Mind Re-Association: An Early Part of Higher Mind Consciousness

In observing mindsets, we start to re-map our entire belief systems, non-linearly... all vibrational and based upon all new realizations and seeing what we could not see before... ENERGETICALLY. This means we are starting to shift our own perceptions, in many ways and start to create a "new networking system" within us... by way of SEEING how things are connected, affected, support, contribute, create... on an energetic level (a Quantum one), instead of a linear one, like before (3rd/4th Dimensional bodies).

Your "new" body, your Light Body, operates and functions very different than your carbon-based human body does/did. Through Light, through Presence, through your deep-inner-connection, you hear/see/feel/know on a whole new level.... another dimension, another version of "reality", alternate ones.... where what is not visible to the human eye (yet), is visible from deep deep deep inside, (where your Soul/Light Lives). 

Accessing the "other dimensions", takes focus, presence and requires you to maintain that connection in order to truly see, feel, know and understand. Part of this process, is by way of PHOTONIC LIGHT, working through your body and re-coding, re-configuring, re-structuring everything completely differently than it was. You are a very important part of this process, because the more you tune-in (are in-tune), the more you get to participate, consciously and work in unison with your body, for this very important evolutionary process that occurs from within you.... all day every day now. 

Re-Association with your own mind, means observing the "lines" that used to connect and re-working these to be "different" understandings than you had before. By looking at a "picture" from inside, you can see the "picture" of how things "work", which means that you can start to see on a Quantum Level, instead of an old limited, fixed, attached and unconscious one.

For example, how you spend your money. You used to "think" you were buying a product, when in essence, you were receiving a physical thing that you deemed important, and you placed importance on this thing, which then placed a value on this thing, where you then decided to spend your money, that you place value on, on that thing, because you value what? 

Used to be, you spent money to buy a thing, yet in evolving our consciousness, we see that we are not buying a thing, we are receiving a physical thing in EXCHANGE for a physical thing we place value on/in, to receive something that then affects our physical vibration. 

With this scenario, we get to SEE, that it's not about the money, it about who/what we are supporting when we spend that money, the purpose of the thing we are "exchanging something for", this case "physical money", to gain/acquire/achieve a "thing" that we place value on, and in essence, we've purchased physical matter that represents a vibration, our priorities, what we care about and so many other things we could not see before.... 

All of a sudden, we have NEW AWARENESS, of what our priorities are, what our perceptions are, why we do the things we do and where we come from when we "support", how we "support, "who" we support..... ourselves, each other, old earth/unconsciousness/fear/lack or New Earth, ourselves, each other, love/Unity/Consciousness/our BE-Loved-d Gaia/Earth, our LightBodies, our Souls or something else.... 

How we spend our money matters. Our human doesn't take this into consideration, because it's fixated on "the thing", what they are getting, without a clue of what all VIBRATIONALLY MEANS.

On a Quantum Level, how we receive matters too. Why something is given or offered, if there are expectations, hidden agendas, attachments, then we don't "take" those things, as they are not PURE. 

When we see/get to the higher dimensional realities, we start to understand, yes EVERYTHING IS FREE, yet not in the way it once was. It's "given" or "exchanged" freely, as a means of appreciation, gratitude, respect, support, contribution, caring and a way to accomplish the work we came here to do... it's nothing like it was when we were unconscious before. Everything has a vibration.... 

I used "money" for this example, because this is what many focus on, or what gets "attention", what matters to humans and one of the first questions many want to know. How to make more "money".... MONEY IS ENERGY, it's a RESPONSE to our own Vibration, it has a PURPOSE and SUPPORTS OUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE.... just like anything else. Money is not the "issue" here, our ENERGY IS..... Our priorities, what we truly care about, what we support with it, what we create with it, how we share it and utilize it to make a difference too. 

As our PERCEPTIONS CHANGE, our energy changes, our mentalities change, where we come from changes, what we value changes, what inspires us changes, what matters changes, the importance we place on "things" changes and how/what/when we receive changes too, as all is VIBRATIONAL and ENERGY here. Everything is relative to our energy, how much "energy" we put into "things", how open we are, how much we share and how much karmic/unconscious programming we still carry within us that still has to be cleared. 

We have to reverse and re-identify all.... we shift our perceptions, our consciousness off of the physical and onto the VIBRATION and ENERGY of all. We see the lack, the cords, the attachment, the need, the manipulation, the mis-use of power, the words that are masked with "untruths" and we choose not to participate in this behavior anymore. 

