March Quantum Energy Report/Update

In one aspect, it's almost impossible to do an all-encompassing Energy Report these last many years, just because of How Much is going on Energetically, on every level, and how all correlates on a multi-dimensional level too. Remember, each dimension/frequency bandwidth of existence, experiences "reality" very differently.... and since all is relative to each's level(s) of consciousness and LightBody phases, as well as current templates, the "how" is as vast as the topic is. So, for the sake of touching on a few "areas" that are "heightened" on a collective (which means for those individuals within that specific collective experience), I'll touch on many things... to assist with "seeing the bigger picture", from various dimensional/dimensional spaces that are "possible", yet only for those who are occupying/Living that experience/possibility as their own here.... ♥ 

Now that we are running 12D Templates/Frequency Bandwidths/Densities, the Spectrum is much more vast... 


The higher all go/function from, the more SIMPLICITY we live from inside. Simplifying all is an important and continual part of this process. Simplify your lives. Simplify completely. Love is SIMPLE. Your ego, attachments and old programs/beliefs, these are what "complicate all". Bring yourself to full presence (Zero point) and return to PURE PEACE.... keep it simple. It's only chaotic, dramatic and crazy if you spin out (ego). Clear the emotions, clear the victim energy, clear the blame game/finger pointing, return to LOVE within and SEE what an APPROPRIATE RESPONSE is from your highest/deepest aligned place inside..... When we are dealing with ego-matrix programs, we strip them down to the CORE ENERGY and look at the mentalities, the lack of power, the lack of love, the lack of respect, the lack of whatever it is... and we DEAL with the ENERGY from that deeply place/space inside, where all is CONNECTED and IN-TUNE as ONE and we flow from this SPACE... instead of the immense chaos/lack/game playing of the ego energy/mind..... 

Closing out Old Chapters Entirely as NEW Ones BEgin for All

HUGE timeline/reality shifts.... BOTH on individual and collective ones too. February brought through a whole new up-shift/anchoring in, where all doing the deep inner work, aligning their own realities through higher consciousness... felt/experienced the PALPABLE difference energetically..... ALL NEW AVAILABLE for all embracing fully .... Closing out old Chapters as NEW ONES open up.... March is even more exciting energy for all fulfilling Soul aligned roles here.

Dependency vs. Sovereignty

This is a biggie and one that's become prevalant in these vibrational frequencies for various collectives transitioning out of the old and into 5th Dimension (and higher) as their existence and way of living fully now. 5D, while it's the innocent child being re-birthed from within, it's also merging on a Soul Level, where duality dissolves and Unity Consciousness begins. Being MERGED on a Soul Level means being fully Sovereign and not seeking anything outside anymore. COMPLETELY ONE .... where your body, your gifts, your skills, your own deep sacred connection guides you.... there's no more dependency on anyone or anything. There is UNITY, where each UNITE to see if realities are fully aligned, to contribute, create, receive relative to support/contribution and live from the bliss, magic and abundance available to all living from a fully REMEMBERED STATE.... now "learning" through Experience, through observation and fully conscious choice, realities are very different. We receive relative to how we show up, as well as fulfill our much higher purposes/missions/roles here. Clearing programming, clearing karmic timelines... this takes on new form too. When we first come through (Merkaba/Ascension), we are in-pure-love with all.... Yet we still have to MASTER the entire Physical REALITY.... from a Quantum Level, not a linear one. This transition takes much "time", because of how our DNA/Genetics work, how our body templates are BUILT as WE HOLD the new as our only reality and the old falls away, as we tune, as we shift, as we re-do everything.... to be aligned on a Soul Level, instead of a human one.... The MORE UNIFIED we are inside, the more outside is too.... There's nothing "out there" we didn't create, which means that we have the POWER to RE-CREATE it all... and align all ourselves.... There's not one ounce of DEPENDENCY ... which was a 3D/4D Level of Consciousness/Experience.... that dissolves as all unify and become fully Sovereign inside to REMEMBER how all "came to be" and what's possible/available now is INFINITE.... and totally a Conscious Choice/Act that activates much higher dimensional/vibrational realities to come forth, because we actually live from realities that have already occurred and in this current space/now, we are "doing" that which has already been done, so all is simple.... Having access to "the perceived" future, it's not the future, it's this now in a different vibration... HOLOGRAPHIC ACCESS ROCKS... which is why it's so important for all who "can see", to share the knowledge, information ... for those who can't yet.... All the information (technology) on everything, from DNA/Genetics to "how to" on various things.... The vast population doesn't understand what we bring forth "is the perceived future" and the codes, templates and "answers" for our highest dimensional version of NEW EARTH.... It doesn't matter, because as each steps up and forth to fulfill their current calling/higher purposes/roles... WE ARE THE NEW... all of us.... yet each must be SOVEREIGN within, otherwise there is lack program still playing, which distorts the whole thing. PURITY is how all gain access again. It's in our own DNA/Physical LightBodies and through a UNIFIED EXISTENCE of kindness, offering, doing our parts.... we hold all in place and invite/inspire all others to do the same in their own reality too. SOVEREIGNTY replaces dependency, yet this is a transition process for each as well.... (I have much more to share on this, and will as is appropriate along the way).

