The Fall of Unconsciousness and the Rising/Returning to Full Consciousness

Along this journey, we use a lot of different words to describe various phases of this massive EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY process we are powerfully in. The words we use are to describe and explain a much bigger picture of what's increasingly accelerating daily to move all into much higher states of consciousness for LIVING THIS FULLY here.  

Death and rebirth cycles, transformation and deep inner growth, growing pains and letting go... can be challenging for awhile, because of how all plays out.... Various TRANSITIONING PHASES take years.... with each experience a part of the whole..... and necessary for the "next phases" that continually come forth as we all RETURN.

Awakening, Ascension, Descension, Embodiment/Living all Fully, Remembering and releasing... all a part of RETURNING to Full Consciousness, which is a very physical, emotional and mental experience for awhile. It's an immense clearing of physical/emotional density and that which created the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia that each occupied/lived in.... 

Awakening is seen as many things, with Ascension and Light Frequencies often being viewed as a Destructive Force, which in essence, only is, where each's inner realities are not fully and highest aligned on a Soul/Source Consciousness Level. The "destruction" is the reconfiguration process that occurs when "it's time" for each to fully awaken out of the old unconscious realities, heavy conditioning and belief systems (programs) and start to open up fully to something completely different than all "thought", accepted or were used to. 

WE are in a POWERFUL RETURNING PROCESS.... where each RETURN to higher states of consciousness previously "lost".... Lost refers to the deep sacred connection and REMEMBERING... where all "forgot". It's a disconnected state where REMEMBERING is not present....  

Just as the PHOENIX and CHRIST (Energies)... there are death/rebirth/resurrection cycles, where ENERGETICALLY all die/are reborn/rebirth.... where RISING FROM THE ASHES/RUBBLE of our old realities means NEW BIRTH, NEW CREATION AND ALL NEW NEW US... to come to SEE the distortions of the old....

The human aspect focuses on the physical. We focus on the ENERGY .... and these opposing forces mean very different realities..... When the physical needs to change, be reworked, shifted, aligned.... the experiences are very different as well. 

WE ARE IN A COLLECTIVE RETURN ..... a returning to what all "lost", what all forgot.... and for this to occur, what each focuses on, believes, places value upon and allows as acceptable must change, because UNCONSCIOUSNESS is not acceptable behavior/actions for NEW EARTH REALITIES (that prevail).

COSMIC FREQUENCIES/RAYS activate each's LightBody, Crystals, Encoded DNA and more. The continual bombardment of HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTONIC LIGHT.... completely restructures realities.... from the inside out. These codes, are not only not visible to the human aspect, how they work are completely mis-understood by the masses still. 

ENTIRE REALITIES BEING DISMANTLED.... often in stages and over the separation of time, because "time" no longer exists, except through linearity, then the "time cycles" appear to be accelerating, yet even this is just perception, as how "time works" is not as most perceive. 

With a collective "collapse" of the old, certain things occur as a result. Those who were in control, held control through threats, the perception of safe, the perception of protection, the perception of "right or wrong", the perception of "power over" and used fear-based tactics to maintain the old structures of what the unconscious realms called reality .... these will become more dramatic, more intense and in a "fight to maintain control", in a fight to "force"... this will energetically create a "combustible chamber" for everything to exacerbate and blow. It will also FORCE hearts open, force fears up and force each to CHOOSE.... Many will succumb out of fear, because the unconscious programming is still so strong. Drama is a part of the Ego's stories (seeking validation) that collapses those old timelines (eventually/at some point, once that ENERGY is gone). Many will finally take a stand, creating UNITY AGAINST... which for certain phases, is a part of this as well. Many will completely pull out/away and realize how power structures crumble and fall.... many will "about-face" and go the opposite direction, starting to CREATE their own reality, instead of holding onto "the old", realizing what that means.... And as all step completely back to observe, the END RESULT IS SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW..... different and the opposite of "the old". It's beyond beautiful, magical and supports all of humanity as love too. ♥

Diversity creates Unity, eventually... when the hurt, anger and fear programs dissipate. Even before, many unite in anger, hurt... which is still a part of the process, just different stages.... 

