Three Magic Steps

The Group has been giving us information as part of the Creating Human Angel Series in the Live channels we present as part of our seminar series. When they began this series they told me it would be a new direction with very practical tools for use in the Fourth dimension and above. Here they present the second installment of the series that presents these tools.

Greetings from Home.

We are deeply honored to be here with you at this wonderful time of shifting vibration. The choices you have made to place yourselves here at this pivotal point in time, were sometimes very difficult for you. We honor you greatly for making those choices, for they placed you here at exactly the right time for you to step into your greater work and make a difference on the planet. Often you think that the work you have come to do is of a grandiose nature. Even as you step into your work, you look for something more and ask am I on my path? Yes, you are on your path or you would not be asking the question.

Heaven and Earth blending through the medium of Biology

We tell you that walking your path may at first appear different than you may expect. Sometimes it is the little things that you do by connecting your spiritual being with your biology and the Earth that make very large differences. In our time together now, we will discuss the blending of spirituality and biology. Learning to walk in full connection with that part of yourself known as Spirit is the real work you have come to do.

We ask you to breathe with us, for as you do, you take in that part of the third dimension, which makes you whole. The breath of God is within each of you and the breath of God through you is what grounds you to the Earth. We ask you to breathe consciously, for to walk with Spirit fully on your shoulder is something that human biology is not accustomed to. But we tell you, it will not be long before you learn to walk in this manner.


You are in difficult times now and it is easy to lose sight of where you are going. You have felt the compression of the Earth and often feel confused and disconnected. You have felt the difficulties. You have felt the struggles, and you thought they were within you. Many of the struggles you face are actually biological reactions to the changes happening within the Earth. We see your turmoil. We see the dichotomies you face. We see the struggles and we love you for tolerating them.

But, most of all, we see and feel you, when you cannot find yourself. Please know that we are there in those moments of confusion. We are spreading our wings in front of you so that you can see who you are. For, as each one of you takes your power, as each one of you begins to create your reality, and your version of Heaven on Earth, you become the Human Angels that you have asked to become. And we tell you that you carry your wings well, for you are the Human Family of Michael.

The Sword of Michael

Hold your swords high. Stand in your truth. Please do not doubt yourself. We understand the veil. We understand that you cannot see who you are, yet we tell you, you are us. You listen to words we put on paper, you listen to us as we speak to you through the voice of The Keeper. And we tell you, this is nothing compared to the magnificence that you are. And it is our greatest honor to bring you the vibrations of Home, even for just a brief moment. For that will allow you to create your version of Home on this side of the veil. And that is our greatest honor. Those vibrations will create the re-union between Heaven and Earth.

That is the unity which we all seek, for the Grand Game of Hide and Seek was for God to become finite, for God to split off into finite pieces, only to see if She could find Herself, only to see if He could re-cognize Himself.

And here you are, staring into each others’ eyes. And you feel the joy we feel. And you feel the Heart of the Family of Michael, for we share it with you now. Each and every one of you has the connection. Each and every one of you feels the energy that we have for you. Each one of you feels the Love and returns it in kind. And in that you are becoming Human Angels.

Walking with Spirit

We wish to speak to you this day of a very important process. You call it “walking.” We call it something more. For there are three very important steps that you take every time you start walking. Those three first steps are the steps that you make in communion with your Higher Self and the Earth. We ask you to please honor this process, and make those steps sacred with the magic of your intention. Feel your connection with the Earth every time you take the first three steps. Whatever direction these steps lead you, it opens that part of you which is in full connection with your own Higher Self. Connect Spirit and Earth through the vehicle known as biology and watch the magic begin. Complete the circuit of that energy and your direction will become effortless.

Walking with Presence

Walk with grace in those three steps. Walk with presence of who you are. Walk with dignity, for you carry the energy of Michael. If at first you cannot walk every step upon the Earth with this presence then begin by taking the first three magical steps with that presence and you will find yourself carrying the energy of Michael. And you carry it well. Look at each one of you. We see you staring at The Keeper, waiting for the words that come out. And we tell you these words are only here because they resonate with your heart. The words that you hear are your own and that is what we are helping you to re-member. The words that you hear are the echoes that you have left in hopes that you would one day hear them again. These are the echoes of your own voice when you last resided in Heaven. Each one of you has chosen special tasks, and each one of you has lined yourself with this energy of Light to accomplish these tasks. Each one of you has taken the task of carrying that energy and spreading it to others and making it available. And we tell you that you are on your path.

