March & April Energy Update

Normally I have a "monthly" Energy Report, yet this one is a multi-month, because of the magnitude of these Cosmic StarGate/Gateway Openings, Activations, Symphonics/Harmonics & Gravitational Re-Alignments that we are DEEP in the midst-of, as a part of a NEW CYCLE for Higher Consciousness HUmanity and processes to shift entire collectives to much higher timelines continually now. I have to weave all, because of how all is connected, in order to assist each preparing to be able to energetically handle what comes "after" and as we continue our UPWARD SPIRAL out across our Cosmos from deep within the SEAT of our SOUL and entire BEing here....

The immensity of these up-levels will push the linear human body & dualistic human reality hard, so it's going to be beyond important for each to SIMPLIFY constantly and resolve all through DIVINE LOVE, where continual conscious creation and abundant, infinite flow through simplicity, clarity, joy, inspiration, ease and profound deep inner connection and peace all exist. ↓↓↓

More Cosmic Stargates/Gateways:

March blew open a huge Initiatory Gateway and another "next" huge Cosmic (Re)Alignment to begin, both on a personal and collective level, where all "previous" activations and experiences were "up-leveled" from individual Soul, Universal, Galactic (Races), Christed/Crystalline, LeMUrian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Angelic (and infinite more), where the frequencies of the Entire Cosmos, Gamma Rays of Cosmic Light, the Rainbow Rays/Frequencies, Diamond Light Code Frequencies, Christed/Crystalline Frequencies, Plasma Frequencies, the Golds, Silvers, Platinums, Pure White Source Rays and every color of the expanded Rainbow Spectrum/Range activated in ways not humanly comprehensible, and only first visible through our own deep inner-connection giving us access to ALL.

Multiple Kundalini Awakenings:
  • Individual Kundalini (Universal Body)
  • Crystalline Kundalini (Christed/Crystalline LightBody)
  • Galactic/God Consciousness Kundalini (Plasma Spine)
  • 3 Fold Flame Kundalini (Divine Soul Fire & Higher Consciousness Union Template Ignites)
  • Gaia & Collective Consciousness Kundalini Activation (July 2017)
  • Cosmic Consciousness Kundalini & Cosmic Body Alignment (Star Councils Activated to step forth/HUmanitarian Roles) March 2018
Individual Kundalini Awakening: Universe/Soul/Spirit From Inside Of The Physical Body (Universal Body Re-Alignment Process Begins For Physical Body Ascension To Occur)

First, each has many continual (and often a huge spontaneous) Individual Kundalini activations/awakenings, which “begins” the whole Soul/Spirit/Starseed Awakening Process, which can begin as a child and continue the course of one’s whole lifetime, until “that moment” that FULL Kundalini awakening (sometimes abrupt/spontaneous, other times subtle) occurs, “thrusting” and shifting each into a whole new phase of “higher dimensional & inner-dimensional/deep inner realms” realities, where the “bizarre and weird” begins, and where the physical makes no logical sense anymore, which is where confusion and resistance become visible, as all begins to “change”, with no semblance of “control” anymore. This part of the process takes years within itself, as the body awakening fully to come online with higher dimensional/multi-dimensionality is a massive process of processes and phases of gateways, initiations, learning to open portals and walk/travel the passageways from old unconscious dimensions/realities to fully conscious ones. Each awakens to the veils of amnesia which start to clear as foggy/lucid dreamy phases begin. Transitioning over from asleep to awake means leaving the unconscious physical reality realms and “MOVING” to NEW Earth, where all new realities exist and become each’s actual EXPERIENCE through Conscious Connection & Creation through contributing as Light to shifting HUmanity to this magical and exquisite higher dimensional experience too!

Then there's a Collective one, as well as a Cosmic one... which we are strongly in the process of now. 

For many, their individual Kundalini Awakening occurred a little bit along the way, prior to 2012, preparing the forerunners/1st Wavers as Multi-Dimensional anchor points & Gatekeepers here, all serving different purposes/roles as a part of their own WayShower-Ship. Each Gatekeeper in a different place, with their own personal journey, while dedicating themselves to fulfilling highest roles for all of humanity at the same time, which is no easy feat and takes total dedication and commitment on all of our parts here. 