As HEARTS OPEN and all of those suppressed/oppressed feelings/programs/allowances clear each's body template and cellular bodies.... what emerges is a-new. It's a re-birthing, a softness, a kindness, compassion, respect and caring... yet in a different way... it's not "tainted" with lack/need.... it's PURE. This newness is a higher state of consciousness than before.... 

As hearts open all of the way, the human mind relaxes and takes a back seat. Heart Consciousness emerges and kindness replaces hurt/hate/blame/guilt/shame/finger pointing/give my power away emotions that were suppressed/buried/old and "held each to those old realities" of separation/judgement/fear before. What emerges is BEAUTIFUL and PURE, yet wasn't "allowed" to surface before, because of all of the dense programming of before....

Sovereignty replaces dependency... Unity replaces Separation.... Abundance replaces lack. Generosity replaces selfishness. Deep inner connected peace, love, kindness and fulfillment replaces everything.... and everything "grows" from this.... 

As each SURRENDERS THEIR EGO, their own Unconscious Aspects to ALLOW for their higher selves to emerge, all new awareness, vision and possibility emerges too. All "new" was hidden, buried and just waiting for "this part of the process" to occur..... 

The ego will fight or play small. It will believe what it's "told" is true. It will believe it's current reality and the old, having a fractaled and limited "view", "thinking" it understands, yet doesn't have full access yet. It fears the perceived unknown/new... because it doesn't have access to SEE what's only VISIBLE THROUGH OUR WIDE OPEN HEARTS, only visible through deep full heart connection as LOVE/ONE here and it can't "control" the outcome the way it wants. 

THIS FALL OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS INCREASES.... yet how each experiences will be relative to each's own inner-vision and access, each's own connection or disconnected state. 

FROM THE ASHES, from the Depths of Hell, from the ethers.... all NEW IS BORN.... which is each one of us, when we all reach "this point" (Zero Point), which will be different for each one of us, because this is a vibrational experience, relative to when those CODES ARE ACTIVATED WITHIN US.... (Source Consciousness), to work through each's body and recode everything, which changes the coordinates of the dimension each occupies/lives in.    

The human aspect lashes out and tries to take everyone down with them. They spew, deflect, project and blame. The amount of hurt that emerges in the middle of one's collapse is huge and narcissistic is an understatement.... manipulation of emotions, anger and a deep sense of loss. Now magnify this by entire collectives... and you'll start to see what's going to increase for the unconscious realms to assist with each's own death/rebirth cycles, as well as transitioning entire collectives OVER to NEW REALITIES that look nothing like the old..... 

EACH'S FOCUS, EACH'S FOUNDATION, EACH'S ENERGY will dictate this experience..... The more "fixed" each's inner reality is, the stronger the FORCE to break those limiting beliefs down. The FORCE is each's own CONSCIOUSNESS.... awakening, emerging and "taking over".... each's HEART OPENING and all of that lack/hurt/blame/give my power away flooding out.... all of that "I can't see beyond myself" and all of that "I only care if it affects my reality"... well, these "rectify" that..... 

HUMANITY RISING from within each....... As each RETURN TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, their HUMANITY returns.... little by little at first, one act here, one kind thing here..... yet our whole lives have to become "this". Everything in our Lives Evolves to support HUMANITY.... as each becomes the ONE responsible for their own every act, for their own Energy, how they show up, how they contribute and become a PART OF OUR NEW..... 

HUMANITY COMES FORTH as all that is not humane, all that is not LOVE, all that is not kind, considerate, compassionate and deeply sacred and respectful BECOMES VISIBLE for each to see and where necessary, experience.... because experience gets each's attention "faster" and "stronger" than the opportunity to do this on their own....

