The Simplicity of Peace, Bliss, Generosity, Kindness and Love

So many simple things bring such joy to experience here. A sweet song, to get lost in the soft pink and purple clouds/skies, a kind gesture, to see a smile of a pure heart, to breathe the breath of love completely through, to feel pure peace in love that emanates from our souls....

There is kindness in all things when kindness is where we exist from. There is always an opportUNITY waiting to be taken, there is always a gift when we truly see all that we do have and when we realize the gift in absolutely everything.

All things hold beauty when this is where we live, all things are love when this is our essence in everything that we are, all things are magical when we see the magical in all. There is generosity in the smallest things because generosity is through our heart. We never run out of things to do, for all things produce when our hearts are wide opens and our energy is fulling involved.

We see the bonus, the gift, the surplus in all. We expect amazing in every moment, we expand our souls far and wide to touch the souls of all.

Everything is simple when this is where we live. Simplicity is of out purest heart. Peace is always present. Bliss is our natural state when we are connected as the entire Universe again. ?


QSUSA 23rd December 2016 5:10 pm

Beautiful Message. TY.


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