Old Earth is NOT REALity Anymore...

  • Where are you still playing in the old?
  • Feeding the old? 
  • Supporting the old with your ATTENTION/ENERGY (and things)?
  • Continuing/perpetuating the old?
  • Holding onto the old?
  • Bringing the old forth into your/this "now"?
  • Believing the old?
  • Re-peating/re-regurgitating the old?
  • Sitting in the old?
  • Waiting for anything to happen "for you"? (We do this differently now). ↓↓↓

Guess what you "get" when you keep playing out the same stories, plays.... same scenarios/realities inside... in your outside? Guess what happens with a massive timeline shift occurs to move you into a higher vibrational frequency bandwidth and any part of you is still "holding on"?

It's called "suffering".... and it dissolves as you stop "doing", thinking, believing, continuing the old "inside" anymore....

When you grab your inner courage and you step into your own fears, when you re-connect soooooooooooooo deep inside, that you can her your own inner-higher-UNIVERSAL SELF SPEAK through you.......

When you re-connect to actually listen and care? When you SURRENDER your own inner fight/struggle and you are ready to fully shift.... your whole body/consciousness/energy.... not until. ♥

RE-CONNECT FULLY............ It's what opens up all of those portals "blocked" by your old programming inside.... and assists you with "easier" realities that are PURE too. ♥

I love you.

Shift your full Consciousness, your Energy, your Mentality, your BEliefs..... your everything. fully.... from inside, so that the OUTSIDE CAN SHIFT VIBRATIONALLY in response. ♥

Open your heart AND YOUR MIND.... just a "little bit" doesn't work. That's "get by mode" and it perpetuates "lack" to continue.....

When your ENERGY SHIFTS your REALity shifts.... ♥

When your heart & mind open fully, you will "see" a-new...♥

When you are truly ready... new can materialize for you too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown is a globally recognized Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Coach assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within.


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