The Seventh and Final Stage of Life

From Steve

On a magical day of September 18, 2004 we put on a grand experiment in unity consciousness. Our global scientific experiment was called the Web of Love. See the entire Web of Love experiment here> On that day after the experiment was completed the Group gave their monthly Reminder from Home. That was the first time the Group began a series of channels that they called the Practical Magic Series. These messages have been filled with practical applications of their messages for daily life. This is the conclusion of the practical magic series of messages. In the last three months the Group has offered us a chance to examine and use the last three stages of life without having to go through the process of dying. They show us what these stages mean and how we can use these today. Although some stages of life can last for many years, the Group has led us through an experience where we can experience these last three stages in ninety days. This is the last of this series and is well worth the effort even if you have not experienced the last two. The Group offers these as practical tools that we can now use each day for creating new lives while still remaining in our physical bodies. This they call . . . the new ascension.

Enjoy the Ride

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Pulling Aside the Veil

Dear ones the energy is astounding, for you have created magic this day. We come to enter your magic space that you have created, for in that opportunity we will help you see yourselves. You come here to put on the veil. To pretend not to know who you are, and to bump into each other and play the wonderful Game of God hiding from Himself looking for Herself. There are the times when you want so desperately to see the other side of the veil and re-member Home again. That energy is a validation of all that you know in your heart. For you have an understanding of the energy of Home, you just have not felt it for a very long time. For those of you who find the veil thinning, many times there is a sadness that pervades everything that you do, for the sadness is all about the fact that you are here and not there. So this day we wish to re-move some of the veil for you enough to show you the opportunities that await. We are going to take you through the seventh stage of life.

Experience The Final Stage of Life

During the last two months we have led you through the fifth and sixth stages of life, so you can see how the energy builds to create an opportunity for you to experience this final movement. Over the next thirty days we ask you to experience exactly what each soul experiences as they transition and return Home. We tell you that the evolutionary process will not change the seven stages of life. There will not be an eighth, or a ninth, or a tenth stage added. Eventually what will happen is that you will be going through the seven stages of life but instead of dying, you will go through the seventh stage of life while you are still alive. At some point as you evolve even further, you will then re-do the first stage of life and begin a whole new life cycle while you are still here in the physical body. This is what we call ascension. This is the process that is underway as humans raise their vibration through the evolutionary process now underway. Today we ask you to take a deep breath and pretend for just a moment that as you exhale, it is your last human breath.

The Greeters

There is a natural struggle that goes on, for you are imprinted with a survival mechanism which makes you fervently cling to life even though it is an unnatural state for your spirit. A survival instinct kicks in as one nears death and that is why transition team members are so helpful in saying, “It is okay, Dad. You can let go. We are going to be okay.” In fact, many of you have contracts with people around you to let them go at the appropriate time, so re-turning Home becomes very important. Then there is another entire process that begins, for even though you step out of the body, you are not yet Home. There is a gate you must enter and it must be done of your own free will. To get there you travel through a tube, a tunnel, a valley or whatever you choose to call it, but it is a course that must be traveled and can only be traveled by a single soul. But before you start that journey to the gate, you begin to see the greeters that have come to coax you out of the physical. Your greeter may be Uncle Harry that you knew very well as a child or it may be your grandfather or your grandmother. Sometimes it will be someone you do not even re-member for you never met them, yet they made a contract with you during the first stage of life to greet you when the time came. Your greeters are the ones who are there encouraging you, “It is okay. You can let go of that last breath. You can release it. We are here to take your hand. You are safe.” And then you step out of the body and feel free, but you are not Home. You are simply on the other side of being human. You are simply in another vibrational state that is not human, but you are not yet Home.

Entering the Gate

When you arrive at the gate, you are free to go through it right away. It is not possible for anyone to coax you through the gate. Instead, you must go through of your own free will. It is here that some souls become stuck or confused. Sometimes they are in a car accident or a bicycle accident and they step out of their physical body, not knowing they are dead. Since they are on the other side of humanity, they step into that same natural state of creation that you all have when you are no longer hampered by the illusion of being human or by the physical body, so that your creative abilities are vastly increased.

