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From Steve:

Just days ago, the Group spoke about the month of May 2003 and how it has been one of the most difficult times for Lightworkers. Some felt their emotions stretched to the limits while others were scattered and unable to focus. Manifestation seemed to be blocked and the path to passion became unclear. Communication that normally gets us through these times was also difficult. There is a practical reason for this, according to the Group. First, we experienced the lunar eclipse and, more importantly, the intense energy of the full moon, that pulled at our hearts before and after. Then, as this crazy energy began subsiding, we had a huge increase in the “Crystal Energy” entering our earth through the solar flares on our sun.

The Group has been talking about the “Crystal Energy” entering our planet since October 2000, and we have a presentation of the science behind this from NASA in our one-day seminar, Welcome Home. This is the energy that will support our higher vibration in physical form. Normally the Crystal Energy is not felt as it enters our earth and is stored in the tectonic plates; it is felt as it releases into our atmosphere. But the pull of the full moon left us with a sensitivity that made us feel the energy as it came off the sun. From May 22 to May 28 we had a series of “X-class solar flares” that pelted us with a huge infusion of Crystal Energy. Then on June 9 and 10, we got hit big again.

This energy is being felt by everyone, and that is the reason we are seeing people acting out their fears. The recent events in Israel show what these reactions can be like. The energy we are feeling right now is a big catalyst for us in many ways. People are being pushed into change like never before as this energy infiltrates into our world. Eventually this energy will support us, but the timing was right for a big infusion now. The Group hinted recently that August will be the time when we acclimate to this new energy, as it will shield us from another cosmic energy of some sort. In the meantime, they also said that steps into your real work will pay off tenfold. The actual words the Group used were, “Now is the time to step off the cliff, knowing that the bridge will form magically under your feet.”

Now the Group speaks of one of our deeper meanings in life: the search for “true beauty.” Sometimes being stretched and pulled can leave us in self-defense mode and not thinking about the important things. Here they take this opportunity to re-mind us of what is really important.

From the Group

Greetings from Home

We are pleased to be with you as you take the next steps now in front of you in the game of Free Choice. We begin each of these messages with the three words that most accurately reflect the pure love from Home. The phrase “Greetings from Home,” and particularly the word “Greetings,” is a vibrational signature that all beings in all dimensions recognize as having the same meaning. These words are a trigger that brings back the memories of your place of first origin. When you hear or read these words, please allow yourselves to feel the full impact as they unite all of the time lines in which you live and instantly place you in the state of Now. Once again we say, “Greetings from Home.”

Semitransparent Veil

The veil that you have worn for so long that keeps you from seeing your true nature in now beginning to thin. This is an event that you have been working towards for a very long time; yet now that it is beginning to take place, the immediate effect is somewhat different than you first imagined. As you see the veil thinning, your tolerance is growing short to vibrational mismatches and lower-vibrational ways. The more disturbing effect of the veil-thinning is the sense of inner sadness that you carry after re-membering Home.

We understand your sense of missing Home. Even as children, many of you found yourselves inside a physical bubble of biology only to cry out, “I want to go Home.” Please know that as your evolution continues, you will begin to see into other dimensions of time and space. There will also come a day when you will walk with a semitransparent veil. You are in training for that now, and that is the reason many of you feel the cloud of sadness that overshadows your reality. The first glimpses of Home, as seen through the semitransparent veil, bring back a flood of long-hidden memories of true beauty.

True Beauty

Upon entering your game, it was necessary to hide from yourselves the memories of Home and the true beauty that permeates everything here. This was the most difficult decision for some of you to make and the ultimate sacrifice; however, it was a necessary decision to enable you to play the game of Hide and Seek. What happened in the very first incarnations of Earth was that you hid the beauty within the game board. You knew that you could not exist without regular infusions of true beauty, so you carefully placed openings in the veil, that you could find as you played the game. These were like crystals you placed on your own path to find later. In fact, many of you are actually motivated entirely by the search for true beauty. You knew from an early age in your evolution as humans that the preservation of beauty was an important part of bringing Home to your side of the veil, or Heaven to Earth. This is the reason that you discovered the importance of the preservation of the arts in your societies. The arts are important crystals that you have placed in your own path to find at the exact moment you need them. The search for beauty throughout history is something that is shared by all cultures.

What we share with you now is that all beauty is a direct reflection of the memories of Home. Time spent in creating or appreciating beauty in any form is one of the most spiritual experiences of mankind. It rejuvenates the spirit within because it re-minds you of Home. It was a way for you to ensure that you would never completely forget Home. Much of what you see as the earth is designed as a direct reflection of Home, just the way that you are a direct reflection of what you call “God”; therefore, finding beauty in the spirit of the earth is particularly rejuvenating.

There are many levels of vibration which exist upon the earth. For the sake of this message, we will limit this discussion to only some of the levels that you perceive. The minerals, the plants and the animals are all different levels of vibration that exist within the same dimensional reality in which you play the game. Each vibrational level is actually a different reflection of the true beauty that exists within the unified vibration of Home.

Since the true beauty in your world is a reflection of Home, you have emulated that action by reflecting it further. How many poems have been published in attempts to describe the beauty of a tree? How many landscapes have been painted to capture the true beauty that is available to each of you upon looking out the window? How many songs have been written in attempts to capture the beauty of love? Since all experience makes its final connection to the Universal Energy through shared experience, these are effective ways to reflect the beauty of Home in the human experience. Likewise, since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” here you not only see the reflection of the beauty of Home but also the true beauty of the person who reflected it.

