12/12 Gateway: Extreme of Extremes

12/12 Gateway: Extreme of Extremes as the Influx of Divine Masculine Continues to "Stir It Up Huge" and Activate Higher Mind Consciousness, Inner Integrity, Inner Power, Inner Strength, Inner Responsibility, Inner Accountability, Inner Duality & More... 

This evolution process is a huge one and the more WE Embody all of our Higher/Soul aspects, the easier the physical becomes. We do not participate, allow or call forth unconscious anything anymore. The moment this presents, WE know how to deal appropriately (and how much "force" to exert energetically to each energy/aspect that presents). This is where Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are necessary, and balance within is required. Any imbalance will activate distortions/old programs to play out for purification/cleansing of the emotional/physical/mental bodies and simultaneously the physical reality too.... 

Many have worked for years to hold Divine Feminine energies, re-birthed their inner child to play in the bliss & magic (to move into "growing up phase" and "get out there phase"). The "younger aspects" living in bliss and magic say "I don't want to know how it all works, I just want to live in bliss, magic and happy". Well, that's awesome, yet we only get to live in bliss for awhile, then you bring that bliss along and it's time to STEP UP and into Creator/Power/Source roles, totally accountable, totally responsible for everything transmitted out, every program that runs in within a reality.... no more unconscious, turn a blind eye, pretend anymore, taking the "easy way" for humans...

Observing a multitude of collectives

The substantially increasing influxes of Divine Masculine energies are affecting all lower energies strongly now. This amped up when the Sirian "Changing of the Guards" began in early/mid 2015. "In Your Face" realities for the human aspect, which continues to increase/amplify with these mega-high Diamond Light Codes that move all out of anything unconscious and further into the magical magnificence of higher consciousness existence now. These "push" human aspects, for they don't "like" to open up, let go, the perceived unknown. These activate higher-mind consciousness (pineal/headaches), as well as inner integrity, inner responsibility and where one is human, requires polarity to bring "vibrationally out-of-alignment" into visibility. Ascended aspects do not need this polarity to see, to act or do..... Human's are in the phase of seeing all lack of integrity "out there" to challenge their own inner integrity. "Figuring it all out inside" is a huge part of the logistics of how these processes work, a part that many didn't want to deal with before. 

I'm observing the "spiritual community" getting challenged too, for all must transition from being spiritual (we don't resonate with this word after awhile), into full consciousness.... the "froo-frooey" love energy that once was necessary, the laid back hippie us, the "I just want to be love" ... it's awesome, yet not quite practical to fulfill higher purposes & missions here. We all do have to go through this phase though. It's an important process for us all. The hierarchy, the fronts/faking it... this goes when Divine Masculine comes into play.

For me, I was lucky enough to choose (program my reality) with a spiritual teacher that represented heavy Atlantean Energies of corruption, misuse of power, predator, mind-control, narcissism (all human words to show our own lack of power/love inside) to really shake my world up and "teach me" what NOT TO BE and it sent me in the other direction and required that I not compromise INTEGRITY ever again. Really messed with my head, which was the point, for this is HOW we work through deep separation inside, really triggered my inner everything, my physical body going haywire to cleanse/clear impurities, lack of power/ giving my power away, compromising my own SOUL to see all that was human in my own world to deal with. Transcending those realities meant that I had to stand up and say "no", use the anger inside consciously and walk away from the whole thing because it was no longer acceptable in my own reality world anymore. Not before I opened my heart fully and "tried" to help him see, tried to give him a choice to be honorable, tried to show him and told him how much suffering he was going to go through if he kept on that path... yet he chose and I chose too. I chose to honor me as a beutiful Divine Powerful Light BEing here. Freedom is bliss and it opens the door for amazingness to come forth and materialize for us all as we do.

We are experiencing Earth Gaia and the Galactic Universes merge higher dimensions in our atmosphere/physical on a daily basis now. We are in super strong Divine Masculine, that opens the neural pathways of the brain activating Christed Consciousness which links the higher heart to the higher mind to bring forth the ability to understand how all works and it requires that each step-up/stand in integrity, all of the time. Where one lacks this, it will show up in thier own physical reality world, however it needs to and in a multitude of ways. These frequencies "challenge" the human aspect. This is the point. This is where each has to "figure it out" and constantly APPLY higher consciousness wisdom/intelligence to absolutely everything. These are the "you have to be it & do it now" frequencies. No more trying to avoid it. If you do, it will be in your face with each timeline collapse/unification that occurs.  