Peace and Ease vs. Chaos and Confusion

Find your CENTER.... go so deep inside that you RE-CONNECT FULLY and hold this above all. Deep inside is where we function from here. The depths at which are available now are just "wow". At first, the human ego aspect avoids this, because it doesn't want to see/feel/deal.... yet as each go through their own "lack of connection" and all the ego-matrix programming inside (cellular level/DENSITY) that has to be cleared, constantly, the ability to shift entire realities in the "blink of an eye" are mind-blowing, because all is Quantum/non-linear.... First, each must "learn" to come to this place/space inside and HOLD THIS NO MATTER WHAT.... which is the challenge at first, because there's still so much that has to be worked through/cleared. Do whatever it takes to get to this place/this space.... get out in nature, pull away, clear your field... completely. Tune in from deep inside and ALLOW YOURSELF to just BE..... allow the stories/drama/energy to dissolve/fall away... and from this place/this space/this deep connection... your own PURITY WILL EMERGE, your trust/faith will return, your innate deep KNOWING... this will bring you PURE PEACE and from this place/this SPACE.... you can DECIDE how you want to proceed..... ♥

Divine Presence

The absolute most beautiful, pristine and beautiful everything.... can be FELT.... words not necessary, EVERYTHING is SIMPLE... and visible as well. Functioning from a place/space of Divine Presence is a Quantum State ... where your own Divine Essence and Purity emanate out and affect the external through peace, love, kindness, deep sacred respect... and where your POWER is SOFT, yet very understood. We don't have to "pull our power out" unless someone's ego enters in. Sometimes the response is just kindness, compassion, other times we have to be a stronger force to break that programming down.... Yet, our response is not egoic, it's PURE LOVE and every ACTion is an act of Pure Love too... for all of us.... which means not playing the human ego matrix games.... That's the old realities... which were all unconscious. Now full Consciousness is the only acceptable reality, for us all, because THIS IS LOVE. ♥

An Empowered State vs. a Victim Mentality (Give Power Away)

The human ego loves to play out duality scenarios, which is just a clearing of discordant, dis-illusioned, distorted versions of REALties still held by each. Let's face it, building and living a whole human reality to then have to shift into a whole new one that is "the opposite", is immense. Up to the 5th Dimension, is all duality realities of "out there". The 5th Dimension returns all to "it's all inside", where every dimension opens up/is.... which is how "outside" becomes multi-dimensional too. We LIVE from all of those dimensions within us, so we can "see" them out there. The deeper we go, the more vast all is... the more depth, the more expanded, the more in-tune, the simpler all is... because "out there" is our own reflection back... so if out there is not awesome, then we go inside to access the programming, break it down/dissolve it and elevate our own consciousness BACK to full consciousness/full responsibility/full accountability/full everything again. No more fractals, no more distortions, no more lack or give our power away.... Every time one does, then this creates a timeline/reality/experience, a karmic one to have to turn around and experience/clear again.... until each is "done" with this as a reality..... As each come to fully comprehend the immensity of all, how the Old Matrix was held in place by each within and how this correlates to collectives, as well as the old Earth Matrix and NEW Earth Matrixes (very different/opposites of the old).... the transition over (Rainbow Bridge) is through Consciousness first... then the physical can be re-aligned as a vibrational response... by each. This is HOW our NEW EARTH MATRIX is held in place... by EACH LIVING THEIR OWN RECONNECTED REALITY fully.... connected within, connected with all, connected with each other AS LOVE... which is a whole new ballgame, because it means each "holding their own" fully.... 

Remember, everything 3D/4D is "lack of deep connected Source Love (Light) (which correlates to fear/judgment/criticism/blame), lack of inner-power/courage, lack of trust/faith, lack of integrity/honor (Soul Level), lack of respect, lack of connection/kindness/consideration/caring, full of attachments/cords.... 5D is reversing all of this and is a RETURNING to LOVE, yet not human love, that's the opposite... this is the PUREST LOVE of ALL... which takes many forms along the way. It's EXPERIENCED by FEELING and REMEMBERING what we all forgot/lost/disconnected from when we chose a 3D incarnation/body to do our own human experience to awaken through..... and clear all of that DENSITY fully... and from deep inside is the only way to do this... 

Heart/Soul Connections Deepen through "New Depths" of Divine Soul Union

Our own Divine Soul Union continues to take us to "new depths". It becomes the most beautiful, heart expanding and wondrous experience... to open up access to HEAVEN inside and to be able to LIVE THIS FULLY, as we all consciously choose to no longer choose/allow the vibrational versions of "hell" or "less" to "be reality" anymore....

Reconnecting with our BE-LOVE-d Gaia/Earth/Universe, our own Universe fully.... reconnecting and FEELING the abundance, feeling the love, feeling the magic, feeling the magnificence... there are no words for the actual experience of REMEMBERING.... deeply and with our whole being here.

The KEY is to HOLD THIS FEELING, this level of Purity, this Level of Remembering, this level of GRATITUDE with our every breath... and to breathe this GRATITUDE OUT... in all of the ways that we have available.... with every ACT, with every exchange, with every moment...

