September 2017 Energy Report

Emphasis, Contemplation, REALization, Immense Integration and Increased Reflecting Fractals 

September started off showing us what is possible and still existent within. It opened a Gateway for each to SEE and EXPERIENCE the "Result of Consciousness" "faster" now. Continual Convergence has expedited in a magnanimous way.   

August was a huge month of integration, a POWERFUL month of activations, veil removal, clearing physical density, re-structuring cellularly & REALities like never before, and this will continue as the constructs of the old crumble, collapse, dissolve, dismantle (intentionally or unconsciously) - INSIDE - for any linear constructs to be replaced with nonlinear, vibrational ones. The more unconscious, the more this appears to happen outside first, while in fact, inside is already doing this and outside is just reflecting this back.

What does this mean? Many things. Mostly that all is vibrational and dictated by feelings, beliefs and thoughts and the only "control" each has, is through inner-connection with/as PURE SOURCE LIGHT and by way of holding PURITY LOVE and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS as our Core Existence, otherwise there is no "glue" to hold anything together, as the glue is Vibrational ENERGY and deep sacred love and respect now.

Polarities become more vast and extreme, yet how polarity presents is different, based upon the dimension physically occupied. The more unconscious, the more physical all of this is. An unconscious program will play out within a physical reality for as long as there is any energy that keeps it going. The more conscious, the less a physical experience is necessary, because the polarity is visible before the reality is created, therefore, through "Quantum Expanded Consciousness", it's never created to materialize or play out. If it does, then each has the opportUNITY to see it/realize it and stop it, immediately, and shift to a much higher vibration within self and with their whole body, to shift to a different timeline, concluding the old one immediately for activating and anchoring a new one in its place.  

On a grander scale, the greatest polarity is the vast difference between physical Heaven on Earth and physical Hell on Earth now, as these are polar opposites as well. Deep into "the Rapture" (Ascension is the same thing, just the 5th Dimensional word instead of the fear based 3rd-dimensional word, yet I use it to make a point here). The lower timelines now play out what was inconceivable before, prophesied, spoken of as "what was to come", providing each an opportUNITY to intentionally choose Physical Body Ascension, which is the Embodiment of each's Soul and eventually OverSoul/Monad here. 

Responsive Physical Realities:

To experience Heaven, each must hold PURITY as a way of existing, continually anchoring photonic light/encodements from within, hold the absolute highest state of consciousness and honor this vast evolutionary process of transitioning from all of the old unconscious matrix programs/programmings to RETURN to an existence that is PURE. NEW Earth Heaven becomes visible differently along the way. First in dreams and visions, then holographically, then in all things physical.... for vibrational density-shifting processes are intricate ones, where every molecule, cell and particle of our StarDust/Earthly/Heavenly Bodies are completely re-worked/re-coded, de-densified and raised vibrationally through cosmic photonic frequencies bombarding daily so that each can fully become Conscious to REMEMBER again. Placing responsibility on anything outside for how any of this came to be created is an unconscious program as well. 

Separation/Duality plays out in Extremes:

Heaven or Hell, awesome or not awesome, intense or immense, suffering or ease, hard or easy, aligned or non-aligned, flow or complicated, begin with mindsets and beliefs. Each now resides in their own Universe/Galaxy, connected through "like-vibrations" (collectives). Each must choose to EXIST AS LOVE and stop playing in the old games of unconsciousness again for the extremes to diminish. These extremes are the balancing of polarities within. You/we are returning to existences forgotten, as each holds realities in place according to NEW EARTH ENERGIES and no longer compromises or supports the old anymore. Realizations, in the beginning, are mind-blowing and beyond challenging, because a complete reversal of all unconsciousness is required.

August was a precursor

Emphasis: All will show you where your focus (energy) has been, where you place importance and how what you place your importance on creates your physical reality here. With the emphasis shifting to UNITY/CHRISTED CONSCIOUSNESS in very big ways, anything "not this" will become more visible/play out for you to see this and choose to shift vibrationally/expand your consciousness yourself. Many expansions are "spontaneous" for awhile and your human won't understand, try to go to fear/control/resist or "label" this as something else.... 