There are REALities that are based upon FREE, where everything is FREE.... yet our human doesn't understand what FREE means... because it focuses on the "thing", instead of the "things" are an ENERGETIC REPRESENTATION of what we hold inside, how much we share, reciprocate, how much we contribute, care... nothing like the Old Earth, where we worked hard for a thing... as what we receive, when we receive, how we receive in completely non-linear.... it comes "out of nowhere", just like "magic", from every direction and multiple SOURCES... as we achieve, hit that vibration, portals open and "things come through those portals".... how cool is that?!!!

We do EVERYTHING THIS WAY... we look at the ENERGY OF ALL, the VIBRATION OF ALL and we determine if "that" is aligned on a Soul Level, is it PURE, does it support fully, is it FREE OF ATTACHMENTS AND CORDS.... does it serve the highest purposes vibrationaly or is it of "the old".... and this is how we make decisions.... regarding everything. 

Every thing in our lives... is about the VIBRATION AND ENERGY and is that open, pure, free and highest aligned? Is it there to contribute, support, share or is there a lack/need/hidden agenda there? Is IT PURE, or does it come from the "root chakra" of lack, survival/just get by/me mode ... is it truly FREE? 

When we first come into consciousness and see the higher dimensional realms, we do see that everything is supposed to be free, and at some point it will be, as we all come to function from a deep sacred place of connection, caring, support, respect and realize that we all have to contribute, we all have to step-up, we all have to Unite to share what we have access to, for all of hUmaNITY, yet not like humans "think" we do. 

There's no supporting or feeding lack/give to me/do for me ENERGY...there is providing the opportUNITY for each to CHOOSE, to be re-educated on a SOUL LEVEL for what is appropriate ENERGETICALLY and what is not. Kindness, consideration, respect and opening the DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY for each to CHOOSE a different way... this is how all of our Universes work and as we all become the UNIVERSE (and more), these are the ROLES we play here too... as each other's higher selves, as another UNIVERSE.... opening portals of opportUNITY, sharing ideas, inspiring, creating and uplifting and CARING.... 

We utilize our re-SOURCES, our gifts (natural abilities), our higher consciousness knowledge/everything to assist, guide and SHOW (WayShowers), allowing each to come to learn to respect, appreciate and step up/forth to contribute, share, be a part of OUR NEW EARTH too.... when they are READY... when their ENERGY SHOWS UP READY... not their human mind in lack/selfish/control mode.... as the answer will be "no" every time, until that energy shifts, that heart opens and they are truly ready to "tow the line", just like we all did...  There's no coddling or doing the work for others, there is opening up the door of opportUNITY and leaving it open (or closing it if that timeline has played itself out)..... 

Re-associating in our MIND is a necessary part of this process for us all. To sit, observe and see the ENERGY of what we are creating, supporting, allowing.... and CHOOSE to SEE differently than before. 

Here we care about each other, our planet earth and every sentient being, yet we can also see THE DIMENSION we are in, when there is an exchange and determine if that reality is an old unconscious one to clear an old program (say no/shift the vibration/bring all into full consciousness) and to shift all into into a much higher vibrational one ourselves.... all of us together, or us, if the "others" are not in a place for this yet (vibrational).... 

We have no attachment to any realities, to no "thing".... we have love, kindness, respect, integrity and we care. We can also see the cords of attachment that unconsciousness transmits out, how much lack there is, how much need and how "short term" the exchange needs to be, based upon unconsciousness, or "long term" based upon full consciousness, being in-tune and having common/similar Soul Purposes and Roles to play out together, as long as that TIMELINE remains intact. The moment the vibration changes, the timeline changes too. If there is any duality/unconsciousness, the timeline dissolves/disintegrates/collapses/closes out, unless each is ready to bring all into full consciousness WITHIN THEMSELVES and then together too. The amount of energy this takes, will be relative to each's consciousness/unconsciousness/programming still held. The more "time" we spend on something, the more energy it takes, the more invested we are in it.... which correlates to physical everything. 

For humans, their SOUL is not a tangible thing, it's not important or valued... their LIGHT is not important, because they do not understand, that their LIGHT feeds their body, keeps it alive, transmits out into the entire external "reality" to "play" a "Virtual-turned-physical" Experience out, from the programs held inside, the beliefs, the frequencies transmitted out.... which is how the external becomes "solid"....

