12/12 Portals Opened on 12/11 for Recoding/Integration

All of these new codes are available to all who are ready to integrate these on a cellular and body template level and synchronize fully with their field to connect up further to the Crystalline Grid of our NEW Earth and Galactically too. This is a Gateway, a passageway of opportUNITY for each. To open up fully, release/transcend all "old" linear/fixed/held onto/stored mentalities, programs and limited beliefs. We've begun the "cycling through" to see what is not fully aligned on our highest levels of consciousness and align it all ourselves... from within.

Yesterday, the most beautiful portals opened and flooded our systems/planet/cosmos with PURE DIVINE LOVE, bringing all into higher consciousness, more awareness, more abilities, more realizations, more capabilities, more power to shift, tune, align and shift easier, faster... 

Quantum doesn't have the limits and long drawn out processes that linear does. The linear mind wants to understand it all through applying "old" practices that basically "drag it all out" and take much longer to see/clear. Quantum means getting out of our human mind and shifting to our own higher heart/higher mind consciousness to SEE. To OBSERVE with all new understandings that shift from "human to human" expectation, judgment, assumptions, need and stories to SEEing from a SOUL PERSPECTIVE completely. Everything. No more "against" each other, no more victims, no more "past".... and brings all to THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE. It collapses the "this happenED" and carrying forth what's no longer "real". It shifts all to "what's going on right now", how are you/we VIEWING ALL, holding onto, re-creating, carrying forth, still keeping going because WE have not resolved/dissolved the ENERGY/EMOTIONS that were suppressed and re-create those programs to keep occurring until all of that energy is gone and our HEARTS CAN OPEN FULLY to shift out of those timelines completely. With our heads and our bodies. Through our own highest consciousness, no longer feeding/supporting/believing/hiding from/suppressing those lower vibrational/unconscious emotions of hurt, victim, who did what to who/duality. Each has to be READY to resolve/dissolve and BRING LOVE THROUGH to take its place. One has to be ready to be HAPPY, really truly happy and love themselves fully again. No more ego self-sabotage, beating the self up due to a story, that represents all existences rolled up into one for TRANSCENDING from this SPACE RIGHT HERE.

DIVINE LOVE is profound. It's pure, it's beyond beautiful and it flows through our UNIVERSE that we walk in when we ALLOW IT TO, when we open up to it and are ready to FEEL it and FLOOD our own REALities with it too. The Portal that opened brings through so much love to show us anything/everything that is not this. It makes "not love" visible in a multitude of ways. It will present within us and all around us for us to SEE/REALIZE/UNDERSTAND and then choose to shift the vibration of our EXPERIENCES into this. We all have this power/ability. We just have to CHOOSE to utilize it --- in every moment, in how we live our lives, in how we treat ourselves, each other, everything... 

The Dimensional Timeline we physically occupy is relative to the vibration we are able to hold ALL OF THE TIME. Not just when we have fear or lack present to "push us" or drive us/awaken us/shake us awake, but all of the time. Every moment. Our experience RETURNS TO US a vibrational response to any programming that we still hold inside. It's up to each one of us to REALLY TRULY SEE OURSELVES and DECIDE .... which timeline we are ready to live in. Our absolute highest consciousness one (Unity-Love-Consciousness) or our Unconscious one (Separation/Duality/Linear programming/Fear/Suppression/Victim/Lack/Karmic) ones.

NEW PROSPERITY CODES have been activated/delivered to each who are vibrationally ready to integrate these within their own UNIFIED BODY TEMPLATE and cellular processors. These codes activate as each IMPLEMENTS HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE in all new ways. As each unites to anchor more Heaven on Earth here. As each opens up to THE BIGGER PICTURE and shifts their own view to focus on this, allowing their own realities to re-align easier to support higher consciousness existence for all here. Each can use the 888 Infinity Code to activate this for ALL. This is not an "individual code" if you will. Each individual will receive, yet these codes apply to COLLECTIVE UNITY and prosperity for all who are truly ready to step up/step forth to create, support, contribute, offer/contribute/share for all of humanity/galactically as a Cosmic Consciousness Networking System here. Each's contribution through Pure Divine Love activates these naturally, easily and automatically... Each union amplifies this exponentially now. ♥

Quantum Expansion and Timeline Shifting: Occurring faster/easier now. Each's ability to expand their own consciousness beyond the physical is easier too, yet new ways of functioning as gravity shifts and light activates in the body requires continually re-acclimating to higher frequency existence, constantly integrating these new light codes within the body template and continually applying Highest Consciousness Existence to how each lives their life, every action, every thought, every transmission, every exchange. All Unconsciousness increasingly dissolves.