Since 2012 Physical Body Ascension Gateway opening, there have been numerous waves, awakening collectives in stages to come on-board to link up to our beautiful NEW Earth Gridwork, with more every moment and this continues to increase even more-so now. Waves upon waves, particle activations powerfully, hearts opening, minds opening to the REALity of our NEW EARTH MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE, which that is available to each completing immense continual initiatory passageways to "cross over" the RAINBOW BRIDGE (and through a Vortexes) to come out on the “other side” in order to completely exist beyond the Veils of Amnesia reflected by each's “Soul Chosen Unconscious-Deep-aSleep-Human-Experience” here.  Dissolving the veils, which are within each to do by way of sleeping, raising vibrational frequencies, integrating light, sleeping, communing with nature/the universe, exposing and surrounding ourselves with all things “higher consciousness”, while recognizing, identifying and working through all things “unconscious conditions/programming” that we held deep inside and had no clue was there, the immensity of emotions, limiting/fixed beliefs/mentalities and all of the stories, identities and ego-separation playing out as our own narcissism, judgment, blame, shame, guilt and distorted perceptions lend to having to re-write realities from scratch and start all over again, with a new “tool belt” and arsenal of “how” to do/deal on an ENERGETIC and Quantum Level, instead of a linear one. 

Collective Kundalini Awakening (Gaia Consciousness):

In July 2017, there was a Collective Gaia Consciousness Kundalini Awakening that un-coiled dormant DNA to collectively awaken masses more, leading all into the Unleashing of Immense Cosmic and Ancient Energies with the August 2017 Lion's Gateway and Eclipse, to create a domino effect of Cosmic Upgrades to accelerate all. Every moment since has been continual HARMONIC ALIGNMENT/RE-ALIGNMENT on a COSMIC LEVEL with wide-open Gateways continuing to open up more and more and more as we go. 

The frequencies of each planet, Star, wormhole, nexus, nebula and everything "floating" around in "space" of our whole Cosmos/Cosmic Existence, both in this perceived SOULar System and all others, are now super-charged to amplify through wide-open StarGates that activate within Our own Earthly Bodies simultaneously with Gaia's Cosmic Body with "off the charts" bio-electrical imPULSES to shock, stimulate, awaken and re-code our DNA, Genetics, Systems, Body Templates astronomically..... 

March 2018: Cosmic Kundalini Alignment Was Huge

Whew is an understatement for what the body goes through to integrate these ultra-high frequency geometric codes. Working through all, we started with the Cosmic Heart with waves upon waves of Pure Cosmic Love Flooding through like never before. Days upon days to then shift to the body having to complete the processes that began with these, where these mega-wattage cosmic rays weaved through our bodies by way of electrical shocks and pulses to “seek out” and re-configure how the body communicates and functions on a Cosmic Level here. From the Cosmic Heart we went to the Cosmic Root (Coccyx/Tailbone area) to “seek and destroy”, awaken anything still dormant, releasing any “pain” still stored in cellular memory/data banks, then up to the Cosmic Mind we went (brain) where all linear went, beyond anything we’d experienced thus far, then down to the Cosmic Sacrum/Sacral/Womb area to clear anything still dormant/hiding there, then up to the Cosmic Communicator (throat area), then down to the Cosmic SOULar Seat/Solar Plexus, weaving through the Earthly - Heavenly Body to fuse these together with all new Light Bands.  This process has taken the whole month, and continues still….. 

Template overlays started embedding a couple of weeks ago and continue as well… these are huge System re-writes that take awhile to complete. Super important for each to honor this as it needs to occur. 

While individual, Gatekeepers also activate and anchor these huge encodements in for all to “do” when they hit/achieve the vibration inside to open the Space of Consciousness (portal) and expand all out from within and HOLD this state of expanded consciousness in every moment/exchange too. 

Just A Few Of March’s Accomplishments On A Multi-Dimensional & Physical Level:

The first part of March to mid month was a huge Cosmic Clearing Process from within the physical body template, Gaia’s template, Galactic Templates and more. 

March 13: Another pole flip, which has a huge impact in how magnetics & gravity play out and affect the physical (body/reality) in correlation with bio-electrical transmissions generating a “Force Field” effect, which is “new”. Each huge transition into the next phase is normally accompanied by a pole flip, my first one was with Physical Body Ascension and “arriving” on “New Earth”, with others along the way, which means learning to re-balance magnetics even more than before, shift how our body functions again and stabilizing a ridiculous amount of Photonic Quantum Light Codes within our physical body (bones/teeth/blood/muscles) and whole template clearings/cleansings/wipes and system reboots that occur along the way too. 

