Time Critical Missions - Activations for 2012

From Steve:

The group has talked a lot about 2012. Although their message about 2012 is quite different they do say the following: It will be a magical time full of creation and an evolutionary step for humanity. Many people on this Earth set up specific contracts that they would only enact if the level of humanity reached critical levels where this can happen. That is talking place now and it is on a course to manifest on the magical date of 2012. The group says this will be a grand creation on as global basis. Many Lightworkers are having strange events take place in their lives right now to push them into a new direction that will allow them to active their Time Critical Contracts. In this message the group gave three examples of what this can look like. The next four years will be a time for change for humanity. Many Lightworkers are activating contracts now that will put them in the best position for what is ahead. Enjoy the ride. Big Hugs and gentle nudges....Steve Rother

(you can also see the video of this channeling here)

Greetings from Home

You know deep in your heart that you have come here with something to do. We wish to tell you what is directly ahead. We wish to speak to you of something we have not spoken of much before. We will begin by telling you a little bit about the magic of 2012, because the potential that is coming to Earth and humanity are becoming unbelievable as you evolve. Your evolution is way ahead of the game. We have spoken before of 2012. Yes, it is a magical date. Yes, it is a shift in dimension. Yes, it is all of the things you have imagined it to be. Why? Because you are the creators and when you set your mind that something is going to happen, it happens. All along, there has been a division between the old and the new energy. There are many different divisions and segments along the way that could be demarcation points, where you could say that this is the old and that is the new. 2012 is a much anticipated landmark; it is an interdimensional junction point. Let us give you another illustration.

Intersecting Time Lines

You are absolutely fascinated by the stories of Camelot and King Arthur, yet you do not actually know whether these stories are true or made up. You have found the grave of King Arthur and you have even found the pieces that you believe to be of old Camelot, but are they really? Is this real history or a myth? Of course, the word "real" has a lot of different meanings, so you must understand that if you expect something to happen, you will find the evidence that it has happened. You will create what you need in order to understand it.

Let us explain another concept of this, for it has happened many times on your planet. It happened when Buddha walked the Earth and in the days of Christ. It has happened many times when stories came into your world that never changed. If we tell someone in the front of the room only five words and ask them to pass them to the person next to them, by the time the words got to the back of the room only two of the original words would be correct. Then why is it that a tale of such proportions as Camelot is passed down through generations without ever changing? That is because they became permanent imprints on the timeline. Imagine 11 timelines running concurrently side by side. There are 11 experiences of your own soul happening at the same time. You are a multidimensional being living in 11 different experiences of the soul and one point of perception. Each of those experiences are occurring in different timelines. You think of a timeline as being here and now. But there was one timeline of King Arthur which was a magical event, and at that point the timeline crossed your own. It took a right turn and then crossed other timelines. When that happened, it left a permanent imprint in both timelines. These are the magical stories you heard as a child that influence you the rest of your life. They come along to encourage humanity at just the right time and place to give you what you need. 2012 is an intersection of 12 different timelines. It will leave an imprint on humanity in all dimensions of time and space. You can see the potential magic that is going to happen here. Add the fact that everyone is expecting something magical to happen, so of course it will.

What Will Happen in 2012?

Now what about all the predictions of things that are going to happen in 2012? First of all, most of the things that were originally going to happen in 2012 have already happened. Because you have pulled them forward by evolving faster than you planned, you do not need to go to that date. You are living firmly in the fifth dimension and you are even starting to learn how to use that in your daily life. You are pushing the boundaries. You are learning new ways to interact with your world, to love and connect to different pieces of the soul. That is why now it is such a magical time. Many people are expecting an entire day in 2012 to be especially magical. You, as creators, have not even decided which day it is going to be yet, so you humans better hurry up and get busy so we can get going! When you decide which day in 2012 it is going to be, you will create miracles. Let us explain why that can happen.

What are the potentials? What are the miracles? What is going to happen on that day? We tell you that the day will be very magical whenever you decide it to be. You will have a party. Many of you will go up into the mountains in the power spots and you will feel the energy flowing and you will love it. You will build big bonfires and sing songs. When it is all over and the fires are out, you will walk down the mountain and go to work the next day just as any other. You will realize that a lot of what you have created has already been here. Please understand that is not a disappointment in our eyes because it is still a very magical day. Here is what is happening.

