Tending to Your Inner Planes, Understanding & Aligning the Outer Planes

Aloha Divine Presence in a body/form,

So many are SURPRISED at how DEEP this is taking them, "thinking" all of "that" was resolved, all of "that" was gone... not even aware "any of that" was buried/deeply hidden, suppressed somewhere inside... and "struggling" to deal/handle it all, as there's no controlling anything when our hearts FINALLY OPEN UP and the floodgates open...

The beauty is we don't need to control it. We learn how to flow with it, how to honor it and how to move through it all/process it all quicker and easier... every time "more" emerges/becomes visible/comes up for cleansing the cellular body template. Control was the way of the old. Honoring ourselves is the way of the "new". Loving ourselves (and each other) is too. Respect on a deeper level, kindness on a deeper level, consideration on a deeper level and unity on a deeper level, these are too. Yet, before, we didn't have this capability, to go to these DEPTHS, because there was so much human conditioning/programming "in the way". So much we held onto out of fear and lack, yet with each blast of light, with each cosmic wave of love that floods our atmosphere, planet and bodies, that all changes.

Inner dimensions/planes first. We nurture these, we connect from deep within, we surround ourselves with all things LOVE, INSPIRATION and that which supports and brings MORE UNITY through for all of us. Why, because it's so easy IF we do.

As we do, we start to awaken, excited and ready to embrace a new day. Inspired and creativity are our focus and how we contribute and make a difference here. Every day, we touch all as LOVE, every exchange we are THE LIGHT, every moment is an OPPORTUNITY, if we see it this way and we greet all without human limits and conditions of "how" we are willing to be a part of NEW EARTH. That is a human ego limit too.

When I was coming through the years of "learning" to understand, "learning" how all worked, REMEMBERING all as LOVE and shifting my entire reality from separation (ego) to unity (love), I had to INTENTIONALLY focus my energy on HOW I SHOWED UP every day to fulfill my own SOUL purposes and roles here. I had to "learn" how to let go of my own human "want something" in exchange and just show up. I had to be the ANGEL in form, supporting others as love, spending the day with the homeless, feeding them, listening to them, loving them, driving them to hospitals, giving them "my last money" to achieve THE FEELING that would IGNITE MY OWN DESIRE to contribute/make a difference more. Until I was able to HOLD THIS FEELING all of the time, I had to do this, every day, to "learn" to understand, one of the reasons why we chose form on this physical earth.

Then I found events that were touching others lives, and I volunteered to help out. I'd wash dishes and wait on those in attendance that "needed" to be in loving atmospheres to FEEL what COMMUNITY and kindness, happiness and sharing was. I'd work the door, collecting donations, I'd support the one holding the events in any way that I could. I was not in any need. I had enough for my needs to be met on a daily basis and while not physically abundant in other's eyes, I was fully abundant INSIDE. I lived in such PEACE, GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, in every moment. I saw the GIFT in all and I TREATED all as a GIFT in return. I learned to RESPECT OTHER'S ENERGY, being GENEROUS every time I experienced someone doing for others, using their gifts/natural abilities, to HONOR, RESPECT, RECOGNIZE and show APPRECIATION for them. It's important that we all do this. I do it every day, in every exchange. I'm present and connected with each that I come into contact with. Because this is how WE LIVE.  

At first, I used everything I had to support others, I learned to share. Then when I "proved myself", that I had dissolved those ego aspects of myself and could live in UNITY and understood "why" we had "things", then I "got more". Because I could be "trusted" (human aspect), not to separate off anymore. I learned to USE things to support all in my reality and then 1/2 of everything went to others for quite awhile, until I could "learn" how USING RESOURCES were to support us all, not just for "our selves". I found others who had less and I donated to support, I fed those that I met that could use a free meal, I did free speaking events, taught free classes, donated cases of books to assist with awakening more, because it SUPPORTED THE WHOLE. The bigger picture. For what we do is for us all.

I charged to keep balance in the amount that I did for free. To raise the money to pay those working, to create a space for me to work-in-service and those who stepped forth to assist/support me, as well as those SOUL family/STAR family members that came into my reality naturally that I had the opportunity to assist on a more personal level, to strengthen our NEW EARTH GRIDWORK here. I still do, however is appropriate, because it's HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES....

