Powerful Solstice Gateways Underway - June 2019 Mid-Month Update

NEW Energetic Foundations, Systems and Structures, Collective Ascension Accelerate, 
Everyday is Infinite Gateways of Possibilities & POTENTials!

Multi-Dimensional Collective Ascension Timeline, Acceleration and Transformation, Collective Unity Consciousness Re-Birth & Living A-NEW

Aloha Heart Expanding NEW Earth Anchor Points & Grid Lights!

The whole month of June, the Aladdin Song "A Whole NEW World" plays inside, all day, every day.... It's an important "reminder" to "remember" to look for all new, to be open to all new, to embrace all new ... constantly, and to inJOY CREATING anew ... in every moment too!

Songs open, and activate, various portals and dimensional aspects within us. They assist us with hearing light encoded words to sing and "tune into", even to initiate when we are ready to open those portals and passageways intentionally ourselves even more. ♥

Ascension is a "choice point" for everyone on this path. The "early phases" of awakening are to "unloosen" the grip of the dimensions of old earth within us, to unanchor those strong, fixed and deeply held emotions and rigid, unbendable, unflexible, unshakable linear mentalities and beliefs... and to OPEN US UP to all NEW Realities multi-dimensionally....

To wake us up, our world is shaken, rattled, stirred up and realities "go sideways" (Quantum)... because we are so strong/fixed and won't budge any other way. This allows us to reevaluate everything in our lives that we've created/built/allowed/believed and to shift our focus to a whole new way, one that's vibrationally aligned on a Soul Level, which means all new paramaters that honor our beloved Gaia and ourselfs/each other, which is not how the old functioned.... so very different than the old ways of "before".

NEW Earth becomes visible INSIDE, as our human heart has opened enough to "trigger" our higher heart area to then open up too. This opens access to our Universal Connection with Divine Consciousness, so that we can REMEMBER what ONEness is.... THEN the Journey of LIVING AS THIS begins... The Journey of maintaining that beautiful connection at all times, both when we are alone and "out and about" or around others too... which is a balancing act at first.... and takes a while to Master the Energy of Multi-Dimensional Experiences here, as our Physical LightBody (and field) must continually be cleared, re-tune, re-calibrate and re-balance electro-magnetics, while clearing out any density of "the old".

NEW Earth becomes visible through our own deeply connected hearts. We can come together and connect to explore and activate NEW Earth Codes and realities as well as "alone" through our own deep sacred connection within ourselves... Eventually we are to do every way with great ease, joy and simplicity too.

Mastery is learning (remembering) how to live this way, fully, in every capacity, in every exchange, in every way.... in our whole life... as realities are no longer linear or "fixed", they are vibrational and energetic, which means all has to constantly be "re-harmonized", synchronized and vibrationally aligned... until all is this way naturally, simply and organically as our own way of BEing here....

The beauty is as ALL live this JOY, this Peace, this Magic, this brilliance which is our natural state... simplicity, inspiration and conscious expansive creation become this magnificent FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS that we all are able to unite, live and co-exist within. Where fully aligned, we can come together to share, play, work, create, accomplish and flow.... to fulfill our much higher consciousness purposes, missions and roles with even more fun and ease.

It's beyond inspiring to co-exist and move in unison as a cohesive unit or team, while respecting each's space through honoring what we all need to maintain, sustain and accomplish our individual realities too. Co-joining is the vibrational reference I use for this. We align our own realities, ourselves, and maintain all within... and we come together to share, inspire more and create more together.... and everyone contributing receives.... It's quite a beautiful experience.... ♥ Soul families, Star Families and Ancient Lineages living out realities without the ego distortions brought in.....

Collective Oneness Codes: Full on release came through in April, took all of May to fully complete the template re-write and integration processes to move into June's "A Whole NEW World" as a Collective phase.... 

As a result of this, you will be able to observe yourself more, and that which is "outside" as well... to see where there is oneness or separation, where there is Unity or Duality still... you will be able to OBSERVE Polarity in greater extremes in your own reality, where this still exists within you, until this is fully resolved, dissolved and unified through  Oneness deep within you.... You will be able to see/observe "others" still "battling" something "outside", to resolve all of that separation held within... which is necessary and important processes FOR THEM (until it's not).... you will be able to see where your Peace is/is not present, where you still defend or judge (or just let it go), where you compromise/accept less and where you are focused on anything other than creating, building and solidifying your NEW AMAZINGNESS too. You will be able to see where your ego takes anything personal or gets caught up with chaos, drama or story still or where you haven't been able to "put your ego aside" to truly care about yourself or "others" yet ... you will also be able to see more possibilities and potentials, where you are wide open to this.... This is the beauty of CONSCIOUSNESS, you get to CHOOSE where to focus your precious energy, CHOOSE what to create, CHOOSE where to put your VALUABLE LIFE FORCE SOURCE ENERGY.... CHOOSE when to pull away and honor you, CHOOSE what's truly important and a priority, CHOOSE the experiences you will have "later" (vibrationally) as a RETURN to this moment's vibration transmitting out of you this every RIGHT NOW.... It's BEYOND BEAUTIFUL to be able to CREATE through Consciousness... and live through simplicity, instead of the ego-matrix-complicate-everything ways.... :)

June is always a GAME-CHANGER.... as it focuses on Structures and Systems .... the "biggies" in a way. Because we are in stronger COLLECTIVE CODES then more powerful collective shifting will become visible as we all go.... It's exciting! You will have to Master your own inner everything, which correlates to your entire reality... as only you can do this through your own deep inner Divine connection, as a part of the "fusing process" and Physical LightBody/DNA integration processes too.