The other day, when the Gateways opened, the words were "Extreme of the Extremes". This is because the amount of Power that comes forth with this continually increasing SWEEPING of the Earth with huge influxes of Divine Masculine...this breaks down the ability for the human aspect to maintain control anymore. These "break/break through" the strong walls, energetically, emotionally, physically.... whichever or all that you require  in your own reality, dictated by the energy that you hold. Those walls will come down, those protection mechanisms will go, that ability to fight/control will go. The human/Atlantean/Reptilian ego masculine (all the same thing) is "losing" control, which kicks it's "trying to maintain control" into higher gear.....

Extreme narcissism, the human words to label passive aggressive manipulation energies intensifies for those who still hold this unconscious programming inside. When one tactic doesn't work, "they" will flip to another.... yet where each holds their own inner power inside, there is no more "playing in this anymore".... triggering/activating "another tactic", yet those don't work either for the Awakened and Conscious Light BEing and fully aligned Soul.

In denser unconscious realities, you will see more acting out, more extreme, more chaos, more desperation from those who are still playing in unconscious realiteis that collapse at record speed of Light now. If you see it, then it doesn't have to be yours (anymore). If it incites a feeling or reaction within you, then it is. If you engage, then it is. If you HOLD your reality from a place of deep inner connection, deep inner peace, no polarity, deep love and understanding, then you can maintain and expanded state and let realities go play out elsewhere.... 

Part of higher consciousness realities is HOLDING HIGHER REALITIES in place. Human's don't like this part, as it puts RESPONSIBILITY to choose/decide back on them. WE don't try to save one from waking up, that was the old human mis-perceived way. We understand how/why everything occurs, how all was created and that the strong human/ego aspect REQUIRES CERTAIN TYPES OF AWAKENINGS to occur to get their attention. Shock value is just one of those ways... it shocks each "back into conscousness", it causes each to get their stuff straight.... I had to go through it and so will everyone... for if we require this, then it has to, until we don't require the harshness anymore.... It's the balancing out of our own distortions to the extreme. 

This whole process can be done with great ease, great love and through the Divinity and Purity of Love and deep Sacred Respect/Honor by all. It can be done by coming together, unifying, working together, looking out for each other, sharing, inspiring, supporting... yet the human aspect won't participate in this way, it still "tries" to play the old way. It doesn't yet understand how all of this works. It see's through skewed lenses and applies limited perceptions, assumptions and old values to a system that doesn't work that way anymore. It has a "my way" attitude, thinks of itself, operates from survival mode and "fears" letting those walls down, a mis-perception of losing power and unconsious program of getting hurt, being taken advantage of.... EVERYTHING IS THE OPPOSITE HERE. 

In Unity, WE DO all FOR EACH OTHER.... not against each other or for just one. Everyone contributes, shares and looks out for each other. For humans, money/things/self identities take precedence and these things show how human one really is. Everything we have is for all of us, we use all to make a difference, to support our Missions here. Human separates off into "this is mine", which "causes" a reality of separation and collaspse to start to play out. As a higher-self-being, we SEE CAUSE and EFFECT. We see in equations, geometrics, codes, sequences, dynamics, ratios and percentages. Opening up only 10%, sharing only 10%, gets you a 10% return. Opening up fully, 100%, contributing 100%, focusing 100%, intentionally doing 100%, sharing 100%, activates a 100% return. Yet, it comes as each achives that vibration, in increments.... for this is a non-linear reality.... where you move between aspects, dimensions, realities and you must integrate each aspect fully within you, which activates that aspect's gifts, that aspect's abundance, that aspect's knowledge, that aspect's abilities..... and each must hold ALL of these consciousnessness fully in everything to embody that aspect and to fully experience the gifts that each one offers here. 