GRATITUDE REPLACES LACK... so the flow of energy shifts.... Lack "pulls", resists, pushes away and creates lack filled realities to experience here. IMMENSE GRATITUDE is an outflow of energy, a pouring out of the most PURE LOVE... that needs, lack, wants for nothing at all. It is this place, this space that ORGANICALLY AND NATURALLY AND EASILY CREATES (transmits codes on a multi-dimensional level) to call forth all of those REALities aligned with Generosity, kindness, compassion, respect and UNITY..... GENEROSITY WIPES OUT LACK.... it obliterates is. Yet it's up to EACH to come to LIVE FROM THIS PLACE/SPACE INSIDE and transmit this out with every breath/act. ♥

GAIA'S VIBRATION/ENERGY will assist you with REMEMBERING.... YOU have to CHOOSE to utilize this to elevate/expand/open your heart fully and raise your whole (physical body/energy) vibration high enough to RECONNECT/REMEMBER inside.... and then hold this long enough for your physical to recode, re-calibrate, realign as a VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE to your WHOLE VIBRATION ....

Where many "get tripped up" (don't fully comprehend yet), is the moment your body's vibration drops, the moment your heart closes, the moment you go unconscious, the moment you disconnect, the moment you forget.... the moment your body drops/vibrates at the 3rd/4th Dimension again.... This is a process of keeping your heart open wide/fully, wide open, your mind open wide and maintaining your highest level of Consciousness long enough to PULL YOUR BODY into a higher dimension to actually EXPERIENCE THE PHYSICAL REALITY.... Your body VIBRATES at various oscillating frequencies which determine the dimension it occupies.... If your heart closes, if you go back to sleep, if you forget, you immediately "transmit out/call forth" a reality to EXPERIENCE in order to CLEAR THAT ENERGY/PROGRAM.... and once you have, your body will vibrate at a higher oscillatory rate, which can be quite intense at first, until you get the "hang of" your multi-dimensional Light Body and how all "works" on a Quantum Level here.

Do whatever it takes to hold, maintain, sustain expansion... and when you contract back down, realize your heart is closed (which gives your mind control again). Get your heart open to your soft place and OBSERVE the programming you have playing, the emotions, the mentalities, the perceptions, the lack, the fears, the beliefs and REMEMBER that YOU CAN SHIFT ALL THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS here..... It's just one of your Super-Powers that rock awesomeness! 

The Depth of Feeling (Whole new level opened up)

We have really entered 'NEW DEPTHS'.... and wow is an understatement.... Each according to their own physical body density to light ratio.... at first, the depths are messy and ugly, because there is so much programming held. Yet, beyond all of this is the absolute most magical, amazing, pristine and exquisite everything... each's HEAVEN... literally.... we live/walk in Heaven on Earth as our own phsycial realities/experience here. It's not without "work", yet we don't mind, because we SEE and UNDERSTAND what's possible/available to us all, when we all are truly READY to anchoring the highest dimensional realms, by fullfilling our highest Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/Roles here.... It's the most ful-filling that there is... to LIVE THE MAGNIFICENCE while working in Service to support, uplift, inspire, assist all of HUmaNITY with accomplishing the same. Our "work" looks nothing like the old ways... yes, we pour our hearts and Souls into everything, because we care, we see, we understand and we DO want everyone to LIVE THESE REALITIES TOO, yet we also understand and honor (as Guardians) that each has to fully choose this too (free-will). Letting go of the lack stories of everything else being "more important" or as an "excuse"... It doesn't take any THING to do this... Just our fully open hearts and minds, listening and full surrender of our human ego aspect.... to live/exist in unison and usher in NEW EARTH with great ease by honoring the immensity of these upgrades and transition processes that replace the old realities completely............. 

Even with full-connection, it can be challenging at various times, because linear/ego constructs are being "broken down" and re-written with Quantum ones... that function very differently than all old did..... our physcial bodies and physical realities go through a massive transition process. Being on-board fully and fully connected is the only way to do this with any ease (and grace) at all. Eventually, all is simple... so honor whatever your physical LightBody says... it's MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT than your human aspect is. It already knows. It's trying to get you to listen, as is with all. ♥

Infinite Potentials and Possibilities

Are always available to all embracing, ready and choosing consciously.... The human ego lives in limits and no options, one reality, fixed and focused on "out there", believes the distortions of feelings, programmed beliefs, mentalities instead of the FEELING/KNOWING THROUGH DEEP INNER-CONNECTION WITHIN.... For the "other dimensions" to open up, our HEARTS AND MINDS MUST BE OPEN/IN-TUNE FULLY... otherwise the portals/doors are closed, because of refusal/insistance energies that get in the way of access to alternative realties ... because the human ego aspect doesn't like the alternatives or what is sees... so it "refuses" to listen/see/do/deal/shift inside.... which keeps the karmic loop cycle going until that "reality" becomes too much/breaks or dissolves.... to move each toward/into a more Soul-aligned reality where there's more freedom, more joy, more love, more kindness, more caring, more connection and less of the old BS that kept each there because of the amount of fear/power of the belief energy still held within............... 

