Spiral Timespace - Beacons of Light (August 2018)

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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. There was a moment just now, where we had to decide who was coming in and I stepped forward as this is my area of expertise. Sometimes we come in as the collective as well, but I am the Keeper of Time and I’ve come in this day to talk to you about time. There are so many things happening on your planet now. We’d like to start to make you aware so that you can see what is taking place, rather than be all wrapped up in chaos. This type of energy can literally take you away from what you’re working on, why you came there. It’s more important that you re-member who you are and the seeds that you came to plant on Earth. The timing is critical, so let’s speak for just a moment about time. I will keep it very basic so that you’ll understand the concepts of what I’m talking about.

The Illusion of Linear Time

Very simple. In the first collective dimension, you are all in unity. There is no separation, so there is no need for time. Time marks the illusion of the game. It’s created by the left side of your brain because the left side of the brain does nothing more than mark time. It takes all your experiences and everything you perceive then puts it in a little box with a date on it, in effect a timestamp. That’s how you integrate and live your lives through this linear time of past, present, and future. Well, as you may know, the past is just memory. We can tell you that because many of you have changed those memories even consciously, to find yourself free of many of the restrictions of your past. We’ve even given you that modality to work with, because it’s very appropriate that you step out of the restrictions caused by your past.

The future is a dream. It’s a hope, a possibility, but it’s not real. Neither is the past, which is very difficult for many of you to understand. You want to see a perfect place where you can find your perfect truths. Yet as you’re starting to realize, truth is somewhat subjective, especially in these times. That is the energy that you’re all stretching into, playing with, trying out, seeing what works for you in the highest state of everything that you are right now in the fifth dimension. So, let’s talk about that process. You’ve got past, present, and future. Of those three, there’s only one that’s real and that is the now moment.

Many of you meditate. Many of you do prayer, yoga and mindfulness exercises to clear your mind. All of that is placing you into the now moment, the only one of the three aspects that is real. If you wish to go into the past, you must do it from the now moment. If you wish to project into the future, you must do it from the now moment. Now, you typically tend to hide your difficulties in your past, while projecting your hopes and dreams into the future. Think about it for just a moment. Take a breath with me, let your eyes close for just a moment, and shift your energy about three weeks into the future.  Can you feel that energy? Take an energy snapshot of what that is. Open your eyes, come back into the now moment and take a deep cleansing breath. Good. Now once again, close your eyes. Let us take you three weeks into your past.  How does that feel?  Which one felt better? Open your eyes again, dear ones. That is exactly what we’re talking about.

Fear Can Only Live in the Future

It might also be helpful to know that fear only lives in the future. You’re not afraid in this moment, you’re only afraid of what may happen next. It’s not possible to project fear into the now moment. You may be angry or upset, but one cannot hold fear if they are anchored in the now moment. In truth, fear is a projection that can only live in the future. So, keep that in mind, dear ones.

Likewise, you’re not afraid of your past. It’s already happened. One may not like their past, but the only way they can sustain fear is to be afraid that one may repeat the experience in the future.  You’re not really afraid of the present moment because you’re safe here, right now. No matter what you’re experiencing, even if you are in pain, feel safe right now. If you find yourself projecting, it means you have stepped out of the now moment.

That is exactly one of the first steps that we teach. To come back into the now moment and know that no matter what happens in the future, you are safe right now.  You can breathe. In fact, much of our work with you is aimed at helping ground you into that now moment at every opportunity. This brings you the highest potentials of experiencing all of life. So that’s an important piece of the triad that three-dimensional time is divided into.

You Are God in the First Dimension = Unity or No Time

Now let’s look at the other dimensions. When we talk about the first collective dimension, this is what you actually call God. When you are Home, dear ones, you’re not separate. You have individual personalities, yes, but you’re not separate. You’re all a part of each other. Collectively you are God. It may be difficult to understand but each of you carries the whole of God within you, yet you express only a specific personality. That is what we call core personality. The same way that your forefinger has a personality quite different than that of your thumb. But they are connected and all a part of the same hand and body.  If your forefinger wants to connect with your thumb, all they do is think about it and it happens. The thumb instantly shows up. Your forefinger begins resonating with the signature vibration of your thumb and they come together as if being magnetically attracted.  So it is with anyone you think about when you’re Home.  Dear ones, there are no secrets at home. Because you are all a part of each other, it’s not possible to keep secrets from each other, nor would you.

