The Web of Love

Greetings from Home

We gather once again in the magic that you have created this day. Dear ones, do you know who you are? We are here to help you understand that process, for you have created the magic that you now call The Third Earth. It has begun already. And as each one of you now takes your own hand at the intentional creation process, you create a new matrix of Earth. You create a new reality, not just for yourselves but beginning with the human race and moving through different levels from that point forward. You are the magicians of the Gameboard, dear ones. You are creating beyond your greatest dream—beyond your greatest hope. It has already begun.

Intersection of Realities

We wish to tell you a few things as you move forward into the new energy, to make you aware of what is happening from the larger cosmic perspective. We tell you, dear ones, that there are intersections of reality that have crossed and left indelible impressions on your game, time and time again. Your creations up to this point have been largely in a linear timeline that you see as past, present, and future. That is the essence of what you have experienced as time in your dimensional reality. Yet that, too, is beginning to change as you begin to walk backward in time. The search for higher truth now becomes more important than ever before, as much of what you have learned has changed already. Do you feel the pace quickening?

There are parallel universes that travel concurrently, side by side with your own reality. We tell you that there have been many magical times throughout the history of your game where those timelines have crossed, leaving permanent imprints on both realities. One of those intersections of timelines is what you have called “the days of Merlin,” for Camelot was indeed real. The real Camelot existed in an alternate dimension of time and space that intersected your own.

These cross-sections of time have not happened very often throughout your reality, but they are beginning to take place much more often due to your advancement. That is now what is ahead, for that is what will happen when you incorporate the hologram of The Third Earth. That is what will take place as you blend your energies of “All That Is” to create a new reality.

In the days just ahead, another big intersection of time and space will take place. In fact, we tell you many of them will begin happening now. As this happens, you will see some very strange things occur. What you will soon find is that there are many beings that you will experience within those intersections of reality.

Keep in mind that it is the Universal Energy that connects all hearts and all beings and all thoughts together. The fabric of God is the Universal Energy that binds all together. This is the first time that all of you will start intentionally connecting together as one. As you see this more and more, you will become accustomed on how to work with these alternate realities, and that is the magic of the creation that you now hold in front of you.

The veil is thinning, dear ones. You are beginning to see much more of how the game you are playing is constructed. As difficult as this may be for some of you to understand, alternate realties and that use of the Universal Energy will soon become common knowledge.

The Hologram of the Third Earth

With the veil thinning, each and every one of you has an opportunity to set into motion your highest thoughts of what you want in the new Earth. The Third Earth is a collector of the thoughts of God. You, as God, have a responsibility to hold the highest thoughts and to send those thoughts to create the next incarnation of Earth. It is these thoughts now that you hold that will create the next incarnation of humanity as a whole. We understand that at this moment in time, this may seem like a dream or wishful thinking, yet we tell you that the Third Earth is more real than your own Earth in many ways. The excitement on this side of the veil is much more than you could possibly imagine.

We ask you to set aside time to come together on a regular basis with other people, with whatever form that takes, and hold the highest thoughts, the dreams of all of humanity and the very best of everything to create the Third Earth. That is where the magic lies, and you will create energy on this Earth that you have never seen before, for the Universal Energy takes that energy and distributes it magically to all things very quickly. It is a beautiful process to watch, and you will watch it from a new vantage point now. More than that, dear ones, you will have the opportunity to create something we have talked about for a very long time, and it is directly ahead of you now, so let us speak of the light grid.

Evolving the Light Grid into the Love Grid

For in the beginning there was a crystal grid that covered the Earth. It gave you source and allowed your energy to connect fully with that of the Earth herself. It allowed you a sense of direction and a sense of purpose. Along with the magnetic grids, the crystal grid worked to hold the life-force energy of humanity on Earth. And yet, there is a man-made grid that started much more recently. It originally began as your telegraph lines. It started originally as very simple connections that you would use to keep communications open from one city to another and to allow communications, in whatever form possible, to go from one heart to another. As you communicated in this fashion, this spread energy of the heart between people. Here you started forming a man-made grid throughout your Earth.

