Are YOU Truly Ready?

Are YOU Truly Ready? Partially Ready Will Not DO... YOUR Universe Always KNOWS How Committed You Are (not). It Responds to You...  

Will you DO WHAT IT TAKES to bring peace into your world?

Will you DO WHAT IT TAKES to BE LOVE no matter what goes on outside of you?


Will you DO WHAT IT TAKES to vibrate OUT of an old dimension/timeline and into an entirely NEW ONE?

Will you DO WHAT IT TAKES to transcend all separation/unconscious programs that you hold within?

Will you DO WHAT IT TAKES to let everyone else be FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN REALITY while you are totally and fully RESPONSIBLE for yours?

Will you DO WHAT IT TAKES in every moment to ACTIVATE, ANCHOR AND BRING FORTH all of your DREAMS AND DESIRES here while simultaneously fulfilling your SOUL'S PURPOSES & MISSIONS HERE?

WILL YOU TRULY DO WHAT IT TAKES or do you give up, forget, go unconscious, go small, try to continue to be less, tell yourself you can't, are not worth it (worthy), don't have anything to offer/contribute and keep TRYING to hold onto the constructs of an old reality that was never meant to be?

Do you try to quit, focus on things that don't truly matter in the REALM of all things, get distracted with chaos and drama because it's the "safe place" or try to hide still?

When you hold back this is your fear, your lack and this vibration translates to lack in your own world. When you undervalue yourself, you overvalue others/undervalue others..... when YOU are not important enough then this shows up in your world.... When YOUR true you, your PURE SOUL becomes the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO YOU, your whole world/reality changes....

You immediately shift into a NEW HIGHER TIMELINE and doors/portals start to open for you. Your UNIVERSE (YOU) says "FINALLY! NOW, LETS START TO SUPPORT her/him".... yet all along the way, where you still hold doubt, this will present in your reality world as a "test" (initiation) to get that doubt energy out of your cells.... as it was dormant/hidden deep inside your subconscious/unconscious programming.....

Everything is SO THAT YOU CAN...... REALIZE what's really going on inside of you. If it's not totally awesome, blissful, magical and pure abundance, then there's something you are not open to seeing/getting yet. What does it take for this to occur for you?

What does it take to get your attention, to get you to slow down, to pay attention, to focus your energy, embrace your own spirit/soul as the most important thing in your life, to get you to love your physical body vessel and LISTEN TO IT and fully respect it and YOU.... totally.... above all?

WHATEVER IT TAKES to get your heart wide open, to open your mind and get you on-board (this ship), to get your human awake to walk hand and hand with/AS your higher selves/Universe/Soul ... THIS IS WHAT OCCURS....

When you ask the questions "Why are these things happening?... The answer is already there. You have to really truly want to know in order to fully SEE and UNDERSTAND.....

Human only "half way wants to know", because it perceives waking up as a threat. It perceives loss, it perceives the worst and it wants to control it.... and "unfortunately" that's not how any of this works here. YOUR UNIVERSE is you... It knows everything you think and do, before you do it.... IT is a different (higher) dimensional version of you. It's "in your future" watching you, saying "seriously, we have to do this again before he/she gets it? Okay, here we go, yet this time lets make it "stronger" and see if the point gets across this time and if not, next time surely will do it".....

WE ARE IN THE VIBRATIONS OF "Whatever it takes".... to MOVE EVERYONE INTO A HIGHER DIMENSIONAL REALITY/Timeline... continually..... It is a continual process of full commitment to YOURSELF AS A SOUL....

You came here to REMEMBER FULLY and to LIVE A NEW LIFE OF TOTAL BLISS and MAGIC and full ABUNDANCE again. How you experience, how "long" it takes you and when? Well how on-board or resistant determines every bit of this. For time is a vibration. That's it. ?

Get ready loves... the most amazing part is still to (continually) come. Materialization of realities are how much WE BRING IT FORTH INTENTIONALLY here.

Patience and persistence.... Keep going... your human will get tired along the way, so take a break and honor this. None of us signed on for "easy tasks" as humans, yet as your higher selves/soul you's... it is BEYOND EASY AND SIMPLE.... you gotta get out of your head and open your heart fully to experience this here. ?

I love you! It's MORE magic and awesomeness time!!!! Always and in EVERY MOMENT! ?


Toni 22nd December 2016 7:26 pm

Actually my I DO is DONE and now there is only BE to experience as LOVE and PASSION unfolds before me in perfect time space. It's kinda exciting not knowing how sometimes.


spiritdiver 23rd December 2016 12:33 pm

What a beautiful message, so true!!!

It is all there. It manifests even before the question, or insiration, of an ask. It is only our human perception and thoughts of control that block the clarity of view in answer to, sometimes.

See the gifts of love always given freely, now!!!

Universe, my soul in its connection to you..I am ready! :smitten:


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