Contemplation: Observe and decide what represents Heaven or Hell in your own reality world. Opening your heart/mind fully will allow you to sit with all and process easier, for new understandings/clarity to come through. Your physical reality is not going to be like you thought it was "supposed to be". Unconscious Earth was realities built on fake, pretend, selfishness, not caring, not respecting, not coming together, not sharing and perceptions that you were alone/the only one, which could not be furthest from the truth. Yes, it will be all up to you, to decide, because as long as you are avoiding, trying to "not do" what your higher self/Universe is trying to show you, trying to "not listen" to what you know is "right", holding out for yourself, not willing to come together, then you will suffer, for separation from your own SOURCE YOU is what creates your suffering here. The physical is not what you "think" it is....

FOCUS on what inspires, supports, unifies and creates/anchors highest consciousness new. Shift your focus off of attachment to others/things,  realize what you already have access to, the gifts you have/are, the gifts that you took for-granted, the opportunities that you turn down because they don't fit into your "way of thinking" or what you "thought" reality was supposed to look like. Connect DEEP on a SOUL Level with all that you come into contact with. No more hiding, fake, BS, pretending.... everything is visible vibrationally... hiding is from yourself. 

Expand your heart & mind, open completely up. Observe where you still hold resistance to ease and keep struggling inside with what challenges your human. This is a huge sign that provides you with the opportUNITY to dissolve resistance easily, for the Light of your Soul to integrate within you easier.

Love, Respect & No More BS: You, your body, each other. Kindness. Consideration. Support each other. Get over your chit. Move through things, process those emotions, get them out of your body, so that you can return to peace and love and to activate more Heaven New Earth to come forth faster again. 

See your own divisiveness, see your own stuff. Stop judging, as this will keep you spinning in a loop cycle until you get tired/done. 

Bring those walls down yourself. Dissolve anything you've still got going on. See the patterns in your own reality, your habits... 

SEE what needs to be resolved, returned and merged back into/through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE in order to shift into a vibrational timeline of Our NEW Earth now.

Continual REALizations occur by observing all through our hearts/higher mind consciousness and the depths of our Soul. Much contemplation is necessary when observing and realizing that a choice must be made .... to keep struggling to hang onto/keep the old or move on/let it go to be ready for the next awesome thing that's been waiting for you.

When you realize that you are ready to be free, you will start to treat yourself with love and respect. As you do this, you gain the capacity to do this for all around you. Loving you comes first. Kindness for you comes first. Respecting you comes first. THEN you can share this love, this kindness, this self-respect through your FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS....

You are creating a new way of being and doing things. You are creating all new realities. You are anchoring realities through light. They come to fruition as you integrate this light within you and express it, share it, transmit it through your BEing and DOing... in everything that you are & do.

Dreams and Ideas: These higher realm "visions" and thoughts are your new realities floating around in your ethers (field) just waiting for you to grab them and do something with them. Your alchemist and you as a Divine Mother/Father will give birth, nurture and grow/raise these creations (your babies/Divine Children) to release them out into the ethers, out into the world, out into the hearts and souls of all that they touch to inspire, awaken and assist as love too. These dreams & ideas are important, yet cannot be if you continue to sit in fear, keep minimizing yourself, wasting what you already have, keep talking yourself out of all, keep making excuses for why you cannot yet. Your dreams are ACTIVATED as you open up, as you believe, as you dedicate your time/energy/money/reSOURCEs/things to bring these things into PHYSICAL REALITY here. 

