Pure Love Floods, Gushes Through Stargates and Gridding Systems

Aloha beLOVEd Star-Light-Soul family,

We are on day 3 of PURE pure pure frequencies... Universal Cosmic love so pure.... flooding forth and RAYdiating out through our Divine Essence, presence and breath...

Allow yourself the brilliance, bliss, serenity, stillness and exquisiteness of experience....

Pure heart connection

Such a stimulation of every cell and senses

So pristine

Touching all as kindness, softness and caring

Through every energetic exchange....

Pure Beauty to be shared....

And experienced fully....

Open your whole BEING


Every aspect of you

Wide open


Whatever words you use to describe

It's the feeling

The experience

Not the words......

(This is a short update for now, as I've been offline fulfilling a multitude of all that's highest aligned in service for us all. Gatekeeper and Gridkeepers function and flow differently, Embodiers stabilize, hold and implement accordingly to that which is highest aligned for all... respecting from the purest place of Love and honoring this same way, fulfilling purposes/roles with our every act/exchange and in a multitude of ways)...

As soon as my own reality opens up space to be online/or post a bit, I'll make a bit available.

The 1010 Divine Alignment Gateway POURED OPEN 3 days ago and continues to flood forth powerfully, strongly, beautifully....

From all of my hearts to yours.... keep anchoring and integrating the vastness of these magnificent harmonizing and unifying frequencies (and continuing to release/transform/dissolve/align all that presents within you/your reality/illusion/dream that's not)....

Keep uniting, keep creating, keep uplifting, shifting, supporting, expanding, sharing and loving/respecting you/all as love.....

Bringing more NEW Earth Realities into fruition as you do.

Immense love and gifted blessings,


P.s. such pure gratitude and recognition to all embracing and living this, sharing this, holding this.... as its beyond important for humanity and your service is beyond appreciated and recognized and visible... keep shining, while honoring what you need, as building your Light, holding your Light, Sharing and supporting and connecting as Light won't "look like" what anyone "thought". You will see/know/understand.... which is all that matters. The rest is a bonus.



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