When you shrink down, go unconsious, forget... your reality is the one that is affected and you call forth all realities to play out until you can expand beyond the limits that each presents. Challenges are necessary for expansion. Physical, emotional, mental, for your heart & mind must synchronize to the same frequency of higher-light-love conscousness (Unity).... for where you FUNCTION FROM.... not your "go to" when you need it to get by. 

WE do not live in realities of "just getting by" anymore. That was the human's way. You are here to BE more, DO more, OFFER/CONTRIBUTE more, receive and experience more JOY more, more pure realities, love more, play more.... We don't survive, we THRIVE abundantly in every way. All of your walls must come down so that you can expand fully and return to multi-dimensional exquisiteness and higher consciousness existence here. 

All are moving into higher integrity, higher power, higher love, higher everything sacred. Deep sacred Respect for yourself, your body.... a connection each "lost" in the "fall from consciousness" .... 

This is a RETURNING, a REMEMBERING through your higher-heart-soul-mind and all that you TRULY ARE. Extreme intelligence returns, abundance gifts to support you in your missions/roles/purposes here. You have to desire this and it must be important to you.... more important than holding onto a fear-based-judmental-lack-filled human reality and keeping trying to re-create old realities from old programs that won't work anymore.  This is an overhaul/reconstruction of your entire value system. From the inside out. ?

The weather is showing these extremes as heavy duty energies mix, merge, cleanse & clear. These extremes shall continue to cleanse the Earth, anchoring more Divine Energies in the physical. The chaos is necessary to awaken the sleeping human aspect so that the PURE SOUL can emerge from within. The desire for a DIFFERENT REALITY must be stronger than the desire to hold onto the old ones.... These energies provide this, igniting the fire/flame of the SOUL and Divine Sacred Union to burn off old energies/residue, to activate SOUL DRIVE, DETERMINATION and DESIRE to come through, to "marry" all aspects in Holy Union within your BEing. To accomplish this, each distortion activates to cleanse/clear from the cellular memory/imprints of the physical body and to bring all into further balance inside. 

Now, there are many dimensions of Earth available and the one you experience will reflect your highest state of consciosuness that you've been able to achieve thus far. These frequencies make all visible, so that you can choose, and determine the physical dimension you desire to phyiscally occupy at any give time. Your vibration creates, your transmission creates, your consciousness/unconsciousness dictates/creates your entire experience here. 

Bliss, magic, freedom or one of limits, duality and lack of love for yourself/all as one. These frequencies activate extreme duality to play out for all who still function in a polarity driven reality/world. When you do not require the polarity to drive you, to get you busy, then polarity will go in your own world. Each now functions as their own Universe now. The old gridlines that tied us/bound us to the old diminished completely in December 2015. These frequencies take you to your CORE, the Galactic Core, the Grand Central Sun.... all within you and this is where you function from as the old completely goes.... ?

On the flip-side, higher consciousness realities are in the most magnificent, magical, amazing frequencies now. The suffering was the battle between the head and the heart, ego vs. soul, the refusal to open up fully, the not wanting to listen or see as a higher self being. WE not only listen, we see, we honor and we deal... right then... appropriately and in reponse to the ENERGY that presents. Human words mean nothing, we hear/see/feel truth and this gives us the POWER to shift any reality however we desire to experience it here. ?

I so deeply love you! Keep shining and having the most amazing everything! StarGates active the last 3 days... aligning energetically, yet we have not even begun yet.... It's been days of anchoring new light encodements/fillaments in our physical body structures and physical reality too. 

p.s. You will find that you will "stop" old realities in their tracks. Humans don't like this very much. They will have judgment according to their own mis-perceptions/lenses and no power/control when you don't "play" anymore. You didn't come here to be popular. That is a human thing. You came here to hold higher consciousness realities in place. Pure Love is not a doormat. Everyone matters and when you honor and respect you, as love, fully and compltely with all that you ARE.... then you open the door of opportUNITY for all to love and respect you (and themselves) fully too. ? You are the EXAMPLE, THE WAYSHOWER...


ShelleyT 19th December 2016 1:58 pm

All I can say is WOW & thank you ??????????????

Toni 20th December 2016 6:22 am


We can think both sides of the love/fear flip...
We can feel both sides of the love/fear flip...
We can only act on one...love or fear.
All other timelines collapse at this choice point.

Cheers :)


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