Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old

Through Pure Presence and a Sacred Divine Connection within ourselves, a whole world opens up, that we (on a human/ego level) did not have the ability to access before.

Through slowing down, pulling away, the observing of the chatter and disruptions to choose to allow these to fall away, allowing/assisting our physical body RAISING IT'S VIBRATION (in order to expand), learning to connect with, AND LISTEN TO, our subtle (at first, then LOUD), ENERGY BODY that SPEAKS... literally.... as there is INFORMATION and Light Intelligence encoded in our DNA, that we can actually HEAR (kind of on a telepathic level), as we allow ourselves to TUNE IN.... COMPLETELY.... ♥

TUNING IN... means that WE ARE CHOOSING to TUNE OUT, the chaos, the noise, the distortions, the disruptions and CHOOSING WHICH DIMENSIONS we are going to PAY ATTENTION TO/FOCUS OUR OWN PRECIOUS SOUL ENERGY ON... so that we can gain/achieve NEW CLARITY, for navigating a HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM REALITY that materializes into PHYSICAL FORM.... 

This TUNING OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS takes TOTAL PRESENCE to achieve.... bringing all of our ENERGY and awareness to ZERO POINT ... and holding it here. It means SHIFTING OUR FOCUS, COMPLETELY.... off the external and delving DEEP into the SPACE where our Soul/Higher Dimensional Selves ACTUALLY EXIST.... which is only "out there", when we perceive it is, when we are disconnect from inside, where we have not ACHIEVED THE ABILITY to go INSIDE to listen/honor/be/do and function from this deeply connected place/space in everything we do..... 

This TUNING IN means to TUNE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS to a MUCH HIGHER vibrational frequency, and at first, it's much "higher" than our human/ego/body/aspect is.... so for awhile, it will seem to be "higher", when in essence, it's our own physical body that's LOWER and it's our own connection that's "weak" and it's our own belief systems that inner-fear with us MAINTAINING this deeply connected EXPANDED STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS in every moment.... so it takes practice, dedication and our awareness that we have to constantly raise our vibration, constantly open our hearts & minds, constantly identify when our hearts/minds have closed again (contraction) as WE LEARN what separation actually is, what duality and unity actually are and we learn (on a human level) HOW TO RESOLVE THESE ourselves.... so that our entire LIFE IS ONE OF UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS where kindness, love, deep connections ON A SOUL LEVEL... prevail.

Human (Ego) aspects don't respect Energy, their selves or each other's energy, because ENERGY is a "foreign" thing and doesn't make any logical sense. At our CORE, WE ARE JUST ENERGY, PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, therefore "not respecting this", means an unconscious disrespect for ourselves on a Soul Level, as well as all things that exist too. This is a process of LEARNING to (re)connect fully on an energetic level (Quantum), with your self, each other, all things... through your own full consciousness, presence and Divine Inner Connection with/AS ALL THAT IS.

ENERGY must be felt, tuned into and observed (Quantum Observation), where realities are READ through a field of Consciousness, through feeling, hearing, seeing... all vibrationally and through Light Encoded Data that is basically "translated" by each's SOUL, so in order to READ THE FIELD EASILY, each's SOUL must be present, fully..... FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND BEING FULLY TUNED IN.... is REQUIRED for all to make conscious sense, which is Quantum, which is the "opposite" of linear, if you will. 

The Depth of Your Connection will dictate the Depth of your Experience and how easy or complicated all is. NEW EARTH IS SIMPLE... it's not complicated, yet it does push your human to/through all "limits", because these are belief systems (BS), conditions of the human-ego-mind, because the EGO ASPECT looks "outward" and allows this to DICTATE what REALity is.... instead of REAL=eyes'ing that the external is a mirror, the experience is a response, the physical is a DIMENSION that each occupies, due to their own current Level of Consciousness.... 