The Gift of Reverse Eyes

If you understand that your emotions are the conduit between your higher self and your physical being, you will understand why you feel emotions every time you perceive beauty in any form. This is also the reason we encourage you to “feel,” as it is the quickest way to move you to a higher state. Everything that you feel when you see anything that is beautiful in your world incites the same vague memory of the true beauty of Home that each of you holds hidden within. When you take in beauty in any form, your emotions are activated and stirred.

Since the day the Keeper awoke, he has noticed a phenomenon that he calls “reverse eyes.” He has always perceived himself as a “manly man,” yet since his awakening, every time he is touched with true beauty in any form, his emotions express through tears. He calls this “reverse eyes” because he does not cry when he feels pain or is sad; he cries when he sees something truly beautiful. He still attempts to hide this at times, but we are working on that.

In the 5th dimension, the human attribute of emotions will play a bigger part than ever before, for true beauty cannot be seen; it can only be felt. This is the balance of male-female energy within each of you. Know that when your heart leaps and you feel the beauty flooding through your soul so strong that it brings you to tears, you are actually seeing Home. As the veil thins even further, this beauty will be felt and can either flow through you in a powerful expression or can be resisted and held within, only to be expressed as frustration. The creation of Home is now dependant upon each one of you feeling and expressing this beauty within yourselves.

Balance and Kundalini

As you move into the higher vibrations, there is a need to balance the male-female energy, as it encourages this flow of beauty throughout your being. If you fall too far into the feminine energy, the flow of true beauty will overload the emotional circuits and make this shift far more difficult than it needs to be. If you are too far into the male energy of the powerful warrior, you may never see the beauty and miss the opportunity altogether. Here we ask that you balance your raw power with your sensitive emotions and watch as the magical transformation takes place.

These are also ways in which sexual energy can be most effectively utilized. The Kundalini energy is activated when all of the chakras are open and flowing. That is also when the soul can most easily balance your physical energy. This is felt as the sexual energy in most humans and is largely misunderstood because of old belief systems. The intent of a soul taking form as a finite being is to experience the beauty of Home in ways that can only be done in that form. The challenge comes from the fact that your experience of time is linear; therefore, you often live in the past or the future and find it difficult to be in the Now. True beauty can only be experienced in the moment of Now, for in fact, it is the only part of linear time that is not illusion. The experience of sexual energy grounds the soul instantaneously within the physical body and pulls all the inter-dimensional aspects of ones self into the experience of Now. When a soul experiences orgasm in physical form, it is instantly centered in the Now. This is an experience of the beauty of Home, as Now is all that exists on our side of the veil. This experience also allows for a natural balance of male-female energy to be reset.

Above all, when attempting to balance your energy, it is most important to not take yourself too seriously. As with all spirit, you have an internal balancing mechanism that will activate when needed if you are not intentionally overriding it because of a belief system that you are attempting to support. When you feel the beauty in any situation, simply allow yourself to fall completely into it and fully experience the passion of the expression of beauty as it flows through you. Then bask in the balance and the experience of Now. The expression of true beauty through your being will set you into a higher state of creativity. You will then find ways of expressing true beauty with every step that you take and in all situations. That is the creation of “Heaven on Earth” and is underway at this very moment.

The Quadrant Shift

The truth is that many of you have moved vibrationaly but are still living daily life in the lower vibrational pattern that you set up for yourselves. That is the reason you will now see much change in your personal lives over the next three years. You passed the final marker to end the great planet of free choice approximately three years ago. You are now setting up a new collective pattern for all of humanity. The staging for this shift is divided into four parts and extends from the year 2000 to the year 2012. You are now completing the first quarter of the initial staging process.

Know that when the game of Free Choice was first set into motion, the year 2000 was to be the pivotal time when the final outcome of the game would be determined. The highest outcome possible was to drastically shift your vibrational pattern and to step into a new dimension of time and space while remaining in the same bubbles of biology that you inhabited. At the beginning of the shift, however, an interesting event happened: you began to move more quickly than anticipated. This created great excitement throughout all dimensions, and the shift to prepare a new road ahead began. You will note that very little of your prophetic writings extend beyond the year 2012. Even now you will find that many of those prophesies are no longer valid, as they have been altered to reflect the drastic vibrational shifts.

It was this unexpected move into higher vibrations that brought so many beings that are here now watching you from inter-dimensional realities. No, they do not control you, although some of them would like you to think that. Please do not give your power to the drama that they create, for it effectively takes your true power from you. Understand that no matter what you see in the immediate future, there are no beings anywhere that can control you in any way unless you give your permission to play that game with them. You may wish to reevaluate your natural human attraction to drama if this enters your reality in any way.

You have dipped the quill in the ink and hold it firmly over the parchment, ready to write your next script. We think it quite humorous that you read these messages looking for hints of what is ahead when we cannot wait to see what you write next. The excitement on our side of the veil is greater than you can imagine as we watch with love as you take each step. Because of your advancement, we no longer enter your game to move you into position. You are now in the Second Wave of Empowerment, and here, it is up to you to create for yourselves; therefore, to continue those interactions now would only serve to take your power from you.

The change in the way that we interact with you is the reason that so many of you feel that you have temporarily lost your way. Your guidance seems to be gone, and you do not know where to turn. Even when you know where your passion is, it seems to be blocked or hidden from view. Trust that these feelings will soon dissipate and leave you in a heightened state of creation. All change leads to something better and is part of your evolution at this time.

Now we show you the magic and stand back as the sorcerer’s apprentice plays with the magic wand. It is our deepest desire to see the magicians take their place as creators on the game board of Free Choice. Find the beauty in every moment and in all things that you experience, and all the unimportant things will fade from view. For in that moment that you find the true beauty, you will find yourself Home again. It is why we now share with you another phrase that is a vibrational signature. We now ask you to find the true beauty in these words:

Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


the Group



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