Sleeping Yourself Awake

Yes you will... literally... sleep and sleep and sleep and then sleep some more... in order to dissolve the veils of amnesia that you held inside... so that your body can shut down, raise it's vibration, integrate your light, your body can re-code and re-calibrate, so that your ego-fixated-control-mind can get out of the way and you can "learn" to surrender fully to a process that makes not one ounce of logical sense at all.... 

This is because Multi-Dimensionality is not logical or linear, it's Quantum.... vibrational and energetic.... 

Light codes shut your human body down... on purpose... so that you can "enter" the dream state, whether in the sleep state or waking one... 

You'll be clearing immense timelines and alternate realities that used to be "in your way", anchoring immense photonic light within you, that will allow you to "travel" through your own consciousness.... everywhere.... 

Clearing fears and lack and all those barriers that used to be "in your way"... easier when you sleep. 

Raising your overall vibration... easier when you rest, get out in nature and when you sleep.

Gaining clarity, connecting, listening and receiving.... easier in that surrendered state, where your linear mind can shut down, therefore your linear cells do too.

Awakening within a dream.... experiencing blissful, magical and pure JOYful dreams... in your waking state, as you walk around and inner-act, through peace within you... and transmit light out as you do.

Experiencing the Dream state in your waking one.... an every day occurrence... as we live on NEW Earth here. 

As you REALize what you used to live in wasn't your highest dimensional reality, it was an unconscious one.... you will choose your highest vibrational experience OVER your "lower vibrational/dimensional" one... because frankly, there's no point, no joy and they are not fun. Ego represents "hell" and the more you experience this, the more you understand.... 

Now, your ego, will present challenges... which is just ENERGY TO DISSOLVE/RESOLVE inside... so that you can shift to a much higher vibration inside... and your whole everything can easier align.



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Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown is a globally recognized Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Coach assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within.


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