Divine Sacred Soul Union

Activating & Merging Your Infinite Multi-Dimensional Hearts

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

We've entered the next phase of this Venus Transit we continue through (which aligns perfectly with our 11•11•11 Gateway). We've gone through many activations and clearings, all to bring each DEEPer within themselves... to awaken in all new ways and REMEMBER that which "was lost" as each lived DEEP beneath the Veils in a State of Amnesia, the Unconscious Realms ... realities built upon old illusions that now fade as "new" awareness and realizations come forth. Those Heavy Veils are constantly lifting, as all continually awaken to emerge, as hearts open in all new ways.... for the PUREST FORM OF LOVE to be FELT, expressed and shared... which is how we REMEMBER ALL.... ♥

This Venus Transit has been a powerful one... a progressional one as well. "Beginning" with taking each into "identities and stories" (programs) still held, to hear/see/resolve, this takes each DEEPER inside than ever before.... which is how awakening works, constantly DEEPer into the perceived unknown, constantly deeper through any unconscious programming, as well as the Depths of each's SOUL... One is free, pure and holds so much love, kindness, caring, respect and self-responsibility on an Energetic Level, the other is attached to stories, things, other "times" and gives their power away, by way of excuses from a space of DIS-CONNECT inside...

That deeply connected Sacred Space... this is where all is for each one of us. A deep profound love, pure gratitude and appreciation and for the human aspect, only the place one goes to when it "needs something" or wants to "put up a front".... it can't HOLD THIS PLACE and stand in it's power as LOVE too.... because there is still separation/duality/a battle inside.... 

SOUL is not a word we speak or use... it's our EXISTENCE as PURE LOVE HERE. On a deep Sacred SOUL Level... the Love we hold is PURE. It seeks nothing at all and it doesn't "over compensate" for lack.... it holds all as LOVE ... and this pure Divine Energy/Essence... is what we transmit out....

Pure Source Consciousness... what do these words mean to you? 
Pure Love... how does this FEEL to you?
The depth of the Core of your BEing.... can you function from this place in every moment, without the human programs of blame, shame, guilt, manipulation and hurt?

Divine Soul Union is a beyond Sacred Experience that we each go through INSIDE OF OURSELVES.... it's a deep deep deeply pure place... 

Divine Soul Union with another means that our Souls have re-connected here.... that we each function from that place/that space inside... and we don't bring our human ego programming into the picture.... and if we do, then the Union is no longer harmonized on a Soul Level for a Divine PURE Experience and Exchange....

The human aspect is unable to maintain this "depth", because it keeps going unconscious to play out human programs over and over again...  We came here to TRANSCEND all of that. WE came here to be PURE and drop the BS.... and Unite as much higher dimensional Light BEings in form here.... 

Are you capable of maintaining your highest and most Sacred You in every exchange? This is what each experience will show you.... which aspect you ARE and how much programming/duality/fear/lack/separation you still hold inside.... as SOURCE CREATOR of ALL.... 

When/AS each take full responsibility for where they FUNCTION FROM... then our realities are very different here. WE all have the capability of a multi-dimensional existence, yet we each have to CHOOSE THIS or we don't.... For the fully conscious, going back to sleep/unconscious is no longer an option.... It becomes OUR RESPONSIBILITY to bring all into a much higher state of consciousness... every time.

Yesterday, we had the "next phase" of this Venus Transit Gateway open up. Another Divine Sacred Union Activation, yet this one was on a much grander collective level... Each will have this experience when it's vibrationally "their time", when those codons/DNA strands/codes activate... The codes have been released with yesterday's Gateway opening... now it's up to each to activate and hold from deep inside until the whole TEMPLATE has "built" itself to come fully online. First the codes, then the distortions and template re-writing .... which is an immense process within itself, taking "as long" as there is "density/programming" that's got to be cleared....    

As I observed this "next" Divine Sacred Soul Union portal opening.... it caused me to reflect and review... my own journey of Awakening and Deep Sacred Soul Union within here....  Years and years and years (linear version) of opening my own heart more... each time, not always pleasant, comfortable or easy, yet necessary to bring the walls of protection and clear my own distortions and fear programs out. So many "seek", not fully comprehending how all of this is about continually going deeper inside of ourselves... to open those portals, those Heart (Star) Gate, those Gateways and transverse the passageways (experiences) ....

So many hearts of my own to open and merge into one... We have infinite hearts.... "which one" will be relative to the phase of our own Awakening/Ascension/Embodiment journey/processes here.  Full Union is an inner-experience... a merging process of aspects, a merging process of essences, a merging process that is deeply Sacred... and just can't be matched by anything external.... there are no words to describe the experience.... it is a FULL UNION OF OUR SELVES..... 