The First Three Steps

The veil is thick. The veil keeps you from seeing and feeling who you are, but it does not keep us out. For we are your re-minder, and others like us, for you are feeling the vibrations of Home. And in your own heart, you know the truth of the vibrations you are feeling. Reach out to each other. Connect the many Circles of Light, and be very conscious of the first three steps you take in any direction. Connect with the Mother. Connect with your Higher Selves. And ask to be guided in those first three steps, for they are magical.

The Magic is within you. Walk with a grace and presence on the Earth, for you are in communion with the Earth. You are in harmony with the Earth as you step forward and you step out into the woods, into the greenery and the lushness of the beauty of the Planet. And as your foot lands upon a beautiful plant, you think you have done wrong. For you have crushed the plant that you stepped on. We tell you this is not the way it is. For the Earth in all her splendor has gone completely in one direction only to provide that plant there to cushion your step. Be thankful for the plant and honor the plant. Walk with presence and grace upon the Earth for that is what the Earth asks of you. The Earth will support you and feed you. You have but to acknowledge and take responsibility for living in peaceful co-existence with the Earth. You are receiving the torch that is being passed from the Cetaceans for the care of the planet. Walk with presence, walk with grace and walk with pride, for you carry the Wings of Michael. And you carry them well.

Mother Earth’s Greatest Honor

Understand that the Mother’s greatest honor is to provide you with the support you need for this is the natural energy cycle. Take that support willingly. Take that support and allow her to cushion your path. Do not abuse it. In those first three steps you will feel the Magic if you only look. Those first three steps will put you in full communion with the Mother and, therefore, in communion with your Higher Selves. That part of you, which you call your Higher Self, is not able to be contained within the bubbles of your biology. Still it is with you at every step. And yet we know you cannot see it. We know you cannot feel it.

Integration of Spirit

There are many of you who feel disconnected and cannot find yourselves. There are many of the Aboriginal Healers who have been here long before it was popular, planting the most appropriate seeds. And now, these same people who have always trusted their connections, feel disconnected, and they ask, “Why has Spirit left me?”

Spirit would never leave you. It is not possible for Spirit to leave you for you are Spirit. You attract the same greatness that you exude and that is the secret of the mirror of the Gameboard. We tell you that, in most cases, that part of you which is your Higher Self, has become more fully integrated within you. You feel this guidance has been pulled from you, yet we tell you that your guidance is actually closer. The confusion comes when you continue to look to the outside for the guidance that is now on the inside.

Three Magic Steps

It is those of you who are leading the way into the higher vibrations that feel this confusion the most. We tell you it is only a temporary situation, for as you adjust to the higher vibrations, you will feel the power more integrated within you. A simple way to activate this inner guidance is first through intent. For this, we offer you a tool: Speak aloud your intent to incorporate Spirit into the simple actions of your daily life. Then become consciously aware that every time you physically walk, the first three steps will provide guidance for the rest of that journey. Look for the direction of Spirit in the first three steps you take for there you will find the connection to Spirit within. Do not look too far away, as we ask you to listen to the gentle nudges within. Also do not expect Spirit to stand clearly before you with fingers pointing the way, for you would not recognize the sight if it were in front of you. Take the first three steps and trust the inner guidance that is now stronger.

As you place one foot in front of the other, feel that power and that presence as your feet connect with the Earth. Walk with presence, walk with grace and walk with pride, for you carry the Wings of Michael. And you carry them well.

Walking in Relationship to the Earth and Others

Learn to walk in the physical with presence, grace and pride as you learn to walk in harmony with everything that surrounds you. Walk in full communion with Mother Earth and allow her to support you while being consciously aware that you are treading upon her. Find ways to tread lightly and responsibly. Learn to walk effectively in this way and you will adopt an attitude that will carry into many other relationships in your life. Walking upon the Earth is not the only walking that you do. You also walk with others through relationships, and learning to walk in these relationships with presence, grace and pride will allow you to step firmly onto the path.

In the Arms of the Angels

We will take a moment, because we have hugged The Keeper too tight. [Here I had to take a moment because the tears began to flow] We promised The Keeper we would not hug him too tight, and here we are. We tell you, the love we have for you is so overwhelming it is hard to keep from hugging you. You play the music “In the Arms of the Angels” and we are there holding you. [This is a song that we play at all of our seminars to set the energy] You play the music that resonates with your Heart, and you do not know why. It is because we have wrapped you in our wings as well as our arms. We wish you only to re-member who you are. We wish you only to re-member that part of yourself which holds the highest and the best. You are becoming the Angels of Earth and that is the reason we offer you the tools to create your own reality.