The human aspect doesn't understand how Consciousness works. It will present each with various opportunities all along the way, yet the human aspect will refuse, ignore or resist, because this doesn't "fit into" what they want or see as "their reality"..... until "that moment comes", where choice is no longer an option, which is because all the times prior, one didn't consciously choose, leaving only "no choice". This is because the ego was allowed to rule..... LIGHT / CONSCIOUSNESS WILL OVERRIDE this...... 

The ego (separation) is the destructive force. Light is the aligning force. (Energy) 

Our Planet, Gaia, Universe, Cosmos... ALL Require Full Consciousness. 

The ego functions from heavy duty survival instincts. These exacerbate when the "collapse" (dismantling process) intensifies in order to awaken all fully from their own deep sleep..... What each fights for is the "old unconscious ways" and realities built from unconsciousness.... Linears do not like their "realities" (perceptions/strong beliefs) messed with. Without higher consciousness VISION, they can't SEE in order to understand the "why's" and "how's"....

The human aspect does not understand HOW CONSCIOUSNESSES WORKS and because of this, there is an intrinsic fight "against" the whole process, because it "goes against" everything unconscious.... until each is ready to fully understand that Consciousness brings Unconsciousness in. It doesn't have to be a destructive process. It's a Loving and Kind ONE when all are open to this. It's a BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE, one that brings immense JOY, so much fun and SUPPORTS A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS HUMANITY in every way. 

WE ARE IN A MASSIVE COLLECTIVE TRANSFORMATION and TRANSITION PROCESS.... where everything of the old has to change. It's where HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS RULES OVER the old... where UNITY creates more for all, where UNITY provides all we need, where ALL live and work in UNISON, because the fight to hold onto the old has dissipated/dissolved/gone..... and each's HEART IS FINALLY WIDE OPEN and each is ON-BOARD with being an important part of OUR NEW EARTH.... now. 

UNCONSCIOUS REALITIES were an unconscious choice. 

Conscious Realities are Conscious ones..... 

THESE NEXT PHASES increase multi-dimensional experiences..... density takes many forms and has to clear on every level (emotional/mental/physical) for all to UNIFY AS LIGHT.

EACH WILL INCREASINGLY CONTINUE TO FEEL the GRAVITY of any density (heaviness), as well as the LIGHTNESS of happiness, joy, kindness, generosity and love.

The extremes of the unconscious realms will intensify as well. Each will experience the extremes of their own Ascended and Descended States until all of this separation goes..... and once it does... LIGHT IS ALL THERE IS... which is how all live as LOVE. ♥

NEW Earth REALities are the opposite of old earth. Polarization is different too. The only time there is a "disturbance" or "disruption" in the field (reality), is when someone's ego aspect enters in. The ego aspect "pulls, pushes, imposes, intrudes and/or plays out lack/duality realities still... It can be "harsh" to experience these energies, so it's important for each to recognize, choose, shift and tune to a much higher frequency and hold the highest in place, observing and seeing what is appropriate for the actual experience, which is different each time and relative to how open all is to shifting in unison or moving apart to do this shifting/tuning process over each's own "separation of time". For some it will be instant, for others the processing speed might be days, weeks (even years). Understanding "how" vibrational frequency bandwidths work in correlation to density is key here. We each occupy a SPACE.... and are not meant to occupy the same space, if our inner realities are not highest aligned. Because this changes constantly, then our foundations and structures for realities then determine... and when one is unaware of the structures of their realities, then merging these can be challenging, and the "time frame" short, because opposing structures can't occupy the same space for very long.

NEW EARTH IS A REBUILDING/BUILDING PROCESS... where the foundation is PURITY, UNITY AND LOVE. Everything constructed is out of this.... so the foundation, the constructs, the infrastructure is BOTH SOFT AND STRONG. Soft, because it's kindness, consideration, respect and love. Strong because it doesn't waver, compromise, play in ego realities or have the limits/conditioning that unconscious realities do. 