Time Critical Missions

Many of you are souls who have been on this planet lifetime after lifetime. You came in to bring something from Home that you were going to share with all of humanity, to help the souls here that are pretending to be human to be spirits, and how to use that. Each one of you came in with a part that you would carry. If, and only IF, everything opened at just the right time then you would be here with this piece. We call that a time-critical mission and many of you are on time-critical missions. Many of you have found what you love to do and think you are already moving along your path. Some of you will take a 90-degree turn with no warning and you will love every minute of it, because it will push you right into your passion. To where your higher self re-members you are going and where your higher self has been trying to steer you since you were born. That turn will put you into this position where your time-critical mission can be enacted and where you can be of service. You will find yourself in that place where you can finally share the piece you carry, so that we can build Home on this planet. You are in the process of working to create Heaven on Earth. You have the opportunity in 2012, more than ever before, to set that fully into motion. Each one of you has the opportunity to change that on the magical day you choose or in any moment, if you wish to. Many people will be changing their lives on that day just because of the magic of it. Everyone will be lifted and changed by the imprints left, as all 12 timelines cross for a magical time signaling the opening of a new era. When many people gather expecting a miracle, they create one. This miracle will be multidimensional.

Those of you who have time-critical missions will be enacted and you will not know what hit you. We will give you a couple of examples to show you what this looks like. There is a gentleman, we will call him Tom. Tom is a medical doctor who loves healing and has always known he was a healer. He does not like every part of his job, but he has invested a lot of energy, time and money to create this for himself and has reconciled that this is the best course for him at the moment. He also has a family to support, so he makes the best of it every day and enjoys the interaction he has with his clients. He enjoys being of service in any way he can. Quietly though, he has dreams of being different than he was. Then when no one was looking something happens and suddenly, Dr. Tom changes. It may be a book he reads, a seminar he attends or a broadcast he watches. Whatever it is, it opens him up and he starts seeing things from a different perspective. His whole life changes. It can be difficult when this happens, especially in relationships and families, because two people never grow at exactly the same rate. Therefore, one person starts sprouting up and the other person does not, so you have to work to make this shift supportive for everyone. That gap is filled with extra communication and that is how you grow a relationship. Tom wakes one morning and in his heart he is no longer a doctor, but he still has to go to work. His body is starting to fight him, because he knows he is not on the right track. He knows there is something else to do. Suddenly, all of the things he has worked for in many different areas do not work for him any more. He ends up teaching Reiki and loves every minute of it. He is still a healer but he is doing things in a different way now. Yes, he still creates very sacred space for people but he is on a time-critical mission because he wanted to be in place before the magical date of 2012.

Dr Tom

Many of you have that same contract. Many of you will be enacting your time-critical missions and will actually start changing your lives very drastically as Dr. Tom did.. His whole life and focus changed at that point. His children did not know what was happening with him and his wife did not know how to deal with him; sometimes he would be very emotional and she was not used to him being emotional. He was not accustomed to feeling those emotions and letting them flow through him in that way. With no warning, his life simply started changing. Over a period of time, Dr. Tom turned out to be a wonderful teacher, but the transition was difficult in the beginning due to his attachment to his future. This can happen when you activate the time-critical mission.


Then there is Gertrude. Gertrude has been on this planet many, many times. She is an Aboriginal Healer. She typically comes in and plants seeds when nobody is listening. She speaks the words and even though they think she is crazy-a little nuts-she plants the seeds and still imparts the ideas that later grow into something. She is often made fun of and quite often feared. There are many times when Gertrude has been put to death for her truth, her honesty, and for sharing what she brought from Home. She has been chastised and punished. She has been cast out often because humans are afraid of the unknown-especially when they see a very bright light. In all the many times Gertrude has been on the planet before, she has never been fully supported. She carries what we call the seed fear. The seed fear is very simple. When you step out of your body after you have been burned at the stake you say, "Gee, I hope I never do that again!" Then you come back in, do the same thing again and get burned at the stake a second time. Then you jump out of your body and say, "Okay. I am definitely not going to do the same thing again. Time to get serious now." Then you take a part of yourself that we call the Guardian of the Gate. You put the Guardian in front of you and you say, "I am going to ask you that if I ever step in this direction again, you come out of nowhere and scare the heck out of me. You put a deep fear in me that will keep me alive and keep me from experiencing these negative ways of dying that we have experienced so many times." As you continue forward in the evolutionary cycle, the seed fear and the Guardian at the Gate saves your life many times and keeps you in check. And here you are.

Now Gertrude's life is changing, and the clients in her practice seem to mysteriously be pulling back crimping what support she did have. Gertrude's time-critical mission was activated. Her whole life changes almost overnight. Gertrude came in with something very special and unique that only she could bring to Earth from Home. Much of her life she felt like she was marking time. For what, she wondered. Then suddenly, her life was not working the same way as it had before. She was into spirituality since early childhood; she had worked with energy and was a respected healer. She was on the path she wanted to be on, yet when everything changed it stopped working. When a time-critical mission is activated the higher self knows the way to your passion if you will let it lead you. Sometimes your higher self may lead you by opening doors in front of you, and other times by closing them.