RESPECTING ENERGY: The immense Cosmic Frequencies/Upgrades/Evolutionary DNA re-writes will completely CHANGE how you function and re-write your entire physical reality for you.... (whether you are conscious or not). Where you do no love and respect yourselves/each other, on a Deep Sacred Soul Level, this will play out in your own "reality world", which breeds lack/scarcity/survival mode... which is the way of the "old". Where you truly come to connect, deeeeeeeep inside of you, to REALIZE that you are ENERGY in a body, that works hard to reconfigure itself constantly, you will not only accept, love and respect yourself, your energy, all that you are and do... you will (on a whole new level), finally respect and appreciate the ENERGY of others, because you finally realize what CONTRIBUTION is and how our NEW EARTH REALITIES WORK here. 

You will start to understand, how it takes us ALL, how each one of us have important roles/missions/purposes here and HOW WE ARE ALL TO UNITE - to CREATE the DIVINE SOURCE NETWORK, the INFRASTRUCTURE, the NEW Systems and NEW Programs that ARE NEW EARTH... which is a living, breathing network, all connected through the Purity of LOVE and Full Consciousness, where lack does not exist, because we've resolved this within ourselves and we bring OURSELVES TO THE TABLE and all that we HAVE/ARE and we share, support, inspire and work together AS THE BOND that holds all in place.

As each truly CARES ENOUGH to put themselves out there, to step up to the plate, to go all in FOR A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE that replaces the old one of separation/duality, all new realities are BORN/BIRTHED and allowed to grow into this BEAUTIFUL FLOWER OF LIFE, this beautiful TREE OF LIGHT, this DIVINE EXPERIENCE where HEAVEN is brought forth from within each one of us and as we re-connect, without the distortions, without the offensiveness of the ego, without the "stepping on each other" or imposing or trying to save or change, yet instead.... as we all SHOW UP, as our absolute highest aspects of ourselves, we are able to unite with others who are ALREADY this too, because they are our reflection back/our mirror, our vibrational response to what we have EVOLVED INTO AS LOVE and emanate back how WE live our actual lives here.

Will you meet others who are not yet "as conscious"? Of course you will. It's your "job" (role/agreement) to expose them to "our multi-dimensional realities" and SHOW THE WAY. It's what you agreed to, as a SOUL, to assist with awakening, without imposing, forcing or "needing" anything at all. You SHINE YOUR LIGHT, as vibrant and bright as you ARE and allow everyone else to CHOOSE all new realities too.... as they are ready. Focus on yourself, your vibration, your energy and what you have the capability to BE/DO, which will ALWAYS BE MORE than your human aspect believes, is willing to do, is comfortable with.... HOLD YOUR REALITY IN PLACE, so that the entire physical can realign "faster and easier", vibrationally.... Which is just ONE of our natural abilities as FULLY CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT ENERGY BEINGS here. 

Embrace who you are, embrace this entire experience, embrace the perceived unknown (only to your human aspect), embrace the "new", embrace the body changes and reality changes as your own physical re-codes, re-calibrates, re-configures for you.... and GO ALL IN, for all to DIVINELY RE-ALIGN in response to you. Then, all you have to do is PAY ATTENTION/OBSERVE and then choose what you will/will no longer accept, decide what you are willing to "do" in order to activate and anchor your own HIGHER DIMENSIONAL/CONSCIOUSNESS NEW EARTH REALITIES HERE. 

Observe your own judgments, pre-conceived notions and beliefs about what you "think" reality is... as this will substantially change all along the way, constantly and actually, in every nano-second, as you are always recognizing that which no longer resonates, supports, aligns (vibrationally), you are always resolving and ready for "new", you are always birthing/creating and integrating as your body clears cellular programs that USED to be "in your way" (just words to describe a process). Those mentalities and beliefs, the energy of those, this is what it's all about.... and as all of those dissipate, NEW ONES REPLACE them completely.