UNITING AS LOVE means that each LIVES AS LOVE and all REALITIES are built/constructed and align with this..... The entire earth is going through an immense re-alignment process .... to accomplish this. Each will "do this" themselves and together we unite to make up the whole. The "separation" is each's VALUE SYSTEM, BELIEF SYSTEMS and how all function/where all function from..... Unconsciousness functions from a different place than fully conscious does. These two can co-exist as long as all are open to shifting and merging all through full Consciousness..... 

Full Consciousness is the glue that holds all together... Unconsciousness is what destroys/rips all a part..... So in essence, it's not Light/Consciousness that destroys.... Light/Full Consciousness is aligning all that was not pure before. Light/Consciousness Unifies... The ego/unconsciousness is what creates the destruction. Everything is the opposite of what all "thought"/believed before. Light just shines the LIGHT on what was not visible before/yet, what's not highest aligned and what's not born/created/present/existing AS PURE LOVE. LIGHT IS LOVE and LOVE is LIGHT. Love is the feeling of what LIGHT FEELS LIKE.... they are both the ENERGY of what CREATES and births/brings forth/calls forth our NEW EARTH REALITIES to become visible here. ♥

There are a lot of things that will occur as a result of these next important transitory phases.... Always going DEEPER, these present immense opportUNITY for immense expansion and growth. These provide opportunity for increased shifting, as well as immense release of anything no longer highest aligned for humanity/each. These bring forth all that IS HIGHEST ALIGNED to support each in fulfilling much higher purposes/roles/missions here. These are experienced relative to each's own STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.... 

P.S. On a human level, your realities have not been created yet. Anything experienced is a result of what was "previously" created and is held on a vibrational level from within. On a higher level, everything is occurring exactly as highest aligned, in full unison with our Divine Plan (Blueprints) and as has already occurred. In the present moment, we are creating on a human level, yet as a multi-dimensional we are experiencing the results of our creations, as well as calling forth that which has already occurred. Seeing "realities" from a multi-dimensional perspective, will open up each's access to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE, CHOOSE, ALIGN...... The immensity of the work we "do" in-service is on a Quantum Level, where we accomplish that which is highest aligned already. This is why it's so "easy" and "simple", because we are not creating from a lack place/space, yet a place of highest honor, highest integrity, highest respect as to what we all agreed to be/do/accomplish to fulfill our highest everything here. The "how's" are very different that what the human race perceives. You'll have to let go of ALL JUDGMENT, FIXED mindsets and previous perceptions, in order to do this with great ease and as your absolute highest aspects/versions of you too. ♥

With sacred love and respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.p.s. These next many months are powerfully pivotal as we continue to accomplish many things important for the next phases of this collective restructuring process that continues to accelerate through the immensity of the activating Crystalline/Christed/Source/Cosmic Codes and clearing away of heavy duty veiled states of amnesia held in place by/within each.


Toni 15th April 2019 6:22 pm

Woke up this morning to the biggest cockroach belly up, legs twitching in my kitchen under the light... Symbolically that's a huge old issue dying. Yay...Thumbsup smiley.

Feel the e motion of control (imbalanced ego in issue) as it comes up. Drop into grief (the hard part) to unravel timeline through layers** back to zero point then rebirth structure with affirmation. eg. “I am Love north. I choose Love, east. I deserve Love, south. I create Love, west.” Then fill structure with the liquid light that is Love. eg. Imagine (this affirm is from Dana)...“I am filled with Love. I am surrounded by Love. I am protected by Love. I am guided by Love”. Then imagine yourself encased within a pink rose (from Jim). Keep repeating 2 All Is Well or Everything's perfect.

How we love ourselves within, reflects in our reality.

**layers happen in cycles. If the drama of an event gets smaller each cycle one is moving toward zero point where drama no longer exists. If drama keeps getting bigger we are creating more layers of control. Tut Tut


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