The Perspective of Spirit

When you are Home the negative experiences that you had while you were on Earth, or in any other game, is shared with the collective as a proud badge. It’s viewed quite differently than the way you look upon it on Earth because you superseded it in some way. You’ve moved past it, which gave you a strength and an understanding that you shared with every other part of all that is. In the first dimension, there is no time because there is no separation. At Home in the first dimension, everything is in the now moment. Since there is no time and no separation, the past, present and future are all together as one.

The Second Dimension = Folded Time

The second dimension is a place that you traveled through.  You did not stay there, but you had to go through the second dimension to land in the third. In the second dimension you gained polarity, duality. It was necessary for you to have the experience of pretending that you are separate from the whole.  You see things as up, down, good, bad, right, or wrong, all the opposites that gave you contrast.  In the second-dimension time is folded, providing contrast to your separation game. Folded time is what happens when you take the now moment and give it contrast. This is where you start the marking of time. It’s only two dimensions, so it’s either the now moment or other than the now moment. In the second dimension you have second dimension time, so you start to experience the division of yourself from the whole. That’s when you are imprinted with this duality that you carry.  You even carry representations of it in your own physical being. You have two eyes, two arms, two legs, and possess many of those representations of the whole in that energy.

Third Dimension = Linear Time

Now you land in the third dimension, which you have been since the family of E grounded you on Earth. In the third dimension you have three dimensions of time. With linear time and in that place, you get the illusion that there is a past, present, and future for the first time. Not only can you experience the now moment, which you could also experience in the second dimension, but you can also remember your past and project into your future. It’s almost as if you have now mastered time.

With that mastery, you are having a full experience in a game of pretending to be separate on Earth. Your spirit is having a variety of experiences in the game. When your life is at an end, you will bring all those experiences Home. Then you have an opportunity to evaluate which ones you are finished with and which you wish to bring into your next lifetime. Then at some point you will share all your experiences with every other parts of God. This is what we refer to as being Home; everyone learns from what you call your mistakes.

We also tell you there is quite a joke about that at Home, dear ones. Let’s say that during your incarnation you had a great enemy. You simply are completely at odds with this person no matter what you try. You cannot even be in the same room or in the same energy with them at all.  When you get Home,you come across each other and slap each other on the back saying, “Oh, wasn’t that wonderful? We couldn’t remember the contract we made. Thank you for playing that part with me, it helped me to re-examine myself.  It helped me to step forward and learn.” Strangely enough, these experiences of fear and fear-based negative emotions are of great interest to the other parts of God. Because at Home those things don’t exist. So, this is an opportunity to learn from the entire experience in all eleven dimensions of time space. God is infinite, so God can do anything except see himself/herself. That is the reason for these games of pretending to be separate in the first place.

So, here you are in the third dimension of what we call collective dimensionality. The collective dimensions are the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth dimensions of time-space. Some time ago humanity began to move the entire game into higher dimensions. This is the intent of all games everywhere, even though none have accomplished this until now.

The Fourth Dimension = Circular Time

You may be aware that roughly 40 years ago humanity started moving very gently into the fourth dimension, which has different attributes. You started to see things that you could not see before. You started to have perceptions you did not have before. You’ve seen what’s happened on the planet. Even 40 years ago, there was a handful of people that could bring in spirits from Home and ground that light. In the beginning of humanity there were relatively few who could channel spirit. Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of these people that you call channels on your planet, all offering a slightly different voice. We tell you many of them are not even aware that they are channels.

Albert Einstein was a channel, as was Nikola Tesla. Beethoven, Picasso, Copernicus, Davinci and more, all brought in channels they were given even in the face of resistance of those who resisted change.  There are many beings on this planet who are given information and learn to trust it, to bring it through and to express it even in the face of those who do not wish to hear it. Those channels were somewhat few and far between even 40 years ago. Today that is opening greatly. That has a lot to do with the fact that you have started to move through the fourth dimension, most of which happened 35 to 40 years ago.

The fourth dimension is not a place to live in, but rather a place to move through to get imprints. It begins the process of rapid change, which has now led to a backlash of conservatism showing up globally. In the fourth dimension you have an interesting arrangement of time. Only a short time ago many of your teachers started talking about time being circular, and in the fourth dimension time is experienced that way. It can now be perceived as a circle. How does that work? It’s very simple.

If you take any one point of the circle you have an opportunity to experience something in your life. In circular time you imprint the circle with an experience. If you are complete with the experience and have mastered it, it leaves the circle. If not, that same experience will return in a different form as the circle of time revolves. Whether you are successful at it or not really doesn’t matter. It’s not about judgment and has nothing to do with good, bad, right or wrong. Again, in the fourth dimension, you can start losing that duality. However, it is very hard to do because you’ve always tried to find your truth, rules, life, and laws. You’ve tried to write down your truths specifically so that you could turn around and teach them to those that followed behind you. Yet here you’re starting to understand that there really is no right or wrong. In that sense, the fourth dimension has a different perception entirely. Some still hang onto the old third dimensional realities,while many beings have intentionally not stepped into the fourth dimension. Others feel as if they have been pushed into something they did not choose.

