Collectives Emerge from the "Deep Slumber" and Amnesia

Our Light Grids Strengthen as Collectives Emerge from the "Deep Slumber" and Amnesia

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

What a powerful, important and hugely "accomplished" month!

NEW EARTH Crystalline and Plasma Light Grids... this is you, me and everyone doing their own personal part through conscious everything here. Sharing your love, sharing your light, opening up those heart-gateways with every precious moment and breath...  As each's heart opens fully and they look out into their own reality/world, to see what they have created, supported, allowed and brought into fruition through their own dedicated energy.... new awareness comes through. This "new awareness" is what brings all further into a much higher state of consciousness here.  In each of our early awakening phases, what we saw was quite unsettling and can take many of us "aback". It can be mind-blowing, startling, earth shaking, shocking and create immense confusion until the "dust" (fog/veils) completely clear from within.... 

Working through anything/everything "not Pure Love Consciousness", is each one of our own personal awakening journeys here. Learning to process, honor and transform our own realities is just a very small part of our Mastery here.  As our heart opens wide, busts wide open, blows wide open, often raw and vulnerable at first... a "NEW Dawn" begins.... where our own Light flickers and then grows into a huge FLAME that ignites our Soul from within. Just because our Light has come on, doesn't mean we know "how to use" it yet. That too is a massive part of our individual awakening journey and conscious contribution to hUmaNITY too.  Looking out across the multitude of dimensions, timelines and realities all running simultaneously constantly... there has been a growing "theme" becoming more visible every day...  Souls REMEMBERING through their own sacred-heart-connections, FEELing the immensity of LOVE that transcends all things of the old, Star Light BEings realizing how important sharing their natural abilities of opening portals and activating StarGates and tuning into our gridding systems is.... sharing their own hearts and new realizations, sharing to support each other and step into their own Higher Service Roles here.  At first, we are unaware on how to fully "do" this. Yet the more we come to honor ourselves, care for/support our LightBodies, the easier this becomes, because everything we "need to know", we already know.... deeeeeeeeeep within.


Your wide open PURE HEART, is how you transmit and communicate through your own Unified Field of Consciousness, which links up to the Quantum Field of Super Consciousness to transmit your "vibrational return". Limits, conditions, excuses, judgment, hesitation, projections and dualistic transmissions disrupt the purity of this field, therefore sending out mixed signals of what to return, which will mostly be the one that matches your "combined" vibration of thoughts, emotions, body/cellular and overall ENERGY. When all of these converge at their highest PEAK, this higher state can override the lower vibrations, through full consciousness, presence and how well each can maintain focusing, without getting "distracted". Pay attention to how many "seals and codes" you've activated thus far. Just because we activate them, they lay "dormant" until we learn/understand vibrationally how to "utilize" them. This is where each of our higher mind consciousness comes in. Our hearts must be wide open.... and stay wide open... so do whatever you feel will assist you with achieving and maintaining easier. It can be as easy as you choose/allow all to be. ♥ 

  • If your heart closes, your Activated Light Codes go to sleep.
  • Our NEW Earth REALities are transmitted and communicated through our own Light
  • The codes we each activate within ourselves/fields are how we receive on a Quantum Scale.
  • Sharing these codes are part of how we "show up" as contributors and NEW Earth Light BEings here.
  • Your Activated/Active Light Codes are how your Quantum LightBody & Field communicates easily for you.  
  • Y/our active "codes" have infinite abilities and purposes, which I'll  be sharing more as we continue these next few months.... so "stay tuned"!  

Today (and always), I send you love... and a huge "gratitude hug" for all that you are BEing and DOing through your own Divine Connection and presence here...... Keep embracing the entirety and vastness of who you truly are... the magnificence, the beauty, the brilliance, through the SIMPLICITY, PEACE AND INNOCENCE of your own Sacred Divinity here.

 Keep embracing and making Magic! Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥


Toni 29th August 2018 6:58 pm

Weird... this wasn't the post I between here & there it now I'm editing it as I haven't read this...


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