Continually Shifting Value Systems

What each values will change as more tune in on an energetic level and reconnect inside. What 3D Consciousness valued is very different than what 5D (and way beyond) values.... What's important changes, how we see each other, how we see period... all changes as we do inside. As we reconnect and REMEMBER, we start to understand on a whole new level and the old stories, identities and lack programming goes.... We start to truly care about each other, because we truly care about ourselves, we truly love ourselves, respect ourselves, are kind to ourselves, honor ourselves and no longer choose "compromise" or "less" as what all perceive as REALity here. Reality is not a thing, it's what each BELIEVE and HOLD AS REALITY here. When/As EACH HOLD LOVE, the purest form of LOVE that there is (Soul-Star-Light BEing Love) as REALITY.... then the transmission, energy of each changes too. The VASTNESS of all becomes INFINITE and everything opens up fully and lack is no longer REALity, it's a lie we all told ourselves and lived out because of this. THE MOMENT ALL TRULY GET IT and REALize that REALity can BE anything we DESIRE IT TO BE... then each HOLDS PURE LOVE AS THE ONLY REALITY where all is fully aligned with this.... There's no longer compromise, there's no longer believing or accepting less... because that was the UNCONSCIOUS REALMS OF REALITIES and we don't live there anymore (within). As our LIGHTBODY "takes over" (Energy Body) our realities all become ENERGETIC in every way. Being TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR ENERGY and what you invest all in, what you support, what you receive...the whole thing changes... as you learn to RESPECT THE ENERGY OF EACH/ALL, because if you don't, you won't have any and this is where your abundance comes from. This is what you USE to CREATE and Build/Align all of your NEW EARTH REALITIES here.... and if you don't hold the highest level of respect, love, honor, integrity, kindness, caring, consideration and "NO, that's no longer acceptable as REALity", then your reality is affected.... in every way. 5D and above function the opposite of the old ones did. It's up to each to open up to learn/see, in order to CHOOSE which version they actually EXPERIENCE here. 

Re-Distribution Template Accelerates

The 12D Template that we completed all through January was an immense array of many templates all unified into ONE. I have hundreds and hundreds of pages that I've written, that are vast within themselves, with the drawings and codes and sequences and multitudes of templates involved, yet there's no way for me to put it all together and make it available (especially with my service-work schedule), so I do all in pieces/parts/as we go, until I can accomplish this for us all. 

The first template that we completed (understanding how what we do correlates to all realities is a whole different discussion/understanding as to "how/when" all occurs. None of this is linear, it's all encoded, geometric and based upon each's DNA, LightBody phases and what templates each have been able to complete thus far. Because it's not linear, because it's all vibrational and energetic, then each will be activating all of this, all along the way. Where we get into "activating the consciousness" and living it and realigning/rebuilding/reconstructing our entire life according to this, this is the template building process, that by way of my own observation of my whole life, others and how all the processes and phases work.... The "standard" (on a Quantum level) is from the point of the Consciousness activating (Conception/Inception) to Living/aligning fully (Gestation) to Convergence/Completion is 1 1/2 to 2 linear years.  Some will take longer, because of "how" they do their own Awakening/Ascension/Embodiment Evolution/Experience here. Some might "appear" faster, because they only "see" certain things and don't understand the processes and Levels of Consciousness and how this correlates to all. I only share this, not to create a linear "game"... yet to explain that it takes "linear time" to build a whole template that is fully highest/Soul/Cosmically aligned.... The 'MOMENT' of Expansion/Seeing/Experiencing the Expansion to see... then BEGINS a massive "overhaul" process on a DNA/Genetics Level, where each's whole physical LightBody has to then "be built", which is done simultaneously in correlation with the physical reality... so all is SYNCHRONIZED AS ONE... For pre-ascension, this will correlate to one's Merkaba. After Ascension (Consciousness first, then over linear years, full body Ascension occurs).... each enters a whole new set of processes and phases.... that fully activate one's entire StarGate System, which is a whole new massive process within itself. What's important to understand/realize/comprehend, is that each must choose and dedicate their own everything to doing this... otherwise the journey is beyond rough, challenging and even perceived as devastating/harsh... yet in essence, all of this is the ego's resistance creating the harshness experienced in order to break down all that programming that "gets in the way" of the simple way available to each. 

Now, by prefacing, JUST ONE of the 12D Templates that fully anchored in... is a RE-DISTRIBUTION TEMPLATE that affects everything on every level.... To understand, it takes expanding our hearts and minds, to understand that this whole thing was PRE-DETERMINED/PRE-DESIGNED by each one of us on a Soul/Galactic Level, before ever incarnating/walking in here. WE have ACHIEVED a MASSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT that supports HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY, yet pulls support from the old. This RE-DISTRIBUTION TEMPLATE re-distributes all... The perception of POWER, ABUNDANCE, KNOWLEDGE, SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES OF REALITIES and accelerates the continued "dissolution/collapse" of 3D/4D Realities ... where were created/built relative to levels of UNCONSCIOUSNESS and held in place by this by each as well. This "new" template overrides how all "works" from before. 3D/4D becomes more challenging, constrained and "horrific" is the word, because it has to... it's the metaphoric/literal HELL and prison (see my December activation regarding clearing this). 4D is where each "sit/stay/live", while working through duality within, heavy duty programming in the physical body and learn all new ways, as well as open up to 5D (Consciousness) as our NEW EARTH here. Every moment, every experience, every thing a "test" to see which version of reality, which dimension each will CHOOSE/BELIEVE/ALLOW/SUPPORT... the choice alone is relative to Density/DNA and what each values/believes/desires more... This is where each works through their own "lack of connection" within and as each strengthens that connection, they move into 5D realities through establishing/maintaining Consciousness/Connection and this being where one functions from, instead of a separated/dualistic/disconnected state (ego). The 12D template amplifies and accelerates the dissolution/dismantling processes of 3D, within each, so that all can transition over according to their own pre-determined/chosen experience here. You will see those 5D+ assisting, yet not sitting/waiting, as they/we are all living/building/constructing and BEing the gridwork, new systems, NEW EARTHER'S through our own deep sacred connections, because NEW EARTH IS OUR ONLY REALITY, which is where all have to come to within themselves too. 