You will find as we all continue that our RELATIONSHIPS with ourselves, things and each other and our beLOVEd planet, animals, children and reSOURCES/minerals, will become more important in different ways. Nothing like the "old", these all evolve and their purposes/roles also completely change....

As more start to really truly fully live through Pure Unity Consciousness within themselves, then the capability to live this on a grander scale becomes possible as well. Truly caring without any lack or need, truly caring from our deep sacred place inside, truly caring about each other and all.... will replace "not caring", being complacent, complicit and needy or impositional energy of the old.... Truly caring enough to step up and DO what's highest aligned replaces ignoring and pretending .... Truly caring reaches out energetically and touches all's hearts to awaken through kindness and love... instead of the old ways bred out of safety, security, structured rules, "what's in it for me first" or previously deeply embedded illusory fears....

The PURE JOY and magic available through loosening those tight holds of trying to control... the pure JOY and magic of nature, children or creative excitement, the Pure Joy of creating magic.... is a part of our alchemist/magician aspects that are SO MUCH FUN!

So, have a blast, share share share, inspire, get excited, open completely up, expect the unexpected, allow yourself to be "crazy" (it's fun!), explore and GO FOR IT... JUMP into those NEW REALITIES with your entire heart you!

Keep honoring you/your LightBody fully.... as stabilizing during these off-the-charts amazing re-balancing of magnetics is KEY.  These Cosmic Frequencies and Harmonics are beyond exquisite.... when you ALLOW YOURSELF the magical, beautiful, simple, amazing and peaceful experiences fully.

This is a process of allowing the highest and no longer allowing that which is no longer highest aligned. It is that simple, if you allow it to be. ♥

CONTINUE TO BE PURE LOVE.... You are the example ... which means you have to LIVE IT FULLY and with your every ACT... no one can "fake" this part. Everything is visible energetically... so open completely up to LIVING your highest vibrationally aligned realities in every way too! ♥ Words don't matter here.

Energy Speaks LOUDLY or softly... or powerfully or blatantly or silently FOR YOU.... this is how we communicate and exist.... which makes everything SOOOOOOO EASY.... as all matrix programs are visible and easily detected for dismantling and rebuilding entire realities, sometimes within in just a few moments or an hour.... That which used to take years now can be accomplished through Quantum Consciousness in "no time", moving entire realities out and opening up access to all new ones... yes, instantly... that "fast". ♥

InJOY your Quantum REALities! ♥ Where everything is available from this space/now. ♥


Toni 21st June 2019 9:12 pm

Yes, I intend & expect to injoi this equation of quantum energy...itza superfast. I've found it best to let the Universe work out the how though...itza clearer view from up there & then I don't have to think about anything other than realigning myself within the moment to love & be loved between the frequencies of happiness & joi. All my timelines in the old have been unravelled back to zero-point via grief & recreated anew to reflect love from within. Affirmations don't work unless we are changing our inner selves.

Like you say Lisa, we see where we're at internally in the mirror of the people around us & the energy we attract to us. If we want to manifest love then we need to be love within first. If we attract disappointment with our expectations then we have something to look at, embrace & feel before anything can change.

The beauty of it is you can't fool the Universe...She sees clearly through everything & she'll bring you who you are within everytime.

Awesome again Lisa :thumbs:

Toni 24th June 2019 2:53 am

Lol... & miss out on all the fun & fulfillment that's about to happen here...not likely. Besides forging new frontiers in density is my cosmic thing. Because itza new there's always something to learn & remaster...deeper & denser so I don't get bored.. Dreams are too easy to create in the higher octaves of density...

You think I want to give up my front row seat to the big event?... now?... after all that work on myself ? Ha...I much prefer to stay & enjoy the fruits of my integration, thankyou very much. My dream is & has always been “Heaven on Earth”& the best place to get fulfilled with that is right here on Earth in human body.

This is more what you want I think Nik...your soul's been here a long time & maybe it would love to go home where creating love is easy sneezy because there's no resistance in density.


Toni 24th June 2019 7:25 pm

Density creates more molecules or stuff in resistance between self & soul. The greater the density the tighter the matrix structure, the longer events take to happen.

When you think & feel there's no resistance, right. When we are of soul consciousness, thinking & feeling would create instant manifestation, there's no density in matter to resist creativity. Yet here on Earth in dense physical body it does not happen instantly. Creating takes time, patience, physical input & usually more people than self to learn & master.

Instead of instant we mostly have to do this before we can do that & do that before we can do the next thing, creating a timeline. This timeline is then affected by not only your thoughts & emotions but everyone else in the equation as well. Conflicting thoughts & emotions don't line up 123456 through the levels. 1- gravity (our connection to Earth), 2 – weak force (death or what doesn't serve the manifestation), 3 – electromagnetism (thoughts/emotions, photonic love/light) 4 – strong force (human bonds) 5/6 – time/space

Toni 24th June 2019 7:30 pm

When the density of matter 123456 is embraced & integrated within back to love, one creates a timeline without conflict that synchronises between self & soul & everything flows smoothly from thought to physical manifestation. All my black ducks lined up 123456 & accounted for (karma paid, density integrated).


Toni 24th June 2019 8:22 pm

More thoughts...

The only way out of density is through it.

Density has a domino effect with connections through 123456 that create outcomes. When there is a conflict, issue or block, the domino resists going with the soul flow connection of love & this stops the manifestation grounding in density

It's not density that aligns to us in order to manifest. We have to align to the density of what we desire to create. In order to create love one has to be love first. Inside creates the outside


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