Today, I chose to use photos to explain a few... and to awaken you to the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional journey of DIVINE SACRED SOUL UNION... for you to explore, adventure into and open up fully to this experience more too. 

Keep opening those chambers of your hearts fully, to activate the next and the next and the next....where your physical reality will shift and changed based upon THE HEART you are UNIFYING and Living as here....  

When the Light of our Soul, the fire within... awakens to burn off all of the residue and old programming held by way of density and separation within. This occurs with SOUL/Solar Expansion... a heating up process activating on a cellular level for Consciousness to expand OUT from within and then "back down" for integration to occur during sleep/rest/alone time... for application to our reality to shift fully.  Activates through each's Kundalini, activating each's Lightbody, to accelerate distortion clearings ... 

Each time your LightBody activates more... the electrical impulses, surges and shocks can take your breath away, create fluttering and heart palpitations to link you back up to your own Gaia's Consciousness Heart, your own Universal Consciousness Heart & Mind, your own Cosmic Heart... awakening more aspects of who you truly are to be FELT, recognized and allowed to fill your every cell.... to activate your higher consciousness DNA and start re-writing, re-coding your Sacred Physical Body Vessel (LightBody), so that "more" of who you truly are can emerge, birth and emanate from the inside out.... in your every exchange, with your every breath.... and dissolve all that is no longer true/real/pure for you. This is a continual process.... a powerful one... so honoring our Continually Evolving Lightbodies fully becomes number 1. ♥

With each Universal/Higher Self/Cosmic Heart activation and opening, a "new" purification and alignment process then begins.... All not fully vibrationally and energetically aligned will start to play out in your own reality, within you AND out there. Until you are able to clear all distortions, all lack of power, all lack of love, all lack of respect, all that is not the FREQUENCY OF YOUR PURE SOUL/SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS... this "karmic/unconscious" loop cycle will repeat/replay over and over again... in various ways... Those in your life that represent your programs, habits and patterns.... to show you what you hold and also what you could not get to/see before. Yours is to see it, observe it and then CHOOSE .... and then MASTER as your highest version/aspect of you, by bringing all fully back into alignment as LOVE (for all). It's not going to look like you "thought". Balance is KEY in all. Openness is KEY and embracing your own brilliance fully, while honoring and respecting from a deep sacred place inside of you.... is KEY. AS you do this, your heart will open up MORE and you'll be able to come from that beautiful space of PEACE, JOY and GRATITUDE... and understand "the soul agreements" and "roles" all plays... in order to elevate all back into a much higher state of consciousness here. ♥

Pure Unity Love Consciousness comes through seeing separation programs, understanding them and resolving all fully from deep within. Full alignment (on a Soul Level) is necessary for full UNION/UNIFICATION to occur inside and out. ♥ They are the same... 
We have our Divine Christed Light... Where our Heart aligns with/through Crystalline Consciousness and the activation of Star Particles within us too. As our Light emanates and radiates out... our abundant heart awakens ... which is where our SHARING HEART opens up... which is where Infinite Access comes through.... Transmitting Light, Holding Light... it's a level of Purity Consciousness that Transcends all human ego understanding.... It's a Divine Presence and Essence and is FELT by all we "touch" or connect with... by way of our ENERGY FIELD... Our Unified Field of Consciousness....♥ It's a Pure Love that "needs" for nothing ever again.... This opens up the portals and gateways to all others..... It's "just the beginning" to INFINITE ALL. ♥

Every time a StarGate activates and opens, our hearts open wider too. We each start to REMEMBER (understand) that our HEART IS THE KEY TO ALL here..... Opening portals and Star Gates and traveling the passageways are a part of our higher dimensional existence here. It's a part of our every day, more portals, more multi-dimensional access and a journey of purity that can't be explained... it's a knowing and inner-seeing, inner-connectedness, inner-love... for ALL AS ONE here.  Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers do this as a part of opening up access and anchoring the Stellar Codes, Light Codes, Star Codes through immense integration processes for Embodiment to fully occur. Our priorities (and lives) are very different... we understand "why we are all here" and our dedication is through our LOVE for us all. It's one of the most important parts of our Service to HUmaNITY... to open up access to the higher dimensions and hold all here fully.... a part of our Avatar Consciousness roles as well. ♥
Our Cosmic Heart.... is vast. It encompasses EVERY ASPECT for us to awaken through, activate our DNA Codes and REMEMBER so that we can hold the purest form of this love fully too. Each aspect has a different ENERGY.... carries a different vibration and essence... and through our own Divinity and Purity, we become these aspects fully here. Each one has a different role/purpose/mission and different natural abilities (gifts) to bring forth to utilize and share.... The "list" is infinite.... Lyran, Sirian, Pleaidean, Arcturian, Andromedan, The Elohim.... Celestial and Angelic Realms... and soooooooo many more... these are just a few. Merging all into ONE is a process that occurs as each activates and fully embodiment occurs, through passageways (and human initiations), as each's template builds and comes online fully... dissolving more of the "old". ♥ While we mention and explain, it's not an "ego touting" thing. We don't walk around "I AM THIS"... WE show others through our Divine Presence, Our Energy and how we show up in the world here. We are the High Councils, the Royal Bloodlines and the Ancients... REMEMBERED AND RETURNED THROUGH OUR OWN UNIFICATION OF LIGHT. ♥

