Your Sacred Contract

From Steve:

August 26th for the VirtualLight Broadcast we created a reverse crop circle.   Instead of receiving energy stamps from other dimensional beings, we sent one to them!

After this exercise the group gave the following message about something they called our sacred contracts. Barbara and I get to connect with this spiritual family all over the world and I can tell you that more Lightworkers are going through MAJOR life changes than I have ever seen. This is exactly what the group is saying when they tell us that we are now being positioned to activate our sacred contracts. 

If your life is in the middle of drastic change just re-member that you are not alone, and if your each out your hand. . . we will be there.   

Big hugs and gentle nudges  

Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group 

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, you have come such a long way and traveled so far through time and space to be here at exactly this moment.  You have done so     to awaken from the dream and take your power as creators.  We are so very proud of the work you do and the energy you have set into motion to help each other to work through this process of clearing the cobwebs from the veil.  You have done so much.  Now you have an opportunity to reach out and touch each other’s hearts in a way you have never done before. We are so excited-- you are becoming multidimensional beings! 

The Thinning Veil

You are learning to use this process consciously now that you are thinning the veil.  You have created the veil to be so thick to protect yourselves.  When you pull aside the veil, you feel a deep sadness, although you expect to feel joy. You expect to see Home and re-member the joy of Home and think how wonderful it is, but what you generally feel is sadness for you are not Home.  What we tell you is that you are creating Home here on Earth.  You are the brave souls that came in with the greatest desire to do exactly that, to set the thinning of the veil into motion by coming in and pretending to have a veil on. By coming in and pretending to be separate from one another; by coming in and pretending to be human and having difficulties.  We love your difficulties; we sometimes even love it when you experience pain.  Do you know why?  Because when you come Home, when you come into that Seventh Stage of Life--the Acclimation Stage-- you will sit around talking with one another trying to re-member all the processes you went through as a human. You will do this in order to incorporate into your core personality who you are truly are, while releasing those aspects of your personality that are no longer needed.  During the process of the Seventh Stage of Life, you will re-member that pain as the most beautiful of the human experience.  Yes, we know.  You cannot quite conceive of it now.   You have gone through so much as a soul to earn the right to be here now, and your incredible gifts are all being activated at this point. 

Spiritual Family

We wish to speak this day of something we have never spoken of before, for the reality is that you have come in with a higher purpose.  You have come in with all sorts of ideas of, “What would happen if…?” and a lot of “What ifs…?  What if I make it to this point or that point?  What if humanity decides to extend the play on Planet Earth?  What if we decide to activate humanity’s Plan B contract?  What if you decided to extend the inevitable end of Planet Earth? The list of what ifs continues. And so here you are.  As a result, the Indigos and the Crystals are being born on your planet.  They are re-shaping everything you think about.  They are here to co-exist on a rapidly evolving planet to stabilize the transformation. They are re-working the entire genesis of Planet Earth.  You are evolving and yet the veil has been very thick as you say, “I feel as if I am all alone.  I feel that nobody believes who I really am.  I feel like I am the only one in my area that has this energy.”  You then connect with spiritual family and it lights up your soul.  It is then that many of you think that you want to find a community where you can all live together in love.  However, we tell you without hesitation that you would drive each other crazy.  It would never work,so do not even consider it.  You would get on each other’s nerves so quickly because the reality is that you have all come in with a similar imprint.  Those similarities make you like two magnets trying to push yourselves together, when in fact you want instead to pull apart. The reaction to pull apart is  because this one has work to do over here, while this one has work to do over there, so honor it.  Come back together once in a while to re-charge your magnets and to re-connect with your spiritual family. Know that it is not about finding a place to live every day, but it is about stepping forward, doing your work and sometimes experiencing difficult emotions. 

