A Christmas Prayer of Hope

My God

I ask you this Christmas for the gift of the Angel of Hope

to come into my life,

into the lives of those I love,

and into the lives of everyone in the world

in need of hope at this time.


Dear Friends

I love Christmas!

I see angels every day but at Christmas time I see many more angels than at other times of the year. Thousands of angels come to join us for the celebrations that happen across many religions and traditions at this time.

When I talk of Christmas, I talk of the time from late November to early January. Yes, we in Christian countries celebrate the birth of Jesus, but the angels’ activity at this time involves all religions and traditions. This is a time of many days of celebration across different religions; it’s a time, traditionally, of new beginnings.

Each and every one of us has a guardian angel, regardless of our religion, whether we believe in angels or whether we are good or bad. Our guardian angels work hard all year round to get us to listen and act as we should but they tell me that Christmas is a particularly busy time for them. At this time of the year they work very hard to stir up the love that is within each and every one of us, to help us to realise how the most important thing at Christmas is love; it is priceless, and beside it material things are unimportant.

At this time, I will sometimes see a guardian angel standing behind the person they are guarding embracing them, helping them to feel self love, so as they can show love to others. I sometimes see them moving their hands in front of the person they are guiding’s heart, as if trying to melt it. As they are doing this, I see the guardian angel whispering in the person’s ear. The guardian angel is not on its own; it can let in other angels to help too.

Last Christmas there was a collection in a supermarket near where I live, to make up hampers of food for the needy. As I walked into the supermarket, there were angels surrounding the collection basket and as people passed they would whisper in their ear, encouraging them, if they had any money to spare, to help those less fortunate than themselves. 

A woman walked in to the supermarket. I could see an angel beside her whispering. Another angel, beside me, told me that God had blessed this woman with plenty, but that she found it very hard to help others.  The angel was working, trying to help her to feel love and joy, to feel the spirit and generosity of Christmas. The angel with me told me that this had been going on every Christmas with this woman for years. I watched as the woman eventually, and rather reluctantly, put something in the hamper. The angels surrounding the hamper clapped, but I was told that she was still finding it very hard to be generous.

Angels use children to help too, particularly at this time of the year. Children listen to angels more naturally than most adults. I will see angels whispering to children to show something to an adult, and then I will watch as, for example, a child leads a grandparent up to look at a crib on display in a shop window. Then I will watch this joy and love lighting up the grandparent.

Every December, since I was a young child, I see legions of God’s angels, thousands of them, countless in number, pouring from the heavens. I see these angels flying over houses.  In each angel’s hand is a ball of light, which it lovingly drops onto a home.  I then see an explosion of light that lights up the home and everyone in it. As a child I loved seeing this, but I always wondered what the angels were doing and what it meant. When I became an adult the angels explained to me that these were gifts from God - gifts of love and hope, to touch everyone regardless of religion or belief and to help them to reconnect with their memories of heaven.

Young children have just come from heaven and for a while they remember a little of heaven. These children accept gifts from God as naturally as they do a toy from a parent. You sometimes hear adults say Christmas is only for young children, but it is for all of us, regardless of age - teenagers, adults and the elderly.

God sends his angels to pour these gifts onto every home in the world – a tent, a box or a palace. From the beginning of December until the end of January the angels continuously drop onto our homes the gifts of love and hope, helping us to understand that there is more to life than material things – that love is more important than anything else.

When we get caught up in all the business of Christmas, in the planning, in the buying of presents, or worrying about how we will pay for them we need to remember this – love is more important than anything else.

Remember the angel of hope is at work in our world. We all need to have hope, and I would ask you all at this time to pray for hope and peace within your own homes, your own families, your communities and the world.

I ask for blessings for you, your family and friends this Christmas. May hope shine in your lives always.


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Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby. With her family reared she decided to talk openly for the first time about what she has seen and learnt. This decision led to  her book Angels in my hair - first published in May 2008 - which has become an international bestseller. She lives quietly in rural Ireland.  

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