This process is EASY, as each "learns" to TUNE to a much higher vibrational everything from inside and resolve, dissolve, release all that is not ready to fully re-align to match that new higher dimensional reality/timeline/experience. At first it's challenging, because we each affixed to physical realities that were created/supported by EGO/DUALITY and suppression of consciousness.

Gaia and "Space" are alive and awake, breathing and re-configuring constantly now, just as you/your body is... all in accordance with COSMIC CODES that "look nothing" like your current/old realities..... 

Fully Conscious Realities live, breathe, connect through LOVE Consciousness, through our BREATH, through our deep inner-connection with/as ALL AS ONE... all separation falls away and WE REMEMBER ALL THAT WE FORGOT, when we all were unconscious before. 

Collectives are awakening in vast "numbers", to open up fully to REALIZE that NEW EARTH REPLACES OLD, BECAUSE WE ARE NEW EARTH and we've re-constructed all new realities aligned on SOUL Level.

As each fully embraces, unites, comes together and ACCEPTS QUANTUM as their own new state, linear ceases to exist. Basically, as you transition from a linear existence to a Quantum one, then you "arrive" where others are awake/conscious too, because you are no longer hiding/playing small/accepting the old as your reality anymore. You are no longer trying to fit into "those realities", hang onto "those illusions of realities" and you've vibrated out of those dimensions/realities of LIMITS to come to walk/function/exist on a Quantum level too (as your own Soul, which is Quantum). Quantum is like the exact opposite of linear, if you will. Transitioning your whole body from a "limited carbon based linear body-reality to a Fully Quantum Multi-Dimensional one, means that you are always honoring what your BODY/SPIRIT/SOUL/ENERGY NEEDS in order to accomplish this VAST EVOLUTION of your Living DNA/Consciousness from within you too, for your NATURAL (Super) Powers to come forth from within you to share, uplift, inspire and embody MORE of who you truly are (Pure Creator Source Energy), so that your entire reality can be re-worked to support your Highest Evolutionary Purposes for all of hUmaNITY here.

Your Evolved Heart-Mind-Energy-Body will work in UNISON as ONE "Intelligent System-Unit", without any of the old ILLUSORY LIMITS of before. Re-connected with a Living, Breathing, Intelligent Life Force System, connected through an INTRICATE ENERGETIC AND CRYSTALLINE and PLASMA NETWORK, your entire physical body evolves to work cohesively with an entirely new networking system, a Quantum ONE, that bypasses the old Linear Constraints and CREATES a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM, one where you are an important part of our Evolved Highest Consciousness hUmaNITY, united and FOR THE FLOURISHING OF LIFE ON OUR BELOVED PLANET EARTH, together, elevating all from the prisons of their own minds and represented in their external as a reflection to what each has yet to REMEMBER... YOU HAVE THE GIFT of REMEMBERING, that you SHARE with each that you TOUCH, that your Light Codes activate in the FIELDS of OTHERS, when you elevate the field to THE UNIFIED FIELD OF LOVE ... out of SEPARATION/DUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS (Unconsciousness), an AWAKENED HEART AND EMBODIED SOUL that does not succumb to unconscious programming anymore.... 

You understand the difference between HOW SOUL LEVEL LOVE, KINDNESS and RESPECT matters, what supporting yourselves and each other on a SOUL LEVEL means, over a fear-based-human-created-matrix-system that you once believed as "right" (true), one that you once gave your power away to, for a multitude of reasons, because it was your SOUL CHOSEN HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT, that you completely TRANSCEND as you PHYSICALLY ASCEND, often through immense sleep to dissolve your own VEILS of AMNESIA in order to fully awaken INTO A NEW DREAM...