Your Sacred Contract

In the first stage of your life--before you were born--your desire was to script the highest outcomes, knowing perfectly well that you came in to live on the Planet of Free Choice and most of your contracts would never take place.  All contracts must be chosen by both parties in order to be activated.  Some of your choices are being chosen and some are not. But in that first stage of life, you also scripted something called your sacred contract.  This sacred contract was a back-up plan to all of your potential contracts.  It would only activate if the collective vibration of humanity reached a level of advancement that was not expected.  If everything lines up perfectly you would get the chance to fulfill your sacred contract, for there is one thing above all else that your soul can contribute to humanity.  When your sacred contract activates, you will find yourself in the greatest passion that is possible in human form. You came to this planet with a gift of divinity and  your sacred contract allows you to be in that divinity and share it with others.  There is one piece of God that you carry more of than anybody else does, and because the collective of humanity has now reached a stage in which that can be activated, you all have a chance to use it now.  The full activation of this contract may be spread out over several years, yet most of you are already feeling the anticipation of a great miracle this very day.  This is direct validation of what you are feeling; it is real and about to activate. 

These sacred contracts will take many forms. They may place you in a new direction for the rest of your life, or they may be completed in five minutes.  You may be filling up your gas tank when someone comes over and asks a question and in that moment that sacred contract may be activated.  What we will tell you is that once your sacred contract is activated, whether it is complete or not, your life will have the full satisfaction of your soul being on purpose.  Even if you never fully know what that sacred contract was, you will begin to experience a serenity and confidence of your own spirit, even while you still are in human form. That is the gift of your sacred contract and your greatest hope for yourself in this lifetime.   Expect it now, as it is possible.

The way the sacred contract is completed  or what it looks like is not the important part.   Instead, what matters is your willingness to enact the sacred contract because that is what draws it to you.  That is the piece that sets up the magnetics of the universe, which then changes the flow of energy to magnetize it to you.  Energy is always in motion.  When you create a structure for energy to gather around, it takes that form and crystallizes.  We tell you that the simplicity of this is understanding the concept of a sacred contract and creating a structure for energy to gather around the activation of the contract.

Actualization of Spirit in Human Form

You will find things changing very quickly.  They may not be what you expected them to be, so release your expectations.  Release your ideas of what is good and what is bad; release your ideas of what is successful and what is not. For only then  can you experience joy beyond your expectation, for you limit Spirit  when you hold those concepts.  You limit your own higher self as to how it can fulfill your greatest desires when you are attached to the outcome.  Yes, it is taught in many parts of the world that creation means creating an idea of what you want and being specific.  If you want money, be specific about the amount, the date you want to receive it, what it looks like, and what it feels like when you have your creation.  Those concepts worked well in the old energy, but they do not yield the same results in the new energy.   You have evolved far beyond those processes.  Now we give you a more accurate concept of the process.  Hold the thought and create a loose structure for the energy to gather around.  See this structure as a general idea that will magnetize like energy.  Don’t worry about specifics, just hold the thought and let it evolve.  This will enact your sacred contract and very quickly you will find that you are on this planet for something specific. 

Now right away when we speak about sacred contracts, you all dream, “Oh, that is great!  But just how am I going to make a living at it?”  Well, some of you will and some of you will not, but that is not what matters.  The important part is how are you going to make a ‘life’ at it?  Can you imagine walking every step of your life with an inner confidence, knowing that no regardless of what happened next it would be a wonderful experience for you?  That is what is ahead for all of you who choose to activate your sacred contracts. Your life on this planet as a part of God will be revealed as the veil is pushed aside.  It will reveal to you that you are the actuation of God.  You are the actualization of Spirit in human form.  

Plan “B”. . .  The If Contract

When you were in the planning stage of this life, writing all of your Plan B contracts, you are saying, “If we do not meet here at point A, we will meet here at point B.  And if we do not meet at point B, we will meet again at point C.  And if we do not meet at that point, we will not meet in this lifetime.  You will be my father, you will be my mother, you will set this up, you and I will meet in high school and my friend over here will steal you because I have to learn this lesson.” 

