The Next Blast of SOULar Cosmic Rays

Yep, here we go again. Have you integrated the last blasts and Cosmic Gateways we just came through? Are you ready to rock & roll this next Quantum Photonic Blast permeating our everything now?

The old phrase "April's showers bring May's flowers", kinda makes me laugh. Takes on a whole new meaning when looking at the Cosmic Energy Report to write up and share and seeing the amount of Cosmic activity we've just come through, stabilized and anchored in... to SLIDE into April's blasts of Cosmic activity, Cosmic birthing, Cosmic Awakenings on every level. ↓↓↓

I've not even finished the Energy Reports, because of how in-depth all is... working on finishing those up for sharing, yet for now.... 

April's focus is on so many different things, because we are capable of so much. Holding the Purity of LOVE at our CORE, these Immense Light Encodements and Cosmic Rays keep activating us all to even more!

It's going to be mega-important to INTEGRATE and Stabilize the immensity and honor each moment as it presents, honor your body and be excited for what is coming, what's available, what's already here! 

Yesterday, out on the island, inner-connecting with each that I came into contact with, inspiring, sharing light, acknowledging and elevating the consciousness of all, seeing how beautiful every exchange is, because this is the "world" we hold and live in with our every breath. The conversations so LIGHT, the energy so Light and Free, the observations of any old realities that no longer have a place and how each is responsible for taking responsibility for their own ENERGY, while resolving all back into LOVE from within. Part of this process, a huge part, is opening our EYES through our PUREST HEARTS to SEE - EVERY thing as it is and deciding what we are going to allow as REALity to play out in our own physical here, as we unite, come forth and combine our contributing energy even more now. 

How far we've all come, how awake so many are, how ready to come together, to create and inspire, to share in being RESPONSIBLE for anchoring NEW EARTH in every way, through UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS in every magical and heart expanding exchange. 

Do you REALize the IMPACT you make in every moment as LIGHT? Your actions, how you touch the Soul of another, who might not have been shining SO bright, because the opportUNITY (Portal) might not have quite completely presented itself before, in a way that you can, through your own presence, actions and openness, (way) SHOWING others how SAFE and EASY it is to be kind, to be open and live from their higher heart presence too? Do you the extra mile to BE the NEW, to be the Difference, to SHINE the most brilliant and soft, exquisite Light OUT from inside of you? Do you do what MATTERS, what SPEAKS LOUDLY as kind, soft, generous, truly caring and pure?

So many DEEPLY DESIRE to also LIVE their Soul Purposes too, yet they don't know "this life" FULLY exists yet, because they've never been exposed, to the extent that you/we have the capability to expose them to. Do you REALize that your every exchange and inner-action can inspire, awaken and shift what's considered as REALITY instantly, just by being generous, acknowledging the essence and contribution of others, just by being KIND.... and to see the BEAUTY in them, to acknowledge their Divine Essence that they often might not allow to be fully visible, yet you change this when you touch their soul with your own energy and actions through your own presence and Divine Essence here? 

Do you REALize that your ENERGY is what matters in every exchange, where they FEEL your PURITY of complete harmonic balance and peace that RAY-diates out of you to set the TONE of every beautiful exchange? 

Do you REALIZE that the POWER OF LIGHT obliterates the old, shatters the fractaled perceptions and that LOVE PREVAILS EVERY TIME that you HOLD this from your CORE and not "go back" to the old unconscious ways (realities) anymore?

These mega-Cosmic SOULar Awakenings and Star BEing Awakenings are off the charts continually now, calling each to step up/step forth and fulfill their own higher purposes here too. The BEAUTY available for each is amplified as each OPENS UP COMPLETELY TO OUR NEW and embraces THESE REALities to completely replace all that is no longer true (pure).... 

April is a preparatory month, so integration is KEY. Expanded observation and focus is too, for this is a month of weaving and solidifying NEW FOUNDATIONS and creating from this space, it's for setting the TONE for all new realities, that will grow and expand from HERE.... It's a month to be excited, to welcome in the new, to embrace opportUNITIES and unite your ideas, reSOURCES and all that you ARE to strengthen this powerful gridwork/network that WE BECOME as we fulfill our highest purposes/missions/roles here. It's a period of allowing yourself the GIFT OF EASE that's available when you maintain your highest vibration, so that you can easily SEE what's aligned as a part of your NEW EARTH REALities, in order to vibrationally call forth all of those beautiful SOUL fulfilling opportUNITIES to contribute and share your LIGHT  as an important and integral part of this massive COLLECTIVE SHIFT of HUManity that we are DEEP in the middle of and continue to anchor in constantly now. 

Be prepared for "old" unconscious realities to become visible ENERGETICALLY (and in some's physical too) for releasing, clearing, transcending INSTANTLY, so that you can shift all vibrationally and energetically, for your physical to harmonize instantly too. You need not focus on "how"... just KNOW inside, stay connected inside, honor what you need for you/your body and DO what is fully and highest aligned. The moment UNCONSCIOUSNESS presents/becomes visible, that is your KEYCODE to dissolve/resolve/clear/shift. It doesn't have to be complicated, unless you make it this way. Purity and Love are SIMPLE.... REMEMBER.... 

There's more, there always is. Keep making a difference by BEing your Highest Aspects of YOU and inJOYing the magic of our NEW EARTH Adventures as we continually explore, play and SHARE to inspire, uplift and make a HUGE difference here!

I love you! ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown ♫


Ros3mary 17th April 2018 6:02 pm

Thank you Lisa! This was Soo inspiring and great!

COBALT 18th April 2018 4:03 pm

Purity and love are simple, PAL!


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