The process of FULLY OPENING OUR HEARTS, goes beyond anything our limited human can understand. It's an intricate process of weaving through every aspect of our "psyche", every aspect of our perceived "real"ities, every aspect of our mentalities/beliefs, every aspect of who we "thought" we were, every aspect of what we believed as true, every aspect of how we once constructed our lives, every feeling, every emotion, everything buried/hidden/embedded within us, suppressed on a cellular level and anchored in our physical bodies, which in turn anchored us in the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia, both individually and collectively, in infinite ways.... The process of OPENING OUR EYES TO SEE, means our hearts have to be OPENED FULLY, so that our mind can comprehend the vastness of the entire 3D/4D matrix system, as VISIBILITY IS GRANTED as our Heart, Vibratory Body & Pineal Vision are EXERCISED and UTILIZED to completely discern the difference between a human-ego-program-old-operating-system-database and our "new" Highest Consciousness Quantum Database, that we not only "gain access to again" through our fully awakened Heart/Mind/Body, WE BECOME...

AS EACH is TRULY READY to step back/away and fully observe, with every Awakened CELL that breathes PURE SOURCE LOVE EMANATING FROM THE CORE OF WHERE WE ALL FUNCTION FROM on a Soul/OverSoul Level, the 2222 Code is activated within each on a whole new level, each's Cosmic Diamond Rainbow LightBody and Templates are activated, for each to step forth as the NEW EARTH LIGHT COUNCILS, re-birthed/re-incarnate/REMEMBERED and FULLY EMBODIED to Unite and Guide, for the RETURNING of a "forgotten" existence, without the distortions of what "life" is..... 

Our lives EVOLVE as we do, our REALities Evolve as we do, our Understandings Evolve as we do, our perceptions evolve as we do, our everything evolves as our DNA/Genetics Evolve completely..... 

EVERY MOMENT IS EVOLUTION NOW... from infinite unconscious programs to infinite fully conscious ones. It's not that there are not programs and systems here, there are, as we create ALL NEW PROGRAMS AND SYSTEMS that SUPPORT our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES AND LIVES...


Means that each understand that NEW SYSTEMS AND PROGRAMS are necessary to Evolve hUmaNITY as a WHOLE. These NEW SYSTEMS don't just "arrive" on their own, WE create them, we rework them, we implement them, we ARE them... WE UNITE to be the INNER-CONNECTED NETWORK OF NEW EARTH.... where EACH is not holding back anymore, out of fear/lack/self-preservation/survival mode unaware that their lack of power/fear energy is what held the old matrix together to start with. This is all a part of the Intricate and Immense Cosmic Akash Clearing Processes that all are currently in now. ♥


It shifts, moves, re-tuned, re-calibrates, re-codes and re-transmits a whole new reality CONSTANTLY, that you can SEE, interpret, influence and understand as YOUR SOUL IS ALLOWED to EMERGE FULLY and integrate within your physical body FULLY and your body is allowed, on a regular and consistent basis to re-work itself to transition from a linear existence to a fully Super Quantum ONE..... 

Your NEW EARTH MATRIX is many things.... not just "one". It's all COSMIC ENERGY, where all is COMPRISED of components that have to be formed on an organic and natural level, which means every previous constructs have to be completely re-worked by each one of us. Your old body, your old reality, your old everything TRANSITIONS over... as you CROSS OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE and your Rainbow Template is activated, your Diamond/Christed Light Body Templates are activated, your Avatar Consciousness Body Templates are activated (and so very much more). As your Crystalline LightBody is activated, the Crystals within you EVOLVE. As your Plasma LightBody activates, the amount of Photonic Light and Plasma Energy within you, re-work your entire body systems, structures, infrastructures, programs and how your body-field communicate by way of processing Light Codes/Intelligence through you, as your processing speeds alternate constantly, as your entire template/system goes through a continual re-configuration process, as your whole body evolves from a Carbon Based to Quantum Body... your entire existence evolves along with your bodies, as you have many of them that constantly integrate new codes and programs, therefore changing the entire program of the realities you "live" in.... 