March 20: Cosmic Code-Reading Capabilities Up-Graded for Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers

Each’s current role, “level” of access, “level” of purity dictates this. Because we have different phases & stages of “graduations” and “completions”, as Embodiers, this will vary for each, dependent on where each is currently in their own Phases of Ascension/Embodiment here. For me, I call these “decoder rings”, as a fun term to depict just a small (yet ginormous responsibility on our part) of decoding Light Codes as the come through (us) and activate in our/the Unified Field of Consciousness/Super Consciousness, on a Christed Level, God Particle Level, Angelic Level, Galactic Level, Embodied Ancient, Embodied Guardian, Avatar Level, Elemental Level, Cetacean Level, Universal Level, Cosmic Level and Embodied Star BEings (various Unified Councils of Light) and more. These are not “comparisons”, yet instead an awareness of what we each have to offer as we step into and fulfil these roles, as a part of our Service to HUmanity (and every dimensional level) here now. For me, I spent the entire day decoding Cosmic Codes for Gaia, the whole Cosmos, our inhabitants on Cosmic DNA and what is occurring on a multi-cosmic level to share. I’m still working on this, as it’s vast. I’ll publish it when it’s ready, as it takes much on our part to do this and share it to support all who are truly ready to be an important part and participate consciously as well. 

March 21: As a GATEKEEPER for Kauai: While serving as a Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper for our Multi-Dimensional Earth, I’ve also been fulfilling Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper Roles for Kauai for years, which have a multitude of additional roles/purposes for all too. Tons of information regarding the observable planetary Quantum Energy shifts that accelerated for all with the August 21, 2017 Powerful Eclipse, our BeLOVEd Kauai’s role/energy has/is hugely shifting/being upgraded, also clearing it’s akash/karmic timelines, as well as shifting vibrationally how/why all who come to BE here in various capacities too. I shall share separately on this, as all is ready/available for each to utilize however appropriate in their own journey and Higher Dimensional Purposes here. 

March 21: Rainbow Body Template & Diamond Light Body Template

We Completed the Integration of the “Rainbow Body” Template, as well as the Diamond Light Code Body Template, which are more refined and inclusive than the previous Rainbow Frequencies and Diamond Light Code Geometrics anchored in over the last few years. The only way I can describe is that this is like the “whole suit”, instead of a just new program codes and various template upgrades & integrated encodement overlays that we experienced along the way. (These are explained a bit more further down in this article).

March 30th & 31st: Cosmic Womb clearing and opening of this/our Cosmic Birthing Canal, which was quite surprising (as is every other bizarre cool thing that unexpectedly occurs naturally and organically as we embody/integrate fully). With the 3/31 Blue/Full Moon, this occurred, with the next few days moving anything out for Cosmic (Re)Birthing to begin on April 3rd, a super powerful full-on day! (Which I posted energetic updates all day on Facebook for all who were along with us for this experience together, as well as embedding a post on my “Daily Writings” Update page too.)

March was intense for stabilizing and integrating the immensity of these huge Cosmic Templates & Codes. It basically took everything we had as Gatekeepers to accomplish & complete this, in order to move into our current phase now. Many going through resurrections as Christed BEings and Physical Body Ascension themselves, as collectives “came/come through” (and still do) in various WAVES. So many FEELING the exquisiteness through  their own experiences, realizing how powerful UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is, and how important their own own roles are here too!

Cosmic Divine Partner Templates for Integration and Full Embodiment by Each:
  • Cosmic Rainbow Body Template = Incarnate Star Council Member’s Cosmic Body Template: Much more intricate than the earlier Rainbow Frequencies, Rainbow Bridge Codes and Rainbow Geometric template upgrades we accomplished before). These assist our bodies with processing more intricate STAR CODES, the Cosmic knowledge and DNA of our Star System Lineages, all brought forth for HUmanity here. Each Cosmic Ray represents a different Star System and the ability to integrate these is immense. These Star Codes are high up on the Symphonic Scale, if you will, and Ultra-Sonic frequencies activate these for re-coding our Crystals/Crystalline Structures with the data/information to UNITE as our STAR COUNCILS in the physical here. In our early phases, we attended Star/Galactic Council meetings and held these in the etheric/holographic realms, yet with each anchoring these ultra-high frequencies within, we all step forth to UNITE to take the Helm. (For many of us for awhile, even years now, every time we “look out”, all we see is Rainbows holographically. It’s like we are “blanketed” in a rainbow field. It’s quite beautiful, even though not physically visible to many, it’s always there). :)
  • Diamond Light & Christed Template Body = Unified Purity Consciousness & Sacred Heavenly Body Template of our Celestial/Christed/God Source Lineages: This template integrates the “next level”, after embodiment of the “Pure Ones” Template and Guardian Templates from years before (2015-2016), as well as full Embodiment of Avatar Consciousness (2016-2017) Templates for anchoring into our physical realities here. Even more complete and comprehensive than previous activations and template re-writes through these new codes, these assist with processing PURITY Codes with greater ease, defractalization and processing purer forms of light data as well.

