Your Purpose is to Embrace Your Own Soul & BE PURE LIGHT

Aloha Beautiful Awakening and Multi-Dimensional Light BEings,

Take a breath and slow down, be present and FEEL, connecting from DEEEEEEP inside, that knowing, that peace, that beauty that's available when you do. Yes, there may be "other feelings" that need to come up and clear/cleanse... and it's important to honor these any time they present/emerge, because they assist your heart with opening more, with your body tuning to a much higher vibration than before, your cellular body cleansing karmic/unconscious programming and clear your akash (living records), and their conscious release raise your body's vibration so that you can REMEMBER again.

This journey REQUIRES your FULL PRESENCE and ATTENTION in order for us to travel/experience with greater ease. So many for years "didn't believe", and many still don't, which is fine, because all that matters is that YOU DO and that YOU understand, that YOU reconnect to learn to listen/hear/see/feel/trust and that you SHARE this with all that you connect with, by BEing Pure Love. Your Light that emanates quietly and "silently" (energetically) from within you, transmits out through your own Unified Field of Consciousness... when you are fully conscious. If you go unconscious, then your transmission changes, which then carries your body vibrationally to a denser dimension to experience, until you "wake back up" and clear that density within you and from your entire physical body and field too. 

You will start to FEEL density more, in emotions, in your inner-actions, as it's "heavy" and frankly, no fun. It serves no purpose, other than clearing and to "teach" each what is aligned and what is not, what's in-tune as love and what is not, what's a NEW Earth Experience and what represents the "Old" Earth Experience that in the Quantum Realms has already dissolved, disintegrated and is gone.... only your human/ego aspect keeps allowing or "trying" to hold on to "that" out of an illusory "safe" and "comfort" level.... 

NEW EARTH is CREATION... every moment "new", every moment creating, inspiring, uplifting and accomplishing that which assists all of humanity with awakening fully too, assists others with REMEMBERING themselves as love, worthy, beautiful, kind, caring and important as a part of our 'WHOLE' picture here. The human ego lives from a self-preservation, self-serving, fear-based, give power away to something/everything "outside".... a 3D mentality/consciousness... then as each begins to awaken to even having a higher self and the "invisible" energetic realms, they "move" to 4D with their consciousness, to learn to understand duality and play these roles out within themselves/each other, until each can HOLD the vibration of 5D (and wayyyyy above), through maintaining a 5th Dimensional LOVE Consciousness that's APPLIED to every aspect of each's actual lives, each exchange.... where the physical body must clear all held inside "that is not pure love yet".

The way to "get here" to NEW Earth is to HOLD LOVE at your core. Let go of ALL JUDGMENT, as that is not love. It's the energy that keeps each from living NEW EARTH REALITIES fully and inner-fears with each's JOY. Judgment is in EVERYTHING until each understands and observes "judgment" through their own thoughts, emotions, words, mindsets, energy, actions..... 

This transition is one of NEW POWER that emerges from within each. It's a collective NEW POWER that shifts the entire spectrum. This POWER is your own Light, yet you/each must LEARN HOW TO USE THIS POWER through Purity, where there is not one ounce of EGO involved (clearing Atlantean and Reptilian/Human programming) from deep inside... yes, all of these are in your cells until you resolve all back into love.... Your virtual experience/your physical experience.... a solid reality formed based upon beliefs and ENERGY..... 

These new Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes and Cosmic Diamond Rainbow Light Codes are beyond POWERFUL as they activate continually now. First opening up in January, then even more in March, with continual activations in-between.... more Quantum Cosmic Consciousness Codes bombarding the physical constantly to re-work everything and reshape reality to a 5D/6D/7D/8D/9D/10D/11D/12D and so far above, because as each masters those, then 13+ becomes our norm as Embodiers and Avatars here.  

These codes that came through yesterday... they "target" Carbon based atoms.... Carbon used to be the "stability" of our bodies, of our earth, of our atmosphere. These codes change the ATOMIC STRUCTURE on a cellular level of our earth/earthly bodies and breathable atmospheres too. This means "stability" changes, quite substantially..... moving each from 'HOW' Reality is "stable" to a whole new way. These codes re-work "real"ity, from the core of how physical matter takes form. 

Evolving from Carbon-Based to Crystalline (and Plasma): This is a massive topic within itself. As your LightBody activates, your Crystalline (Crystals) Body activates as well. The entire premise of reality changes. Dormant DNA awakens in each's body to re-code and re-work everything from unconscious to LIVING BREATHING INTELLIGENCE through a deep inner connection with all. Transitioning from linear to Quantum, is a "whole body" experience. Every part of our body must be re-worked, re-tuned, re-calibrated, re-coded..... to a living, breathing multi-dimensional body that works very differently than before. 