As Purity (Soul) Consciousness activates within each, this begins an immense Quantum Process of shining a Light on (amplifying) all that is not yet PURE and a process of each PURIFYING their own Lives, their own bodies, their entire existence.... which is a part of Diamond Light Code Consciousness, as another part is the Cosmic Prism that is activated, where your body is able to integrate Cosmic Rays into your body template, for your own Rainbow Body Template to start to construct/build/form.... which moves each into a Rainbow Warrior Phase, where each becomes a COSMIC LIGHT BEING.... Star Beings, Star Councils, Soul Councils, Angelic Councils, Christed Councils, Elemental Councils, Galactic Ambassadors/Emissaries and Guardians of our entire NEW EARTH, while still functioning in a physical reality that's very different from before. These "new" REALities are ones DIVINELY DESIGNED to support/awaken/serve all of hUmanity through FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which means SEEING separation, seeing duality, seeing lack of love/respect/kindness/sharing and shifting this THROUGH VIBRATIONAL POWER, which is each's ABILITY TO COMPLETELY RE-TUNE and SHIFT every reality to a much higher consciousness one. 


Just observe the word. Your RESPONSE to all as LOVE, as highest consciousness knowledge, as the Cosmic Light BEing that you are.... Your ABILITY (abilities) to BE LOVE, to BE PURE, to BE KIND, to BE the ONE that HOLDS the absolute highest vibrational realities in place, to BE the ONE that SHOWS the WAYs (WayShower), to BE the example of WHAT NEW EARTH IS, through the way you SHOW up, how you treat others, how you BEhave.... through your own Inner-Connection and REMEMBERING, to not go unconscious anymore... through your own Sharing of your own Light, through your own Divine Essence, without the tainted distortions of playing in the old dualistic unconscious games/plays/illusory realities still.... Embracing and constantly FULL-FILLING your Highest Soul Purposes, your Highest Galactic Missions through the Roles that you play out here. 


Your limited, fixed, controlled/controlling, programmed, conditioned and ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM was held in place by your own beliefs, your own mentalities, your own conditions, lack of inner-connection, which then correlates to your lack of self-each other love, your lack of abundance, lack of respect, lack of trust/faith/beliefs, lack of working together for a much HIGHER PURPOSE, which is what "drives" the REALity of y/our Soul. As we each come to fulfill our higher purposes, all of that lack mentality goes, replacing all with gratitude, appreciation, kindness, sharing, generosity and the restoration of Balance through a deeply profound PEACE as the Vibration of LOVE (Home Frequency) fills your every cell and emanates from within you and how you live your life, in every moment, now. You believed the old unconscious everything into REALity... you supported, engaged, played the game, allowed it all and now, vibrationally, it is TIME to BELIEVE all new REALITIES INTO YOUR PHYSICAL.... those that HOLD UNITY as a way of life, those that honor the sanctity and sacredness that each forgot, those that PROVIDE for each, a benevolent existence, through each opening their own EYES and actually SEEING everything, then making fully Conscious Choices, through the REALization that HUMANITY EMERGES from within. As each truly realizes that the physical only affects consciousness where it's allowed to, each chooses to expand their heart-consciousness and AFFECT THE PHYSICAL INSTEAD.... this is a whole new step for hUmaNITY... when each realizes that their consciousness INFLUENCES & DICTATES THE PHYSICAL... instead of the other way around (human limited programming). 


Because there is no more hoarding, no more selfishness and everything is shared. Where unconscious humans get "tripped up", is they don't understand (can't see/aren't caring to see), that we live on a Multi-Dimensional Earth and where there are 3D/4D Matrix programs still at play, this is not true, and that only in a fully 5D (and wayyyyyy above) reality can this be true. The 3D/4D mind (level of consciousness) is still playing in the lack games of control, manipulation, fear, not enough, give power away and survival levels of awakening still. It takes each EXPANDING THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS beyond this SPACE and choosing to observe their own mentalities (ENERGY) to determine which dimension/timeline/reality they are still holding in place, with their own beliefs, with their own energy, with their own fears and continuing to support that which is still dualistic in nature and separation consciousness too. The only realities where there is not enough/we are not enough, is in the old 3D/4D levels of unconsciousness that continue to dissolve, dismantle, deconstruct, collapse the delusions of what realities were believed to be.