So the question is... Is YOUR SOUL A TANGIBLE THING? Follow the light, the energy, observe and see as far/as much as you can see... to realize more of what you could not yet see before.

What we focus on matters to us, therefore activating "matter" to take form. It is that easy... Yet, for humans they can't focus their energy/Consciousness and "affect" the physical at-will, because there are so many other programs transmitting from their body... a WIDE RANGE OF CONFUSION.... so the outside doesn't have a clear signal of "what to do".... The energies/transmissions of fear, hesitation, lack, not sure or a focus on the physical  first, anchor the physical body in an unconscious dimension to play all of those doubts, fear, lack of inner-connectedness-power out..... 

Re-mapping/re-associating is KEY for each one of us.... to look at/observe EVERYTHING on an ENERGETIC LEVEL FIRST...... observe "that relationship" or "that job/business", that home or that Exchange... See the ENERGY, the attachment, the cords, the lack, the need, the purity, the kindness, the respect, the INVESTED ENERGY of each and where there are ENERGETIC IMBALANCES too. See everything..... See that Job that you do, the JOY, the Bliss, the opportUNITIES to make a difference, touch lives, show others how important they are too, how much you care (without lack/needing anything), see how much TIME YOU SPEND ON "THAT"... do you realize that TIME IS ENERGY and all is YOUR INVESTMENT, which EQUATES to your own phsyical reality and everything you call ABUNDANCE here?

The amount of TIME you put into everything, the amount of ENERGY... this is your INVESTMENT, this is your creation of what you VIBRATIONALLY EXPERIENCE here. Do you value others, their TIME/ENERGY too? Do you reciprocate or take take take for you? Do you only show up when YOU want something (human/ego/unconscious programming) or do you SHOW UP to offer, support, contribute and become the NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEMS, STRUCTURES, INFRASTRUCTURES here? 

Are you fully INVESTED IN YOUR OWN SOUL here, the SOULS of others, not from a place of lack, yet from a space of love, kindness, support, respect? Are you FULLY INVESTED in your NEW Earth realities, with your precious TIME/ENERGY/BREATH too... do you realize your breath, your chi, your energy, this is your SOUL LIGHT.... that you are either nourishing or depleting, honoring or wasting... as is the ENERGY of all others... do you hold RESPECT for the ENERGY (TIME) OF others, do you VALUE THIS? 

Do you love and respect your bodies for all the "work they do" to carry your SOUL LIGHT here? Our bodies go through an IMMENSE PROCESS of repairing and fixing everything we've done for our whole human existence here. Those muscles, organs, cells..... all have to UNDO everything we did and clear the separation/linear/unconscious/karmic/every existence codes held inside and re-code with all new ones.... breaking down y/our old mindsets on a cellular level... breaking down those linear constructs on a cellular level, breaking down all of those fixed mentalities, programs and beliefs, all of those limits, that hidden fear, lack of love/self respect/integrity, so that it can LINK UP TO NEW EARTH FULLY.... so that your whole body can vibrate at a frequency high enough to shift into a whole new frequency bandwidth, as that density clears... it's all that programming.... 

As you re-map, as your neural pathways open up, as your heart walls dissipate/come down, as your UNIVERSAL MIND comes online, your Universal Heart, Your Gaia's Heart, Your Cosmic Heart, Higher Selves Hearts.... your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine Child, Pure Source Creator aspects awaken from INSIDE OF YOUR BODY, as a part of your Soul.... Sitting and observing and remapping your own associations with how you correlate reality, this is an important part of the process for us all, in order to open up Universal Corridors, Universal Consciousness, which will expand into other consciousnesses, where all ego/separation/duality/distortions are resolved/dissolved for full UNIFICATION to occur. 

We been in OverSoul Consciousness/Avatar Consciousness these last years. Yesterday, new codes came through... new Avatar Codes, which will be activated within each, as their body reaches the vibration for these to be activated inside of each's physical body, until then, they float around in each's field of Consciousness, for each to expand their consciousness into. Holding this expanded state continually, for the body to re-work itself/re-code itself and for the entire Physical reality to be re-tuned/re-coded for the physical dimension to take new shape to MATCH THIS NEW OVERALL VIBRATION... is up to each one of us... to accomplish/hold/be/do here. There were many different codes activated/released/made available, all relative to wherever each one of us "currently are" vibrationally... each will "receive"/activate these new codes for themselves, as their own consciousness expands from their hearts and out into the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS for each to hold this space/this state in every exchange here. Embodiment is through Purity, a level of purity that can't be "given" by another... it's a purification process by EACH AS A SOUL, of each's own human ego programs still held within the body, which each must do themselves.