Through the years we integrated these codes on other levels, which was a huge undertaking at that point. Embedding deep into our bones, blood, every part of our bodies, so we could see and process multi-faceted realities and transmit/process Higher Dimensional Rainbow Light for transmitting out from within. 

We have “levels” of awakening, consciousness and integration, where each takes us DEEPER within our own selves (and cells), which simultaneously is how we expand on a Soul Level, Universal Level, Galactic Level, Cosmic Level and every other SPACE that opens up from within. This RE-CONNECTION awakens aspects WITHIN US, which seem to be “out there” or “up there” for awhile, because our physical body has to also ascend and reach the vibration for all to move from “outside” to “inside”, which is part of a huge pole flip and re-balancing of magnetics with our bodies and our fields.

We have a multitude of Templates that have to be integrated, new systems that have to be established, new programs that have to be activated, while clearing anything not in harmonic alignment with our highest frequencies capable, achievable and available to each one of us here. 

Every template upgrade and integration process takes us awhile to see how these “work”. This time it took me a few weeks once the template re-wiring, fusing and re-calibration processes were complete to observe and bring through the encodements to share with you/all, which continues daily as we go/flow/see/experience/know. These two templates work together, which is why they came through together, for each of us, Gaia and throughout our Universes/Cosmos too. They work together in unison, cohesively, to create a whole new beautiful, exciting and powerfully subtle experience here now.

These allow us a much fuller and vibrant process, with greater abilities to process the immensity of these new/higher Cosmic & Star (BEing) Codes through our physical body templates (systems & structures) now. These activate the Star Councils/Galactic Councils who agreed to incarnate into this physical and fulfill these roles here. Each Cosmic Ray represents a different STAR Code, some ‘other galaxies’, some our native one here, yet these activations that are occuring daily at an exponential rate, are activating each to REMEMBER their Roles/Highest Purposes & Missions agreed to, to embrace and step up/into these, by UNITING as the Purest form of LOVE for all of HUmanity here.

There is still so much more information to share on these, yet I will as we go, in the contexts that are easiest to integrate by all.

March Flows Into April:

As we continue powerful activations as "March's Cosmic Alignment" continues to overflow, where April becomes a continuation to complete a massive passageway, to catapult all into a much more powerful phase. May is a re-grouping of sorts, where each determines new focus through dedicated ACTIONS as BENEVOLENT LIGHT BEINGS here, as well as a preparation for June Solstice Passageway, another powerful month of releasing all that's no longer aligned, July's powerful Eclipses which lead us into a mega-powerful Lion's Gateway (8•8) and many more powerful Cosmic Alignments that increase even more-so from there. Every moment is anchoring, holding, stabilizing and UNITING in all new ways, where compatibility becomes Key (KeyCode) for all ready to come together, work together, receive together and learn how contributory realities work through Unity Consciousness here. Last August began a cycle of Cosmic Divine Masculine Energies that now sweep this planet and change the COSMIC CLIMATE and ATMOSPHERES for how realities have to now align for/by each. (I have a sharing on Kauai and Planetary that is affected by this - coming soon).  

April 3rd: We went through an immense Cosmic Re-Birthing/Birthing process… which was huge for those consciously experiencing this. You can find the energy updates on my website “Daily Writings & Sharings”, where I posted all day on Facebook as we experienced the immensity in “Real Time” together. I’ve done many huge shift/transitions/gateways with you, our beLOVEd Cosmic Family, in this way over the years. :) A huge Star Council "Call" also went out to each incarnate here to fulfill these higher purposes too. 

The Focus For April:

… is Integration and honoring your body/you like never before, observe your physical reality and CHOOSE what truly SUPPORTS your ability to honor these processes even more. Focus your energy on further establishing your NEW Earth Realities, through UNIFIED CREATION, sharing, supporting and BEing a part of our NEW, in whatever capacities your Universal/Higher Dimensional Consciousness Access shows you.