12D Template is completed within each, which linked up to Gaia/Universally/Cosmically in every way. It's a massive process, where starting with 5D (re-birth/merging), where each dimension beyond that is higher levels of Service as Pure Source Consciousness Light, more Unify, more abundance, more everything that's available to all fully living this too. 12D redistributes... from 3D to 5D+.... The incentive for each is BY WAY OF WHAT ALL RECEIVE when living as your highest aspects, versions of you... this vibration/energy transmits out and calls forth a vibrational match to support you and all doing this too. It's a very different reality that on of the old. Where the structures, infrastructures, templates, all... are all held together, operate from and work/flow together cohesively, in-tune and full harmony with the highest levels of consciousnesses to create peace, unity, love in everything... and as each LIVES THIS, this is how NEW EARTH BECOMES EVERYONE'S REALITY here. ♥ 

12D is a HUmanitarian Template (living this for years, not one act or just a few. It's every aspect of our lives. 12D is ONLY NEW EARTH and transitioning all over to this. 12D is a deeply Sacred Template and PURE DIVINE HARMONY on a DNA LEVEL, beyond even what 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D were. (Incomprehensible, yet it's just BEYOND). 12D is the holding of all of those others in place for linear years... 5D begins the process. 6D is where all start "working" in service fully. This is not an ego anything. These are levels of Consciousness through Purity and Service as a Light Keeper, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper, Emissary, Ambassador, Sacred/Holy/Christed One, as Pure Source Creator Consciousness, as Divinity, as a Bridger/Bridgekeeper, as a Universal/Cosmic Light BEing, as a Starseed that's grown up to be the Galactic Councils by way of roles we fulfill here, as a Guardian and while each is holding 10D/11D/12D fully (Avatar/OverSoul Consciousness), so that the 144 OverSoul Templates can "lock in"... a massive process that cannot be done through the human mind.... it's a fully Quantum State of Consciousness that dictates reality here. These are maturation levels of all moving into Divine Partnership roles and where Divine Union is on a whole new level, looking nothing like human ones did. Your presence/energy/acts and current reality will reflect all back vibrationally as you/each hold/achieve all fully from within. The BEING IT FULLY, HOLDING IT FULLY (EMBODIMENT) is how each's templates (in the physical LightBody and field) are organically constructed according to Quantum Dynamics, Algorithms, Equations, Ratios, Schematics, Geometrics and more... A whole "new" Living Matrix that shifts/changes/is tuned constantly, vibrationally and the moment all is/does, the holographic reality does as well... and "then" the physical can take form ..... Quantum is INSTANT... Linear takes "forever"... because of the amount of density/linearity affects each's LightBody processing speeds.... ☼

Physical LightBodies/DNA

Photonic Light reworks all, dissolves all, restructures all. Photonic Light is the Light of our Soul, Pure Source Consciousness and "how" all gets done. Photonic Light works through each's DNA, on an atomic level that can only be understood by all who can "see" and "read Light Codes" and DNA. Part of our roles is to re-educate and assist HUmaNITY with understanding and changing how all is perceived/treated... and many of us work to provide the information, as well as re-educate through highest levels of consciousness, which provides the technology/information for how all works/what's "really" going on... yet proportionate to how it's received, supported and how it's valued/applied... which takes each being AFFECTED by the immensity of PHOTONIC LIGHT before many are "ready" to listen to something that's not linear-logical or defined by the "old ways" anymore.... 

This is a whole new level of QUANTUM EXISTENCE where each's physical body and physical reality are dictated by PHOTONIC LIGHT. These next phases of accelerating and exponential blasts (particles/waves) of PHOTONIC ACTIVITY increasing substantially change everything. 

Realities have DNA. DNA is "changed" by photonic Light, simply because our SOUL (Galactic/Source Consciousness) have "different DNA" than our human aspect did. PHOTONIC LIGHT can't be "treated" and it can't be ignored. It DETERMINES ALL.. so it takes each opening up to listening, learning all new and SUPPORTING all of this, instead of ignoring, resisting, fighting and "pretending" it's something else.... It takes ACCEPTING that nothing is as anyone "thought" and this "whole new ballgame" takes each shifting out of the old into the "new" with openness and readiness that doesn't conform to the old in any way at all.... 