Seed Fear

Gertrude then starts to move in the direction of her mission and she is blocked by the seed fear. The Guardian of the Gate comes out of nowhere and she gets confused, scared and wants to run and hide. The same fear has kept keeps her from interacting with the world until she reassigns the role of the Guardian is reconciled or reassigned. There are many Lightworkers who carry the seed fear which is about to surface. If you understand what it is, the seed fear becomes much easier to work with. You will find is that there are many techniques of working with the seed fear. When you find one that works with you, turn around and share it with someone else.

Time-critical missions are about to be activated and consequently the world is about to change. Humanity is taking a big step. Even though we seem to play down the importance of 2012, it will be magical beyond our imagination. And we are going to encourage you to make it magical-to do something, anything to change your lifestyle, to change your energy, to set yourself into your full passion so you can take whatever it is that you brought from Home and share it with the others. You will be supported to do your mission. The doors will open very magically for you, even though many of you have run into that same door time and time again.


Let us give you another example so you can see this from many angles. Jane has come in and worked on this planet many lifetimes as most of you have. She has worked in many areas. She has been a teacher over and over and over again. She knows she can work with this energy and be able to impart what she brought from Home. It has been very important for her to do this and yet in some ways, even though she is very much a teacher, she has not considered herself a teacher. When she is in a group and opens her mouth to speak, everyone else becomes quiet because she has a reflection that people want. She is carrying a part of Home that she will reflect with your energy if you speak and share with her. So along comes this time-critical mission and suddenly she gets activated and starts drawing people to her. She still does not believe she is a teacher and says, "That is not something I do. Thank you very much. That is very kind, but that is not something I do." That does not stop the people from showing up. That does not stop the people from coming in and working with her energy and reflecting it upon themselves. So her life will also change. Suddenly the teacher now stands out with a very bright light because other people need that direction. Other people need that process, yet Jane had difficulty with that because she had a concept of what teaching was about. Now you are stepping into the higher vibrations by stepping out of the first wave of empowerment of Follow the Leader, into the Second Wave of Empowerment of Follow Yourself.

It also changes the teacher paradigm. Instead of a leader standing on stage telling you, "This is how it works. Here is what you do. Here are the ABCs and if you do this, your whole life will be fine." Instead, they reach out, take your hand and say, "Let us take this journey and see what we learn together." The teachers now walk along side their students in a different relationship, because it is not about trying to find the greatest knowledge. It is about discovering the road of life and experiencing this together. The adaptation of moving from one form of teaching into another is critical. Let us also share with you that Jane also had great trouble with her parents, mostly because they did not understand her. She was certainly the black sheep in her family, very different from everyone else. She automatically thought differently from everyone in her family and it was because she was in a backup plan. When she was originally going to come the timing was not good, so she delayed her entry by one generation with a backup plan. The person who was to be her original mother was now her grandmother on her mother's side. She came in through her mother, who was originally going to be her sister. She did so to make sure that the time-critical mission would be at the right time.

Dear ones, there are many of you-probably 20-30% of you-who are in backup plans for that very reason. Your timing on this planet was critical. Your timing on this planet was very important and you are about to be activated. "Yes. Now is the time." You have time between now and 2012 to move into that direction. It is time, now, and humanity is now ready to hear it on all fronts.

It is with the greatest of honor that we gather together this family of light. You know who you are. On some level you re-member the piece you brought. Let it come out now. Let it be shared. Let it be a part of who you are every breath of every day. That will make the difference on planet Earth. 2012 will be magical beyond your wildest dreams and for that reason, we have started the countdown to ascension. It actually started eight years ago. You are about to experience 08/08/08. You will then experience 09/09/09, 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and whatever day you decide to put the final one on. Enjoy making up your minds, dear ones. Enjoy playing the game.

It is the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every opportunity you can. Know that it is a beautiful game you are playing. Play well together.


The group

(you can also see the video of this channeling here)


uranusjoe 21st June 2008 11:21 am

Steve, its difficult to wade through all the input from Spirit Library, but I'm finding information I need, spoken in a language that resonates with me, being channeled through you. This channeling has helped me get a clear picture of the importance of 2012. Without the information you bring, these times would be too much for me to handle; instead, thanks to you and your co-workers, these times are a cause for celebration. Nobody would see things that way without having access to your viewpoint. Thank you for waking us up.


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