over your shoulder with the greatest of joy. In much the way that you will take great pride as the Second Planet of Free Choice starts evolving, you will understand the great pride and love that we have for you. You are more courageous than you know. Take your power. Create. Dare to create your heart's desire. Dare to accept it after you have created it. Each and every one of you are in a situation now where you can make a difference. It is exactly why you are the chosen ones, you simply do not re-member that you are the heir to the throne. Take your place. Hold it firm. Hold it with love. Hold it with gratitude. You may then adopt the call of the Human Angels: 'There Before the Grace of You Go I'. That is our gift to you as you step off the bridge. Carry it well, dear ones, and Welcome Home.

It is the greatest of honor that we sit with you this night. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another often, and play well together.

And so it is. . .

the Group



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