Multi-Dimensionals MASTER THE PHYSICAL through OPENNESS, SHARING and through the IMPLEMENTATION OF ALL NEW QUANTUM SYSTEMS AND REALITIES that completely replace the old. These new (HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) programs and systems, mean that each is OPEN TO LEARNING AND CREATING all new WAYS and that each one is fully contributing to Continually  EXPAND and reconstruct realities to embrace all who are also truly ready to FULLY BE-COME (fulfill) an INTEGRAL PART. Multi-Dimensionals exist in multiple dimensional realities simultaneously, therefore each Level of Consciousness/Dimension is visible, which means the RESPONSE is a multi-dimensional one too. It's vibrational, quantum and energetic... and recodes/ restructures the reality accordingly... as each is no longer bound to the Physics of Linearity. Our NEW Earth Existence is Quantum, because our Physics are Quantum and every reality is based on this. ♥


This is up to each. Each REALity is derived from all new parameters, new equations and new understandings as to WHAT/HOW REALITY COMES TO BE. As each EMBRACES THEMSELVES FULLY (and each other), ON A SOUL LEVEL, everything changes... as the basis for ALL OF YOUR REALITIES (the foundations) are always built on LOVE... the deepest, purest love, kindness, respect, consideration and openness, where each is RESPONSIBLE for not bringing duality into the picture anymore.... 


... for realities to reflect this back. Each must DECIDE that their Soul is going to Lead, that their own Universe is going to Lead and that their limited, fear-based, controlling, narcissistic aspects (both as the victim and the manipulator) are not going to influence/control your behavior/beliefs anymore.

THE VIRTUAL REALITY that we each live in/play in/exist in... is a vibrationally visible holographic REFLECTION as to what each holds inside as to WHAT REALITY IS.... It's a multi-dimensional reality where each can tune their own Consciousness to a whole new reality and activate this to Materialize into the PHYSICAL to actually experience, and get up each day FOCUSED on activating, anchoring, creating "those" QUANTUM LIGHT ENCODED HOLOGRAPHIC REALITIES that are often not yet visible to others, yet becomes visible as each is truly ready to see and step into fulfilling their own highest purposes/roles here too. 


Functioning from fear (root chakra) or Imagining what's possible and KNOWING you have the POWER to "bring that here", just one DIFFERENCE between Singular or Multi-Dimensional Existence.... As long as you allow fear to rule your decisions, rule your emotions, rule your realities/beliefs, your dreams will be squashed and unable to "manifest" into fruition, because you will give up and not believe, have trust or faith, because you are allowing yourself to LIVE a SEVERED EXISTENCE... where your Pure Source Connection is HOW you activate, awaken and anchor all of those realities here. You do have to choose which existence you are going to ALLOW TO BE REAL FOR YOU. 


May & June activate and integrated the "next phase" of this into Gaia's Template, our Universal Templates, available for each to integrate fully into their own physical body templates too. All each has to do is say that they are ready to integrate (any) template, any codes... and honor the process of sleeping, nature, nurturing and supporting their body naturally and organically in the reconfiguration process as it occurs. The more carbon-based (on an atomic level) each's body/reality is, the more intense/dramatic the experience can be. This is the ACTIVATION OF your Powerful Inner Courage, Your Powerful Inner Guidance, Your Powerful Inner Connection and your Powerful Ability to transition from Old Earth to NEW too. 


