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Aloha Light Family,

Awakening from the old illusory realities brings FREEdom for all EMBRACING this. Fully CHOOSING to live from Pure Peace, Love and Harmony from inside, fully CHOOSING to let go of all that no longer supports, CHOOSING TO LISTEN and HONOR AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT OF YOU.... choosing UNITY over that which separates or maintains "Division" in your own lives..... and RETURNING to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, where LIVING kindness, consideration, respect and sharing, supporting, inspiring and assisting all truly ready to transition over to our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE.... is beyond important for each fulfilling our Soul Purpose/Roles and Missions here.

REMEMBERING is a STATE of Consciousness, a STATE of Presence and changes our ENERGY COMPLETELY.... REMEMBERING SHIFTS US to full gratitude for all and out of all of those matrix programs that we once held before.... (which is a physical density ratio thing, not a weight, rather how much "space and Light" we hold inside..... Understanding how physical density works becomes an important part of this process as well.... as it's important for how our Physical LightBodies work, our Crystalline LightBodies/Structures work and how "Photonic and Plasma" our body is too, as well as how linear or Quantum.... and how our bodies function, which changes substantially (over years/our whole life up until this current now. Photonic DNA Evolution does not fall into any "boxes" or human perceptions, because it's not any of "those".  AS WE TRULY REMEMBER, with our whole BEing... we RETURN to an EXISTENCE that is Pure Love. This REMEBERING only comes through our wide open heart and mind and "clearing" (Transcending) all that was linear WITHIN US before. All of that unconscious programming, all of that resistance, all of that duality and separation... that's what BOUND US TO A 3D EXISTENCE... yet as we all continue... NOT ANYMORE....  As all start to understand... really truly fully understand... that 3D is relative to our own conscious, you stop calling the "physical reality" 3D.... and start looking at it completely differently. You start to realize that physical matter doesn't dictate, we do.... that whether we live from Pure Love, Deep Sacred Respect, Caring and Sharing and Unifying all.... or an inner battle that plays out in our external... is what dictates our physical reality/experience... and that each one of us - WE - WE are the ones that dictate "how" all goes..... and our CHOICES, our MINDSETS and where we FUNCTION FROM, the basis and foundation for all of our realities... are either a derivative of fear or love. The/Our human aspect, when unconscious, focuses on the 'physical'.... we focus on THE ENERGY... EACH'S ACTions, each's openness, each's caring, each's showing up/LIVING their part AS FULLY CONSCIOUS LIGHT BEINGS too.

WE SEE ALL.... as all is visible when we actually care enough to open up all of the way to truly see.... to open up fully to "drop" the stories that we all "used" to PRETEND to not have any power or responsibility in what we kept supporting/playing in before. I REMEMBER the very first time, once I "woke up" to start to BEcome my "first" Higher Self aspect here... the very FIRST TIME I STOOD IN MY POWER and said an emphatic "NO" to certain realities that were not kind, loving, respectful to "Me", that I used to allow to occur.... THAT MOMENT... this PURE POWER RUSHED THROUGH ME and I GOT IT. This is "How" we break through all of that programming... and I busted out laughing hilariously while driving home and sooooooooo excited at my own NEW REALIZATION... at the POWER I NOW HELD... and from that (zero) Point forward.... I began aligning my own realities through PURE LOVE.... for myself, SO THAT I COULD assist others who were ready to DO THIS THEMSELVES TOO.........  I REMEMBER how FREE I finally was, from the turmoil and confusion inside, from the utter and complete "lostness" that I had felt, because I kept giving my power away in a multitude of ways, that I could not previously understand... because I was still "living" that "lack of love and power and self-respect" within myself... and I kept allowing everything to occur, because of my "programming" and deeply embedded beliefs that were ready to be cleared from my own body and physical reality, as my LightBody DNA activated HUGE.... all of a "sudden", I had "new purpose" and it was to LIVE MY NEW FULLY... and EMBRACE that which made no logical sense to anyone else, because transitioning over from a "sleeping human" to a Multi-Dimensional Light BEing living from an Ascended State of Consciousness is not a linear/logical process. It's non-linear, vibrational and Quantum.... 

REMEMBERING comes through our own DEEP inner-connection and FEELING that connection and REALIZING that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THERE IS.... and that our "path" and "journey" to NEW EARTH is the "opposite" of everything we once "thought" we knew or believed.... NEW EARTH BECOMES VISIBLE and our own REALitiy as we LIVE it.... fully... in every way and we transition over from our old earth beliefs.... and we REALIZE the IMPORTANCE of all.... and we actually take a "pro-active" stance.... which still won't look anything like we thought ....  Ridiculous amounts of sleep for our bodies to complete continual PHOTONIC DNA re-writes and clear out dense programming/timelines/beliefs housed in our bodies and playing out in our fields/external .... Ridiculous amounts of RELEASING, clearing and detoxing our whole life/body/us.... Ridiculous amounts of laying around, crazy sleep/waking cycles, sporadic food craziness... Ridiculous amounts of living from an "invisible reality" that only becomes visible as our HIGHER HEARTS AND MINDS open fully.... Ridiculous amounts of "saying NO" to that which still represents the "old" (duality realities).... and investing ourselves/all that we are/have into a REALITY that's already occurred, yet only visible through our deep inner connection that WE hold inside of ourselves ... and to those who SHARE THIS NEW WAY TOO... and can see through their Universal/Cosmic/Divine SOUL/Source Presence/Access as well.... to the rest, we are "weird and crazy".... until they go through it, then we are not so weird and crazy, everything else is.......... In the beginning, and various phases along the way, opening up fully is not "easy", because it "goes against" everything we once learned, were told, believed... yet this too is a necessary and important part of the process, as it breaks down those linear constructs and programs that we hold/held in our own bodies (as reality) before... so that ALL OF US CAN LIVE the most brilliant realities that emanate PURE LOVE with every breath..... Everything else, a program and "ours" to observe and decide.... how to align our own lives with our highest everything here. ♥  MAGIC, FREEDOM and UNITY --- this is our REMEMBERED (and for the human aspect "New") way. Yet it's not "new".... we just forgot... HUGE.... and now it's time for all to REMEMBER and LIVE THIS FULLY TOO. 


What does an old version/old earth reality offer? You/we all... have to step back and look at the much bigger picture from inside and really see... really be ready and really comprehend.... THAT NEW EARTH IS THE ONLY REALITY, the rest is the old illusion and an unconscious "real"ity where each "tries" to hold in place, because their fear of "not conforming" FEELING so great. These are old programs too....  as NEW EARTH is not to fear, that was old earth.... NEW EARTH FREES each from this. ♥ NEW EARTH IS BIRTHED from within each .... the Light Encodements are held in ALL OF OUR DNA... our wide open hearts activate this, as does beauty, kindness and CHOOSING..... a whole new life... that's available to each as their own ENERGY OPENS UP FULLY and IS READY to activate, explore, learn all new and RECEIVE. 

SHARING A BIT OF MAGIC with you... to inspire and support you as you "do" your own REMEMBERING experience here too!

We've got some awesome (and fun) things that we've done recently, as well as more coming too.... I'll share some of the recent below and as the new projects and activation opportunities are ready, those will be made available in various places for all too!

Keep embracing and creating, building, and making your reality exquisite too!   It's time to "move on" and BE TOTALLY READY for NEW REALITIES to take physical form/materialize/arrive.... as "fast" as all clear the density/programming and REMEMBER what PURE LOVE and UNITING really means/is.

Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai ~   

♥ Lisa ♥



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