Anchoring the Higher Dimensional Realms

There are many things we have to learn to do from scratch, in all new ways and all over again, because everything is different than it once was....

Your human body sleeps to wake up, your LightBody (Soul Body) never sleeps... so sleep will be all over the place for awhile and all along the way. Every massive blast/activation of high frequency light, will interrupt your regular "human" sleep patterns, and often knock you completely out... for hours... days... however long (even on & off for years, depending on how veiled a human experience you chose on a Soul Level).

We function at a Gamma Frequency Brainwave State... our whole body, everything we do... we constantly have to integrate and acclimate to being able to HOLD the immensity of UNIVERSAL/COSMIC Light within our physical body form. As a human, we started at a totally different brainwave state and as we sleep to wake up, as we walk around foggy groggy, our bodies are changing frequency bandwidth. Just one small part of "leaving the matrix program" and awakening within a dream. Foggy Groggy, Dizzy, Sleepy for Some, Super Energized for others, sometimes both and all at the same time... and learning how to function from that "space in-between" for awhile (both sleep & wake or open/closed eyed states that become inner-changeable) as you/we/all go... 

This dream state takes awhile to get used to, takes every ounce of our body to function, because it's heavy photonic light that is recalibrating our human bodies with all new en-code-ments, with Quantum Sacred Geometrics replacing old linear ones. Walking around in "Heaven" means no attachment to anything physical at all. It means floating, learning to walk again and our eyes, hearing, tastes.... everything.

Foggy groggy becomes the new norm, as multi-dimensionality does too. It will come and go, as the previous blast/barrage is acclimated and integrated into the/our physical body/reality and new Cosmic/Universal ways applied to how we live our "new lives" here. WE have to learn to maneuver, learn to maintain flow, learn to Move Energy, learn to stay in a constant allowing/surrendered mode, learn to speak all over again (all along the way), learn new words, learn new ways as our bodies acclimate to functioning at all new frequencies.

Everything in our realities becomes energetic as our bodies run on ENERGY, Light Energy, which is completely different than before. When our light depletes, we are done, right then. Not one ounce of energy for anything and we have to be INSPIRED to create, we have to have a lot of nature, silence and alone time, and everything has to support our NEW EARTH REALITIES, or there's no purpose... it's just wasted ENERGY.

Human aspects do not appreciate ENERGY, their energy or others. They do not value yet, so this is something each has to GO THROUGH in order to actually UNDERSTAND. Until there's not enough energy to breathe, move or do anything at all... ENERGY is taken for-granted, so a huge part of this process is the DEPLETION OF ENERGY, as the LightBody Builds.... 

We have to regenerate and generate a ridiculous amount of Light, just to be able to function and accomplish all that we came here to BE and DO. This is done in a multitude of ways. Our bodies start to STORE LIGHT in our cells for us to be able to sustain. We have to build our energy, like in reserves, so we can go for long periods. Suncharging, Vitamin D, nature and anything that allows us to STAY CONNECTED INSIDE... for this is where our LIGHT COMES FROM... and is replenished in many ways... sleep is one of these, JOY is another, Happy is another, Sharing is another.

What drives us is different than when we were sleeping/unconscious humans in carbon-based dense bodies. A Deep Love and Connection drives us, our higher purposes/missions drive us, gratitude and appreciation drive us, our inner/higher visions drive us, inspiration, support and reciprocation drive us.... nothing like before. Our focus very different, it takes alot to maintain and sustain the amount of ENERGY it takes to accomplish and produce a ridiculous amount of LIGHT (through our work and exchanges) and Master a gazillion simultaneous physical (and virtual) realities and keep all going with great ease.

Our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies PROCESS Light Information, Light Codes, Light Data and Energy on a Quantum Level, so it takes every bit of FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to accomplish JUST EXISTING... and everything else takes even more. Every ounce of Energy we have matters. Our focus matters. Every word, every ACTion, every tiny thing matters, must be fully conscious..... which is why we have to take great care in what we participate, contribute to, support and allow.... 

Everything CONTRIBUTES to a REALity..... what we allow in our field, what goes on within us, what/who we surround ourselves with, what we engage in... everything must be observed and then Quantum Equations are applied, with Geometrics being how we see the bigger pictures and all of the pieces of the map/puzzle/equation.... Virtual/Holographic access to "future" (much higher dimensional timelines/realities, then it's up to each one of us to create/anchor THOSE realities into this physical here.