You/WE are the one that opens/closes portals: These abound in every moment, yet your human is not ready, makes excuses, turns all away. Everything just floats around in your field until you expand your consciousness into all to activate it as an actual reality here. There are many things that cannot come to fruition until all the pieces & parts have occurred. Sacred Geometrics are made up of pieces and parts. When you do the first piece, the next piece activates. When you do that one, the next one does... each piece you do/activate, creates a bigger part of the picture, the bigger piece of the puzzle until every piece has been activated/done. Each part comes together (converges) in the physical, as you achieve the vibration inside for materialization to occur. If you are not doing any of the "pieces" then the whole picture cannot come together for you. The whole reality is like this. Every piece of reality is constructed as you activate/DO it. Realities are constructed geometrically, by way of Quantum Creation, where each thing creates the whole. A reality is this. The conclusion/conversion of all of the pieces. Change the vibration of the piece, the picture/reality changes. This is how vibrational realities work. The ENERGY that you CREATE WITH dictates the vibrational reality that takes form. Your Quantum Energy transmits across all dimensions/timelines to activate ENTIRE REALITIES. Your ability to expand your own consciousness gives you the ability to "look across dimensional timelines" (galaxies/universes) and activate realities at will. You do this vibrationally, through your own abilities that you gain as you transcend unconsciousness from within. Where you are not ready yet, where you let your limited human dictate, then those portals/doors/opportUNITIES can close and you'll have to wait until you achieve the vibration fully before another portal/door/gateway opens back up. You can also close portals yourself, as you see that things cannot fully align. You can close out realities that no longer serve highest purposes and represent an old timeline that's collapsed because something was not ready.... and what this is, shifts/changes in every moment when we exist as Quantum BEings. (Humans don't do well with this, as they want to "think" first. Here, there is no "thinking". There is observing, seeing, knowing & doing. This collapses timelines instantly as we do!

Our Heaven on Earth will change all along the way. What brings us joy, happiness, peace and inspires will be different as we step further into fulfilling our own Soul's Purposes/Galactic Missions while enriching all of our own lives by RECEIVING in RESPONSE to how much we are willing to do whatever is necessary to anchor our highest timelines in the physical here. Once we have achieved "that", then that will be easy and the next thing will become our focus. Stepping stones, building blocks of a whole new "future" (vibrational reality)... from within this ZERO POINT FIELD NOW here.

Immense Instant Integration is required for ease "after" to occur. This ultra-high frequency light (waves & particles) will re-code the DNA of your body & your physical reality (yes your Physical Reality has DNA too). Integration is challenging to our human aspect, yet our bodies require this to function with greater ease, to continually ascend in the physical and clear the dense/unconscious programs held deep within our physical body structures keeping us from experiencing our highest timeline and purest existences together here.

The rest of 2017 (and into 2018) is dedicated to anchoring these unity frequencies & new timelines in. Gauge all based upon higher consciousness awareness, instead of lower consciousness judgments, re-actions, limits and fixed beliefs. Listen to your feelings, keep opening up fully to communicate, to support, to share, to step-up and into those shoes that allow you to walk on NEW Earth with greater ease. Embrace what you might not understand yet, yet somewhere inside already know. Release those things you held onto out of fear, cut those cords of attachment, let go of expectations, making promises or committing to things you can't fulfill, as the way you feel & what you see continually changes here. Your capabilities will also change constantly, as your Universal Body works very different than your human body did. Let go of the need to save, protect and convince anyone else of anything (because it's you, you are trying to convince). Let go of what other's think/say, for this is their reality, not yours unless you take it on as your own/have an emotional reaction. REALize that a higher dimensional reality means you are going to do the INNER WORK and whatever contributes in the physical, you are going to have to do this too. Understand that you will receive VIBRATIONALLY, non-linearly, however, is appropriate as a RESPONSE TO ALL OF THE VIBRATIONS you are transmitting out continually and that if everything you hold/be/do is fully aligned, then the reality you receive will be too!

Get ready for more magic, see all not love and intentionally shift this yourself. Maintaining your Ascended Christed/God/Source Self means that your reality is always aligned, and where it is not, you decide what is appropriate in each moment based upon the presence of love, which often means standing in your POWER and saying "not acceptable" and letting all outside resolve itself/go figure it out (often somewhere else). This is YOUR reality.... September is to anchor more of your highest everything here... for all of us... it takes us all.... REMEMBER... ♥

I love you! Happy September... this powerful Equinox Gateway is another huge transition for us all! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Cheri 7th September 2017 2:04 pm

Thank you Lisa!! Can feel your loving intent!! No more "BS" says it all hahaha!! Warm Regards,

Toni 7th September 2017 8:37 pm

Yes this is how I’ve noticed it works, from polarity extremes to collapsing timelines. :thumbs:

“This ultra-high frequency light (waves & particles) will re-code the DNA of your body & your physical reality (yes your Physical Reality has DNA too)”... I question this however as I’m not sure DNA is the correct word for physical reality code yet they are intrinsically entangled. One discovers the subtle differences with the human perspective rather than the galactic perspective…speed of movement for one thing.