Each's beliefs will be hugely challenged. Every facet of existence will too. What was true/is true will constantly change, what was hidden continually coming to LIGHT/becoming visible. Hidden agendas exposed, how all was suppressed, each now opening up to DISCLOSE, where SHARING AND OPENNESS RULE here. 

BRINGING UNCONSCIOUSNESS INTO CONSCIOUSNESS: Intolerance replaces tolerance, new awareness replaces ignoring/ignorance, undisputable "Proof" to wake the human aspect up continues to surface/be exposed/shown, as well as each dimension experience delivering the experiences relative to each's current "level" of consciousness now. 

Destroying our Earth and not caring about each other... no longer tolerable. The make-shift prisons that came to be no longer hold as each breaks out of the shackles of unconsciousness and opens the doors/portals to higher consciousness existence now. The HOLD that all had by spreading fear, inciting hate and TIGHTENING THE REINS to keep each in a place of submission and fear.... increases collapse/dissolving, so that all can be REPLACED with that which supports all flourishing, thriving and living realities that represent DREAMS that used to only be accessible by "wishing/seeing/knowing" (higher/alternate dimensions) before. No longer focused on acquiring things, titles and feeding a whole that "needed" something to prove worth(iness), vibrating through a 5th Dimensional Portal Opening, means that each now is driven by new importance. Happiness, Joy, Love and Unity. Inspiration, beauty and peace. These replace "things" that human ego attaches to. Higher Dimensional existence is not attached to anyone/anything/any story anymore. All of that goes and is REPLACED by a deep Sacred Connection from INSIDE with ALL again AS LOVE. This connection OVERRIDES all separation that once existed. This connection inspires and holds deep/highest levels of respect, love, integrity and honor to UNITY LOVE REALITIES and supporting/fueling/creating/anchoring NEW EARTH REALITIES instead.

In order for this to occur, each's heart must open, every chakra must be fully opened and cleared. Expansion & Elevation of Consciousness beyond the physical is necessary too. Everything can activate/assist with this when each understands how all works. This means opening our minds, stretching our minds, relaxing our bodies/tuning our bodies to a higher vibration too and always being ready for NEW. 

Our bodies go through immense transitions, re-coding our DNA and Genetics with every activation too. Our bodies activating Star BEing DNA, Atlantean, LeMUrian, Galactic, God, Angel, all Ascended Aspects, which "triggers" a clearing of our distorted programs/DNA encodements on every level, which is a huge process, processes within processes, continual phases that weave through every well and activate LIGHT ENCODED INTELLIGENCE where our Photonic Light gives us the ability to travel/transverse infinite dimensions in wake & sleeping state simultaneously, interchanging these states continually. Our bodies identifying old programs go into a cellular cleansing process, bio-electric energy & plasma expands our bones/skull, zooms through our neural pathways/transmittors/receptors/network in our bodies opening all up and releasing pent-up emotions anchored in the body and unable to remain, as light needs to move through the body to re-wire our nervous systems, to re-wire how we function, taking our systems offline to re-tune, re-code and further develop our CRYSTAL/LINE PROCESSING SYSTEMS linked to Earth Gaia, every planet, the entire cosmos and other galaxies too. Our light (Body) is not bound to the linear "rules" of the old. Constant and continual communication with all life forms through our full consciousness, our bodies constantly "dialing" (StarGate) codes to move us in & out of multi-dimensional timelines all simultaneously. Our perception and full consciousness give us the ability to observe this and be aware of all. Our physical realities (physical matter) taking form to return a physical experience FOR US... OUR BELIEFS DICTATE ALL. 