As your technology advanced, as your hearts grew, and as your connection to your own communication began to grow, you began to increase the strength of that grid. Soon there were telephone lines stretched all over your planet. But they were still very uneven and very congested in some of the major cities and population centers. We tell you, dear ones, even that is changing. Shortly after that began, you started a whole new connection that you now call the Internet; and that connection took this intentional, man-made grid to the next level and brought a connection of heart and mind that was only present in the days of Lemuria.

The reason the Internet works is because no one is in charge. Is that not a grand game? Yes, dear ones; it works regardless of which energy you choose to use it for. We ask you to now use it to spread light, for that is the next incarnation of the man-made grid. The light grid is now forming.

You know that even your own phone lines have taken the form of fiber optics as you send light shards into this grid. But there will come a time soon when even conduits will dissipate, and you will have coherent light that will travel without the need for conduits or physical lines of any kind. These light shards will intersect and form a more even grid that will be available throughout all the planet. That will be a very magical time, for that is coming sooner than you think. But after that, even after the light grid, will come a grid of love where all hearts connect. Here all connections are made from one heart to the other through the Universal Energy. That is when the light finds its highest vibration. Unifying consciousness and the awareness that you are all connected together is what this is about. That is the next step as you now form the Web of Love.

The Web of Love – NO MORE SECRETS!

We tell you, dear ones, there is a lot of work to do, and you know that. This connection of light through this grid will now connect you, and you will pick up thoughts through the ethers. You will understand each other; you will know when to send energy automatically. You will not have to deal with “spam,” we promise you. But yet, it is starting today. We ask you to take this concept and start creating it on The Third Earth right now. Hold this Web of Love onto The Third Earth and see the connections that you all have.

Many of the Indigo children now here use this web in its early stages. Some of the Crystal children that are here early, forming other connections, carry this web in their own hearts. The new children are born with the connections already in place. To them, this is the natural form of communication. You, too, will now take part in forming this web, and you, too, will now become part of this connection from one heart to the next. That is being facilitated with the thinning veil this very day.

It is magical indeed, and we cannot wait to see where you take it from here. As each and every one of you holds the energy of Home and uses this Web of Love, you create The Third Earth. On The Third Earth you can imagine that all people everywhere can communicate with each other simply by thinking and holding a thought in their head or a feeling in their heart. This is the reason that we have said that as the Crystal Children now enter the earth, THERE WILL BE NO MORE SECRETS! When there are no more secrets, war will no longer exist in your reality. Imagine a day in the not-too-distant future when you try to explain the concept of war to the youth of the planet. Try as you might. . . they will not understand. The only way to explain it will be to say there was a major lack of communication. That is what the Web of Love will change, and it begins now.

If you hold the highest thoughts of all the connections unifying together as one, you will honor the Universal Energy and you will become one with God through your own higher self once again. Then, as God, all that is left is to honor the other parts of God. It is here that unifying consciousness once again returns to Earth. That will be accomplished through the Web of Love.

Activating the Web of Love

We tell you, dear ones, there will come a magical time, for we will ask you to take a day later this year and come together as one to intentionally ignite and activate the Web of Love. Send your own love through that web intentionally, not only to connect all the hearts of the world but to send that image to The Third Earth. When the time comes and the collective vibrations reach the critical level, it will then intersect with the reality in which you now live. Here it will imprint and overlay the existing hologram and change the face of your game forever. This is the process of creating Heaven on Earth.

This will begin, for the Keeper has already started and has made the connections. We have gone to great lengths to bring him together with the scientific people that will help create this energy; and that will be measured, we promise you. So take the energy of Home, hold it within your heart, and come together on this special, magical day and ignite this Web of Love. Then you will open the door, and as those alternate realities intersect with each other, they will no longer have the need to appear as separate. This is the act of thinning the veil. The unifying consciousness will not only happen between all souls on Earth but between all dimensional realities, for that is the greater aspect of the Web of Love.

