Cosmic Influxes Flooding Through All

Aloha Beautiful Love Family,

On a Cosmic Energetic Level, there is SO very much still going on. We are still very DEEP within a multi-template re-write that occurs on every level of our being, within Gaia, Universally, Galactically and across infiniteness and Cosmically...

Every moment different, most days are a challenge to "do" anything at all. BEing present, honoring our own processes, supporting our bodies and integrating continually, while clearing anything that arises within us, whether there is a physical anything going on or not. 

This is a massive "whole month" process of a Cosmic Attunement that has been working through every aspect of everything. Powerful Cosmic Frequencies, alternating, oscillating, fluctuating... we go from ultra-sonic to Diamond Light Codes to Rainbow Frequencies to Gamma (some days) to High Photon Charging Cosmic SOULar Frequency Winds/Waves to what appears to be silence (there is no silence, just the appearance of this, as on a Cosmic Level, frequencies are always tuning, aligning, shifting, increasing, decreasing and switching). 

I continue working to complete the March/April/May Energy Report/Overview/Forecast to send out to all once complete (all three months are inner-woven, so it's going to be a long one covering so many things that apply on a multi-dimensional level here. I recorded a video April Energy report to find it blank, so guess what? lol... will have to do differently, later, again or let it go.... meanwhile the writing will cover in more detail until I can do another video for all.

Ascending collectives is beautiful to observe, with more EXPERIENCING the PURE bliss, joy, peace, and perfection available within, as each finally completely LET'S GO and allows this experience to occur through inner-connectedness, finally cutting out allowing distractions from the deep Sacred Experience of "nothingness" where everything "lost" (forgotten) is. 

What comes next? So very much.... as more prepare to step further into fulfilling their own roles here, others pulling away from the distortions to see their own and actually start to LOVE their alone time, where it's easy to connect, create, be inspired, play and access higher/alternate dimensions through inner-seeing/vision/knowing, others learning how to balance as things continually shift, others still caught up in the external that plays their own separation out, while others LIVING their HEAVEN by holding highest timelines in place.... everything is available to all who fully embrace!

April is going to be a continuation of March, yet in a different way. I'll share more on this in the Quantum Cosmic Multi-Dimensional Energy Report and send out for all utilizing these on their own journey here. 

Let JOY, inner JOY and happiness be your guide, to show you where your current realities are/need to be aligned. Allow yourself to experience the MAGIC available when your PURE HEART LEADS the way, and you decide to release all that no longer supports your highest purposes, while "doing" what you see will anchor your NEW realities in your physical experience here. 

Unity Love Consciousness: More are being called to step up, contribute, support and share. In one capacity, you have to do this alone, because you can't rely on others to do anything "for you" anymore, yet the more unified you are through LOVE inside, the more you are ready to COME TOGETHER to anchor collectively, which is much more powerful, when many are on the same page (in same frequency bandwidth) and ready to work together in partnership for a common goal: Higher Consciousness HUmanity... the collective incarnation of LOVE Consciousness taking form for all to experience here. 

In addition, Kauai has been going through a HUGE clearing and upgrade process, which correlates with the Cosmic Consciousness that the rest of the Earth is going through too. This affects each coming here, living here, being called here.... and as a Gatekeeper, once of my roles is to share this information for all affected by this. I'm working on a writing and video possibly too, as the role Kauai plays is changing in how it supports us/each and what it "requires" for all who come/live here. 

Linear/non-linear re-configurations continue to create challenges with functioning and processing, so this part takes more care to maneuver. We have to "learn" how to let go, stop trying so hard, while learning how to push through the things that have to be done, while not trying to inner-fear when linear cellular programs are breaking down/collapsing/being re-written with non-linear geometric codes. The apparition of "time" continues to flux, as Quantum replaces linear in every aspect of our lives. Honor your bodies as they re-code to function differently in these higher frequency bandwidths here. 

This Monday, April 2nd, I'm Live on Quantum Conversations with our siSTAR & host, Lauren Galey for a new Update and Discussion/Interview regarding how to navigate easier using light encoded information that will assist each with these transitions and for integrating, shifting, understanding and anchoring new realities from within. I'll be sending out a separate announcement tomorrow, yet the registration links are also below in the Updates/Upcoming Events Section of this newsletter.  We will do our best to answer live questions, so join us if you can. The replay will become available to all who have registered once we conclude.

WE continue this death/rebirth cycle and resurrection phase that each dimension is experiencing differently, dependent on the amount of ego-separation-duality or unity-love-consciousness held as each's core connection here.  As old realities die/dissolve, new, more beautiful ones prepare to arrive/materialize as each is ready to step BE their highest-aspects in how we all live our lives through full consciousness here.  Cosmic re-birth/birth has presented as an interesting experience thus far. ♥

Take care of you, inJOY the beauty, magnificence, allow your body to integrate as it needs, take advantage of the gifts that nature provides, as well as all things high-vibe that support sustaining, as well as giving back/paying forward/reciprocating/sharing and being generous with your kindness, respect, consideration and all you have access to as well. Remember, what you DO creates your reality.... as you clear any fear/judgment/separation/duality programs that you hold, you open portals to a whole new dimensional timeline to experience here. As you hold love and birth/re-birth anew, the beauty of CREATION becomes a natural part of you. ♥

I love you! Happy FULL Moon (Blue Moon)... it's already powerful and we've just begun! Keep shining your LIGHT! ☼

Magical blessings from Kauai,

Lisa ♥



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