NEW Earth is very different than Old Earth, because how we function is very different. Our brainwave state becomes a BODY-WAVE State.... our whole body has to function at that much higher frequency, so our bodies are mega important to support. THEY must be happy, they must be allowed what they NEED to process easily, which means continual detox/clean systems, without the debris/clutter/blockages that "got in the way" and DISRUPTED SIGNALS and the flow of Immense Bio-Electrical Energy that creates an intricate gridding system within our physical body, with all new pathways opened up, with all new re-mapping that takes place as LIGHT works through our bodies DOING many things, not understandable by our/any human aspects. As you TUNE INTO your own Light Body, you will understand. How LIGHT WORKS through your bodies, seeking lower frequencies to purify/clear/recode/tune/cleanse, how it communicates, how flow is disrupted or opened up, how electrical impulses and SHOCKS.... are all WAKING YOUR HUMAN BODIES UP and how your own body is EVOLVING as a Quantum Body that works non-linearly, vibrationally, energetically.... nothing like your human body did.

When your body needs to tune/upgrade, you will know, as it will need to pull away, rest, be out in nature and sleep. Human limits and resistance goes out the window or all is much harder than it has to be. Surrendering to this PROCESS of your Body Evolving as Light... will challenge every aspect of your human'ness.... until YOU CHOOSE to listen, honor, surrender and allow. 

Your schedules all get re-worked, what you are capable of doing does too. YOU have to LEARN HOW to walk in Heaven with your bodies, what HEAVEN looks like and how to create/anchor your own Heaven into the/your physical reality here. It's not an overnight process. It's taken our whole existence thus far and this process continually accelerates, because you can handle it, because you agreed to all of this, BEFORE choosing that body/vessel that you now awaken/exist/live in. Your body is your LIGHTbody, as you integrate the PURE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL (Pure Source Light) into it, weaving, infusing and constantly acclimating to new altitudes.... literally. Gravity will constantly shift, in every way. In the beginning, when your consciousness is awakening INSIDE of your body, you'll get dizzy, which will throw your balance off... this is a very important part of the process for you to honor, so let completely go. Go slow. Sit down. Lay down. Be present with your whole body, your feet, your hands. Your human aspect has to surrender for your Light Body/Higher Selves/Soul to emerge from within you... instead of "just floating around" "out there". 

This is an immense process where you EVOLVE AS LIGHT.... every moment a part of this intricate process that can be SIMPLE if you open up and ACCEPT your NEW REALITIES/WAYS OF BEING and that all is going to change.... and your human aspect does not get to control any aspect of this process that IS GOING TO HAPPEN.... and the more resistance you have, the more you fight, the more you refuse to open up to listen... you are the one that has to "deal" with what that calls forth to dissolve your ego/resistance to a process that is NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT for Physical Body Ascension to occur. 

NEW EARTH is a whole new EXISTENCE... with all new ways that don't conform to anything anyone once "thought". Throw all that out the window and open up to what is weird, bizarre and makes no logical/linear since, as Quantum is not linear... in any way.... and Quantum is how we exist here. 

I love you and I'll write/share more as we flow. It's taken years to acclimate and learn how to function all over again, becoming adaptable in every nano-second to what the ENERGY PRESENTS, every Cosmic Frequency (yes we can hear/see every one of them) and these TUNE our bodies instantly, dictating our realities until we LEARN how to restructure realities fully aligned with Pure Divine Source Light and the Frequencies of Pure Love.

Happy magical everything. Keep anchoring those higher dimensional timelines and holding all in place. It takes a lot of Energy, yet the physical becomes simple, easy and all comes forth (materializes) for you as you vibrate into all new realities simultaneously..... ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Toni 2nd May 2018 6:14 pm

Ha...”foggy groggy is the new norm”...Just spent 3 days sculpting a dragon to flow with a fog machine I ordered. The idea is to get the steam//mist/fog coming out of its mouth...might need a humidifier with a fan though & atm the intended dragon I just spent 3 days sculpting is in 15 pieces & I have to start from scratch. Fun & games eh...the next one will be better now I know what I'm doing. It wouldn't be realistic to expect to get it perfect first go. Itza live & learn thing.

I remember this foggy state you speak of. It would happen whenever I physically interacted with the TF (twin flame). Foggy for 2 days...or as I used to say lazy with hazy. One does clear/integrate/ground into a new norm that is aligned to the dream tho. Heaven on Earth has been the path I've walked ever since the foggies started. Whenever I met the TF back then the pattern was meet,hazy,integrate,create,meet,hazy,integrate,create. It happened about 12–15 times over the space of around 7yrs & I always created a painting with the energy. I ended up calling them my Soul Series.

Toni 2nd May 2018 6:17 pm

A year ago I started sculpting for a 720° physical angle & its like the pattern is in the air or in the gamma frequency so I no longer need the physical triggers in order to create.

Thanks, I never really put it in a nut shell like that before.

Have a wonderful day Mariu :thumbs: :smitten:


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