The Story of Mr Mike and the Magic Bicycle

From Steve

Lightworkers globally are feeling disconnected and not sure why. Somehow we know it’s alright, but the guidance we have become accustomed to now seems to be one step removed. As we step into higher vibrational status we find that our relationship to our guidance has changed. Our own connection to our higher selves is getting stronger and our Guides are stepping back a little to make room for us to take that power.

The Group spoke originally of the integration of spirit in August with the story of Ana and the Bird. Now, just as we are getting accustomed to our inner guidance, comes a wave of energy that brings with it a power that we have never seen on planet Earth before. Some will take to this power effortlessly as others find this transition to power much more difficult. It’s really not a problem, as we will all adjust to the new energy. But in the mean time there is confusion as to what is happening and why.

In this live channel at the Mastery of Self seminar in Attleboro, Massachusetts, the Group shares their perspective of the strange situation where we now find ourselves. Here the story of Mr. Mike illustrates that the evolution we have been dreaming of sometimes confuses us as it begins to manifest.

The Group speaks to many people with the same words. They do this through codes, numeric repetitions, patterns, vibrational sounds and their odd use of the English language. As I was speaking this message I became aware that the story of Mr. Mike had a tremendous amount of codes in it. Nothing to fear here, it’s just a way that they speak to many with the same words. See if they speak to you.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

We love you so. We look around the room and we see our spiritual family. Does it surprise you to hear that we are your family? You have called us here many times and we have always responded. Do you realize that you are the ones that have created this pocket of energy that is in the process of changing all that is? You look at yourselves and you think that you are alone. You look at yourselves and think you are few. Some of you have asked yourselves, “Why am I here? Why am I in this strange place?” And we tell you your names were on these chairs holding your space long before you got here. Bless you for hearing the call for that was your choice. Thank you for having the courage to listen to your heart for you are the ones that have set it into motion. You are the ones that have put the action behind the words. Our intent is strong and yet we tell you with all of the forces on this side of the veil it is not possible for us to take that one little step of action that brings it into your world. Angels create by reflecting the magnificence of humans. There are times when we are standing right next to you feeding you ideas. Yet we tell you that you are the magicians. You are the ones that hold the magical power of creation far beyond your understanding. First with your thought and then followed by your action. Ahh, but you know this for you are now re-membering. You are the ones that are starting to set it into motion by your purposeful intent and by your actions. We are so very proud to be here to witness this evolution.

Stretching the Bubbles of Biology

We wish to speak to you this day of the energy change for there has been one. Everyone has felt it. Now we tell you the playing field is being leveled, for you will soon be on a dimensional level much closer to spirit. The struggle to bring you up to this level has been your toil for many years. Your biology has gone through many, many adjustments and will continue to adjust for it is the densest of all your bodies. It is the most physical, three-dimensional part of you. It is doing well. Congratulate yourselves. Congratulate your bodies. Honor your biology for those bubbles of biology were originally not designed to carry you this far for you were not going to be here and here you are. Now you are beginning to spread your wings. Now you are becoming the human angels. What a joy. What a thrill. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Playing the Angel Guide

[In this next section and throughout this message the Group speaks of an exercise we do as part of the Mastery of Self seminar. Please see the story about this exercise directly following the Group’s message labeled “The Rest of the Story.”]

You have played the guide this day and you see the frustration that is sometimes felt on this side of the veil for we speak to you often. We touch you. We caress your cheek. We hug you with our wings spread wide and all you feel sometimes is the hair rising on your arms. We are there all the time and we are whispering in your ear, “We are right here. We are right here. We are right here.” Listen carefully but do not listen with your ears. Listen with your heart for that is how we speak to you. We so enjoy these moments where we are able to actually play with the vibration that is picked up by your ears, for it is how you are accustomed to listening.