The challenge comes when you become confused and step out of the body not realizing you are dead. You do not wish to go Home through the gate, for it is possible for you to create a reality that makes you think that you are still alive. Please understand, dear ones, that even in this state nothing is wrong. There is actually nothing that people are stuck with, for even in this state all is free choice. Although many times in great tragedies, people get confused and they follow the vast hoard of souls that are literally going nowhere rather than think about going Home. Most of the time this is caused by a mere lack of knowledge. After all, this simple truth is not taught in you schools is it? Many times education and concepts such as these can make more of a difference in the evolution of humankind than most will ever know. That is why we honor the Transition Team Members so, for they are some of the greatest healers that move humanity forward in quantum leaps.

Meeting Your Tutor 

What happens next? When you move out of survival mode, let go of the physical body and enter the gate. You are Home. Then you meet you tutor. This is a soul whose contract with you is simply to remind you of your own magnificence and help you to stretch out in Heaven. Your tutor reminds you how simple everything is and takes you through the entire process of how things work in Heaven and helps re-acquaint you with Home. This tutor shows you the different processes of what comprises reality and helps to clear the cobwebs from the memory of your human experience.

The Seventh Stage of Life

Then there comes a very important part which we call the seventh stage of life. After you become comfortable at Home, there is a process that you go through called assimilation. It is a soul integration of all that you experienced in your lifetime. Every event that you experienced is evaluated for its highest use to your soul. What remains useful to your soul on its evolutionary path is integrated into the soul's core personality, and what no longer is needed is gently released.

There was a time when you were nine years old and the class bully took your lunch, gave you a black eye and told you that if you told anyone, he would come back and not only beat you up, but beat up your sister. You did not say a word and you hid that within yourself all your life, always fearing the person who had abrupt and abusive energy. The funny thing is, you called them into your life over and over again. In fact, you married two of them. The interesting part is that we create these things over and over as humans playing the Game, as spirits pretending to be human. As you create this process, when you go Home, the first thing you do is go through all of these experiences one by one. No, this is not the flash of memories that occurs as you are leaving your physical body. That is quite different. This is an elongated process and you must be comfortable in the energy of Home for the assimilation to be effective. This is the seventh and final stage of any life.

In your ancient scriptures it has been misinterpreted as the judgment day. Nobody judges you. After all, who would judge God? Only God could judge God. In your early development as souls pretending to be human the polarity of judgment was useful. We tell you that in your evolutionary path you no longer need the illusion of polarity. Now we ask you to consider replacing judgment with discernment. It is the first tool for living in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. Rather than calling one thing bad and one thing good, the use of discernment allows you to make choices without judgment. The seventh stage of life uses only discernment. Your soul goes through each one of these experiences discerning its future usefulness to your soul path. In this stage of life you not only call up each one of these individual experiences, but you call the essence of a soul that may have been involved in the experience to sit beside you even though they may still be on Earth at the time. You have them sit right beside you as the two of you go through this and objectively revisit the experience. You say, “Was that not fun? Boy, I did not remember you at all then. And here you are beating me up. Do you remember that? Thanks for playing that difficult role.” And they say, “Yes. Next time, can I play the role of a friend instead? I did not like playing the bad guy for you, but I loved you enough to do that.”

Core Personality 

The essence of your own soul is called the core personality, for the essence of who you are as a soul is the culmination of all the experiences your soul has incorporated up to this point. When you are on the gameboard of life, you carry all experiences as part of who you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all part of what you carry around each day of your life. If you carry negative experiences as energy stamps, they affect every thought that you have and every relationship. If you choose to work toward evolution, you use these experiences to master your primary life lesson. Once mastered you may release the negative stamp of the experience and, in effect, re-write your own history. You never fully erase the experience for it will always be a part of you, but instead you release the energy stamp that makes you overly sensitive and overly reactive. This is the greatest healing achieved on Earth and it is always accomplished from within. Even though humanity is evolving at a rate never before seen throughout All That Is, most of these energy stamps are never used. It is in this seventh and final stage of life that the soul resets its own energy stamps in preparation of the next lifetime, keeping the energy stamps (experiences) that maybe useful in future lifetimes and releasing those no longer needed. When the soul keeps an energy stamp, it is stored as a cellular memory that is ready to be triggered the next time it may be used for mastery of a life lesson.