The amount of Cosmic Rays/Light shall increase substantially as we go, and if you/we are not honoring our bodies for EVERYTHING that they need to fully INTEGRATE PURE SOURCE LIGHT/COSMIC RAYS AS they activate/come through (on a cellular level), then each's ability to Master, maneuver, stabilize, sustain and maintain with ease will be beyond challenging like never before. Shift to your PURE HEART SPACE and get out of your head about all. Hold this in every moment for Divine Cosmic Flow to be your own experience here.

These Wider Gateways "Unleash/ed Cosmic Unifying Frequencies", taking each deep into the CORE of your everything, so if this is where you function from naturally, if PURITY is how you live your life, if Purity Love Unity Consciousness is the basis for all of your exchanges and at the root/core foundation of your relationships with yourself, each other, all, then this will be another walk-in the park... 

There will also be a lot of “maneuvering”, as we converge many new timelines/realities through anchoring and applying all new geometrics too. It’s always a challenge for our human aspect to maneuver a bit, in order to Master new realities and manage all of this vastness with great ease. As more unite, this becomes each’s role, to maneuver and flow together, as well as honoring and respecting each’s individual space and vibrational/energetic necessities to continue to integrate more light within the physical body as it acclimates to these new frequency bandwidths, as we go higher constantly daily and continually anchor the immensity into this now. 

That which is distorted will be amplified, so that each can hear/see and choose "how" is most aligned on a Soul Level, in order to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE the physical reality that then plays out as a vibrational response. Thoughts, feelings, emotions… as if measured on a richter scale, shaking and quaking each to their core, to release all not aligned with higher consciousness love. On the flip-side, all that is kind, generous, ample and pure… this will be amplified as well, as all is RETURNED according to the MAGNITUDE at which one fulfills their highest roles for all of HUmanity/multi-dimensionally here. 

April is also a month to be excited for what higher dimensional existence has to offer, with NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES available for all truly stepping into higher roles as playful, happy, spirited, kind BENEVOLENT LIGHT BEINGS here to make a difference TOGETHER and individually too. It's a month to further align all through love, let all go that is ego-created, resolve all within that is not able to fully align easily and know that much higher timelines/alternate realities come forth (converge) to materialize in the physical in response to the REALITIES each holds as "real" with their own consciousness. It's a month to focus on JOY, appreciation and the realization that the Version of Earth you/we/each experience is the one that we HOLD THE CONSCIOUSNESS FOR.... it's a month of review, contemplation and seeing what YOU HAVE TO OFFER and how you can contribute to the bigger picture through unification too, as well as RECOGNIZING that which you no longer inJOY/desire as your own personal experience here. These bring much change, so adaptability is KEY (keycode). Shifting as all shifts, makes for a much easier experience here. Integration is KEY for your body-reality to upgrade/re-code/align as it needs to with greater ease. On a linear scale, we are preparing to move into an even more powerful phase, so this month is important for each to be able to HOLD the immensity as all is activated within each, and for the shifts in external realities as a response to this. 

Now, when I speak of "having something/much to offer", it's nothing linear like in the old human realities, where humans offer in exchange for wanting something, focused on what they are getting out of the situation or any "thing". This is the opposite, as all things are vibrational/non-linear. Here we don't just offer, we DO... without needing/seeking/expecting anything in return, because all is VIBRATIONAL and immediately activates "the vibrational return" to come however/whenever is most beneficial and when we ACHIEVE the VIBRATION within us for the physical experience to occur. We don't "wait for permission" to DO on a Soul Level, we DO AS OUR HIGHEST ASPECT SELF-SOUL. We focus on what we are transmitting out and we keep transmitting the highest everything, across every dimension/space/time.... collapsing every timeline of separation that "stood in the way" of RECEIVING that which supports us all in accomplishing our highest purposes/roles/missions here. WE KNOW what we are here to BE/DO... and it's up to each one of us to step up and make it happen.... This is HOW EACH PULLS higher consciousness/dimensional realities to anchor in the physical for all here. Human aspects "think" it has nothing to offer (or a distorted ego on what it has to offer), yet when one's heart is TRULY OPEN, all is INFINITE in how we UNITE to make a difference, contribute, support and share, for all of HUmanity here. Duality pulls apart. Unity comes together.