We set up these wonderful potentials and just before you came in, you scripted something called your sacred contract.  There were so many ifs included in front of it, that it never looked like anybody would ever activate this contract.  Now today, all those ifs are starting to line up.  This was the ‘Hail Mary shot’, if you will, of the soul and you said, “Just in case humanity reaches a high level not expected, this is what I am going to do while I am down here.”  And you scripted it.  Now is the time.  Pull it in.  Re-member it.  Feel it first then let it gather around that feeling.  Do not worry about trying to put a concept with it.  Do not worry about trying to pull in all the pieces and try to put them together in a neat little box with a ribbon on the top.  Just let it flow through you.  Let it be who you are.  We tell you it is not possible to identify your sacred contract until after it is done. Oh, you are so imaginative when you scripted these. Let the magic begin.

We tell you the vibrations of the collective of Earth have reached a level where you can now activate your sacred contracts, and know that this is only the beginning.  Yes, there are Earth changes ahead but re-member that you are in charge of your reality…plain and simple.  You can change your reality at any moment by changing the point of perception by which you are viewing it.  It is smoke and mirrors, so find the highest point of perception.  Find the way to use the mirrors to your advantage.  Find a way to see the gift in everything that happens and by doing so you change your reality instantly.  You start creating heaven on Earth.  You start moving that energy to be the highest expression of God that you can be on this planet.  It begins today.

The Candle that Shines Alone in the Dark

Many of you have ideas and dreams that were created by your passion. Some things you only have to think about to bring a smile upon your face.  We tell you that the fun part about this is that when you move into a sacred contract, it becomes easier for the person sitting next to you to move into their own passion.  The people you work with, the person you are married to, and your children then find it possible to do things differently.  So, be that candle that shines alone in the dark.  Have the courage to set that into motion for yourself—not necessarily to change the world, but to put a smile on your face.  Your dream was to play this Game pretending to be separate from the whole and pretending to be human, when in fact you are spirit. This life was never about entering a physical body to reach a level to ascend into spirit, instead it is about a spirit having a human experience.  What if you had a joyous human experience today?  That is what you came in to do.  That is how you can see God.  That is the base of your sacred contract that is possible this day.  That is how you can express the creations of your dream, not to evolve so high of a vibration that you are no longer on the Earth, but to bring the high vibrations to Earth and change all of it.

Be the magic.  Enact the sacred contract today.  It takes only a thought.  There is no magic and there are no steps 1, 2 and 3 that we can give you, for you must make them up yourself.  That is where the magic holds, so let it flow through you today.  Let yourself feel the energy of Home.  Let yourself be the expression of that magic—your smile, your joy, your passion felt in everything you do will help bring this together. you  If you hear that beautiful laughter over your shoulder, know that it is us re-minding you of Home and encouraging you along the way. For you came in with the greatest hope of pulling this veil over your face so tightly that you could not re-member who you were or re-member what you came to do. You have been wildly successful, so now it changes.  Enjoy the ride, dear ones.  Go for it!  Pull the veil off long enough to re-member your sacred contract.  Walk blindly into it with the anticipation of expecting a miracle, and you will create it.  Above all, do not forget to have fun.  That is what you came to do.  You came to enjoy the beautiful human expression.

We share with you today that there is much discourse that you will experience on this planet.  There is much energy rubbing against each another.  There are those who are resisting the new energy coming in by desperately hanging onto the old ideals and they are in all walks of life; they are in all levels of government and all levels of corporations and all levels of humanity. When you see it, first of all re-member that it is not your job to solve it. For much as a healer does not have a job to heal, they only have a job to create space for others to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves.  Do the same with the discourse that you see around you.  Smile.  First of all, see it for what it is.  It is a drama playing out of humans having a temper tantrum.  Much like you would treat a two-year old, tell them to go over here, not hurt anyone and when you are done with your tantrum come see me.  If you take the same attitude you will change the world tomorrow, for it is not changed on the news, it is changed in the heart.  Change it first in your heart and enjoy the ride. 

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three simple reminders.  Treat each other with the highest of respect, nurture one another at every opportunity that you have for you are nurturing yourself.  Re-member that it is a Game and play well together.

Espavo .

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