Accepting the Gift

Please understand that you live in a field of polarity. You have the illusions of up/down, good/bad, right/wrong, and fear/love. This polarity does not exist at Home, so there are times that these experiences humans would call negative are actually chosen for keeping because they will be useful in future lifetimes. This is why many of you have past life experiences or patterns that can actually be traced back many, many lifetimes. You, as a soul, have chosen to keep that energy stamp and to bring it forward for your own evolution. When this happens you store the energy stamp in your cellular memory. It is not good and it is not bad. It simply is. In fact, it is quite an effective way to do things.

There are times when you will release positive as well as negative experiences that you have had, because they no longer serve you. But in releasing any experience there is one point you will wish to consider. We tell you that there is a gift that you have hidden in every experience of life. If you are to release anything, you must first find the gift of that experience. All events contain a gift. Finding and accepting that gift allows you to assimilate the highest energy in all experiences. Once the gift has been received, the energy stamp that can control your life may be released easily.

Thirty Days in the Seventh Stage of Life

During the next thirty days you have a chance to experience the seventh and final stage of life without dying. This will represent the evolutionary process that all of humanity will experience as the collective vibration moves into higher vibrational status. During these next thirty days you have the opportunity to assimilate and discern the new you. We will ask you to find a time to sit and go through different portions of your life and intentionally bring up the memories and the experiences that have made you who you are. In examining each one of them, you decide which experiences you wish to keep and which ones you are finished with. Keep in mind that an experience never leaves you, only the energy stamp that controls your life will leave you. And, if you wish to release the stamp, it can be done at that time if you have found the gift and no longer need the stamp to help you master a life lesson. It is the reason you scripted that role for this to happen. The moment you find the gift in the experience— whether you call it positive or negative—is the moment you incorporate that gift into who you are. You may then choose to release the energy stamp of that experience, for it no longer needs to be controlling your life. You have a choice. Because of your advancement, you no longer need to wait until the seventh stage of life after death to do that. That is why we have led you through this experience over the last three months. It is an opportunity for you, today, to take charge of your life and move your soul forward intentionally.

The Big Question: Why Am I Here?

You have come here to find your passion. We wish only to reflect your magnificence, for part of the veil keeps you from re-membering who you really are. That is the way you scripted it. As beautiful and as unique as each one of you are, you look in the mirror and say, “Why am I here? I know there is a reason, but what am I doing here? I know there is a meaning of life, but what is it?” And if you listen very carefully you will hear a thunderous laughter on the other side of the veil when you ask that question, for it simply means that the veil is working. You are here having this experience because of the veil. We have just given you one of the tools to temporarily remove the veil.

Spend time and go through each segment of your life during the next thirty days. Pull in the spirit of each person you had these interactions with. Have them sit next to you as you watch and catalog each experience of this lifetime. Ask the question of your own higher self and it will show you everything that you need to ask. It is all written in the Akashic records. It is a part of your being. It is stored in your own cellular memories until you decide to release them. Keep your review to this lifetime because even if you bring something forward into the next lifetime, we tell you, you will always have an experience in each lifetime that will reactivate that same energy stamp. And although it is wonderful to go back and have the understanding of why you have tried to accomplish something in many previous lifetimes, you have everything you need here, today, for you to evolve as a soul. When you go through that life and bring the essence of those people who played a part in your life in some fashion into your experience and sit them down next to you, the two of you will look at the wonderful series of events that is playing out in front of you. You will cry, you will joke and you will laugh. You will remember the joy of the time when you originally scripted this together. For the first time, you will probably see the true connection to that person that you had in order for them to play a very important part of your life. From that point forward, you find the gift. Once you find the gift, you decide whether that experience becomes part of your core personality or whether you wish to release the energy stamps around it. That is your choice today. You do not have to go Home to accomplish this any longer. That is the reason we have shown you this entire series of practical magic, for we tell you the practical magic series is complete this day.