Creating Human Angels

The highest vision that you can dream for yourself is yours. The highest joy that you can experience is yours. The highest passion - - - ah, the passion. The highest passion that you can have while being in physical form is the same passion we live in on our side of the veil. That is why we ask you to reach for the passion in your lives, for that is creating Home on this side of the veil. That is the re-union of Heaven and Earth.

You have made it so through your choices, and we thank you. We are honored to be in your presence. We have waited a very long time to be here. We thank each and every one of you with the deepest vibrations of the Family of Michael to have that part of you resonate once again. For, as that energy moves, you become the human Angels in the creation of Heaven on Earth.

If you forget who you are, look into each others’ eyes. If you forget for even a moment, take those first three steps with presence. Take those first three steps with pride. Breathe the air around you. Take that part of the Earth which helps you ground the Spirit of yourself within the bubble of biology, and breathe in the energy, for we are there in that breath, helping you to re-member who you are.

We will now take questions. This is such a joyful group. There are many questions.

[Every live channel the Group loves to answer direct questions. We have not included them here with the exception of the last question.]

Back to Reality?

Question: My question is, here in this beautiful area full of ancient history for myself and my guides, it’s easy to experience you and let myself be surrounded in your Love and your wings, and feel my own wings. I have to travel by car more than an hour every day. When I think of my daily life next week, having to deal with three-dimensional things, how can I persist in this ability to feel you? How can I hang onto this feeling in my everyday life?

Answer: Dearest one, you come to this gathering and look deep into each others’ eyes to re-member who you are. And then you look out the window at the cars that pass on the street and you say, “I will be there tomorrow. I will be back in my daily grind and I will be back in my third dimension.” But you will never Re-turn. For it is a new you that is going back to that daily world and you now carry the seeds of re-membrance. We are a part of the new you, that is going back and it will only be a grind if you choose it to be so. We challenge you to take this energy out there with you. That is the creation and propagation of Heaven on Earth. That is where you bring Home to your side of the veil. That is what you have come here to do.

Do not create the illusion of separateness between in here and out there. Do not hoard the energy and say we are going to go off into the mountains and create a community that will live in Love for to do so would only hide your light. Go out there instead and share that love with every smile that you give. Share that love from your own heart chakra to theirs. Help them Re-member who they are, and in doing so, you are becoming the Human Angel. Dare to claim your wings Dear Ones. Dare to take hold, to create your reality for this is what we do on this side of the veil, and we do quite a good job, thank you. We will now support you to do the same.

Take it out there and shine that Light. Take it to work with you. Find your passion out there or create your passion where you live. The tools are now in front of you. Pick them up and learn to use them.

People are awakening on the Planet at an astounding rate. And everyone is reaching for a higher Truth. For as you awaken, you look and you say, “Why are we here? What am I to do? I know there is something more, but I don’t know what it is.” And as you pass each other in your cars on the street, you look at the one driving next to you, and you smile. And, in that instant, you plant seeds. In that instant you help them re-member who they are. In that instant you start the creation of Home, right there.

Home is a grand place and you will re-member it well. You feel the pull; it is very strong. We are careful not to overwhelm you with the full vibrations of Home, for each and every one of you would simply step across the line. Your job is there. Your job is in front of you. And even though it might not be crystal clear to you, look for the answers in the first three steps. Know that Spirit is with you and walk with presence, walk with grace and walk with pride, for you carry the Wings of Michael. And you carry them well. That is why you have come together, to help you re-member yourselves. That is the part of you that we reflect. Re-member us in the first three steps, for we are there with you always. It is with the greatest of honor for each of you, that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another to the highest degree, and play well together. - - -The Group

Right after the channel I described the feelings that I was getting and what they were showing me: “That was really powerful about the Three Magic Steps. I tell you, when I stand up to walk from here, I’m going to re-member that. I don’t know if I was able to describe it, but when they said to walk with presence—I’ll try to stand up and show you what they were talking about here—they showed me this beautiful picture of walking in full communion, of consciously stepping on the Earth, and having it support you, and receiving energy from her. The steps they showed me about walking with presence were as if I were floating gently across a field barely touching the ground. It was an incredible image.”

After this channel in Holland, we took a break and then did the closing ceremonies of the Quill of Re-membrance seminar. This is where everyone walks the Angel Walk and receives love from everyone else, grounding the energy of all that we worked on over the previous two days. At the end of the walk, I welcome them Home and then Barbara took them to the Quill where they dip it in the ink and they signed their new contracts. After this channel every time Barbara takes a person to sign their contracts she always starts them with Three Magic Steps.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges



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