PERMISSION is something you/WE DO, as our own higher/highest/Universal Aspect Selves here.  

“Wide Open” Cosmic Rays, High Frequency Photonic SOULar Waves and Particle Acceleration

A few weeks ago, there were so many things that kept activating, one after another... so many completions, so many new cycles, so many activations... with the words that there are no more "completions" of Gateways like there were before. There are, yet they are different... Now they all "stack" on top of each other (compounding) and increasing the POWER until all unifies into ONE. Gateways upon Gateways wide open FLOODS OF LOVE AND COSMIC LIGHT, we integrated the COSMIC RAINBOW TEMPLATE AND COSMIC DIAMOND TEMPLATE fully, which up-leveled the previous Universal Geometric Grids that were previously in place. These Advanced Geometrics make those hugely intricate ones look like "child's play".  

Linear dissolves, collapses and Goes Offline even more functioning has to be adjusted constantly too. Several template wipes make it challenging, adjusting our sleep patterns (all over the place for awhile until the integration processes complete), food/eating, ability to process, create or "do" for anyone else while we are undergoing the immensity of these re-coding processes that need to complete before we can "do" for anyone else at all.... and "how" we do everything changes quite a bit/completely too. Every day, linear realities and capabilities are taken offline even more, with more integration necessary in order to further come online vibrationally with the exquisiteness of Our NEW Earth Experience NOW. More shall start seeing and realizing/understanding why they are truly here, and it has nothing to do with what anyone “thought” before. 

Multi-Dimensionality is now at the FOREFRONT as everything else "takes a back seat": 

While we continue these huge Cosmic Alignments, March was the opening for all on a much grander scale than ever before. April will be important for all to integrate, apply, implement their "new" and to honor their body/soul/spirit integration in every way, so that their physical body can stabilize and hold these immense codes with greater ease, otherwise what comes next will be more than each can handle emotionally, physically, mentally... It's going to take great Presence and a DEEP inner-connection, honoring what our bodies need to hold the immensity of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS AND PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS above and through all. 

Cosmic DNA Activations are off the charts. "Off the Charts" is our "new" normal now. 

Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers:

We honor all of this first, because we understand the importance of our Highest Dimensional Roles here. Our physical realities re-align as a response to what we HOLD. Our physical bodies are the anchor point, emanating out our own highest consciousness to touch all as love here. We have to let a lot of stuff go in order to fulfill these highest callings and responsibilities for all of HUmanity here. The exchange is that all is SIMPLE, EASY and our realities do not collapse, because the PURITY OF OUR EXISTENCE is how we live our lives. We do not continue to allow unconscious anything to play out, we do not surround ourselves with unconsciousness and we re-educate all as love by SHOWING all others how Highest Consciousness Earth is an EXISTENCE that we ALL are responsible for creating, holding, being through every breath here. We ARE LOVE in every exchange, standing AS POWER, without the old distorted programs coming into play. We also hold all accountable in our realities, so each has to step-up, contribute and actually care from the depth of their own Soul too, forming relationships that are PURE (no karmic timelines) and serve highest purposes for all of HUmanity here. There is a love that binds us all, on a soul level, that has no need at all. It's a level of RESPECT and APPRECIATION, with kindness, sharing creating a SUPPORT SYSTEM that's organic, natural and pure. It's quite beautiful to experience.... and been a "long time" coming, taking much "work" on our part to transcend all duality within ourselves to experience this TRANSCENDENT LOVE. ♥

Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers dedicated to anchoring and stabilizing these immense Light Codes into our physical (in every way) have our "hands full", decoding all of the new Cosmic Codes that are flooding continually in order to deliver/provide/share the "new" higher-dimensional information as each's own access is opened up, through huge initiatory phases of purification and different (Infinite) levels of Consciousness Embodiment to (continually) occur. It takes a lot of dedicated energy ("time" for humans) for us to fulfill this part of our Soul Work for all of HUmanity here. Yes, it is a "job" we agreed to do, an awesome one, yet it takes the place of doing many other things, that others take for-granted and don't understand until they actually experience this themselves. Our lives are completely re-arranged to "accommodate" this part of our Roles for HUmanity here. 