The Magic Wand

We now hand you the magic wand. It is no longer for us to show you. It is yours. It always has been. Take it. Use it in your life in some fashion. Find a practical application to bring a little bit more of a smile to your face. What did you come here to do? What was your highest intent as a soul to come in and put on this veil and play this Game? What if we told you that your highest intent was to walk around with a smile on your face? Yes, we know, some of you are not able to comprehend that. Humans must complicate things just enough to understand, but the truth is simple. When you are smiling, when you are happy, when you are in your passion, when you are experiencing your joy, you are reflecting God. You shine the Light of Home and all who see you experience the unique part of God that is yours alone. That is what you came to find. That is why you are here. That is when you become the highest use to the Universe that you can be. Step forward, take the magic wand in your own hand and use it now.

Making Space for Grief

During this time we have together we wish to pause for a moment for there is so much excitement here. We tell you there are three of you here specifically in this room that have lost people in the last six months to the other side of the veil and they are standing right over your shoulder now, touching you, waiting to hear how you accept this information. There are those of you watching this broadcast, watching this light beam, that understand that they are here and around you when you think of them, for that is what happens after the seventh stage of life. You do not get into a huge queue or stand in line so you can turn around and come back in. You come back in when you decide to come back in, but please understand that time on the other side of the veil is quite different from the linear time that you pretend to play your Game in here. For past, present and future are all together as one and you do not need to go from Step A to Step B all in one moment.

Your evolution as a soul continues even at Home for the Game is still going on and the moment someone thinks about you on Earth, your spirit is called in. Of course you have choice whether you go or not, but your energy is called and as many of you have been thinking about those who have passed recently, they are right over your shoulder hugging you. They are right there embracing you, holding your energy for you.

We will tell you one other secret that you will learn in the seventh stage of life, for it is helpful for humans playing the Game on a daily basis to know this: As an evolution of a soul, when you cross over and go Home, one of the things that you as a soul may be interested in doing is going to visit those people that you loved so much. You do not miss them, for you are a part of them more than you know. The separation and the illusion of separation are gone at that point, but you are there. You are sitting sometimes in their bedroom watching them sleep at night, but you cannot interact with them in any way, shape or form if they are still grieving. During the grief process, if a soul interacts with you, it is only possible to make the grief process more difficult rather than easier. So humans, your task with all who return Home and cross over is to find the gift of their lives in your own and release them in love. Much like the seventh stage of life, find the gift and the ways in which they live on in you. Then and only then will they dance with you in your dreams. They will be over your shoulder every second of every day, smiling. They will sit in your room at night and watch you sleep with a big smile on your face. They will come up within an inch of your face and smile real big and in your dreams you will smile real big back. In that way, they interact with you. Grieving is one of the most difficult processes that humanity goes through, but it is one of the great essences of spirit for it means that you trust in the spirit of who you are. Releasing those souls allows them to go on their own evolutionary path from that point forward.

You have come here to be the perpetrators of the Light. You have put on the veil and come pretending to be human. You do not re-member that you are the greatest angels that have ever lived, but you will. It is our job to help re-mind you of the memories of Home, of your true purpose and of your highest vibrational state here. If you can practice that seventh stage of life here today, your life will be reborn again and you will find less restriction in your life and more joy. You will take very real strides toward living in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. Take those steps, each one of you. Allow yourself to step forward and to be the Human Angel that you truly are and Home will begin here today. That is what you came here to do. That is what your smile creates. Find the gift in everything and Home will be here around you now.

As each one of you moves and walks from this space, know that you carry a special energy. There is a family re-union going on, not just on this side of the veil, but all games everywhere. We must tell you that in the short time that you have gathered this day, these rooms have gotten very crowded. In fact, there was a little bit of a parking problem but we dealt with it. The overdimensional levels, the overtone levels which are all around you have filled for we tell you that this is not about you. It is about All That Is. If you are quiet in yourselves, you will hear the most thunderous applause. Dear ones, you have already won the Game. Now you are sitting around asking, “What can I do next? How can I be of service?” Step into the seventh stage of life and during the next thirty days try it on. Play with it. Please remember that everything you do is a grand Game. It is not possible to fall, even if you try. You are the masters of the gameboard.

We ask you instead to re-member only three things. Treat each other with the greatest respect, for you are looking in the mirror. Nurture one another as you would nurture your own. Re-member that it is a grand Game you are playing and play well together.


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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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