Our ability to TUNE to infinite timelines through our HOLOGRAPHIC FIELD ACCESS allows us to re-tune realities too. This often requires all of our focus, as it takes our whole body and our field to be tuned to the highest vibrational everything in order to re-code physical matter on how it's taking form for us here. Disruptions/distractions have to be minimized/cut completely out when we need to tune, while other times we can bang through realities as love and it's easy, all comes forth naturally BECAUSE we maintain our energy focus ALL OF THE TIME and do not allow for these disruptions/distractions on a continual basis anymore. Everything transmits frequencies and if we are not in-tune with everything, then we are receiving unconscious transmissions and allowing them "through" our field. If we are not totally in-tune and HOLDING THE HIGHEST VIBRATION ALL OF THE TIME, then we are transmitting lower frequencies out. It takes our total PRESENCE, awareness and ALL OF OUR ABILITIES working together to maintain all simultaneously to stay synchronized, noticing when something is "off" or not aligned/transmitting lower frequencies, so that we can shift all ourselves. 

Every particle and body system has to be re-worked to function at optimum capabilities in order to process our higher light consciousness with ease. Our nervous system, brain, thyroid, endocrine, lymphatic, auditory, visual, every organ/gland, our blood, skin and fascia... all must be re-constructed through Quantum Codes that replace linear processes (completely). This is an intricate and continual process that is always occurring now. 

In July 2017, our Earth and every inhabitant underwent a serious Kundalini Awakening (again), yet on a collective level and whole new magnitude like never before. All's Earth Star & Soul Star Codes were activated fully to spiral/coil up and down/through and out the spine (head and fee) to re-connect all Universally/Cosmically and to Gaia too. Every chakra was activated (blown open for many) to start releasing suppression/distortions "housed" in the body that now REQUIRE RELEASE. This opened the ROOT chakra fully (again) for collectives to clear all fear/security/self-preservation/safety programming representing/transmitting old illusory beliefs to expedite/accelerate collective cleansings that affect all and "move" higher consciousness "in". This began a cycling process, where the 8/21 SOULar/Total Eclipse opened everything "wide open", for the heavy fog/veils of amnesia to finally (and continually lift). Cycling up and down the Earth's/Earthly Body Chakra System, each month we've "added" a new chakra cleansing on a collective level. If you observe, you will notice that the root chakra was prominent through September, and October added in the Sacral Chakra (sexual explosion to open up "healing" where birthing/creation energy is suppressed), triggering more to open their SOULar (Plexus) Chakra (Ra/Power Energy) and Inner Power emerging, triggering the Throat Chakra cleansing of Speaking Out, Activating the Heart Chakra for deep wounds/suppression to release for "healing" to occur, as SOUL Energy moves continually through these vortexes opening up multi-dimensionality for each. We now blow the HEART wide open more, which will move more into a collective ASCENDED State of Consciousness as each "reaches" the pineal gland (photonic light in the brain/cranial expansion/neural pathways re-wiring/blowing wide open too, for higher mind consciousness to come online). December focused on Heart/Throat/Pineal and Crown, while the lower chakra system continues to activate/cleans/purify/clear, this Solstice Gateway mega-powerful to move entire collectives into Ascended NEW Earth to come online with RE-SHAPING HUMANITY in accordance with our highest consciousness Existences through more UNITY and Divine Love as to how we treat each other, how we show up, how we live our lives IN-EVERY-MOMENT NOW. 

Many experiencing the heating up/cooling down processes of SOULar Expansion (from inside) and Plasma Energy (inside) and Plasma Realities too. Christed/Crystals/Star Particles activating under the skin (itchies/breaking out/"invisible" bug bites), SOULar heat up, activating our Crystals to EVOLVE/Crystalline Body, Plasma cools down (cranial expansion as the brain expands through photonic light firing of neurons and opening Universal Corridors/Universal/Higher Mind Consciousness, bones freezing as the body changes mass/matter form continually and density breaks down to leave the body, replaced by "space", Photonic Light and crystals that tune the body continually, processing frequencies, tones, data and codes instead of how we functioned before. The lower emotions gone (with the distortions), we can process without disruption and with great ease. It's easier to accomplish/produce and affect realities through PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. Realities are very simple...