I love you too Lisa :)

QSUSA 8th September 2017 9:49 am

It's True what U said about August being a Huge month of Integration + Veil Removal, etc.
TY for this Strong + Empowering message for September.

Toni 9th September 2017 8:18 pm

I just remembered it’s the RNA that creates the reality according to DNA code. Human DNA contains all universal codes however RNA only creates according to DNA x Environment... Environment also equals ones belief system.


Cheri 10th September 2017 11:41 am

This is really interesting Toni and ties in to this whole sine wave or metaphorical serpent that I have just started seeing during my energy integration work tied in with clearing the whole mind control agenda and the belief system archetypes on the grid. I kept feeling that it was tied to the RNA and entraining it somehow affecting the vibration rate.

Which of course is tied into the whole garden of eden scenario, Eve (representing the RNA) and the tree of life which was infiltrated. I am still waiting to hear how the apple ties in hahaha!!

All this is clearing now within us and may or may not have ever intended all the religious guilt that ensued within but was more a mere depiction of what happened to our perception in relationship to our environment like you said.

Oh well onward we go learning together!!
Warm Regards :smitten:

Cheri 10th September 2017 12:55 pm

I dont know about you but this clearing and integration has really intensified for me lately!! Just touching bases hope all is well within :)

Toni 10th September 2017 8:45 pm

Hugs beautiful Sis... haha, I have a feeling it was an RNA comment of yours that jogged my memory then Spirit led me to read some of my old work of 2010 cos the hurricanes Katia, Irma & Jose in the US of A yesterday are identical to Karl, Igor & Julia Sept 16, 2010. The coincidence is so synchronised I’m on wow… same pattern, same initials, polarized gender per couple & pretty much exactly 7 years later. 7 years being a cell cycle.

It seems bigger this cycle which tells me the energy has not turned within yet. When we deal with our inner stuff, events get smaller, not dealing with them makes them bigger next cycle round.

Anyway when I read what I wrote on RNA back then it fell into place & yes I do believe this is where the cause & effect point is for the manipulation…in the environment or belief pattern at atomic level so it limits the RNA's creative abilities. Crystals never grow to their most beautiful potential within a ELF/VLF (fear) environment field.


Toni 10th September 2017 8:51 pm

I also have a feeling that I’ve got the Cosine to your sine wave within the eclipse field. The intensity that you are feeling now is where I was at last eclipse season. So I hypothesize that after this intencity is integrated the work shall be much easier & you shall be in same transition as me & Bo Peep…we are reinventing ourcellves & only get called to assist with excess energies. I think there’s so many more awakened now they are doing it for themselves so there’s not as much excess.

Mostly the effects we create in the higher dimensions don’t start descending til its finished so it can sometimes take years to see physical results. My feeling is the pure wheat in the US of A shall take 9 yrs to ground once you have completed what you need to do..

Toni 10th September 2017 9:00 pm

Funny that you mention the snake & the apple. I was only thinking recently to add a snake water feature sculpture to my list. I was imagining a cheeky snake with fangs dripping water onto an apple. The apple according to the Greeks represents discord cos it started the Trojan wars. So if snake = truth & apple = discord then yes we are getting to the truth of all discord regarding the suppressed e motion al system.

I have already done a water feature for the tree of life. It's not complete as I have to add leaves & get it flowing out of all the holes yet. I just like it how it flows at the moment so I have no immediate urge to complete it. Interestingly I also had a dragon on my list before Blue Dragoness showed up. My dragon colour is black tho.

lol...lots to do & all the time in the universe to complete it. Toni rush just keep going till we get there.

Much Love Beautiful Cheri
T :)

Cheri 11th September 2017 1:13 pm

Oh Toni, you are so beautiful especially in your clarity of vision!! Thank you for your friendship, it has really meant so much to me in more ways than you know!!

