12/10/16 StarGates Activating to Cycle Through 12/21 Aligning Phase

Aloha beautiful Star-Light Family,

We had a bit of StarGate activity this morning/over night... which continues....

Years ago, one sequence dialing would have shaken my world. Everything goes sideways so that we can see what is out of alignment within us and bring our inner/outer realities into alignment ourselves. Then, the next StarGate(s) re-dial a new sequence and boom, that fast, we are in another reality, time to observe, release/cleanse cellular programs, get those realities straight, then another StarGate will re-dial, do it all again.

The 12/11-12/21 natural Gateway Alignments are systemically increasing profoundly as we go. In 2012, we started with one dialing at a time that would last days/a week or more to resolve then shift. In 2013, we were up to a 3-4, then in 2014 were up to 12 cyclings in one day. Talk about multi-dimensional wow'ness. In 2015 we hit 33! Today, we began with 13 to continually increase as we continue through this initiation passageway now. 

A few years ago, the days that we would dial, then an hour later, dial again and cycle through 12 a day, those were "tough" at the time. It was "rapid clean up time" before all started to re-align again.... and then... the awesome stuff would occur. Stars/StarGates would align galactically/cosmically/energetically/inner Earth.... our Crystalline Bodies activating with each one, more and more and more. When alignment occurs, everything "not pure divine essence Powerful Love" gets shaken to it's core to dis-integrate/dissolve so that higher consciousness loving realities can take their place. 

Over the years, consistently, we've activated more StarGates, more alignment, continually, with each major cosmic/planetary alignment within us/out there re-aligning more/faster.... as all speeds up vibrationally to slow all down inside.... and out there.

Last year's 12/12 12/21 we were up to 33 StarGate alignments, for me I went fully into the Galactic Core and depth of my own Soul fully, to collapse anything left of old gridwork in my own physical body structure, while working galactically "in space" to clear the heavy duty stuff for our collective existence here. Intense was an understatement, and we all have to do this... some of us chose to "do it first" to "suffer/clear" the brunt of the the intensity, because we can handle it/it's part of our chosen job/purpose/missions here. This entire year has been so much easier and magical than ever, because of where I am in my own personal embodiment journey here.

Now, this morning we hit "13 cycles", which activates Gaia's inner Crystalline Structure more and our own crystals in our bodies to start shaking/come online more. I see that we have not even begun for what is to come when this Gateway fully opens. 

Our physical bodies are going through continual upgrades, re-calibration, continual re-alignment and re-configuration through the embedding of our higher galactic soul codes and sequences INTO OUR PHYSICAL BODY STRUCTURES. Old programs cannot stay. They are being pushed out with greater force as we go. They are triggering stronger "out there" and causing a "frenzy" energetically in many's inner-outer worlds. Our cells have gone Super-Mega-Quantum. They energize and move ballistically inside continually now. The difference is as a Quantum Light BEing, we are not frazzled, for it amplifies that which we hold as love. We love our bodies, we are consicous of our own actions, thoughts, words and everything that goes on around us and we 


Saint 13th December 2016 1:21 am

So glad to see lisa on here, I have been following her for a while on Facebook and she is always so spot on with the ascension process..

She is just what spirit library needs. She is the real deal..

Love her!!!


Saint 13th December 2016 9:37 pm

Oh well, to each his own.. Lol.. A lot of the "messages" on spirit library are rather flat and dull.. I guess we resonate with our own light tribe..

Maybe you need some cookies with your messages? Lmao..

:2funny :2funny :2funny :2funny

Saint 14th December 2016 4:22 am

Was only joking. Sorry if I offended you.. Wasn't meaning to.


QSUSA 14th December 2016 7:01 am

Hi Lisa,
TY for this Message, BLESSU!
I don't understand what U mean by Cyclings and how they Correlate to V amount Uv StarGates Encountered within a time period.
It makes me think of a correspondence with Oscillation rate/freqqquency, and when U give number/rates of Cyclings+Stargates,
I think U mean as our frequency /Vibrational Rate Increases, We Access those StarGates as We R both th Receipients uv+ R th wave uv Light, tht in part encompasses Entry into th StarGate.

I think tht's what U mean. Is it? I am just trying to understand both th numerical rates u quoted as well as everythi g else entailed in Ur message.
TY if it is possible for U to answer this.
Either way, I Appreciate Ur Message.


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