You Can Fight & Struggle or You Can Surrender Fully... and Embrace

Day 3 of Mega-Power Photonic DNA Re-Writes
Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family! 

We are again in Day 3 of a massive Cosmic Up-Shift. Blasting Photonic Light, more powerful and deep than we've experienced thus far. It's beyond beautiful to experience, because of what it brings forth for us all. The LIGHT OF OUR WHOLE SOUL... in our human body form. We are in a paramount "time" (vibrational experience), which is always continually "true". Every moment we continue to acclimate to much higher frequency bandwidths existences.... much higher than our previous one, yet "how" we experience this is different for us all...  Each one of us have a "higher realms" and "lower realms" that exists within us, in our bodies, until we "merge" them both as one, by dissolving the "lower realms" that once existed as "REAL"ity... and choose all new realities aligned on a SOUL LEVEL.... which means constantly re-aligning all in our own every-moment/every-day lives, until all is aligned... then we just "keep it there".

I realized last night, in my subtle quiet, always surrendered unified, soft magnificent existence... that I do not have a "higher realms" anymore. It's been this way for years, yet I just "realized" it. It's often so subtle and pure, that we don't even realize to the extent all is.

I live IN the Higher Realms fully.... my every moment is "the higher realms" that we all "seek" in the beginning, when we start to awaken/wake up to "something else". The early (linear) years of "channeling" and connecting UP to "the higher realms from within" (to activate our own DNA to our own higher/highest selves), the years of "practicing" HOW to be a higher self, how to live this as my life, how to maintain, sustain and HOLD these frequencies/vibrations, how to HOLD THIS SPACE, how to OCCUPY HEAVEN FULLY FROM WITHIN ME.... these last 2 years have been PURE HEAVEN... literally...  This is because I spent years in a "fully surrendered" state, honoring my Lightbody evolution and shifting my priorities huge. I stopped fighting a process that was pre-destined long before incarnating/walking in here. I stopped resisting and making excuses and "trying not to hear/see".... and I finally CHOSE and changed my life, by consciously up-shifting myself constantly, on a multi-dimensional level....

The reason I share this with you, is because we all came here to EXPERIENCE THE ABSOLUTE MOST EXQUISITE EVERYTHING.... and we do this by FULLY SURRENDERING on an ego level, to come to EXIST from this magnificent SPACE inside.... where PURE LOVE EMANATES and RADIATES OUT.

Naturally and organically, there is no "trying" here. There's no pretending, no putting on a front, no need to impress, no need for anything at all. We are really really real, as Love. 

All JUST IS.... and it's beautiful and pristine.... because I ALLOW IT TO BE.... I don't "fight" the exquisiteness OF MY HIGHEST EVERYTHING and how easy all can be....  I share this with you, because each one of us HAVE THIS CAPABILITY to live these PRISTINE LIVES that are completely PURE... where UNITY and LOVE and FULL CONSCIOUSNESS are the BASIS of our ENTIRE REALITY... where immense, deep, sacred everything exists.... where every moment, every breath is GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION AND SO DEEPLY CONNECTED WITH ALL FROM DEEP WITHIN... that we no longer "choose" the old ways as our own realities here.  Multi-Dimensional Existence is not for the "faint hearted", if you will. We do have to make a choice, in every moment, to LIVE OUR OWN REALITIES AS OUR HIGHEST ASPECTS/VERSIONS of ourselves and to DICTATE all ourselves.... as LOVE....

You will not see us participating in unconscious realities, playing out karmic timelines, living as victims or in lack, because all of that is/was an EGO game.... that each perpetuates for themselves....

You will not see us playing in the "Judgment Game" and wasting/spending/investing our energy "in the old" realities that are "dead". You will not see us all caught up in the BS of ego fights, trying to convince anyone of anything at all....

You will not see us suffering in any way, because we resolved our own EGO aspects fully, and not only allowed our Higher Selves to COME THROUGH, we called all forth, asked for it and embraced it as it did.... We stepped up, in every moment and we still do.... as our Highest Everything and this is how we live our lives... in every moment here.  

We learned to truly care, truly respect, truly be kind and truly UNITE ALL AS LOVE... We learned because we were willing to do whatever it took to REMEMBER fully here. 

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE where each LIVE as NEW Earth with every breath. Multi-Dimensionality RETURNS A PHYSICAL PLANE THAT REFLECTS BACK VIBRATIONALLY exactly what we hold.... and each are having a multi-dimensional earth experience here.

Our Priorities become visible, by way of how we show up... how we engage, how we transmit/contribute to the greater whole.... Our priorities are LOVE, UNITY, KINDNESS and PEACE... our priorities are HOLDING THIS ABOVE ALL... and resolving/dissolving any separation/unconscious programming the moment it presents...  right then. We don't let it linger or keep going, to become a reality that plays out a timeline that's going to collapse because it already did. We shift all into a much higher state of consciousness AND we honor each's choice for their realities, experiences and "returns" vibrationally too. We don't all have to be in the same "SPACE" in illusory "time". We don't ever have to come into contact, unless it's fully/highest aligned. We don't even care, because we know that all is vibrational, so we call forth the highest everything and we let go of all that is not.... because we've "learned" how all of this goes.... We don't "need" any reality.... and because we don't, our realities can then be ones that bring pure JOY, bliss and magic... the most amazing everything, because OUR PRIORITY is LIVING HEAVE ON EARTH with our every breath.... and we do this by surrendering our whole lives fully, to lives/existences in FULL SERVICE to HUmaNITY and all of us ... as pure LOVE here.