For physical body ascension, we have the Rainbow Heart... which opens up the Rainbow Bridge to "cross over" as we transition fully from Old Earth to NEW.... This is the merging of all of our Chakras (Color of the Rainbow) into a Pillar of Light... where all vortexes open up fully to become ONE. This template activates our Cosmic Rainbow LightBody Template to start "building", by way of a multitude of high frequency Cosmic Rays (much vaster color spectrums) working through the body, with each Light Code activated and held ... which begins each's Avatar LightBody Template... which builds through each's actual experiences and levels of Purity Consciousness held here. Gamma frequencies activate the LightBody fully, which is a continual DNA evolutionary process as well. 


As each activates various DIVINE HEARTS to RECONNECT WITH, FEEL and BRING FORTH to EMBODY FULLY.... it's a subtle and powerful experience... one where we REMEMBER PURE LOVE ... not in a logical, linear way... but by way of the comfort, the peace (HOME), the simplicity, beauty, the purity of it all..... Where there are distortions, these will be activated to play out within us and our external reality too. Where we "get it" and we've observed our own distortions, then we resolve these first, bring the whole relationship into balance and purity and no longer "need" to play these distortions out.... I'm not going into depth with these, because of how much it would take to explain. I'm mentioning so each can "see" and understand how each correlate... on a multi-dimensional level to the physical reality/plane....

Divine Mother
Divine Father
Divine Child
Divine Feminine/Masculine
Divine Grandmother/Grandfather/Ancient
Soul Family/Star Family/Light Family (Sacred/Divine/Pure)
(Ego Child, Ego Feminine/Masculine, Ego Savior, Ego Protector, Ego Teenager to be dissolved, as well as human families that reinforce separation from Self as Source)

Dependent on each's belief systems, the "names" that each uses to describe these can be many. This is about THE ENERGY, not the word we use....  Each will play out "each end of the spectrum" in the roles along the way... the child, the mother, the father, the feminine, the masculine.... the human ego distortions as a part of the Divine too. 
Of all of my Heart and Soul Unions.... the Three Fold Flame was the most Sacred, Divine, Powerful and Profound ONE of all.... I awoke to "the flame" igniting in my root chakra and moving up the front side (from the base), through each chakra and unifying in a whole new way. I'd gone through this for years, yet this "time" was very different. I'd gone through restoration of my whole body template, back to our ORIGINAL TEMPLATE, gone through the Twin (Matrix) Experience to clear out any distortions and all Karmic Timelines, as well as Unifying all within me along the way, resolving all separation.... Union was a way of functioning... from deep deep deep within me. The depths at which we FEEL is immense, yet it's not a "lack" or need or anything of the old "lower" energies... it's very PURE.... This Union was the Union of my own Aspects, a "marrying" ..... Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Child.... as well as Christed/God/Source Creator Energies... as well as infinite Holy Trinity Unions... all occurring at once.... I REMEMBER spending 3 days in silence.. just BEing in Union... this very pure place that has no words....  It's also an Alchemy phase.... where we hold no separation between these aspects anymore.... The passageway was many linear years.... of observing and clearing distortions and fully aligning all myself... This Union brings all into "partnerships" on a whole new level.... and it looks nothing like our human ego aspect "thought" it would. ♥

We are again in this passageway now... a vaster collective one this time.... ♥
Diamond Light Code Consciousness works through Purity Consciousness
This gives each one of us the ability to SEE, observe and understand REALity through a Multi-Dimensional (Multi-Faceted) "view", as well as being able to embody our multi-dimensional aspects and shift easily and intentionally between them, while maintaining balance of all as ONE fully from within. 

These are just a "few". See which heart/aspect is activating within you and how this correlates to your own Embodiment processes here.

May all of your Multi-Dimensional HEARTS OPEN to the MAGNIFICENCE AVAILABLE for full Unification within to occur.

Magical Blessings from Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥


Toni 9th November 2018 5:15 pm

I AM exactly who & where I need to be in the moment to create Love – Freedom, Passion, Truth, Respect, Well Being & Abundance. Thankyou.



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