Stepping into Your Power

Much has changed. You are feeling this on many dimensional levels. Much will be felt in the months ahead for changes are coming in the way humans re-act to their surroundings. It will change entirely for all of you in time. You will find some that will step very easily into their empowerment and some that do not. Some will step and create magically their reality of their highest desire right in front of them. It will happen in the blink of an eye. And then others will continually come up and try to step forward only to find resistance, only to find things not coming together, only to find that it is not creating the way they envisioned. Please do not judge either for that will only retard your own growth. Let us re-mind you that Spiritual Competition was the single most cause leading to the destruction of Atlantis. Those who find increased resistance are people who are in the biggest part of their lesson. These are ones who have chosen to stay long after their contracts have been completed and their shifting will open large doors for everyone on the planet.

Shifting from a perspective of finding resistance to one of action and responsibility is perhaps the most difficult shift and the hardest life lesson. Reach your hand out to them if only to steady them and offer them encouragement, but not to support them for they do not need to be supported. You carry within each of you the seeds of the power of greatness, what you call God. For you are not a part of God, you are the whole of God and you carry within you that power of creation even as you sit here in this room.

Accepting Your New Power ~ No More Secrets

Ahh, the veil is so effective. There will be times when you are on the other side, when you are at Home and you will be laughing and joking with each other and say, “ Is it not amazing that you and I were there and that we argued and could not re-member who we were? Was that not fun?” At the time it may not seem like fun but you will re-member it as such for that is the Game that you have scripted. And in the times when you are alone and the times when you cannot see who you are and the times when you think you have been abandoned, we are sitting there holding our arms out to you, wrapping you in our love but you cannot feel it. Know that we are right there, holding you and whispering in your ear that we are here. We are here with you and we feel what you feel. And if we are able to touch you even in the slightest you will re-member that touch. Then you will carry that with you forever, for in that one little touch you will have re-membered Home. You will then share that spark in your eyes every time you smile, your teeth will flash, the light will shine from your eyes and you will touch another for you are now the Human Angels. You are learning to carry that power within yourselves and this is a difficult step for humans. You are doing it well. Give yourselves the latitude. Pat yourselves on the back often. Give yourselves room to make mistakes and learn how to carry the new power. Give yourselves room to be human for it is in your humanness that you hold the greatest expression as the finite part of the infinite creator. That is who you are and you are beginning to tap into that power which is yours by birthright. You are beginning to share the one mind of Unity. In Unity there are no more secrets. There will be many times when you lend a hand to others but do not take responsibility for their happiness or their joy or their actions. Those responsibilities are reflections of their own true power. Encourage that power in others and no longer take it from them.

This is the time of action. Now is the time to step into your passion for you are doing it well for you have felt it for years. Many of you have been holding this energy for a very long time waiting for this day. Well guess what? It is here. You need not wait any longer. You have created it. That is why you have felt the tug and we are so very honored to be in the presence of those who have changed the Game. You have made it happen, not us. There is but one rule on the Gameboard of Free Choice. “In all matters there will be free choice.” You may choose to hide, you may choose to seek, you may choose to not play the Game at all. You may choose to see yourself as a restricted being who is only able to go so far. You may choose to see yourself as one who always needs help from outside to make you whole. We tell you the easiest way to get past that lesson is to reach out and offer responsible help to others with similar lessons. That is what you have been in training for. You are the Human Angels and there will be times when you come into people’s lives and you will touch them for only a brief moment. And there will be other times when you come into people’s lives and spend years working through their lessons and being a mirror for them.

You Chose to Stay ~ Now What?

You had the choice to go Home. Ahh, but you chose to stay and you have gone through a time recently of adjustments of vibration where you have adjusted to the fact that you may not be going Home. You were so looking forward to that. Ahh, but the excitement is taking over now that you see that there is work to do. There are things to be, there are things to do, there are people to help and there are lives to touch. There is space to create, for you are the master healers and when you create space for other people to feel comfortable enough to change and heal themselves, you find your true passion. Dear ones, you are in your passion and joy when you create that space. Do it well. You are the facilitators of the light and the light you distribute will be reflected for centuries. Your own biology is going through changes that will lead you to re-evolution for your rejuvenation has already begun. Even in this time that we are in this room together you are not aging. You are such powerful beings. If only we could move the veil aside for just a moment, you would understand. Ahh, but if we did that you would also probably go Home, so we will not. Instead, we will simply give you glimpses from our perspective of who you are. One of these glimpses we would like to share with you right now. It is the story of Mr. Mike.