Photonic Light is ALIVE.... Consciousness is ALIVE and all breathes, lives and moves in UNISON AS ONE... All is LIVING INTELLIGENCE that can only be "read" by those in-tune with this.... How each "delivers" the information is relative to whether there is any ego/old limitations/old programs still. Removing ourselves from that place/space and coming from PURITY is how the "clean signals" transmit, which makes all easier for us all here. Distorted signals activate distortions. Purity speaks/transmits purity. Transmissions "tell" the Field how to react. When WE are functioning AS THE UNIFIED FIELD OF PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, then we see/read/feel/understand all simultaneously and so our response is realative to this. What's "appropriate" is dependent on the transmissions/energy present and what's highest aligned for all. 

Atomic & Nuclear

We've been in these frequencies for eons/years, yet we moved into a more accelerated phase again. Basically, so I don't have to write out a book here, I'll keep it simple. We are in ATOMIC LEVEL frequencies constantly now. Not just the Occasional activation like "before". Now collectives CONDONS have been activated to "turn on", kind of like a whole dimension just got whammied, because it's "their time" to awaken on a whole new level and start upshifting at an accelerated rate too. For human ego matrix programming (disharmony), then when we hit "atomic frequencies", which oscillate constantly, then anger/outbursts/huge emotional releases are a result. This is part of the Askashic Clearing for each, as well as a massive tuning process (DNA Distortions/Degradation/Harmonics), so that once the clearing/synchronization process is complete, more harmony, more peace, more inner-connected love can be experienced by each. 3D/4D - Atomic can be felt by heat/cold temps changing (massive subject of what all is occurring on an Atomic/Quantum level here) = NUCLEAR REACTOR... is the term that's relative here. For 5D+ we become NUCLEAR (QUANTUM) GENERATORS where we generate our own energy (LightBody), through photosynthesis and other means where our Photonic atoms/cells "hit each other" and produce PHOTONIC AND PLASMA energy that fuels our LIGHTBODIES as well as tune our physical realities, in addition to how we Quantum Jump vastly with great ease, because we don't have the human programming/linearity/density in our bodies like before. Our NUCLEAR is not an emotional thing. Ours is spanning galaxies and our ability to travel and work from a DNA Level gives us the capability to do all with great ease here. 

Linear (Density) vs. Quantum (Photonic Light)

The more linear, the more density. The more Photonic Light, the more Quantum we are, which means we process at a ridiculous rate and don't have the delays and distortions of before. The carbon-based body has a lot to break down, reconfigure, reconstruct and to open neural pathways, rewire, reconfigure how the physical body handles immense bio-electrical, bio-magnetic, bio-kinetic, bio-plasmic energies.... The human mind/body can't make the "connections" yet, because it's still a very physical process of clearing distortions/density out. As each's LightBody is allowed to "take over", it creates/opens these neural pathways, creating a whole new sub-neural networking system and more. The whole physical body has a massive undertaking that it goes through, to transition from a 3D/4D reality to a 5D+/Multi-Dimensional one. 

Relationships (on Every Level)

Your relationships to everyone, every thing, yourself come into scrutiny and under "review" all along the way. 3D/4D is a Karmic Reality, yet the "levels" of this is not understood until 12D/OverSoul/Avatar Consciousness comes online for each. Even up to 12D, even through Consciousness, we are still playing many of these out, yet just shorter lived and we are conscious while we do. We understand we are in a place to achieve/complete various levels of Consciousness, while we clear these and honor our Soul Agreements by fulfilling certain roles here. 3D is unconscious, so all is "Contracts" being completed. 5D is coming into consciousness of this, yet the whole physical has to now be aligned, so 6D-11D into 12D is very different than the previous, because of how each correlates on every level. Because this is an EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS, each level of consciousness is much higher than the previous one. Every moment "is more conscious" than the previous one, yet the RATE AT WHICH WE CYCLE is very different. The higher the level of Conscientiousness, the "faster" we cycle through. From taking years to moments, to this MOMENT NOW, to seeing from the highest dimensions, we get to choose what realities we desire to experience, which to enter into/or not... because we can see the "future timeline" already collapsed, based upon the current vibration/energies, we can negate the whole experience as love and fully conscious. It's not an avoidance, like the human ego does. It's by being responsible for focusing our energy in order to fulfill our highest everything for all of us here. We won't "invest" our energy in that which has already collapsed/is unconscious/karmic, unless we see can see the "reasons" (beneficial) and the agreements we are to fulfill together here. Every reality is about what we are all Consciously Creating and Contributing, with each being fully Sovereign and fully invested in every way too. Anything less is Karmic and we don't have to choose those experiences anymore. We all can make a much bigger impact/difference as our highest versions here. We understand this, so we hold ourselves and everyone to this. ♥ This is love for us all. ♥ 

