April Starts off With a Cosmic Bang!

April's Energies promise/continue to be POWERFUL and STRONG. With continual "mega-blasts" of every LIGHT CODE POSSIBLE, everything is included in this "mix".

A few days back we had massive electro-magnetic re-balancing frequencies, tuning all to MUCH HIGHER everything than before. High high high photonics continue to sing, lift and charge all powerful, yet softly and re-code all. For many this "triggered" a massive purification process... (these INCREASINGLY continue as we integrate ultra-high frequency LIGHT ☼)....

2 Days ago we activated full-on (all day/night into the next day and continuing....) barrage of Equanimity Codes... ↓↓↓

Yesterday we OPENED with immense Christed/Diamond/Rainbow/Purity frequencies blasting from the INSIDE ... then moved into "higher higher higher", gravity shifting, heavy "anchoring" processes and by end of day.... REALLY POWERFUL CODES continued.... (Dragon Energy, which I'll address briefly here).

DRAGON ENERGIES: A Clarion Call was activated today. Cosmic Dragons especially.... THIS IS YOUR TIME! These BEAUTIFUL DRAGON Aspects/Energies hold immense POWER and fulfill a multitude of ROLES in the massive re-alignment processes accelerating as we go.....

THE CODES FOR THE LAST 3 DAYS Have many themes, all very different energies, to create a NEW EXPERIENCE on a multi-dimensional level.....

Softness, Christed/Crystalline/Unity Codes, Immense Appreciation and Experiencing the GIFTS in all... Deepening connections, inside and then "out", the depths are important, as they create each's inner balance/stability in order to maintain/sustain, create and BUILD all NEW REALITIES aligned with NEW EARTH FREQUENCIES here.

BUILDER CODES: WOW is all I can say. Massive BUILDER Codes (resemble each's Powerful Sacred Masculine Emergence from within to UNITE various TRINITY ENERGIES creating a POWERFUL NEW STRUCTURE from within.

Equanimity Codes, Dragon Codes, Powerful Sacred Masculine, Re-birthing Codes (Divine Child), Source Creator Codes, Builder Codes, Powerful Phoenix Codes, Powerful Ego Separation/Identity Death and NEW Earth Birth Codes and POWERFUL UNITY codes ALL INCREASE...and the Gateways just opened today!

Observing the BARRAGE of Freedom Codes, the barrage of purification codes, the barrage of POWER-UP CODES, the barrage of codes to support EVERY LEVEL of each's own individual Ascension Journey.... just wow.

Get quiet, still and TUNE-IN with your WHOLE BEING and just speak to your cells/Lightbody to activate all. Let your body's vibration RAISE and allow yourself to INTEGRATE with EASE. Yes, these will deliver new coordinates, yes these will activate new realities, yes these will SHOW YOU much, yes these will SUPPORT Y/OUR CONTINUED EXPANSION of Consciousness..... Wide open hearts/minds/energy!!!!!!

I'll update as we continue/go/flow as this is a POWERFUL MONTH of codes, codes codes and we are only on "Day 2" linearly. :)

Immense LOVE, appreciation and kindness for all... ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.p.s. WE are TUNING CONSTANTLY ♫♫♫ all day every day, so honor your own process/you fully and observe what's highest aligned/appropriate for your own current reality from inside, while exploring, creating, bringing all forth that SUPPORTS your NEW EARTH VERSIONS/REALITIES with all as Love too! Every NOW MOMENT PACKED WITH ALL NEW.... for each to embrace fully, integrate fully and apply to their WHOLE LIFE/REALITY.... Game Changer Codes continue to awaken within each's DNA/LightBody more to assist with this massive Collective/Planetary Ascension Shift accelerating now/for all. ♦



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