Your human will "think" things are "wrong", or not understand how these IMMENSE ENERGETIC CHANGES occur, so be patient, slow down, honor your body, tune in MORE and when your human feels weird, when your human feels "voidish", when your human feels the need to control, escape or resist/judge in any way, go deeeeeeeper inside to re-connect with that tiny little space that will grow to be an entire Super Field of Consciousness that you walk and exist in, where everything is BEYOND alive, vibrant, flourishing, pristine, magical, magnificent and AWAKE too!

Take breaks all along the way, stop trying to push "against" a process that can be easy and simple if you allow. See when your energy body is LOW and needs to be activated through inspiration, freedom, simplicity, quiet, connection, fun, happiness and do whatever it takes to shift out of your excuse-making-ego to support your ENERGY BODY so that it can expand from inside of you, more and more and more, so that you can shift and re-tune your ENTIRE VIBRATIONAL BODY to the highest possible, as it's much easier to maneuver and function with Pure Joy and Grace as you do.

Your immune systems, nervous systems, glands and carrier systems are all being re-worked, with each template reconfiguration that occurs. These become more prominent as we go, and the "down time" necessary for a "whole system re-boot", for replenishing and building your Light, for rejuvenation, for re-charging and for easier transmitting/receiving/generating changes constantly along the way, based upon your physical body make-up, enhanced Genetics and Crystalline Plasma Quantum LightBody Templates that you've integrated thus far ... and continue to, powerfully and immensely, as the Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders, Light Keepers, Foundation Builders and HOLDERS of Our NEW Earth. Your Body Templates hold all of NEW Earth's Codes inside and Synch up with your Field of Consciousness constantly, so that you can continually experience more NEW EARTH NOW. 

NEW EARTH is BEYOND Vibrant, much more colorful.... whereas old earth was drabby, neutral and bland... SO MUCH MORE COLOR will become a huge part of your new realities, from soft hues to vibrant colors that pop, appearing in your physical, all around you... in Nature, your skies and your ability to SEE more will continue to enhance as the crystals in your bodies form/evolve more through these Cosmic Light Frequencies and Codes activating 24/7 to re-work your DNA/RNA/Genetics for you. As the veils inside of you dissolve and the foggy groggy phases come & go, as you integrate massive doses/amounts of high frequency Cosmic Photonic Light into your physical body structures (and systems), the veils "outside" of you dissolve too. As you SEE what you could not see before, both of 3D/4D/5D and way above.... you get to CHOOSE.... the dimension/reality/timelines you DESIRE to actually LIVE IN.... as you resolve all duality, lack and separation within you and allow yourself to REMEMBER/RETURN to our PURE EXISTENCES... where love, humility, humanity consciousness, kindness, reciprocation, respect, consideration and the REALIZATION that we are all WORTH MORE than we once believed, that all are worthy, that we are the ONES and that our entire reality will show us everything that we need in order to choose/decide and commit/invest in the ACTUAL PHYSICAL REALITIES/DIMENSIONS we desire to exist in now. Old Earth was each "chasing something". NEW Earth is the opposite of this... 

Your every thought, action and choice..... this is what determines the next "moment"... and what you shall experience... It's your BELIEFS and what you allow, what you continue to support/create and the POWER that your new REALIZATIONS AFFORD YOU.... which is INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES for a whole new Life, as you choose to release/let go of your old unconscious ones that no longer resonate/align.... 

I love you! It's POWER-UP TIME (always) and it's get ready for another and another and another continual up-shift, as you hold the highest states of consciousness from within you and ONLY ACCEPT these as your own REALities now.... This is a powerful week/Gateway, that opens the Gateways for all of the next phases/initiations (for your human aspect) and REALities that you've been integrating the codes within you .... for that "outside" to harmonically realign through a much higher octave than ever before. ♦

Remember... your Highest Consciousness you does not accept unconsciousness as a way of living anymore.... Your Multi-Dimensional You always has Infinite ALTERNATE REALITIES to choose from, that completely replace the old unconscious ones. ♥ 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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