In your every moment, look at your whole life, look at your whole reality and SEE what you are focused on, invested in and what you keep creating/allowing yourself to experience here.

Your answers will be SIMPLE... yet your EGO won't "like" what it sees.... which means you will have to DECIDE which version of a reality/timeline you desire as your own REALity here. And then "live it" for it to become your current reality all of the time... Your heart, mind and WHOLE BEING, all of you, every particle of you... must be on-board, present and all-in.... otherwise you'll be functioning from a space of separation and the awesome stuff can't come forth, because you are still playing out fractaled realities from within yourself.

YOUR NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE births from within your body. Literally. Your body will fill up with photonic light, your own "new" Higher Consciousness DNA is activated by way of integrating these photonic Light Codes, accomplished through your fully "surrendered" state. Once your current integration process is complete (usually about 3 days with these biggies for me), then we awaken and get up and we focus our energy on accomplishing what we "see" is important for all as ONE here. Your LOVE for all of us, Gaia and on every multi-dimensional level... this is what "drives you", this is what keeps you going... your LIGHT inside is your fuel, your PURE SOURCE ENERGY is pure creation and expression through a level of PURITY that holds no "ego tainting", if you will.... Your LIGHT is visible and it is felt by each in your presence and receiving what you transmit out organically and naturally through your own Electromagnetic Unified Field of Full (Super) Consciousness..... and elevated state of existence where all is ONE in every way, where all are fully capable too, where all are already "this too".... 

For those I meet/come into contact with, I can see the beauty, the possibilities, the purity of their heart/soul too. I can also see who's Living as their own purity and who's still hiding behind their own pretense of walls, protection mechanisms and unconscious programming still and self-imposed stories and limits still.

I can BE that ENERGY that radiates love and allows them to open up and accept their own highest everything, if they are truly ready. Not all are, as they still "live" "real"ities from competition, blame, finger pointing and excuses, fearing their own power, fearing judgment, fearing being "seen" truly, fear of being vulnerable, fear of loss of control.... still trying to manipulate/control their own realities, still trying to hold onto the old and still applying "old beliefs and values" that are the "opposite" of "ours".

I respect all, yet, where there's any E-GO, there's so much resistance, so much going on, so much unconsciousness still going on within, so much inner-matrix programming still present, that continuing any reality together is not really productive, because of all of the resistance, insistence and inner-fight/struggle, that if we continue to surround ourselves with this, it affects all of our realities here, so we choose to let those fall away and go play their own realities out with others matching that consciousness, until all are truly ready to fully shift into full timelines where UNITY and LOVE and PURITY is the CORE of all.

There is actually a visible  "dividing line" between Unity Consciousness and Separation Consciousness, because the two cannot exists within the same SPACE. These are opposite polarities.... opposing energies... and how these realities play out will be dependent on the current moment/purpose of the reality/exchange. Unconsciousness will always want to "win". Fully unified consciousness is not trying to "win" anything.... it's not a contest and there's no need to "prove" anything at all. For us, it's easy. Peace is easy. Kindness is easy. Working together as LOVE is easy. There's no ego. It is that easy. If the ego is brought in, then "easy goes". All becomes a struggle, chaotic and about something other than UNITY, LOVE and PURITY. All gets convoluted, shifts out of HARMONIC ALIGNMENT and vibrationally "re-enters" a lower frequency bandwidth. It's like being pulled DOWN ... literally. WE PULL UP. We pull others UP into a higher state... it takes alot of energy to PULL, so eventually we stop pulling.

WE just BE. WE BE "this". WE BE pure.. WE BE bliss. WE BE magic. WE BE PEACE... WE BE and we allow all others to BE however they choose to BE.... yet, if there's any ego, then we let it go to go BE somewhere else.... we maintain our SPACE .... we HOLD this above all.... It can BE this EASY, as all allow all to BE. ♥

Our work is SERVICE.... so all wanting to know what "Job" they will do... it won't matter what you do, it's where you come from and how you show up.... what you DO will be what supports our highest everything, what brings the most JOY to all, what inspires, uplifts, brings FREEDOM, PEACE and MORE LOVE forth for all. It won't be "just one thing", it will be EVERY thing that you do. 

Our SOUL PURPOSES and Galactic Missions and HUman Roles here: LOVE, UNITY, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND NEW EARTH... our every moment is fulfilling this.... so a surrendered E-GO is necessary for us to fulfill and live our most exquisite everything, as our ego is the "thing" that stops all of this.....  Walking IN the Higher Realms is a Multi-Dimensional EXPERIENCE. Living in the Higher/Highest Realms means Living and BEing Your Highest Aspects of yourselves.... so that your whole REALity can return HEAVEN to you.... subtly, quietly, softly, easily... because you ALLOW it too.... ♥ Your Heaven, my Heaven... they might "look different", yet they are not. Heaven is pure JOY and built/lived through UNITY... FULLY... so it doesn't matter "what" it is.... what matters is how we live, treat each other and that we've fully REMEMBERED here. Our heaven is LOVE.... the purest form of LOVE possible. There's no ego. ♥

If you are "judging" other's Heaven, it's gonna take you awhile to experience your own. Judgment closes the door on your highest dimensional everything here. It stops you from your most amazing and magical everything.... It's vibrationally "time" to BE excited, to open up and let go, to embrace your NEW fully, to allow yourself all that you desire .... on a SOUL LEVEL... and surrender to your own DREAMS becoming REAL too. ♥

I had to choose, you have to choose, we all do. This is how all works... 

Live YOUR Heaven and keep making Magic!
Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,




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