Love As Your New Reality. YOU Are The Proof

Aloha beautiful LOVE family,

Stargates active and synchronizing the entire time since my Energy Update post yesterday, all through the night until about an hour ago... and then we shift, into frequencies that upgrade/reconfigure the immune and nervous systems.... These also focus on our crystals/pineal gland/eyes/vision again.

Many experiencing the gravitational shifts/density clearing and hip expansion with these cosmic birthing processes, as well as how the recent pole flip affects gravity/density felt in the body. Our bones and muscles go through continual and constant processes, the more light we integrate and the more programming we clear. ↓

Lately too, the throat and breathing have been huge parts of these upgrades as well. Obviously the heart, brain, and spine. Be patient, love your body, support your body and listen to your body, as your body's DNA rewrites "new code" on how it needs to function while activating/integrating immense LIGHT to hold, generate and transmit out from within.

These energy reports are for awareness, to shift the old mindsets, mentalities, beliefs of how your bodies play roles in physical body ascension, as well as anchoring much higher dimensional realities and Heaven on Earth into your/this/our physical here. 

Dense bodies, dense minds... dense realities... all bound by limits that become self-imposed through unconscious programs anchored in the physical body that need to clear, by way of each's emotions (energy), for ease, peace, simplicity and clarity to emerge from within.

Light Bodies, open hearts, open minds, flowing in Unison as LOVE, observing reality to understand what was not visible before. Observing everything, truly seeing what was right in front of our face, often hidden from our physical eyes, yet not from our knowing and how we felt inside..... This is what each "learns" to listen to instead.... 

Tuning into the ENERGY OF ALL, means tuning out in other ways. Closing your eyes so you can utilize your other senses, your INNER VISION, listening to the vibration of all... instead of the actual words being said...... 

Learning to TUNE IN and really connect from within, connect and FEEL VIBRATIONALLY..... distortions are very visible as we do. Eventually, we don't have to close our eyes, because we can organically and naturally hear/see/feel, with our eyes open, because our linear minds don't take over anymore.....

Bypassing Linear is important to start to truly understand. Linear lives in boxes, should's, duality and a world of JUDGEMENT and as victims that point the finger at everything "out there".... Part of learning to MASTER the physical is taking the finger and turning it around and then taking responsibility for everything done and allowed, everything transmitted out, projected out to CREATE the actual reality/experience that's occurring.... 

To fully align your own realities as LOVE, you/we have to BE LOVE and live this from our CORE. Love is not a doormat, it does not take from others, it does not "need" or impose....

Love is respect, kindness, consideration, integrity to each other on a whole new level (Soul), it's sharing, supporting, openness, honesty, communication ... it's coming together (Unifying)... there's no attachment/cords.... (that's human love, which we transcend and bring forth our highest version of love fully from within). 

Love is self-respect, self-care, self-awareness, self-mastery... it's re-educating all others through love too... it's paving the way, showing the way and is okay with going on and allowing everyone their own realities that they choose to experience too. 

Love has no need at all... it's a gratitude, an appreciation, a generosity, a caring that transcends human everything.... 

Love is an essence an ENERGY AS LIGHT BEINGS that we HOLD and RAYdiate out.... to touch all others as LOVE too. 

Love is what re-connects us.... through the PURITY OF OUR SOULS... this love does not bind... it FREES..... 

Purity through LOVE is FELT.... it can't be explained or spoken to prove.... the PROOF is in our ESSENCE... in everything we say and do..... 

The PROOF is how we treat each other, our behavior and by BEing our highest aspects here. The Proof is by SHOWING, not sitting around talking about it (that's what unconscious human aspects do). 

You ARE the PROOF, when your heart is open and you hold your own POWER and don't go back.... to unconscious realities to play in those distorted realities anymore.... 

I love you. HOLD your highest everything. Your physical re-codes and shifts to a higher plane of existence/new timeline as you do. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Sonja KristallenhartWhitaka 24th April 2018 2:52 pm

Thank you Lisa! For the reminders & the eye-openers :smitten:

Toni 24th April 2018 8:05 pm

Being love is what I love to experience most... :thumbs:


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