Transcending Human Fear, Survival and Non-Belief Illusory Programs

The other day I was walking through town, observing the ocean, mountains and breathable crystalline atmosphere.... consumed with the regular overwhelming magical bliss-mode that comes with our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE HERE.

The words and feelings.... I Do SO BEYOND Live in a Dream...

The reflection of my earlier unconscious human existence of "this was not possible" mentalities.... observing how I couldn't not truly dream back then, for fear and survival mode were my regular mode and linear non-belief dominated everything. I remember, barely, the semblance of human, the one where I lived every day to just get through, to work really hard, to struggle, so much inner chaos and turmoil... what an illusion we chose to go through....

I remember how I had to overcome every struggle that presented outside and triggered my struggle within. Just holding on, for fear that one moment would break or everything would collapse.... and while then it was my unconscious reality, I had no idea about any of this. I had no idea, for I had not been exposed/introduced to any of "this" yet.

I chose the extreme, the deeply/fully unconscious and then jolted, shaken and scared awake, abrupt, harsh and forceful, because I was so shut down and asleep........ MY chosen journey here.

I went from total linear, left-brain to the other extreme to balance out all from inside. From no belief to the bizarre, lucid dreamy, beyond belief.... to walk in the mystical, magical and profoundly deep magnificence that our highest expression in-JOYs here.

The "one dimensional me" before so had no idea and could not get it... as we have to actually experience this to understand. First in our sleep state, to stretch our minds, relax our bodies, introduces us to "the other side" while presenting all along the way in our physical, as we are ready to embrace... as we are ready to EXPERIENCE through letting go of the old non-beliefs that once got in the way.

I remember thinking how there was no way I could make it, there was no thinkable way I could do any of this, yet inside I saw, I knew. How? Didn't know. Just knew and that knowing and determination to MAKE IT HAPPEN is what brought it all forth here.

Now, HEAVEN ON EARTH, in every moment here. Now, magic is our norm, peace, bliss and awesome is too. NOW, the old gone, because we chose to let it go and move on. Now, unconsciousness is for those who fight to stay there instead of opening up fully to what always awaits. It doesn't happen by sitting on our butts. We actually have to DO something to make it happen. This is all of your aspects merged into your physical form here. ?

Embodiment is why we are all here. ?

Sharing my REAL-EYES-ations with you. The feeling in every moment is wonder, gratitude, appreciation and experiencing more of this while assisting all others ready for this REALity too.

No, we don't compromise anymore, because we do not have to. Yes we can have everything, because every particle of our BEing is committed to our highest existence here. ?

I love you. Happy magical everything. ? ? Infinite love from within. ?

Lisa Transcendence Brown ?


Liza Elliott 23rd January 2017 11:55 am

"Heppy magical everything" to you too, Lisa!
And so it is.

Thank you for all that you share with us - "The magical mystery tour!"
Bliss, Blessings, Light, Love, Joy, with deep appreciation and gratitude. :)

stepaniehlmt 25th January 2017 8:58 am

I would love to hear more about the DOING part. What are we supposed to be doing? I don't think I sit on my butt, but also not sure I'm doing anything either?? I'm very aware of this process, but am honestly exhausted with it. I feel done.....beyond done.

tjanet6 27th January 2017 12:36 am

stephaniehlmt, I'm so happy you asked that question! I was wondering the same thing! I'm enjoying my life and the people in it to the best of my abilities, but I am also exhausted with this process of being here and handling day to day life and situations. I really want to know what I am supposed to be DOING beyond what I am now doing.

Toni 27th January 2017 3:12 am

What is it you desire to be doing? :coolsmiley


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