As each clears their Akash (Akashic Records) in their cellular body, those timelines completely collapse/dissolve. The memories go as well, for the emotions once held are not longer there. These kept the stories/programs running, yet they are no longer there. What each has is ALL NEW REALITIES, created from ZERO POINT FIELD and higher timelines anchored into the physical and held until matter takes form/all comes into fruition, which is vibrational (Quantum) and non-linear. We move through space and observe the illusion of time where necessary, no longer bound by the limits this used to impose. We held the separation of time within our template. As we clear our own separation, the "time" ceases to exist and we move through realities vibrationally and at the Speed of Light too!

The human mind is completely re-wired to function on Consciousness instead of linear processes. Memories of "other times" are gone, for those "times" no longer exist here. The entire human body undergoes this re-wiring, where old DNA is re-written with the integration/embedding of new geometric codes that constantly re-code and change, therefore changing the physical reality according to Quantum Equations and Mechanics, algorithms through processing data-packets unlocked in our higher consciousness (new) DNA. These data codes work in conjunction with our FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS, so our physical bodies have to maintain the highest vibration, as does our field, so both can constantly link-up, read data and communicate with ease. Every human's body evolves from carbon-based to silicon (crystalline plasma) as all "cross over" to NEW Earth and continue higher trajectory paths for HOLDING GALACTIC HEAVEN ON EARTH for all of HUmanity here. 

Until completely PURIFIED/CLEANSED, each's ROOT Chakra controls their left brain. As the root chakra releases suppressed distortions the left brain will cease carrying ego-transmissions to the brain. More cosmic Frequencies replace human thought in the brain as each's higher heart and neural pathways open up. Hearing the entire Universe/Gaia/Cosmos tunes the Cosmic Body continually, which dictates how the "new body" functions, where frequencies and energy dictate all. Human thinking and emotions will deplete/short out the body/nervous system, overload the cells. Immense Light Codes need the body to go offline/rest so they can re-work the body and how it translates/processes light. More time alone (SPACE), nature and support for the body is necessary for this very "not logical" process to organically and naturally occur. Light breaks down old encodedments and replaces them, breaks down the linear functioning capabilities and replaces all with non-linear ones. Learning HOW to FUNCTION all over again, where your body processes Light Intelligence from all dimensions/timelines simultaneously is a huge (and our whole life/years) process here. This has always been occurring, yet 2012 Gateway opened up the possibility for physical body Ascension and Multi-Dimensional Quantum Existence for our Ascended NEW Earth to become a REALITY for us all. Since then its continual, substantial and powerful increase in acceleration that continues more-so as we go. 

As each's heart fully opens, then increased electromagnetic energy/impulses and cellular movement can be felt. Learning how to direct and utilize this ENERGY is a full-time job for us all. Learning how to function in all new ways by cutting out that which does not support all of our highest existences here, by saying no to the old, by focusing our energy intentionally, mastering all realities as love and increasing output and not wasting, living in complete gratitude and appreciation for all, transcending complacency, expectation and shifting to reciprocation, generosity, kindness and contribution in how we live our lives is also necessary for all. Transitioning from old earth BELIEFS, PROGRAMS AND ENERGIES to ALL NEW EARTH ONES means applying and implementing all new STANDARDS that emanate from Unity-Consciousness Love is how we "change" our world and all shift to a much higher timeline of exquisiteness here. 

Awake each day expecting new, ready to rock it out, fully embracing and get out of your head, get your body's vibration up and shift all yourself. Notice your own patterns and programs and re-write new ones yourself. Open your heart/mind/energy fully and be ready for amazing. This is how we live here! ♥

Today is a huge cellular re-coding, where we are integrating all that came through the massive portals that opened yesterday for this Gateway we continue through. All new realities, new realizations, opportUNITIES and initiations in order to pass through... ♦

p.s. NEW Re-generative codes are also a part of our integration process with every influx of light on a continual basis now. 

I love you! Will be sharing photos and updates randomly as we go. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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