Humans Resist Change

Some of the resistance has to do with the great fear caused by change. Many even revolted against change, holding their old truths even when all the evidence shows otherwise.  Unfortunately, your news is filled with this daily, every place you look. In the fourth dimension, time is now a circle and that also means that you can see that everything is repeated. We’ve taken this linear time and wrapped it into a circle. If you are on one spot on the timeline and are complete with an experience, then it tends to go away. If there is something residual within your being that is not clear or settled, being in circular time you will repeat the experience again. It also means that you can go back into your history and clean up many of those patterns that stay in your lives repeatedly. Circular time in the fourth dimension is something you all have the opportunity to be imprinted with.

Fifth Dimension = Spiral Time

Most of you watching and reading this have clearly gone through that. You’ve landed in the fifth dimension and you’re trying to sort this out, trying to make it work. Well, in the fifth-dimension time is both the line and the circle. It is a spiral and in spiral time things are quite different. Oh, you’re so accustomed to living in the third dimension. Even your own brain works in a linear fashion; one thought at a time. When you have spiral time, no matter where you are on the timeline you can look across to see something else. You can take shortcuts to you clear things up in your past more easily. By jumping sideways, you will notice opportunities which you’ve never seen before. You can even travel in time. Particularly with those of you watching and reading this right now, almost 90 percent of you travels in time. You’ve come back to be here at this moment. Not only to observe and watch but to make a difference, bring your energy and insights. Now that you are here, do you remember them?  No, not always in your head, but you remember them in your heart. That is the key to where you’re going, spiral time and thought. Spiral living now blends the energy of the third and fourth dimensions together, to bring you this beautiful forward movement with a new perspective.

Experiences still repeat themselves, as it does in circular time. You still have opportunities to clear things that you had not cleared before. However, it becomes easier because you can turn it around in the spiral and see what you did the last time you were there. That allows you to also clear many things, by going back and forth in a whole different way. These are the elements we will be working as we move you to the morphogenic bodies, taking you to the next step of your existence here on planet Earth. This is for those of you who wish to stay and watch some of the beautiful things that are going to take place. Those who want to be a part of one of the greatest changes that have ever taken place anywhere.

For some time now, we’ve been talking about that all eyes are on planet Earth. It is much more than that. You’re opening the door to create an entirely new light in a new way, and this never been done before on this level. You can ground your light and make a difference here right now in the spiral of time. The next time this comes around to the same spot on the spiral you’ll look back and say, “I know that I’ve worked with that, I remember this.” You will know exactly what’s coming, thus the fear will be greatly reduced.

You will have the opportunity to take it in stride, to prepare yourself and even anticipate with joy every moment of the future.  When spiral time and thought is mastered, fear has no place to hide. And when fear no longer exists, you cannot be manipulated. You start to become part of the whole, even though you are in the fifth dimension and you start reconnecting to the hearts around you. It is very similar to what you did in the days of Lemuria. It is coming back, dear ones, the open hearts of Earth are in place. Now we will see how you work with it. We welcome you to this place on Earth right at this moment. Your space has been reserved, you’re now sitting in the chair and main feature is about to start. Know in every part of yourself that you are here on purpose with a perfect answer, as you move through spiral timespace. Enjoy the ride, dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time.



Greetings from Home, dear ones.

I am the Scientist of the Heart and I come today to share more with you about the spiral timespace aspect. As the Keeper of Time mentioned, spiral time offers you different perspectives and various points of perception. Because of that, you can jump from one level to the next.  That’s not possible with linear time or even with circular time. As you start uncovering spiral timespace, you’re going to find that new things are possible. It isn’t only happening with those at the top echelon of evolution, but with everyone because the collective has now reached the fifth dimension. Of course, most people have no clue about that. Although they can feel something’s different, they still wake up and put on their third dimensional selves. They follow the third dimensional rules, which doesn’t always work the same way now. In spiral timespace, everyone is starting to see things differently. So, was spiral timespace always there? Yes, it’s not timespace that has changed here, dear ones, it’s humans that have changed. The spirits pretending to humans have now reached a level of vibration where you can perceive the spiral timespace that was always there.