When you talked about the greek representation of the apple this really hit home with the discord, separation and extreme polarity experienced within the DNA (oh my gosh I am getting a deep feeling of emotional sadness [tears flowing] from the DNA right now hahaha!). Which ties in I believe to the disonnection and scrambling that occured within the atomic structure back in Sumeria (Eden?). I am hearing now seeds and pixels. So the seeds seem to represent DNA itself. The apple sowing the great seeds of discontent? Here is the def for a pixel:

"a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed"

This really feels like the distortion of creation or our separation from the greater reality (source)? It could also of course denote our inability to perceieve ourselves and each other within the greater reality.

Cheri 11th September 2017 1:33 pm

Add this to the RNA creative principle you mentioned above and you get the imbalance within us or the loss of the feminine energy. This entrainment also caused the chasm between our right and left brain working in tandem which greatly affected not only our consciousness but our inability to percieve and create on so many levels.

Wow, your insight is awesome as ever!! Thank you so much for the wheat update as it ties in to the entrainment of our wheat to very low frequencies and the loss of the once spiritual connection to the opening of our pineal (pinecone) to connect with the higher realms.

This is why you see all the meditation symbology around the harvests depicted on the Mayan Calendar. The pyramids were built to resonate with the human body (bones) and amplify energy. The wheat was used within the pryamids each harvest to reach states of enlightenment through vision quests. This was their connection with all that is through the wheat which was a gift from the beloved Quetzalcoatl. Or like you said the awakening to the seed of source within us all!

Cheri 11th September 2017 1:47 pm

Wow you are an artistic sculptor!! That is a beautiful creativity within you!! I love water features. I would love to commission you when I finally move into my dream abode as the fountain is always the centerpiece of the garden. Representing the fountain of youth once DNA lightbody is fully restored haha!!

Well thanks again for your friendship and sharing Toni. I really value your insight as a way to validate my own process. My emotions have been all over the map lately. The mind mapping entrainment is finally clearing within us all.

I have always been very cerebral in my innate intuition. I am sure I am reconnecting to my higher heart.

:smitten: :smitten:

Cheri 11th September 2017 4:23 pm

You know it is the RNA that is the message carrier to the DNA for some viruses/disease (the ones I hear about healing in all these timelines is cancer, aids, herpes, mental retardation, cystic fibrosis, autism, alzheimer's). RNA processes the sugar, proteins, etc which is the connection to the wheat as well as it started to create cholesterol and gluten within the cells and was mis-processing the sugar causing so much disease in us over time. Not only did we lose our consciouness during the Sumerian genetic tampering but our bodies started to decay and carry disease. We were unable to process and resonate with the wheat, our primary food source. I feel that the introduction of the Ape DNA into the human genome affected the RNA primarily.

So healing the wheat in all these timelines (with QC) along with removing the primate DNA restores our bodies to our original starseed templates of perfection.

Well I could talk with your forever about everything. It is all so interesting hahaha! You were right on about the emotional healing. Mine are all over the map right now!! Love u

Cheri 11th September 2017 4:41 pm

Ok, going to put my head in the sandbox now like the proverbial ostrich and hope there are no turds in the kitty litter hahaha!!

Toni 11th September 2017 10:22 pm

I remember reading Bringers of the Dawn back in the 90’s (my bible back then haha) The Pleidians explained the original interference back in Sumeria within the metaphor of a library. Instead of having a library of DNA in order so one knows where to find intel our books or DNA codes were removed from their shelves & piled into a great heap on the floor so it became a job to consciously put all the books back on the shelves to understand who we are & why we are here. It could also be one giant pixel puzzle to put back in order to get the whole picture.

I don’t necessarily blame the ape DNA as we have other planets of ape DNA that are evolving in harmony. They are not within this free will zone however & have not had their library strewn asunder yet neither have they polarized this ELF/VLF level as we have. This polarization allows us to vibrate to the full 12 octaves within the physical density field. From a Galactic point of view, Earth is the only planet that has done this. (altho it shall be a further 20 years for this to densify physically)


Toni 11th September 2017 10:34 pm

At this timing the other ape planets that were seeded same as Earth have descended to 5 & are syncing to the 4th octave. Earth is now the centre for Galactic attention as we are new territory.