Unifying Fields

Even as we speak of it, you hold these empowering concepts in your head, and for even that brief moment, you are creating these thoughts in The Third Earth. Allow yourselves to be part of that. Allow yourselves to come together in whatever form to help that work. Watch, as the study of the quantum energy will bring you all together for unifying the fields. It is the relationship of the very small and the very large that will soon be proven to be a key to understanding “All That Is.” The Web of Love opens ‘now’ communication. This communication moves much faster than the speed of Light. . . it moves at the speed of Love. It is no longer just a concept.

Begin now. Begin with the quantum energy within your own heart, and send that out to the large Web of Love. Send that out to the connection of each and every one of you, creating the higher dimensional reality here on Earth. As you do, we will flap our wings in applause, for the greatest angels that were ever born will be taking their power; the greatest angels that were ever here will be taking their power as creators. That was what the Game was all about. That is what you came to do. Your highest dream would be to pull the veil aside for just a moment to take your power. Welcome Home, dear ones.

The Sadness of the Thinning Veil

Oh yes. Many of you have worked very hard to thin the veil, but we tell you, dear ones, there is a challenge with this. Along with thinning the veil comes the re-memberance of Home. Along with the re-memberance of Home comes a tremendous sadness that pervades everything, for you are not Home; you are on Earth. You are wearing the veil that keeps you in the illusion of a linear timeframe. You are playing the game of being finite when, in fact, you are infinite.

You are not human; you are spirit; and your spirit is great beyond understanding. Let us re-mind you of that, for that is what you came to do yourself—to re-member your spirit. Do so by igniting and activating the Web of Love. Do so by connecting your heart intentionally on this grid, for the light grid will now begin and the Web of Love will now take a new level of communication to hearts all over planet Earth on all dimensional realities.

Can you see why we are so excited at your progress? Can you see why we sit at your feet and honor you? Even with all the might in heaven, you have done something we cannot do: you have changed “All That Is.” The Game of God—putting on a veil and not re-membering who you are—is about to come to a conclusion. It will now go to the next level, for you are awakening from the dream, and as you awaken, we will be here with the most beautiful smiles. We will be here to let you see the angelic presence that has been around you all this time to help you re-member who you are. That is our highest purpose.

Dear ones, you are the magical beings, and now you will create the Web of Love that will begin first on the Third Earth and then come to create the new incarnation of Earth itself. Activate it. Use it. Send your love there daily, and watch the magic as it unfolds on your planet. Watch the magic as it unfolds in your lives. Watch as your own realities change into something magical.

Misdirections of Energy

Dear ones, the days ahead are magical, and we will be here with gentle re-minders. Above all, keep in mind that you are one with each other, for that is the first misdirection of energy that exists on your planet that must go away in order for you to create the Web of Love. Make space in your heart for all those around you, no matter how close and how similar they are to your energy. Be aware that it is always the cousins and the brothers that fight, is it not? You do not war with those different than you. Rather, you war with those who are most like you. It is the veil that keeps you from seeing this fact. Make space in your heart to find out what is in their hearts, and you will start the unifying consciousness that will activate the Web of Love. Then, as you use this form of communication, you will communicate on different levels with people all over your globe and even those from other dimensional realities.

The interesting part is that you will never know that some of them might have even been considered to be your enemies. That is where the magic is, for you all have the same base motivation. You all have the same love. And when you can work together, you will activate this love and all will move together.

Dear ones, touch each other with the touch of the Human Angel. Reach out and re-member that you have a responsibility to help one another now, for you are taking the role of the Human Angels. You are becoming that to each other as you create The Third Earth. Yes, The Third Earth is magical. Yes, there is much that will be happening in the days ahead as you set your creations into full motion; yet, do not forget today, for today is magical as well. Today is the day that you activate the Web of Love in your own hearts, in your own minds, in your own thoughts. Connect the heart and the head, and send the energy onto the web for all those who want to reach for it, and you will work with the natural flow of the Universal Energy. You will ignite the Universal Energy, and the Web of Love will begin today.

We leave you with only three re-minders. Treat each other with the greatest of respect, for you are one another. Nurture one another at every opportunity, for you are nurturing yourself. Re-member that it is a game and you are supposed to be having fun. And play well together.


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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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