12D Template Update (+ the 2 New Quantum Light Body DNA Activations)

Aloha Divine Light Family,

Wowwwww at how high and LIGHT these frequencies are. Sooooo supportive of all NEW.... SOOOOOOO SUPPORTIVE to assist each with shifting out of any old and into more heart-based, heart-conscious, heart-connected realities here.

These frequencies.... so pure, so beautiful, so pristine... and when you live full from your PURE HEART.... so easy, so simple.... This 12D template is beyond exquisite. I'll be sharing as we continue through this powerful Passageways and Star Gate/Gateway openings.... ♥ 

Ever since the 11/11/11 Gateway opening, we've been flooded with wide open influxes of high frequency light.... The only challenges each will experience, will be their own density, their own ego creations, their own limits, mentalities and resistance to multi-dimensional experiences that offer infinite everything .....   

PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS Light... allowing each FREEDOM from their own ego constructs held inside....

PURE LOVE.... FREEDOM  .... when your ego limits, ego conditions, ego everything dissolves and you reconnect with the PURITY that YOU ARE... through your own breath, peace and wide open heart.

What is not pure becomes visible, can be felt, can be heard and seen.... All of this "ours".... which means it's up to each one of us to shift vibrationally, energetically and bring all into a much higher state of consciousness ourselves.... And you/we all can do this... it just takes effort at first, learning how to connect, learning how to be open, learning how to accept, learning how to say no with love, learning how to allow, learning how to initiate and maintain Divine Flow from within each one of our selves.....  What's not pure is clearing each's body, through an immense purification process.

All of your ego control mechanisms, protection mechanisms, hiding mechanisms, giving your power away, ego primal survival instincts.... become visible for you to see, dissolve, resolve fully from within you. 

The physical reality is not what you/our human aspect "thought it was".... Each will come to understand this more and more and more as we go. The physical reality a part of your illusion as well.... your mentalities, your illusion, your beliefs, your illusion.... and as your body activates/holds more photonic light, integrates more photonic light, the more the illusion shifts/changes/becomes visible.....   

As your Photonic LightBody DNA Activates more, your realities start to shift, blend, flip, merge, stretch, bend and become more flexible and fluid, because you are aligning to a much higher vibrational reality, Lighter Density, where what "rules" your reality completely changes.... 

Today, we are in ultra-high-frequency Pure Divine Harmonics..... where our DNA (& entire Template) is being tuned to pure harmony... it's quite beautiful to experience and observe.... 

Every day (moment) is more of this/our 12D Divine Template being brought online, within us, within Gaia and on a Cosmic Level too. So much occurring on a Quantum Level, a multi-dimensional level, to further harmonize and align all's realities in all new ways as LOVE.  (It will take me a bit to get a recap typed up, and in no way include all of the information that has to be "packaged" and disbursed in a multitude of ways...). For now, it's small updates, so that we can honor our processes, as well as keep up our immense service schedules too. ♥

Below you will find a copy of my post to all via Facebook recently, with information on how to access two new Avatar Consciousness Quantum LightBody DNA activations, specifically written and recorded to assist with clearing unconscious programming, as well as each's Karmic Akash held within each on a cellular level and within each's body template, in order to accelerate for all who choose to utilize these for their own multi-dimensional journey here.

Observing (out there in that very far off virtual reality), what is clearing for many, is everything.... from Integrity to each's words and fulfilling Soul Agreements, to distortions within relationships, ego attachment in every way, entitlement energy, deep emotional cleansings (deep ego/separation programming), to the realization of how much this is each's own personal experience to Master, by way of returning to living as your highest consciousness you. So many clearing density, deep linear matrix constructs of unconsciousness and separation held within. This is an important part of the process, so if you find yourself challenged, open your heart more and realize the purposes of the challenges.... for there are many of these as each starts to understand how "alternate realities" work  and learn how to dissolve/resolve all into/through Pure Love.  

The "flip side".... everything is so simple, so easy, so pure... when we are fully in-tune with all from within. Divine flow, Divine Timing, and Divine everything. Pure Joy and Divine Rhythm in how we move through each moment in Divine Alignment.... This template is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. ♥ 

Uniting with those who put forth the effort too, who are ready and embracing and stepping up to fulfill their roles... this is not complicated.... Living a life free of ego programming and fixed/limited conditions and beliefs... when we choose this fully, then everything shifts and starts to vibrationally align in all new ways.

Sharing Pure Harmony and Joy with you! ☼

Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥



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