The Story of Mr. Mike

The story begins with a four-year old boy by the name of Michael, a powerful young lad for he knows who he is. Do not use guilt on Mr. Mike for it will not work. He looks past the illusion of control through guilt. Mike is here in lesson in the third dimension. Mike is here working to help things change. At four years old, Mike was given a gift. It was an inappropriate gift at the time for Mike was not large enough to ride the bicycle he was given for it was almost a full-size bicycle. But it was shiny and it was new, and it had streamers coming from the handlebars, and it had little gadgets on it. Mike’s father said, “Mike, we are going to put this bicycle in the garage up in the rafters for storage until you are old enough." Mike said, “Please do not do that. That is my bike. I want the bike.” With great reluctance his father finally gave in. The bicycle found a new home in a corner of the garage. It stood proudly right inside the door leaning against the kickstand. Mike would go there daily and play even though he was not old enough to even reach the pedals. His mother put a little footstool for him to get up on the bike and he would sit there for hours and dream. On this magical bike Michael’s imagination would take him to far off places and on wonderful journeys. Mike loved that bike even though he was not yet able to yet able reach the pedals. Together Mike and his magical bike took many journeys. His parents worried about him some times as he spent so much time in the garage. Mike spent hours out in that garage all by himself with only his bike letting his imagination take him to the wondrous sights of the world. Mike was a very imaginative one.

One day in the midst of summer, Mike was playing in his garage on his bicycle when he noticed that his feet touched the pedals for the first time. Just as he made this discovery, a voice was heard from the open garage door. “Are you Mr. Mike?” says the voice. Mike looked around and speaks, “My name is Mike, yes.” With that the elderly gentleman walks around the corner now and stands in full view and says, “I am your neighbor. I have listened to you play. I have listened to you have fun and make the sound of sirens and make the sound of bells and talk to your imaginary friends for a long time now. I have finally decided since I, too, spend time in my garage that I would come over and meet you. My name is Henry Danman, and I am your neighbor. I am your friend." Mike is a little stifled by this for he was in his imaginary world. Coming out of his imaginary world for a moment Mike gets down off his footstool and goes over to Mr. Danman. Extending his hand to the elderly gentleman he says, “Mr. Danman, I am your neighbor and it is good to meet you.” In that moment, Mr. Danman flashes a smile and Mike is changed forever. Stunned, Mike stands there for a minute and looks at him. He does not know what to say. He does not know what he felt. He does not know what this is. Henry Danman smiles, shakes the hand of the young man and says, “You may call me Henry.” Mike replies, “I’m not allowed to call elderly people Henry but I can call you Mr. Danman." He says, “That will be fine then. I just want you to know that I am next door and any time you want to talk, I am usually in my garage. Our garages are side by side. But I just wanted to come over and meet Mr. Mike because I have heard so much about you." With that, the two people part ways and go back to their respective garages.

It is several days before Mike’s curiosity gets the best of him. Soon he is peering around the open garage door of his neighbor Henry Danman. Mike tentatively looks around the corner and sees him sitting in the back of the garage in his overstuffed chair, reading with his back turned to the door. Without turning around, Henry Danman says, “Is that Mr. Mike I feel?” “Yes, Mr. Danman, it is me. What are you reading?” "Ahh, come and look” says Henry as he pulls up a seat for his young guest. “Let me show you my journeys." It was here that the two men sat together and formed a bond. This was a bond that had not been created for a long time. For they found each other that day and many days after for Mike often went over to Mr. Danman’s garage and the two of them talked. There was even a time when Mr. Danman came over to Mike’s garage and heard Mike talk about all the wonderful places that he went on his bicycle. The two men got to know each other, again.