Those of us who do "this"/what we do, we hold/provide/transmit/intentionally activate the Key Codes (Light Encoded Information) to assist each with embracing/choosing/utilizing this. We expand our fields out to connect with yours and when you TUNE IN to RECEIVE... you activate these codes within yourselves "easier", consciously, instead of having to "wait" until "one day" or after a bazillion experiences to "teach you" what we've already "learned" and share with all of hUmaNITY as a part of our own higher purposes/missions/roles here. Every word we write, every exchange, every class we teach... is important, serves a purpose and assists humanity on multi-dimensional levels... as do you. ♥

Honor your body, how it's shifting vibration, reversing eon's of existences on a cellular level, as well as building more of your own PURE SOURCE LIGHT from inside. Your Divine Essence, your PURE BREATH.... as you VALUE THIS, you come to VALUE THIS IN OTHERS and you birth a whole new respect, appreciation and connection from within you, to yourself, each other, all of us here... and your whole REALity changes too! 

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Codes pouring in since "my" yesterday afternoon, the next phase of this Lion's Gateway is preparing to open, as the grids charge and we get ready to rock and roll more awesomeness! 

p.s. Pay attention to your resistance/your body/your muscles/your heart/your mind... how open/closed you are, how defensive you are, how quick you are to "assume" or blame or "think you know"... how much you trust/don't trust... live from survival/just get by mode... how much you "take advantage" of others, how much you "take" and don't reciprocate, where you have an attachment to an outcome before you will trust, listen, do .... where your ego "needs to know first", before you will listen/honor/do... Pay attention to what inspires you, where you focus your own energy and choose to contribute/don't, what "matters" to you, what your own priorities are, as these are very visible energetically and on a Quantum Level.... what/where you focus your attention, your thoughts, your energy... this is what you keep re-creating/creating to experience in your own reality here.

KEYCODE: Take your focus off the "thing" and focus on your energy, the energy of "that", the vibration it represents and then FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on INTENTIONALLY CREATING, so that all you truly need, desire and "deserve" (on a very different level), can come to you easily too! ♥

p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Our LightBodies (Gamma Bodies/Photonic Bodies/Soul Bodies), give us the ability to focus Gamma Energy/Rays with precision and like a tractor beam "pull" realities here. As a Light BEing, you can PULL all into a higher state of consciousness (each other), yet it gets exhausting if you spend all your precious energy "pulling" others who's hearts/minds are closed and their BODIES are in "resistance" mode, pushing back or hearts closed/walls up... blocking/stopping/not wanting to hear/see/feel/own/shift/deal.... You start realizing that your precious energy can be ore productive creating, sharing, inspiring.... both alone and with others holding/possessing this ENERGY too, this excitement, this openness, this SHARING, SHARING and CONTRIBUTING ENERGY too... This is where we Unite from... as the Light Councils here... as PURE SOURCE LIGHT CREATORS... ready to come together to create/share/expand more.... 

These recent codes (and all upcoming ones) are activating the EMBODIED UNIFIED COUNCILS OF LIGHT, in physical form here. Ready to step-up/forth and unite in all new ways... to fulfill much higher purposes as Soul-Star-Light BEings here. ♦

We now move into 12D Earth Template ... another immense re-gridding, re-structuring, re-coding and re-calibration process for us all, in conjunction with Gaia, as she does this too. All of us as Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Emmisaries/Ambassadors, Guardians, Ancients are doing work on every dimensional level constantly, as well as our walking/waking state here. Keep it up! It's important for us all. I love and appreciate all that you do as LOVE too! ♥

Remember, re-associate EVERYTHING... nothing is as you once "thought" it was. There's a Quantum Reality that's very different and works completely differently too. NEW Earth is a whole new Value System, being re-worked from inside of each one of us/me/you/all here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Rosie Wick 11th August 2018 2:42 pm

Thank you, Lisa! I so appreciate the information you're bringing through. Very helpful, and affirming of what I'm experiencing, as well.
Letting it in and letting go what no longer serves the highest LOVE!


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