Everything we do/are is contributory to THE BIGGER PICTURE and we don't go unconscious or forget this. We REMEMBER in every way and we HOLD UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS from our CORE.

First, I had to "learn" to get up every day and FOCUS MY OWN ENERGY on accomplishing, contributing and integrating constantly, how to maneuver infinite dimensions simultaneously and tune every one of them to the highest vibration myself. I had to CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN and overcome my own human'ness, my own lack and the lack of those all around me that insisted on holding onto the OLD WAYS STILL and then I had to finally choose to MOVE ON and KEEP MOVING ON, into higher vibrational/dimensional timelines by holding/anchoring those constantly here. As a Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper, our roles mean we won't COMPROMISE in any way, yet we can hold the highest in place and allow those all around to STEP UP and STEP FORTH (materialize) into our physical reality to support us in CREATING MORE together and individually too. We don't have to compromise our realities, when we all work together as LOVE. ♥

This photo is a beautiful depiction of the many ways we experience everything. Climbing those Mountains and FLOWING as a SOUL. The Light Encoded SOLaris, the water, the heights that we achieve as we OVERCOME all of our own human'ness/programming from within ourselves. PEACE is restored, clarity is restored, unity is restored AS we CHOOSE to identify our own separation/ego programs that kept us separated off before. These create the limits that we face daily, until we SEE them within ourselves. AS WE REAL-EYES where we held limits, conditions and were not ready to fully be open, not ready to fully come together and VOLUNTEER to support, not fully ready to JUMP IN and get our hands dirty (yep, we gotta) and do whatever we could to make a difference, then we are not quite ready yet... and this becomes our own limits here. 

Every day, we are faced with choices, challenges and opporUNITY, a multitude of them .... in order to dissolve our own ego/separation/unconsciousness and UNIFY inside so that OUT THERE THIS CAN OCCUR TOO.... yet where we are not ready yet, where we hold back, where we let our head get in the way, where we keep the old stories/excuses/timelines going, then these become our EXPERIENCES here. 

This PASSAGEWAY IS HUGE.... On November 28th we activated between 60-80 new StarGate Codes, which is so far beyond what we've ever achieved before. Every day since, more codes, more to synchronize, more being aligned in the most beneficial and necessary ways for us all. This 12/12 Gateway Opening, that can begin any moment now (usually 2-3 days prior here), it begins the next phase of RE-ALIGNING REALITIES through showing each what is not in alignment, while opening up more to be visible, more to be available and more to be possible too. Each's action/non-action/vibration dictates, each's hesitation, each's "going for it", each's "git'r'done" energy does too. Yet, where we COME FROM MATTERS.... because if we come from lack/separation then the "outcome" is a RESULT of this. If we come from FULLY UNIFICATION - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE - then ALIGNMENT IS EASY... 

We must align the inside and the outside and TUNE ALL TO THE HIGHEST VIBRATION... in EVERY MOMENT, not just when it suits us or when we are seeking, because eventually, you stop seeking and you BEcome the ONE, you become ALL again. As you BEcome this, then you are the one that is the Light, you are the ONE that shows the way (WayShower) through your actions and your words. You are the one STEPPING UP and showing up and transmitting out a frequency to connect with others doing this too!

NEW EARTH is where we UNITE as LOVE, as the ONES, the WAYSHOWERS who are READY to hold the highest everything together here. Yet we have to ACHIEVE this within ourselves in order to call forth those COLLECTIVE REALITIES here. 

Everyone of us have the CAPABILITY to achieve ONENESS, WHOLENESS and PURITY in how we live our lives. Everyone of us have a multitude of OPPORTUNITIES to do this, when we are truly OPEN to stepping into our highest roles here. Every ONE of us are only limited by that which we keep bringing forth, maintaining, holding onto from INSIDE, that represents a fear/judgment/lack mentality program that we did not know we were transmitting/running before. Each one of us have the capABILITY to CHOOSE. The more human (ego), the more we "wait" for timeline collapses to occur to PUSH us into releasing all of that and embracing the unknown (yet it is known deep deep deep inside). WE don't need to be PUSHED anymore, we get it. WE just STEP UP.... and we come together, while human aspects separate off, so that they can see how SEPARATION plays out in the EXTERNAL.... so that they can choose unity-love from deep inside too. 