One day Henry Danman is speaking to Mike and says, "Mr. Mike, I just want you to know that it is so easy to talk to you. It is not like you are a child." Mike responds, “Henry," (for he got comfortable with calling him Henry) "Why can we talk like this? How can we be such good friends? When I speak of you all of my friends ask why I am hanging around an old man? Why is that?" Henry looks at Mr. Mike and says, “I have been waiting for you for a very long time Michael. I got here early. I have been holding this space for you for we surely have been father and son before, only last time Mr. Mike, it was reversed and you were the father and I was the son. This time I get to play the elderly gentleman. Is not this a Grand Game we play? " Mike did not know what to think about this but somehow knew what he was hearing was correct.

All too soon comes the big day when Mike’s feet fully reach the pedals of his magical bicycle. His mother and father are out in the street preparing him for the real bicycle journey he will now take. Henry Danman is watching very carefully from his own garage. For this special occasion Henry Danman has pushed his large chair to the edge of the garage. He was careful to not leave the garage, for this was not his place. This was the place of Mike’s mother and father. Mr. Mike now stood firmly on the bike out in the street. Henry Danman watched as Mr. Mike’s mom and dad ran along side of him, holding that bicycle up. Mr. Mike yelled at the top of his lungs, “Do not let go, do not let go, do not let go.” And they said, “Do not worry. We are right here. We are right here." "Just do not let go, do not let go.” “This is fun, is not this fun?" And Mike says, “Yes, it is fun, just do not let go!” After several tries his parents took turns taking Mike up and down the street holding firm to his bicycle. At the end of the day Mike went out to sit on his bicycle after his evening meal. He looked at it for a time then decided to go back inside and watch television. Somehow the bicycle had changed.

A few days later Mike’s parents were again in the street in front of their home taking Mike for assisted rides on his bicycle. His mother spoke, “Mike, would it not be nice if you just tried to ride all by yourself?" "Just do not let go, do not let go.” Again after being totally exhausted, Mike’s parents said, “If you wish to keep going, we are going to have to let go or perhaps we will go try it another day.” Mr. Mike took a deep breath and said, “No, I think I am ready, but only let go for a short time, OK?” With that Mike looked over to Henry Danman. Henry smiled and gave Mike a wink. Mike knew that it was time to take the next step.

Once again Mike’s parents began running along side of his bicycle. This time they let go. Mr. Mike did not see the car. It did not kill him; it did not hurt him seriously. But in Mike’s excitement to turn around and say, “Look mom, look dad, look Henry, I am on my own.” In that moment he was hit, for that was the contract. Mike never again got on a bike. Mike never trusted himself after that point to get on a bicycle again. He went through the remainder of his childhood without a bicycle. Mike continued to visit Henry Danman’s, still spoke to Henry on a daily basis for a time. It was not long before Henry Danman moved. The entire family next door moved that summer and Henry Danman moved with them. This was as it should be for his contract was complete.

Years later we visit Mr. Mike again. Mike is now an adult. Mike has been recently re-moved from a relationship that was not healthy for him. Mike has had difficulty with relationships his whole life but he is spiritual and has not been able to find someone on the same path. In some ways Mike has always felt like he was playing a part and not really being himself. Mike took to searching for higher truths to find his inner self. Mike became a seeker. Now we see Mike as a wonderful, learned being who often visits seers and healers. He has learned to meditate for up to five hours at a time and feels that he pays his dues. He feels like he is doing the work and therefore considers himself to be highly spiritual. Mike knows what he is here for, for he is here to work with other people and yet he does not feel like he is ready. Mike has found a job where he is in contact with many people on a daily basis. He works with computers. He is constantly going out and fixing computers in banks for that is Mike’s job. Everyone loves Mike. When he walks into a bank, everyone smiles. He is aware that quite often he is not there just fixing computers but to talk with them for Mike has the most wondrous stories to share. And yet Mike often cuts his conversations short for when the computers are fixed he leaves.