The Gods that dismantled our library here were in fear of our ape DNA superceeding theirs…and so the fear began within the environment. To my mind if we removed the ape DNA we would once again be of plasma density before shifting back to our avian seeded planet. To remove is to create separation…to embrace & feel creates integration & shifts ones vibrational frequency beyond any manipulation. One’s DNA manipulation codes are turned off within & no longer available to the RNA. We were birds dear sister yet now we are apes…apes that have the potential to fly, teleport & manifest instantly.

I love u too Cheri xo

P.S. Just to clear things up my water features are for tables at this timing. Although I have built a macro one in my last garden & would love to do so again in my next garden, I am working with micro energy. I sculpt with clay rather than cement etc… It requires 2 x firing process.

Cheri 12th September 2017 12:28 pm

Thank you Toni, of course you are right it was just the scattering of the books and codes (loved that book). I do love to try to figure things out but you can't really do that in an ever expanding state. And the truth is like you have intimated before is that it has and always will be an adventure into exploring the unknown which couldn't happen without the challenges which are always opportunities for growth and expansion!!

Will carry on! Here's to the evolution of becoming our wonderful diverse selves in higher expression. It is a marvelous never ending journey!!

Looking forward to livin on Toni time once this work is finished!!

Toni 14th September 2017 6:39 pm

Hi Beautiful...My mind has been exploding with intel lately. I realize there are many Gods that were attracted here, each creating a different fear seed within their environment… I just picked the Greek/Roman Legend timeline as it was the core of my Daddy DNA. I dare say the Annunaki Gods & manipulation/control fears are the core timelines you are mostly dealing with. I was not been subject to this at core level…layers after, sure, fear was turned on to attract & amplify this belief.

I’m also thinking the equation is more RNA = E/DNA… and when one door closes another one opens.

Much Love :smitten:

Cheri 15th September 2017 4:46 pm

Love that you are getting more influx of data or information as I think the crystalline grid is anchoring in fully and supporting our new crystalline operating system which is the new quantum format yay!!!

Hearing lots and lots about the photons now and radio waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, X rays, and gamma rays which all consist of photons, each of which contains a particular amount of energy that depends on the wavelength. This is where the sine wave may have been affecting the energy spectrum and or the quality of vision and or clarity of pixels.

I wish I had gotten a physics degree hahaha!! Ok, well keep me posted if you have any more wonderful insights and thanks for the connection, it is becoming much more palpable and amplified as we support and communicate with each other like this. This is the exponential power of the crystalline format and exactly what we need to do to amplify it. All very exciting!! Life on the new love grid!!
:smitten: :smitten:

Toni 16th September 2017 9:01 pm

Lol, yes...physics is like another language with a whole heap of new terms. Would love to know if anything stuck if you care to share.

faye 16th September 2017 11:41 pm

Hi Toni and Cheri!
So enjoyed reading your comments. In fact I sometimes go to comments on and article first which I did here and have not read Lisa TB's post yet. I believe she has a new Video but have not found it, I am tech challenged :) The thing that came to mind about the apes, the hundredth monkey pattern. Seems like all the work we have been doing is finally filtering to the masses.
I have been out of it mentally for a bit, mom finally left the earth plane Sept 6th. No worries, she showed me in a dream 6 or so years ago she would be leaving after the eclipse. She was an emotional wreck for the final 3 weeks so it was truly a blessing to have her at peace. Dementia.

Toni 17th September 2017 5:58 am

Hi Sunny, hugs, wonderful to have you back again. Sorry about your mum, at least you were prepared and she is now at peace. :angel:

Yes the hundred monkeys were about creating critical mass. I have learnt lately however that it was not all the monkeys in all the islands that magically changed overnight. The old monkeys didn't change, yet enough young ones adopted the new pattern for it to eventually change all monkeys in all islands via the generations over time.

Much Love
T :)

Cheri 18th September 2017 2:05 pm

Hi Faye!! So great to hear from you!! I lost my mom 5 years ago to Alzheimer's Disease so can relate to the trials of dementia. With so much love to you on your journey!!

Until next time ladies with warm regards,

:smitten: :smitten: :smitten:


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