On December 19th/20th (linear time for reference point only), Saturn RETURNS HOME in CAPRICORN. Talk about a game changer for us all. Previously was "school" and this is "graduation" for many, as all is stepped up huge for the next 3 years, where our "house" is under "NEW RULE".  Being a Cap, this is EXCITING, because of how this correlates to all. Yet, this means huge changes, so all have to be on-board and ready for NEW, ready to unity, ready to SHIFT ALL REALITIES INTO A MUCH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS ONE, as the old cannot come forth... these Gateways are Vibrational, so the "lower" vibrations can't PASS THROUGH... these vortexes that we travel through might not be visible to many, yet they are VERY REAL. 

Stargates and passageways become a "new way of living" for multi-dimensionals on a physical plane of existence. Everything is an initiation (test) in order to "cross over" or "pass through" to "arrive" in/on a higher dimensional plane of existence, a higher timeline and collectively this has expanded exponentially, so keep looking for that which represents change/new, keep seeing "how all things come to be", keep focused on what you are CREATING with your ENERGY, your thoughts, your actions, your offerings/contributions, your reSOURCEs, your everything.... because every little bit matters. ♥

I love you!!!!! I invite you to JUMP with us constantly and UNITE in more ways now too. I invite you to GET CREATIVE ON HOW, because you RECEIVE based upon how you transmit out. Expand beyond your linear mind and GO QUANTUM, dissolving all cords of attachment to anything at all. What do care where/how all comes forth, as long as it does? And it will if you are putting in the dedicated work on a daily basis, however this is appropriate/presents. If you sit around "waiting", it takes longer to receive, unless you are upgrading/integrating/honoring your body for the "work" that it needs to do on a cellular level to vibrate into higher dimensional timelines physically. The rest of the time, we are active, in every way, in ways that count. Small things "grow" into bigger things. Re-birthing ourselves, we do start at the bottom again, learning all new ways and "growing up" to become our highest aspects EMBODIED in physical form here. This is a process, a gazillion of them, that cycle through continual processes too. Recognize the PORTALS you are to open yourself and those that open up for you to COMMIT and JUMP. Sometimes they are soft and subtle, sometimes the opposite. When you "take them all", you'll be plenty busy and you won't have "time" to live in lack or procrastinate or say "no" to opportunity as it presents. You'll be busy anchoring all new realities in the physical individually and together too! It's kind of awesome! ♥

This month I am "randomly" supporting & contributing, while I accomplish in huge ways in the physical on a daily basis (as usual) too, as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper here. Newsletters, writings, videos as I am able to get these out for all to support, inspire and share light encoded intelligence/knowledge as appropriate too! I'm working to provide more by way of new opportunities for those ready to embrace on all new levels in 2018 too. In the meantime, there are a multitude of resources/tools already offered. Utilize these and I'll announce more as we go. ♥ 

p.s. There's no one to "do this for you". Our human loves to "think" we are incapable and can't. It "stops" at hurdles and obstacles, not realizing they are there for a reason. It's a part of our EXPANSION PROCESS here. If it's important, you'll find a way. You won't believe the old constructs anymore. You'll bring them down yourself from inside and build new ones. This is just a part of how we CREATE more NEW Earth REALities to EXPERIENCE here. We make them up ourselves.... :) Gotta get creative and break out of those linear boxes though! ♥



Cheri 12th December 2017 1:18 pm

Hi Lisa, love your enthusiasm!! This is all about being present and showing up as our I AM or source presence is requested, right here, right now in each and every moment as the joy of living returns and we are damn happy to participate and be a part of whatever presents around us!!

Once we understand that all has meaning again, we follow our intuition and know that all we give is the key to the kingdom of heaven. The key to manifestation. The key to joy. But we do it in balance of both giving and recieving rather than martyrdom or self sacrifice.

This is service to others as the highest expression of unconditional love of source loving self reflected in every piece and part represented through each of us individually.

The energy is such now that it is reciprocal in all we do matching us in word and deed and spreading like wildfire when hearts align!


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