Now we bring this story to present day. The Human race has just moved into the new energy. Like many of you, Mike now finds himself very, very frustrated and he goes back into meditation to find what is wrong. Even though he is able to achieve that state even more so than before, it is gone. He does not feel his guides. He does not feel the guidance that has always been around him. Mike was even writing for a time and now the inspiration seems lost. The connection is not there. Mike should be anxious, but he is not. He re-members back to the day he visited his magical bicycle in the garage only to find the magic was not in the bicycle. He feels like everything is alright but not sure where it is going.

Soon Mike starts to have a very difficult time at work. It was not long before Mike was relieved from his duties at work. From a higher perspective, it is easy to see that Mr. Mike was no longer a vibrational match for what he was doing. It was important for him to change his surroundings for he changed his vibration and therefore he changed his relationship to everything and everyone around him. Mr. Mike was a healer. At one point Mike was very destitute. It felt like he had been abandoned and unsupported. It felt like he had no self worth for he was no longer a fixer of computers. He did not have the label. He did not have the place to go every morning and Mike felt alone. It was about this time that one day Mike found himself in his garage. He decided to do something different and pulled up a big chair and just sat. His mind took him immediately to thoughts of his friend Henry Danman. He thought it strange that he had not thought about Henry for so many years. Soon he started to re-member some of the things Henry Danman told him when he was a child. And although Henry Danman spoke to him in riddles and told him stories he did not understand, he now found that he was beginning to understand what Henry was saying. He spent time for the next several days sitting in that chair recalling the times the two men had spent together and the stories that they shared.

Mike’s energy began changing. He could feel it. Now he knew there was something he had to do and it was not for him to sit in this oversized chair in his garage any longer. There were things to do and he went inside, picked up the phone and started making phone calls. Mike became the healer that he always was. Mike stepped into creating space for himself and it was not long before he began speaking in front of large groups of people. Mike wrote a book about how he changed his life. The book had the simple title of “Henry Danman.” Mr. Mike stepped into action in every area of his life. Even though he was scared to death Mr. Mike went out and bought himself a bicycle. The funny part to Mike was that the moment he got on the bicycle he already knew how to ride. Days later he finally did take a fall but he got right up, brushed himself off, laughed at how simple that was and continued his ride. Mr. Mike made a difference on this planet and is here today still doing his work.

And after all of his success one day Mike was speaking on the phone to his mother. He said, “Mom, I know you re-member the day of the accident. It changed us all.” He said, “Henry was there watching the whole thing." And she said, “Who is Henry?” Mr. Mike said, “Henry was the one who called me Mr. Mike all the time. Henry is the old guy next door that always lived in his garage.” His mom said, “The Smiths lived in the house next door. There was no Henry.” He said, “Well, it must have been one of their fathers or someone else then because he lived there for years.” “No, there was no older man in that house. We knew everyone who lived there. The Smiths were close friends of ours.” Mike put down the phone and in that moment, he hears his own voice, within his own head, “Mr. Mike, I am here. I was running along side you that day holding the bicycle. You were never in any real danger. I never left you. I am with you always and will be for that was our contract. Thank you for letting me play my part.”

Dear ones, have the courage to take that step forward. Now is a special time that you have created. Make those phone calls. Get on the bicycle and have the courage to fall. You are never in any real danger for we are right here beside you. You will be surprised what you fall into, only if you have the courage to place yourself out there falling. We are right here. It is our deepest honor to be with you in those times. It is our deepest honor to be with you during these brief interludes. Please re-member that we are there often in your laughter for that is quite often how we touch you. Understand, too, that as you come together as spiritual family and you connect, you draw us together for you have had it backward all these years. The way it goes is, as below, so above. It is you who have created it with us. And for that we thank you. Now we will dry the tears that you have shared with us.

Our time is at an end. We have been very honored to play in your presence this day. We cannot tell you how you touch us for it is not just laughter you supply us with. It is your heart. We share the same heart. And we are honored to be in the presence of the human angels that are making a difference. From the bottom of our heart we thank you for taking your power. Espavo, dear ones. Espavo.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, and nurture one another and play well together and please re-member that we are right here.

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