Intentionally Opening & Closing Portals

The human aspect does not understand how portals work, because the heart and mind must be COMPLETELY open for portals to activate and become visible/accessible....

Each's Universe will open a portal and provide OPPORTUNITY for each to grab, to utilize, to create and unite from within.

Humans are always seeking something else and through an unconscious program nothing's ever good enough, it always wants "more". More comes as each embraces what they already have and "learns" how to utilize absolutely everything in accordance to highest consciousness existence here.   ???

A portal will close when one ignores these gifts provided because "that" doesn't conform to their human beliefs and mentalities of "how all works"..... The human misses the point and wants the easy way, instead of doing the necessary work... that's not how this works....

Humans cannot see the opportunity in front of them because they are always focused on "something else". They are not happy yet with what they already have.... therefore they will never be happy with more, for happy/gratitude/appreciation is an existence that helps us SEE opportunities and not waste anything when it presents.

Having gratitude is more than just a word.... it's an alchemist's tool for bringing forth more here....

Materialization is just one of our many gifts that are easy as we EMBODY our highest aspects here again. ?

As Universal Galactic Cosmic Light BEings, we have the ability to open and close portals our selves.... it's just another one of our many natural gifts as we RETURN....

Grab those portals Loves. Open them UP yourselves... Close those that you no longer desire to continue to experience in your own physical reality world.


goldencarp 4th March 2017 4:25 pm

Aloha and Namaste, Lisa

I have no idea if you will ever see this comment, but I have no idea how to reach you other than this way.

I would like to offer a contribution to you that unfortunately is not in monetary form; I don't really have much of that. But, I do have a gift that I have developed over the years that has been standing idle for a quite awhile -- I am a great digital graphic artist. I know from your Youtube videos that you have a staff, etc., and I suspect that from time to time you may need a printed page or web picture designed. This can cost a lot of dollars to have someone or some company do it for you. I love doing digital design, and so I offer my services to you free of any cost to you. You can see some of my work on my Youtube page (and you can hear my own music designed to compliment the art-story I tell.)

If you are interested, email me at:

I thank you for something that you have done for me. Something you have no way of knowing.

JD Hoy ... a Mastery School enrollee.


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