Multiple Template Modifications, Re-Writes, ReStoration and Re-Balancing:

March we experienced at least 3 huge template re-codes and overlays embedding into our physical body template/form. These alter our abilities to "do" for anyone else when we have to devote our energy to integrating first and managing a gazillion physical realities that we hold in place too. These multiple template re-writes/re-coding/overlays break down and rebuild the molecular structure of all as they embed into our physical bodies, Gaia's template, weaving through the planetary/physical body vortexes, systems and opening up/re-tuning beyond the Soul levels, beyond the Universal Levels, beyond all of the other "Levels" achieved before. 

This process is for each individually, as well as collectively for us all.... it's intricate, deep, sacred, subtle, profound, simple and complex all at the same time and as EASY as we allow it to be, through our own dedication and commitment as Guardians and the COUNCILS in form here. Physically accomplishing anything is near to impossible during high anchoring/re-coding times/frequencies, so it takes more focus on our part to integrate and function in the physical too. The "change-over" from linear to non-linear and switching back and forth, is challenging on the human body (and chaotic/confusing for the unconscious human aspect correlating to their physical realities experiences too). The cellular structure of your DNA and how your body functions was based on linear constructs and equations that no longer apply. Your body is trying to COMMUNICATE new codes, developing a new OPERATING SYSTEM, that reads/translates LIGHT as it's new language (LightBody), which in turn "reads/translates" Crystalline/Christed, Photonic/Plasma energies and every different Consciousness as it activates inside of you too. Your physical body is building a new PLATFORM, a whole new SYSTEM where it communicates through LIGHT DATA, instead of like it did before. No longer ruled by your "head", your BODY works to BECOME this beautiful, alive, awakened, thriving, living, breathing, intelligent communicative organism connected cosmically with all things as ONE. Your human aspect must shut down, go to sleep, let go/surrender and allow these intricate re-write processes to occur. You on a Soul Level do already know this. It's up to you to determine which YOU you are going to listen to/allow to dictate HOW you EXPERIENCE this huge Evolution Process we all are deep in the middle of now. 

These Photonic Light Codes are immense and they work through the whole body, every organ, every gland, flesh, blood, the heart, (new and old chakra systems), the brain, the throat, the root/sacral, solar plexus, bones, teeth, eyes, fingers, toes, spine, every body part and circulatory and transmittable system.... to synchronize all harmonically on a Cosmic Level more than ever before. 

Current & Recent “Ascendees”: When full body Ascension occurs, it’s a process of transitioning from having guides and teams to becoming all guides and teams, as there’s no more separation between aspects, other than to be able to tell the difference of the ENERGY/ASPECT you are BEing in that moment. There’s no one to “consult” anymore, to ask what is right or aligned… it’s all INSIDE and you/each must “learn” how to function in all new ways now. This all becomes about “PROCESSING” Light Data in all new ways, as your WHOLE BODY is your processor of information, with every cell of your body awake, communicating and working in unison in all new ways too. How you sleep, walk, talk, eat, breathe, communicate, connect, think… this all changes too, continually, as your UPGRADES change as your body continually re-codes, re-calibrates and re-everything constantly… your new LightBody, your Crystalline Structure(s), your entire System(s) have to be re-worked, re-coded and re-calibrated, as you learn to STABILIZE IMMENSE LIGHT CODES within your body, with template re-writes a regular thing, with you being completely RESPONSIBLE for everything that you create and experience here. Your entire physical reality now “arriving” in response to what you call forth, what you are ready to handle, what you signed on for, what you are to do/be/accomplish next, functioning from ZERO POINT, the SPACE WHERE NO TIME EXISTS, everything is in your face constantly to “do”.... And your human aspect has to learn to keep up and accomplish at a ridiculous (Quantum) rate too. You will start to understand how the physical comes to be created, how all plays out and you will be the one that dictates realities from within you, which gives you the POWER TO CHOOSE what timeline you desire to experience, the ability to shift, collapse or activate all new timelines just by seeing/focusing on them…. Your new Quantum Existence replaces your old Linear one and now your physical body goes into an advanced restructuring process of breaking down linear constructs within every cell and rebuilding all new ones through the integration of ADVANCED GEOMETRICS that completely replace all of your old realities….. 