With this new perception, you may begin stepping out of the density of the game, you’ll be changing your own abilities within your physical body. Over time, you’ll be losing density. Over the next 40 years there is a whole and entire transition that will take place amongst all humans that choose to participate. You’re still the planet of free choice, so there will be quite a few who choose not to do that for one reason or the other. However, those of you who wish to will be moving into higher vibrational bodies. You will extend your life substantially and you also won’t have the density. As the Earth goes through her changes, you’ll be in a different position to observe and play that new game that’s forming on planet Earth right now.  These are all taking place now, then over the next 10 years or so there will be the opportunity to move into what we have termed the morphogenic body. That is the first stage of this evolutionary process. It includes understanding spiral timespace, spiral thought, living in the spiral, how to best make use of that. There’s also an interesting process occurring that we wish to tell everybody about so that you can be forewarned: you’re not the only one experiencing spiral timespace. There are people and business who have been on watch for this sort of thing, so they would be able to use it for their self-advancing purposes.

Watch for the Scams

What happens is that you can see forward and backwards much better than you could before. There are many beings, dear ones, who wish to use this for their own advancement and purposes. As a result, right now on planet Earth you have more of what you would call scams going on than ever before. What do we mean by a scam? It could be something you receive in your email that states Microsoft is trying to reach you because you have a virus on your computer. Or perhaps someone calls you on the phone and tells you the IRS is trying to contact you, so you need to call this phone number to avoid being prosecuted. There are all kinds of things that are taking place on this planet, like never before. Please be careful, dear ones, and be on the lookout for these as spiral timespace makes it easier to deceive.

Many things are taking place because you don’t have control of the Internet the way you once did. That may be changing at some point, too. The people who introduced a world wide web are also working on a new level that works through blockchain and cannot be controlled in the ways even your Internet can be today. Spiral thought is also being used by those who wish to motivate or control you. All we ask is that you simply become aware of the now moment. How does your heart feel right in this very moment? That will keep you safe from all those that wish to use spiral timespace and spiral processes to influence you. You are experiencing more happening on this planet than ever before. For instance, people who often lie and then repeat their lies over again until they are believed are using spiral time.

Those Intentionally Out of Integrity

In very short time, humans will evolve to the point at which they will not tolerate the lies anymore. They simply will demand that people become more integrated. Integrity plays a huge role in this. Even as you move out of circular time into spiral timespace, those who are out of integrity will rise to the surface. It’s an interesting process. We’ve mentioned this before when we channeled the book Spiritual Psychology through the Keeper. Those who are out of integrity tend to put themselves in places where everyone can see them. You love to watch them, some are even what you call actors. But they’re not the people that they’re pretending to be. They are out of integrity intentionally and you love to watch them as they do that. You will put them in places where you can see them all the time. Not that they’re bad people, but they’re acting. You love to watch it, which is fascinating to us. You even judge them on how well they act then give awards for the best acting. We find this absolutely fascinating to watch. However, in spiral timespace that can be used against you, especially in the beginning. So, we’re asking you all to become more aware. Be a little bit skeptical, watch everything. Take it all in. Don’t miss out on or turn your back on anything, because life is much too short for that. We simply ask you to become more aware, even a little wiser, to recognize that spiral timespace is here. It’s different and there are even people who will start to use it against you.

Become aware of what you call the scams on your planet, for they are growing in numbers and intensity.That the middle classes in many places throughout the world has not seen advances in their income in a very long time propagates many of these scams. People are reaching out to try and bring in money in whatever ways that they can. Please do not judge them but be aware of them, and do not feed them by your ignorance.

There are no bad people. They are humans just like you, some of them are scared and others are greedy. Some of them are simply looking for shortcuts. In spiral timespace it’s easier to find those shortcuts than ever before. So, this is a little bit of a cautionary tale that we’re sharing. Be aware of that as you step to this next level, there will be many of those who wish to get their hands in your pocket or motivate you to do things out of fear. Be cautious, stay aware and be in the light. It’s my greatest honor to bring this to you at a point in your evolution where you can hear it. You are doing outstanding things on your planet and we are so incredibly proud of each one of you, so keep up the good work. As the Time Keeper would say, well done, dear ones. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am the scientist of the heart and I wish you all espavo.

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Buttercup 1st September 2018 10:28 am

Thank you for explaining what is the 4th Dimension. So many people are talking about our ascension from 3D to 5D, I was wondering where 4D fitted in; it makes so much sense. I've been working through old repeating patterns to try and identify my own part in the repetition and since February 2018 so much has surfaced that I was in denial about. I am quite confident now that some patterns that I have experienced will not be revisited. I am more awake to my own being and finding it much easier to stay in the present; there's the occasional lapse but they don't take hold of me in the way they were doing in the first five and a half decades of my life!!


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