Fulfilling (Full FEELing) Highest Levels of Soul Agreements

This is not only the most fulfilling, it also returns the greatest "rewards". Intentionally, consciously and fully holding the highest level of integrity and honor to our highest level agreements is HOW all becomes simple and easy and immensely abundant in every way here.... The human aspect does not understand "how" abundance works. It's a process, just like all is... and completely non-linear in every way..... As more choose to step forth/step up and unite, support, reciprocate, fulfill, then this beyond beautiful tapestry of LIGHT emanates through all and creates this beautiful network/gridwork that supports everyone in all new ways. Some are completing/fulfilling some challenging ones, which we all have to do along the way. This is not an "easy" journey at first. It takes our total commitment to maintaining our highest everything, which is beyond easy if this is our current level we function from. If not, then part of the process is clearing all that out. Every thing is a part of a much bigger picture. When we each can see this, then we understand the IMPORTANCE of what we agreed to come here and fulfill. Our hearts burst wide open with love for all of HUmaNITY and get up each day to honor this fully. Each phase is different, so it's important for all to release judgement/criticism and focus on themselves. Outside is only your distraction if you allow it to be... ♥

Veils Dissolving/Breaking out of/through that Programming.... Consciously: Overriding the old with your own "New"

Holding your highest states of consciousness means that you understand on a Quantum Level that your physical body DNA (LightBody) and physical reality are all being re-coded to MATCH... so you hold this, above all... you don't "go back"... unless you have something to resolved/dissolve/learn (Remember) within you... so that "the next time", you choose easier, without the lack (disconnected state/doubt).... This is a process of KNOWING above all and HOLDING that above all and ALLOWING all to come into full alignment, while you align all yourself. It takes both. Heavy duty programming can be intense at first. Yet with each time it gets easier until it's no longer an issue anymore. This is a reversal process... once each embraces fully, all gets sooooooo much easier, then all turns into magic, fun and pure bliss, joy and elation as you activate more new realities to come forth!

Consciousness is PURE LOVE: Expanded Consciousness is Re-Creating, (Re)Building and (Re)Aligning all Intentionally/fully through/with/as the Purity of Pure Source Consciousness Light (which is Purity Love)

This is about functioning from much Higher level of intelligence than the/our human aspect was/is. This is about you BEING your highest version/aspects of all as LOVE here, which means you won't accept unconsciousness as REALity anymore and you realize you have the POWER to bring anything into full consciousness, if it's ready/meant to be.... some times it's not and that's okay too. We honor all here and respect all as Divinely aligned/timed. This is about learning/understanding when to let go/move on and when to invest your energy beyond the current moment in anything. Some things you will. Some things you won't. The beauty is that when you are fully consciousness (LOVE), you get to choose and call forth much higher aligned realities constantly, because you are not holding on to anything from any kind of lack inside of you. 

Connected with all through Sacred Breath and "tuning" where all is Pure, Innocent and Kind here. This is where we live from 5D+. Each level is just more Quantum than the one before, so all is more energetic, easier and realities are tuned through consciousness instead of the old ways of struggle and challenge (linear). Our processing speeds increase substantially with each, which is done through our Photonic LightBodies/DNA/Templates as we honor this process first, the rest is easier in response. 

Understanding Vibrational Alignment of Realities

New earth is VERY different than old... purposes, visions, contributions, sharing, caring, creating, supporting, inspiring and getting all done.... We all work from a much bigger picture where it's all about fulfilling highest service roles, yet "current moment" for those in supporting roles, that don't have access to the bigger picture beyond their own current Universal Access yet. WE all BECOME NEW EARTH, so that our whole life is aligned with the ENERGIES OF NEW EARTH.... NEW EARTH shifts, moves and breathes, it's inner-connected and with each "Cosmic Re-calculation", all is re-tuned to be MORE IN HARMONY than before. It's where all is one SIMULATIONS MOMENT... so the "future" is not the future anymore... the Past is not the past... all is but a different vibrational version of the same continuous moment... and if we desire a "different reality", from within this moment, this space (time to the linear aspect), we shift our own vibration, tune our own reality and consciousness to a much higher vibrational frequency .... which basically "changes the channel" or frequency (bandwidth) to then "dial" new coordinates or transmit out a different tone/frequency to shift the external reality to this new vibration/tone too.... 

Every experience, every moment is a RESULT OF THIS NOW... When each expands into all other timelines/existences and see, we can clear that instantly and not "carry it forth" to re-create "other realities" to arrive/materialize. Where many get confused is they don't yet understand/comprehend (can't see) that if something's NOT AWESOME and pure magic/love, then it's the "result" of "previous" vibrations (acts, thoughts/other existences) and the ONLY WAY TO RESOLVE/CLEAR "that" is from this moment/space/vibration here.... TO AFFECT REALITY THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS means to take all into account, see all and SHIFT ALL YOURSELF..... this is where each's POWER IS.... and it teaches each "what not to do", because each can see what they are "creating" will vibrationally come back around/be returned and the higher we go vibrationally, means "faster" and "with more force" to get each's attention/wake each up to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for everything they think, do, contribute to, support, allow.... because it creates each's own experience as well as affecting everyone in that collective too. Leaving the old, transcending the old means "lessening" the hold, the power that the "old had" and re-focusing your/our energy on the collective we do want to experience as REALity here (old earth or new). 

Karmic is just a "return" of unconsciousness... it a clearing of each's Akash (which there are many). To stop creating Karmic Timelines means to stop functioning from a heart/mind closed space and to take full responsibility for your ENERGY/ACtions in every way. 