What resonates with you changes, what inspires you changes, what you inJOY changes, what you DESIRE changes, as you clear those old distortions at WARP SPEED too. Every reality floats around in your FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS for you to activate, grab and anchor into the physical with your ACTION ENERGY in every moment now. REALity takes on a whole new meaning and your contribution to HUmanity changes substantially too. ♥

For “New Ascendees”: (Whenever this shall occur collectively and for each) 

Welcome HOME through REMEMBERING & BEing Who You TRULY ARE & Why You Are Here, which has nothing to do with any identities, limiting fix beliefs, stories or things… 

It takes a bit to integrate and shift into this new space and understand how to function in all new ways too. It took me a whole month, kind of feeling “abandoned”, because my team and higher selves “were gone” and it was “just me”... and then it was time to “get up” and start doing (Divine Masculine) and start anchoring higher dimensional realities in every moment, while teaching, re-educating, sharing and activating and assisting others too. BEcoming your whole Universe without a Universe to guide… where you talk to yourself a lot and feel your truth from inside, seeing holographically with your new higher vision that’s been activated with your pineal gland opening and transmitting holographics for you to easier see, while clearing your akash simultaneously. Now it’s your job to see programs and stop them, transcend them, resolve them and re-code all yourself. You just stepped into your own Power as a Christed BEing, to hold and EMBODY in every aspect of you and your own life here, to awaken all new phases for fulfilling much higher purposes and roles here. Occupying this SPACE is an important phase of Multi-Dimensional Evolution and Existence here. As higher Divine Feminine is held, higher Divine Masculine (and other consciousnesses will activate for application through Higher Mind Consciousness to further assist with our Unified Existences here. All of these phases takes everything to a whole new level of recognizing ego-separation-unconscious programs and through observing how polarity comes to be, as Mastering the Entire Physical becomes a part of your capabilities here. A multitude of aspects activating, yours is to clear the distortions of each one and unify all aspects within you, so that there is no separation between any of your aspects/existences and you Master Maneuvering, Managing and Maintaining a multitude of physical realities all simultaneously as your highest dimensional versions of your Purest Existences through BEing LOVE in every way here. 

Now it’s all about unifying all of your aspects into one, clearing any distortion as they present and honoring your body as a Cosmic StarGate Vessel/Body-Field, which allows you to INFINITE access, full abundance, full everything… SIMPLY FROM WITHIN.


As you can tell from the vastness of this writing, only being a very small part of all that is going on, there's so very much, so continue to honor your process & you, while continually observing your human aspect, unconscious programs, distortions, projections, mentalities, energy and shifting all of this consciously yourself. 

I love you from the depth and core of my BEing and appreciate all that you each also do as LOVE too! ♥ Keep shining, sharing, sleeping, resting, inspiring, empowering, caring and integrating, while stopping, dissolving and resolving the "old" unconscious realities/timelines/programs through SOUL/inner-connected LOVE, all appears within you/your reality too! It's beyond important for us all. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ 


Cheri 20th April 2018 5:06 pm

I work primarily on the planetary and universal architecture and April has been the most hellacious month for me personally ever! We are clearing these earth timelines from the original "fall" and it feels like a battle of frequencies as the base of these lower, dark frequencies have a firm hold on the DNA from these timelines and are hell bent on keeping them!!

I work on freeing the source and planetary DNA from these distortions. I am sure we all must be feeling this as the DNA is freed from all the galactic frequency war timelines and coming home to us to heal within.

I feel there is great truth being revealed in every one of these timelines as they have been infiltrated and used over and over to control our DNA and brainwaves.

I hate to say this but to me it feels like a great battle. I know that love has won but omg! what a month of turmoil and upheaval both within and without. I feel anger, desperation and survival.

Hanging on for dear life is no underestimation of this energy!! With love to us all, thanks for letting me share too!!

Buttercup 23rd April 2018 5:57 pm

Whew! Wow! That took some reading and I think I have run through the whole gamut of my little human range of feelings. From fear at being left behind, because of the battle with my head/ego (or is the repetitive anger at past mishandled situations all part of the transition?) to joy that what I have been experiencing shows that, YES I am part of this. Right down to that feeling, mentioned above, that all my guides and support had 'Gone' from me. For me this happened two or three times but it was for a week at a time spaced out over 8 or 9 weeks. Just shows how it is being tailored for each individual. There are two places in my home where the sensations are strongest, one is a particular settee that I use like a chaise longue and the other is my bed. Always when I am lying on my back (watching TV, reading or listening to music) that is when I have felt the ripples or touches that either correspond to a Chakra or are pulsing through my whole body. It happens when I am distracted from conscious thought, in much the same way that I receive messages from Guides/Higher Self/ Angels.

gloriagene33 26th April 2018 8:04 pm

Thank Youu soo much for all you do
Much love & deep gratitude


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