These COSMIC CODES "target" (change) the very FABRIC of what REALity is, moving each from unconscious linear realities to Quantum Geometric Energetic ones. These "break down" and dissolve the old structures of "what reality was" and shifts the perspective of "reality" from a linear state to a fully Quantum one.

The limited human mind cannot understand this. It takes each shifting from their head to their heart/body and learning to honor, listen and support their bodies in PROCESSING easier. Your bodies PROCESS LIGHT ENCODED DATA, that your human can't understand. Your body acts as a computer processor.... starting out as a "basic model" and evolving to a Quantum Computer, with the ability to PROCESS simultaneous multiple/infinite dimensions/realities with great ease. This means clearing your FIELD of all things distorted that inner-fear with your ability to slow down and process the immensity as it occurs.... and not only process it, learn how to utilize it all to re-shape your entire reality as LOVE. 

To DO this, you/each must "learn" to hold LOVE above all.... love for self, love for each other, love for all. This means identifying all that is not aligned with this PURITY and embracing your own inner power (Light) to re-align all realities yourself. This means often "letting go" (releasing) all that refuses to open up fully and re-align easily.... because there is an unconscious program of fear/lack still running. Your role is to BE that LOVE and to SHOW ALL what LOVE is, so they can receive/feel and understand what words can't explain, as all must be FELT, continuously, not just "one time", yet every time.... as this is the Proof that 5D is "real". You are the proof when you ARE your 5D aspect (and much much higher). You are the one that HOLDS REALITY in PLACE and exposes all others.... and sets the stage for how all plays out...... 

When you accept less, you re-enter an unconscious dimension/timeline to experience again. When you go small, dim your light.... your experience reflects this back to you. When you shine bright, embrace the perceived "crazy, bizarre, weird" and TOUCH THE LIVES OF OTHERS through your PUREST FORM OF LOVE..... YOU make a Difference..... 

As you DO this, you start to understand, realize and SEE, all of the ways you can do this.... all day, every day. It's inspiring and raises your vibration so high that you literally do.... LIVE ON LIGHT. We start small and those small things become bigger things and then HUGE things, as "we" work our way into a "new way", as each opens up fully to truly see that LOVE.... it is a REALITY and it is possible.... as each CHOOSES to live their lives this way.

You are constantly having a Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience.... where the version of the actual Earth you experience, the dimension you actually experience is based upon the ENERGY you hold and transmit out. Where what you RECEIVE is a VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE to you..... and your physical reality aligns with "this".

Your human mind doesn't need to understand, because your Soul aspect of you already gets all this, already knows all of this and it's up to you (and each) to re-connect with this aspect of you, so that you can actually EXPERIENCE with greater ease, embracing the magic that's always available as you do.

The current physical experience might be a huge clearing or re-alignment, yet how you experience it from within you, this is what makes a difference for you and all others too. Everything shifts in response to you. 

If your pattern is to focus on/worry about everyone else/others/what's going on "out there", shift this to you, your energy and what you are BEing/DOing. Focus on you, taking full responsibility for your own ENERGY and what you CREATE, how you show up and how you CONTRIBUTE to transitioning your own reality to align with NEW EARTH COLLECTIVES here to make a difference as LOVE too. Stop pointing the finger, blaming, giving your power away, beating yourself up, playing in unconscious (heart/mind closed) games. Own your Energy and build your own Light. Get the sleep you need for your body to integrate, clear and re-generate, utilize nature to assist with your own re-connection from deep within and connect with those who uplift, inspire, support, share and actually truly care about something other than themselves and "things" first..... 

This is a BEYOND POWERFUL SHIFT of "righting" things, yet not to "human" (ego/separation) beliefs, perceptions, lack, need... distortions.... 

MAINTAINING INNER BALANCE is KEY.... beyond anything, this is mega-important for all. Unity in numbers is awesome, if everyone can synchronize as LOVE and reverse the spin of their own energy field from "taking/lack/need" to "support/sharing/contributing" and the focus is on CREATION, instead of holographic moments that no longer exist, other than the ENERGY that each keeps "other moments" alive with by continuing to "feed" an unconscious program/moment instead of a conscious, breathing, living, thriving and prosperous one. 

UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS is KEY.... these are keycodes that re-write "real"ity for you/each. When you exist, function and come from the PUREST PLACE OF LOVE within you, you are your Higher-Selves-Universal-Soul and your realities are aligning easily for you.  You can REVERSE everything and collapse every "other" timeline that is/was not aligned with love. Yet you must be fully consciousness with every breath, in order for this to occur. 

YOU ARE THE EXAMPLE.... your ENERGY SPEAKS FOR YOU.... your words only matter to humans, who take "words" as reality, because they cannot "read" energy yet. This is where so many come to feel lied to, cheated or betrayed, not understanding that the vibration was not aligned on a Soul Level to start with. As each tunes into the ENERGY of all, all becomes visible, then it just means dropping the judgment, blame and fear and going DEEEEEEP INSIDE to "see" what is fully aligned with each's highest state of consciousness, instead of re-engaging in the unconscious realms of amnesia still. 

I've written and recorded a new activation that I'll be making available within the next week. This will assist all ready to awaken further to REMEMBER and to shift with this next phase. 

June is always a month of great change, a huge passageway with the Solstice, where all not able to align to much higher vibrational realities are worked through by each. When the massive Sirian/Lyran Gateway opens "after", the old must have been cleared/resolved/released. It's also when the structures of the old "collapse" more and realities are powerfully re-aligned, leading into July's eclipses, which dig deep, before we enter the mega-powerful Lion's Gateway.... so as you can see, all is going to increase substantially as these Cosmic Rays accelerate and amplify all. 

Distortions shall become louder, more visible and actually "repeat" and "scream". Distortions are "in each's other's face" until they are resolved in whatever capacity necessary to shift all to a much higher plane of existence.

Eruptions on every level shall increase.... physically, energetically, emotionally, metaphorically.... If LOVE is what erupts, then it's beautiful. If there is an old vibrational reality that needs to clear, then the actual experience will reflect this. Crystalline DNA purifies the physical..... 

Floods and Waves increase.... The fluidity of water and flow.... these COSMIC WAVES correlate to floods of whatever each holds. High Frequency Photonic Winds and Waves open your hearts, relax the body, gridwork and activate your Crystalline LightBody, pineal gland (multi-dimensional vision), how the fluids in your body work and form the crystals in your body too.... these will correlate to the earthly changes/occurrences as well. 

Quakes increase... Inside of earthly bodies as the Crystalline Gridding Systems charge up and start to shake. You can feel this in your bodies, also when Stargate Systems activate. The physical body is your earthly vessel that links up to the earth and all Stargate Systems, which are in your body and Universally/Galactically too.  

The Carbon-based structure of our earthly bodies and earth.... carbon-dioxide air.... all of this becomes the "focus" of these Cosmic Codes now activated and working through the physical/energetic realities as the Earth transforms itself to a 5D/6D/7D/8D/9D/12D + vibratory matter that changes shape continually too.... 

For those who don't believe or understand, that's okay. Be patient and honor each's own chosen journey of awakening here. You focus on and hold your highest vibration and honor your body when it speaks/needs attention/love/nurturing/support and when your physical reality "tries" to realign for you. You will have choices to make, all along the way and they will no longer conform to your old beliefs/ways... or others (humans).... 

You are the Gatekeepers, the Gridkeepers, the Light Keepers, Frequency Holders, Bridgers/Bridge Keepers, the ones who agreed to incarnate/walk-in to user in our new. WE all are.... The Guardians, the Star-Light-Galactic Councils and we've all been activated (called) to step forth/up into our next roles too. You receive easily as you open up fully and embrace. You receive as you are ready.... So get ready..... now. 

I love you and appreciate the work all are doing to anchor and hold NEW Earth here too. It takes us all, together, as love... and the willingness to move beyond the old and JUMP into the new with everything we've got. ♥

Welcome to "the other side", where LOVE is the foundation of all that you are and do and Light is how you transmit/communicate and reach/affect/awaken/assist and re-connect with all others as love too. 

NEW Earth is accessed, created and brought forth from inside of you. It becomes your actual experience as you are truly ready and ARE LOVE in absolutely every way too! ♥

Magical blessings from Kauai,


p.s. I'm on Kauai, not the Big Island where the Volcano (Gaia) is Speaking and re-aligning to a whole new gridding system right now. ♥ Yes, Hawaii is at the epicenter of this massive re-gridding process, that will encapsulate and re-shape our entire Earth.... Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers have been working diligently to anchor these new Cosmic Codes and hold them for all of HUmanity here. Our Quantum Capabilities allow us to work with these gridlines and energies as they present and to share/provide/teach/activate the information that assists HUmanity with these massive multi-dimensional shifts with greater ease too. ♥



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