Vibrational "receiving" (non-linear) Quantum

NEW EARTH IS NOT LINEAR... it's vibrational... so the more density, the more linearity the more challenging all of this is.... Keeping the old stories going gets heavy and keeps each anchored in those dimensions/realities too. Identities to the old, even the whole frequency bandwidth affects all. You can SEE all, yet your own current reality can be very different to everything else. This is a part of multi-dimensional. Your own experience can be whatever you make it/create it to be. You do have to be fully conscious, or you experience the result of the other instead... 

The higher we go, the more we receive... as all is relative to the dimension we occupy through full consciousness here. The more LOVE you hold, the more PURITY you function from, the MORE YOU FULFILL THOSE HIGHEST ROLES, the more you receive vibrationally.... it's simple physics. Where many get confused is because the "think a certain thing", as well as "thinking" the act alone is what creates. It's the tone, the vibration, the purity of CONSCIOUSNESS of the ACT. So all those working hard, trying to save and trying to fix back to the old ways... those vibrations just create the same old thing.... It's the ENERGY that matters... the depth of LOVE without any lack/need involved.... there's no "trying". There is BEing and DOing.... ♥ Then there is RECEIVING in vibrational response, when/as each achieves the vibration fully for their whole body to "arrive" in the dimension/reality where "that already exists". Here we work with MATERIALIZATION, because on a Quantum level it's all "taking form".... and the form it takes and "how" all comes to be. 

Quantum/Divine Presence: Pure Patience, Divine Timing, Divine Quantum Flow, Pure Trust/Knowing/Seeing/Flowing/Allowing

Quantum States of Consciousness are avaialable to all through Pure Divine Presence. The ability to Live/Exist from this space, completely, is a massive DNA re-writing process that occurs over each's "whole life" through "current moment" here. It's a massive Photonic process...that can be explained simply by those who live/experience this as "normal everyday" life/ways of BEing and by those who have completely re-aligned their own lives fully in accordance to this....

The "FUTURE" OF HUMANITY is in our DNA, yet it's only the "future" if you function through linearity. It's our NOW... Everyone has to LIVE THIS FULLY... NOW... and this is how all COMES TO BE... the ACTUALIZING is by each BEING their Ascended Embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness with every breath here. The Actualizing is by each ACTUALLY LIVING THIS... it is this simple. Only the human mind will complicate (convolute) it..... because of what is required by each to RETURN to full consciousness, LIVE full Consciousness... it's not complicated, yet it will challenge every linear/ego program you've got in order for you to LIVE NEW EARTH FULLY with all of us here. ♥

Divine Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence:

Two totally different things.... You sit with these and you see what you see/feel/know... PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS is INFINITE INTELLIGENCE available to us all, deeply embedded in us all... and awakened through the activation of LIGHT CODES/ENCODEMENTS that are done naturally and organically with the continued acceleration of PHOTONIC HIGH FREQUENCY LIGHT, as well as those of us that are able to activate through the conscious transmission of LIGHT by way of speaking, through our fields, our work and sharings, which is why you resonate with certain things, are drawn to certain things, utilize certain things, surround yourself with certain things... Everything is an activation of some sort. The KEY(CODE) is to understand "how" and then surround yourself/immerse yourself fully in all that supports getting your physical body's vibration as high as you can, sleeping to integrate, rest to support your re-configuring nervous/immune systems, as well as supports you/while you support in return.

Learning out RECIPROCATION is beyond important, because of how all works on an energetic level here. 

Lack is closed heart/mind and pulls/resists/imposes. Pure LOVE just is and emanates out from within. It's a transmission through our fields, exchanges, words, work... WHEN ALL ARE SOVEREIGN, their energy is balanced, sustains and doesn't push/pull or impose. It's SOFT and inspiring and beautiful and a GIFT... co-existing from this space makes everything simple and easy for us all here. ♥

I know this was long, yet I'm writing less, because of my own current phase and managing all of the realities and how I/WE all fulfill service roles changes with every Up-leveling/Template re-write we accomplish here.  These last few month's entering a whole new LightBody phase, means I have to constantly shift all too. Utilize this to assist you, as it will cover topics relative to NEW EARTH/QUANTUM EXISTENCE, regardless of "when".... it's always relative, because this is not linear in any capacity. These CODES always apply, just differently as we all go. Once integrated, then it's just more new codes. :)

In closing, be completely excited for "new" to come as you step into your fulfilling your higher service roles here too. See what YOU NEED for your physical LIGHTBODIES and honor this fully. Get out in nature, do whatever it takes to clear your field, to raise your own vibration, open your heart, observe programming and resolve/clear this within yourself, to UNIFY inside, to come to peace, to create, uplift inspire, while honoring YOUR ENERGY/BODY/FIELD/SPACE .... Look at all you have to offer (it's simple, not complicated). Look at your skills, your abilities and just open your heart to care. Let go of attachment/cords, do from your place/space that's not in lack at all.... come together, unite, create.... and make sure you get plenty of me/we/be time so that you can. Own it all then choose.... let go of all that no longer a benefit to your highest dimensional experience here. That which you allow becomes your reality, so check and see what you keep allowing and what stories you keep telling yourself/believing and where you are functioning from... RE-CONNECT and REMEMBER... this is where we live from here. ♥

Immense Love and appreciation to ALL for your fulfilling your roles as LightKeepers here too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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